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Clash at the Castle

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  • Clash at the Castle

    • Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre - for the WWE Championship
    • Liv Morgan vs Shayna Baszler - for the women's Smackdown championship
    • Gunther vs Sheamus - for the Intercontinental Championship
    • Riddle vs Seth Rollins
    • Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, and Asuka vs Bayley, Dakota Kai, Iyo Sky

    I hope we get a couple more matches booked tonight and Friday (I know Smackdown is already recorded, but I'm sure I'm not alone in avoiding spoilers, so please don't ruin any announcements that will be officially aired on Friday).

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    For me, it's about only 2 matches.
    Roman vs Drew
    Sheamus vs Guther

    Riddle vs Rollins will be fun, but for me, if Riddle doesn't win, what is the point? Riddle for months, since Randy left, has been "looking great through losses", but he needs a big win. Rollins losing nothing by taking the pin. Hell, Rollins could lose at the Clash, and on every RAW and PPV until Wrestlemania, and still be inserted into a Main event title feud and be believable and credible. But Riddle, on the other hand, needs the win to propel him further. He looked great against Roman, but he needs to come out on top.

    The 6 women tag? Great. Bayley, as evident when she faced Aliyah last week, has some serious ring rust. She looked slow and soppy. Yes, facing Aliyah did not help, but Bayley used to be able to pull a good match out of less talented people. Bayley vs Bianca will be built up and they will face off one on one soon, but I have absolutely no interest in this 6 women match. I would have thought that the Women's tag finals should have been on this card, and that would have negated the 6 woman tag match.

    Liv vs Shayna. I do not care at all about Liv. Shayna should destroy her and win the SDWC and Liv should go away.


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      As good a WWE 'live event' as I've seen this year, top to bottom.


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        I said this to Pen, but how great would it be for Dominick (who recently grew out his mullet hmmmm) to say that he was tired of being in Rey's shadow, and that he has always wanted to be like his real father...Eddie Guerrero!!! Which is why he did what he did.

        Talk about symmetry and LOOONG story telling.


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          It's the only way anything involving Dominick will be 'fun', so I hope so.