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    It does sound as if it went down quite well, from what I'm hearing. I don't know that it'll mean a lot without a fair bit of change in the weekly shows but credit where it's due, I've seen a fair bit of praise from people who would not normally be thought of as 'Fed defenders'.

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      Logging in for the first time in months. I've been a pretty lapsed fan since Covid hit and have only caught up on PPVs a week or so after the event aired.

      I've got to say however, that having watched Wrestlemania 38 this afternoon, that was as good a show you could have had considering the status of the company and it's roster. Not too many matches, each got their moment to shine, not too many interruptions (or be it there were a few too many promo packages, luckily I could skip them).

      Belair vs Becky was easily MOTN for me, seeing Austin come back and look damn good considering his age was a great way to end the show and while I've never been Cody's biggest fan, I was very happy for him come full circle and take his place in the Main Event picture in WWE.

      It was so good I may watch night 2 live (which in the UK is bloody hard!)


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        Watched night one of WM. With my work schedule, I don’t think I should watch all of night 2.

        I really liked Stone Cold. Couldn’t resist watching that last can of wooo ass open. It was… fun. I think it’s Austin’s commitment to what he can do. Line of the night, “the more Austin drinks, the worse it gets for Kevin Owens.”

        I went in not caring for Cody, but really enjoyed the match. Ironically, it may be that WWE and Cody bring out the best in each other. Cody had the most interesting angles going into AEW, but he had a lot of bad ideas that ruined him, too. Hopefully, WWE and Cody keep the worst of each other in check and they bring out the best of both. There’s something really special that could be there. Cody with no Brandi or entourage, ascending like someone out of another world was pretty cool. Good luck to them all.
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          Ben, what bad ideas ruined Cody? I don't watch AEW, so I'm honestly out of the loop. When I was watching, Cody was the best part. VS Dustin, the angle vs Spears. I enjoyed it quite a bit more than the rest of the show.


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            I enjoyed those two matches, too, Pen.

            As far as bad ideas… Cody would say things about good guys and bad guys being a thing of the past. With this Brandi would be a heel in one segment and his valet in another, bringing some disjointed shows. Cody also not challenging for the belt before he’d ever really been the champ in a major company really limited his character. The infamous Anthony Ogogo promo did a lot to hurt Cody. Talking about not turning “heel” in his promos. Had an awful feud with the nightmare factory. It was a copy of the Bruno/Zybisco feud. But it didn’t take in account people could tell it was a copy and that QT Marshall was nowhere near as interesting as Larry Z.

            Even though the Cody, Dustin match was great and Cody was great in the match, it was really Dustin’s story that made it special, and I’m given Cody credit for bringing out Dustin’s story. Cody had some shenanigans going on the side, breaking that throne seemed kind of petty.

            Cody disappeared a lot, and just gave an impression of not being all in, so to speak. The neck tattoo wasn’t s great choice either.

            Wasn’t a fan of all that shit on his back the entire match that he caught on fire.

            Overall, I think he has loads of potential but needs to be kept in check and refined if possible.
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              Originally posted by Benjamin Button View Post
              Overall, I think he has loads of potential but needs to be kept in check and refined if possible.
              This is exactly what I was thinking about Cody Rhodes and based on last night I'm looking forward to seeing what he does going forward. Was very surreal seeing this version of Cody in WWE though.

              Going in I expected Night One to be the weaker of the 2 nights and while that's obviously still possible I think Night Two will have to pull out the stops to top it.

              All the matches exceeded my expectations, with the exception of the opener but that's completely understandable what with the severe injury to Rick Boogs. Stone Cold was fantastic. As was Logan Paul. If Johnny Knoxville can be half as good then his match with Sami will be good.

              Like Gooner I'm considering watching Night Two live in the UK, the only thing that's making me consider not doing so is the amount of absolute filler in terms of video packages etc. I reckon there was at least an hour of it last night that I was able to skip due to not watching it live and having to sit through them at 3am may be too much.
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                I've really enjoyed the various comments here. Agreed that a lot of people who are not fed supporters, myself included, loved last night's show.

