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Survivor Series 2022 - WARGAMES

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  • Survivor Series 2022 - WARGAMES

    • AJ Styles vs Finn Balor
    • Men's WARGAMES - Roman Reigns, Sami Zayn, Usos, Solo Sikoa vs Brawling Brutes, Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens
    • Women's WARGAMES - Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, Mia Yim, Asuka, TBD vs Bayley, Dakota Kai, Io Sky, Nikki Cross, Rhea Ripley
    • Smackdown Women's Championship - Ronda Rousey vs Shotzi
    • Triple Threat for US Championship - Seth Rollins vs Austin Theory vs Bobby Lashley

    I didn't think I'd be starting discussion of a 3rd PLE today, but pretty big news with the announcement of WWE War Games.

    It makes sense, but I personally don't like the announcement of a gimmick before we know the stories leading into it. I dunno, it's a personal issue. Feels flat.

    That being said, I trust that it'll work out. With the Bloodline as a major stable, and Damage CTRL being a prominent factor in the women's division, I can see how stories will allow the double cage gimmick to belong.
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    Was glad to see HHH's comments that the cage/event will be storyline based, hopefully rather than red vs blue. But yes, the announcement of the gimmick rather takes away from the more 'natural' build and having someone come out to shout 'WARGAMES'.


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      This feels like the real sign that Vince is gone and Triple H is in charge. War Games was the Triple H NXT's crown jewel, and something that Vince avoided for the two decades he owned the Crockett trademarks.
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        Wargames with the Bloodline seems only natural. But who opposes them? My guess is thar Sami Zayn will be the captain of the team that faces the Bloodline since they have Solo Sikoa now. That makes 4. Sami will finally be kicked out of the group and end up challenging the Bloodline to Wargames.

        My best guess is that Sami will recruit: Kevin Owens 100% yes, his life long best friend, and either the New Day, the Street Profits, or Hit Row.


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          It's a way off at the moment, so I guess we'll see what happens, but with the Brutes about to go against The Usos for the tag straps, I wouldn't be against McIntyre/Sheamus/Butch/Holland vs Reigns/Sikoa/Usos as the match if it's still the storyline going in.

          The women's one right now would be Damge CTRL vs Belair/Bliss/Asuka with maybe one added to each team, I guess.

          But as I said, too far away right now to even guess what's going to be the matches come the time itself.


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            Yeah, I won't play the guessing game very seriously this early.
            I wonder if they can manage to find some stakes for these matches. I dearly miss when there were reasons for these team matches. Team Bischoff vs Team Austin is still a great example of how it can be done, and I really hope HHH&team thinks of a way to make it matter.


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              I think if the men's War Games is Bloodline vs. whoever then having the stipulation be if Bloodline loses the entirety of the other team get a title shot at Day 1 would be a decent way to go as we've only seen Reigns defend his title in anything other than a one-on-one match once and so having a Fatal-5-Way would really mix things up. Plus it'd mirror this year's main event where Lesnar won the title in a 5-Way.


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                Rumor mill is back at it:

                supposedly there are two War Games matches planned:
                Wyatt 6 vs the Bloodline
                The OC with a mystery woman vs TJD


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                  AHAHAHA LOL


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                    There's no way the 'Wyatt 6' are in anyway actually wrestlers outside of Bray, so I don't see it.

                    I was thinking they might do Edge/Rey/The OC vs Judgment Day plus a fifth when I saw they'd reunited those three on TV. I can't see a way they do a mixed gender War Games match.

                    I think they'll do DMG CTRL vs Bianca and Co. They've kind of added Candice into the equation on the 'good guys' side there.


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                      I understand people are excited for the return of Bray, but common sense is needed. We've probably all read the names of who played the characters at Extreme Rules, and 2 of them aren't moving on from NXT yet, as we saw on Tuesday. I'm dubious of the idea of a stable in general, though it's entirely feasible. But they can't wrestle in the costumes, so there'd have to be a reveal sooner rather than later. I truly think this was a one time or rare appearance of the costumed characters, used for effect, and not to create new wrestlers.

                      Concerning War Games, agreed that there will be no mixed gender war games, and I don't see Wyatt being involved in anything this elaborate yet. Just like Braun (which was discussed in another thread I think), there's no logic bringing people in and immediately putting them against Roman. There's absolutely nowhere they can go afterwards but down.

                      Wargames will most likely use current (as in existing today) stories. Bloodline seems like an obvious choice as the only current stable with 4-5 members (depending on how many will be used for the match). The biggest story is Sami, so either he'll be removed from the stable by then and be on the opposite side, or be in the stable and the match will be the next big beat for his story (like leading him to turn against Jey/Bloodline somehow). This is just a guess, but I have a hard time believing there will be a bigger story for the men to go in the double cage outside of the Bloodline, and Kevin Owens has been slowly getting into that mix with subtle segments between him and Sami, along with calling out Roman. The pieces are already there and in play, but we have over a month to find out where it'll all fit.


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                        I don't see anything other than The Bloodline of Reigns, Usos, Sikoa & Sami against KO and anyone from the likes of Riddle, McIntyre, Ricochet, Moss or even a returning Randy Orton. And it'd make sense for Sami to lose or cost Bloodline the match leading to him being beaten out of the crew.


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                          I guess I'm struggling to see it because there are groups already feuding with each other and ready made for being in WarGames as a result. Putting the Bloodline in the match entirely makes sense because you want to have the 'stars' in that match, but as of right now it doesn't feel (to me) like a natural match is there.


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                            With just over a month until Survivor Series, and several hanging threads connecting to the Bloodline, I don't think that will be a problem. There are enough existing stories that can be elevated to be a big enough stable vs stable story, without creating a new one out of thin air.

                            If it wasn't for Crown Jewel having a truly random title challenge for Roman, I'd suggest it could be Brutes vs Bloodline. With 2 months, they could have setup a Sheamus title shot, and escalate it to the stable vs stable brawl. But without enough time, I don't see it. So that's why I see Sami being the center of this match, with Kevin Owens being on the other side of the ring vs the Bloodline for sure. Bloodline vs Kevin Owens and any combo of failed challengers who got screwed by outside Bloodline interference (Lashley, McIntyre, Riddle, Wyatt, Braun, or maybe add failed tag teams like Street Profits or New Day), as the babyfaces are all failed challengers and have been screwed by the Bloodline out of the championships. Having Sami torn about his loyalty to KO or the Bloodline will be crucial.


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                              Brutes vs Bloodline would, 100%, be a great direction to go in. Sheamus, Butch, and Holland are hot right now and over. You play into the British side of things, add Drew (maybe) and Tyler Bate (just spitballing, first name that came to mind) and you've got a 5 vs 5.