                I know I'm missing things, as this is just from memory:
                • I enjoyed both women's title matches. They felt important. I've rarely watched any of these performers, but I found Becky Lynch to be the most complete package for my tastes. I also think the right person won in each one for the purposes of the night.
                • I thoroughly enjoyed the Mysterio/Miz/Logan Paul match. Miz, to me, has had a phenomenal career (behind Randy Orton, he's one who I respect for the longevity). Myterio's son, who I was seeing for the first time, gave me a WCW 91 vibe (which is actually a good thing when I'm saying it). Lord knows I halfway thought he might be six man tag champs with Big Josh and "The Natural" Dustin Rhodes
                • Really appreciated WWE's presentation of Cody. Seth is another proven entity who wants a great match every time. I found myself thinking about Cody's trajectory most of today (which I don't do with wrestling much anymore). WWE could access the NWA model (where Cody wanted the belt because his dad had it), yet this might be more intriguing because he wants it because his dad NEVER had it. Some thoughts: if he gets close and loses (the first time) it really starts to feel like the Rhodes family just can't do this, which further sets up a big win; agreed with Pen that WWE has to utilize him while he's hot and judge him off of whether he stays so, and I agree with Button that Cody needs to be checked sometimes. I think he has a weird mix of doubting himself about everything, but overly believing himself when it goes well; having Dusty's footage could make this journey so much more intriguing; Cody is more of an entertainer at heart than wrestler (even though many of us loved him for the reverse), so I think WWE will actually benefit him as far as how they tell stories; I've noticed that Cody's success/failure comes down to this: when he utlizes Dusty, he succeeds. When he pivots, he starts to falter. This is my biggest advice to WWE/Cody, sometimes less is more. Don't give Cody more promo time than he needs and don't let him run around doing interviews and social media stuff all the time.
                • How could you not love the main event? Stone Cold is Stone Cold no matter what age. The fan response was a beautiful callback to better days. I think this whole PR-driven generation could learn from Austin's way of being. It felt good to have a DOER in the driver's seat again. I laughed out loud more times than once. I miss authentic presentations that cut through the bullshit.
                I had no intention of coming back for night 2, but I just might do so.


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                  There was the first bad match of the weekend. Women's wrestling is brought down by stuff like this. Keep that type of badly choreographed garbage on Wednesdays

                  Rock's mom in the audience. Could be interesting.
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                    Some overall thoughts:
                    • Wrestlemania at 2 nights is still too long
                    • Many matches could be cut to make one night (New Day vs Sheamus and co, Nakamura and Boogs vs Usos, women's tag, Drew vs Corbin)
                    • Linda McMahaon no longer has the worst sell of a stunner as Vince's last night was worse
                    • SCSA was having the time of his life in his swan song
                    • Pat McAfee was the most over guy from both nights
                    • Reigns vs Lesnar, Lesnar was protected with a ref bump and low blow, but the match was too short
                    • Lesnar should have, lost clean, which would have established Reigns as THE guy, and he should not have resorted to cheap heel tactics.
                    • AJ vs Edge was way too slow, and was not as good as marks will say it was
                    • Omos had to lose b/c if he didn't, he is too big, strong and athletic to believe that anyone could have beaten him
                    • Gable vs Gable will be fun
                    • Jackass vs Zayn was so much fun, and is up there for MOTN, seriously
                    • Austin Theory has all the making of a bigger and more athletic Miz. He can just get heat from walking out.
                    • RKBro will break up by SummerSlam, now who turns on who? Hopefully Riddle turns.
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                      Yeah so Night 2 was not as good as Night 1 but when I think about what could've/should've been cut and combined what was left it would've been one 6.5-7 hour show so all things considered I'd rather they stick with the two night concept for now.


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                        It's weird seeing complaints that Finn Balor or Richochet don't get a WrestleMania match, while still the same people say Wrestlemania is too long. Obviously that's not anyone here, but it's out there.

                        Worst match of the weekend was the 4way women's tag. When a match is overly choreographed and scripted like this one was, the weak links stand out the most. And of the 8 women involved, 3-5 of them didn't belong in there. Carmella, Zelina, Liv, and Naomi can all get by fine, but need to have their hands held to get through things. Shayna is a bit better since her style isn't about obvious choreography.

                        Not the best Brock vs Roman match, but still very good.

                        Night 1 was better.

                        There was a disconnect for me between McAfee beating Theory, but then losing to weak clotheslines and a football to the gut. I hate being that guy to say what they should have done instead, but in this case there was no reason to have Vince vs Pat end at all. While Vince is being a dick, that's when the glass shatters. By extending the weakest beatdown ever, it deflated the energy from the Pat vs Theory match.

                        I also think night 2 went silly too often. The McMahon vs Pat stuff and the Jackass match on the same card didn't have the same impact had Pat and Vince been done on Raw instead or something. I dunno. It wasn't bad, but I think had it been the only silly segment of the show, it would have resonated more. After the superior Jackass stuff, this didn't have me mark out as much.

                        Very good WrestleMania overall. I don't think it'll match Rumble 2020 as a show or parts of the show that I can rewatch over and over, but it's the closest since that event.


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                          I actually saw all of night one, and decided to go to the gym Sunday night and tuned in at the tail end of AJ vs Edge. It sounds like I didn't miss much else on the show.

                          I was supposed to get together with a group of friends on Saturday, but wound up watching it just me and my girlfriend since we were going to go out for a drink at about what would have been the main event time but plans change so we got to watch it all.

                          First thing's first: I don't have cable TV so there is literally no legal way (at least that I could find) to watch WrestleMania in Canada. I tried streaming it on Saturday until that got too frustrating and so I switched to the gimmick where I can log in to the Network, select my internet provider as a "cable provider" and it lets me log in and watch for about 10-15 minutes at a time before dropping out making me log in again. Believe it or not, that was less frustrating than having to refresh the illegal stream ever 5 minutes.

                          Now, on to the show...

                          I'll eat my words: I LOVED it. Sitting there all night doing my best not to be a critic, I loved night one from start to finish (which I wasn't expecting to) and what I saw of night two was fun. I personally might have rearranged the card just a touch by moving Drew/Corbin between two later matches in that old "Divas" spot as a sort comedown. But I totally understand their reasoning putting it there between a tag team match that was probably supposed to go 15-20 before Boogs got hurt, and another tag match.

                          I'll eat my words on Drew/Corbin, too. It was fun, they didn't overstay their welcome, and they ended in a "WrestleMania moment" spot.

                          Logan Paul was made for this business. I hope he sticks around. He should do this full time. Sign this man. There were a couple of little things that my hypersensitive eye caught when Dom and Logan were interacting, but nothing that brought it down at all. That match was both entertaining, and a genuinely good bell-to-bell match.

                          Bianca vs Becky was perfect from the opening bell and suddenly everything from SummerSlam on makes perfect sense. It's almost like you need to let some of these stories play out.

                          Now we got to the meat of the matter. The moment Cody's music hit, that pop, it became abundantly clear why that waited for that minute to announce or debut him. They made the hardcore fans whip themselves into such a state that the moment you heard "wrestling has more than one royal family" it's like all of that pressure blew. It was an amazing WrestleMania moment.

                          The match itself was probably the match of the night both nights. It was so good. But even if it had sucked, the moment made it. Say what you want about WWE's creative process or treatment of their wrestlers, but if you're Cody and in your mid-30s with probably five years left in your prime, there's something to be said for leaving AEW just for that moment knowing that at no point while you're still physically in your prime is AEW going to be able to create that moment in front of that size of audience with you.

                          Charlotte vs Rousey was incredible and I loved the finish. There's so much more meat on the bone for that feud.

                          I was skeptical what Austin vs Owens would be to main event that show as an interview segment/brawl. But it was perfection. Austin could probably have pulled off a straight match, especially with a guy like Owens, but the smoke and mirrors that this allowed made him still look mostly like the Austin of old, which there's no way he would have if it had been a straight match. If there was one thing that took me out of it, it would be how much fun he so obviously was having. There were a couple moments where "Stone Cold" dropped away and Steve Williams, who never thought he'd have a chance to do something like that in front of 70k people again, seeped through. But how can anyone possibly hold that against him. My inner child was smiling for 30 straight minutes, from Owens' entrance to the end of the beer bash.

                          From what I saw of night two, Pat McAfee should be a special attraction wrestler. He's a guy I'd love to have on the roster full time, but as an attraction/commentator there's so much more there. Austin Theory is a goddamn star. He should be one of the biggest things in this company in the next five years.

                          McMahon still looks jacked. But I wasn't huge on him manhandling a professional athlete half his age. It all payed off with Austin, though.

                          I loved Brock vs Roman. I had so much fun just being a fan during that match. Though I will say I've chuckled at people sharing pictures of Roman's triceps looking gigantic, speculating that he's injured.

                          WrestleMania, man. How do they manage to hit it out of the park every time?
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                            Originally posted by Team Farrell View Post
                            WrestleMania, man. How do they manage to hit it out of the park every time?
                            If I may offer a theory: expectations get lowered thanks to the constant negativity online. Had I listened to any who is in Squared Circle or 411, I might not have cared either. I know I'm a skipping broken record, but I can't stress enough how much more I enjoy the wrestling I enjoy when I leave or ignore the negativity bubble/vacuum. It's not about being a "fed defender" (a term never heard until this weekend, and I'm assuming some here would include me in that description), but I'm sure AEW fans enjoy AEW more without people like me who point out the things about it I don't like. It's not that the complaints are valid or not, but that they cloud your mind from the parts you do enjoy.

                            Some other real world examples: I didn't realize how bad the dialogue in the Star Wars series was until I read a review point it out. Now, every time I catch one of them, it's all I can think of and the movies are no longer as interesting to me. In music, anytime I hear of an accidental or purposeful ripoff, I hear it instead of whatever was produced (Sam Smith's Stay with me" being influenced by Tom Petty's "I Won't Back Down").

                            This isn't to say you shouldn't enjoy reviews or discussions about what you're enjoying. But maybe be selective about who you read and who you have these discussions with. We're no talking about important world issues like climate change, Covid, or electoral reform. It's f'n wrestling. Do everything you can to enjoy it to its potential. So stay away from the trolls.


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                              Coach, I'm glad you found yourself enjoying the show as much as you did. The abundant cynicism of the Internet often leaves us too jaded to enjoy what's right in front of us. Was it Austin's best match? Technically it wasn't even top 10, but it was the most fun I've ever had watching him. Cody has never been more than a midcarder in WWE but his match with Seth could've closed out any show for any company. Brock/Roman have had better matches, but the moment itself is one of the biggest in the history of professional wrestling.


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                                That's probably got a lot to do with it.

                                I'm so much busier lately that other than being on here when things are slow at work, chatting with Cult and scrolling Twitter from time to time, I don't have a lot of time for wrestling that I'm not directly involved with. I watch Dynamite pretty religiously every second week because they play it at the venue I work at every second Wednesday night. And I catch up on what I can that I've missed in the week's wrestling on a Sunday morning or Monday night.

                                Plus I watch the pay per views, and listen to a lot of wrestling podcasts. The podcasts are more than anything how I stay caught up.

                                That said, it's so much more fun to watch the shows when I'm not trying to critique them. My girlfriend's young daughters have started watching with me and they've become obsessed. It's also changed the way that I watch wrestling a lot -- and reinforced more and more to me that my views on wrestling are correct.

                                They like the WWE product that's a little more Mickey Mouse and aimed at a younger audience, and can't take their eyes off the TV when there's a women's match on. Though they watched an hour of Supercard of Honor with me on Sunday afternoon and got pretty in it, but kept asking me in every match who the "good guy" and "bad guy" was.

                                To see kids watching the shows reminds me of when I was six or seven watching the show and buying in to it and not tearing it apart. It makes me more and more realize how easy it is to create generational pro wrestling and nobody is doing it. WWE is closest, but adults seem to turn away from it.
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