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    I see Reigns winning and then being forced to defend both titles back-to-back at the following show and barely losing the second match. Or he stays double champion until MITB and the winner will immediately cash in after his match(es) that night to win one of the titles.


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      That is a nice option, but I cannot see any other match besides Lesnar vs Roman, Title vs Title closing night 2.

      Charlotte vs Rousey will close night 1.


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        He never once mentioned it not main eventing Mania...


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          In Cook's scenario, Lesnar vs Reigns has to be on night one.


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            Sorry, by next show I meant WrestleMania Backlash


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              I understood what you meant, Cook.

              Just because there's no one right now, doesn't mean there won't be someone ready to dethrone either of them after Mania. If Edge puts over AJ, for example, he elevates Styles back into the main event, and could be the next champion. Drew or Big E get some major win at WrestleMania. Drew makes sense because he wasn't allowed in a Battle Royal before the Rumble, so it can be tied into the idea that Heyman kept him away from Roman see McIntyre is the only threat.

              So many possibilities.


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                Maybe Logan Paul dethrones Reigns?


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                  I know WWE creative gets alot of (sometimes well deserved) criticism, but kudos to them for running the same main event three times yet making it feel fresh.


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                    Originally posted by Powder View Post
                    I honestly do not have any idea what the plan is for the outcome of the Title vs Title, Lesnar vs Roman match at WM will be.
                    Forget all the subsequent speculating - isn't this, in and of itself, a good thing?

                    I couldn't care who's 'next' in line for the title, or who gets the shot on a show after Mania, or any of that. In and of the moment, not thinking there is a clear and obvious winner is only going to help the bout itself.

                    Edge vs Styles is interesting as a choice, I wouldn't have bet on it going in that direction a couple of months ago.

                    Looks like they're lining up night one to have Charlotte/Ronda and Becky/Belair. I wonder if they also put the women's tag titles on that night and make it very female-centric.


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                      It's definitely not a bad thing. I guess I was just pointing out that in so many years past, the winners of the almost every match was a forgone conclusion, with notable exceptions.

                      Lesnar breaking the streak.
                      Lesnar retaining over Reigns
                      AJ Styles retaining over Nakamura
                      Charlotte retaining over Asuka

                      And I thought that with Charlotte vs Rousey main eventing night 1, that Becky vs Belair would be night 2.


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                        Originally posted by Powder View Post
                        And I thought that with Charlotte vs Rousey main eventing night 1, that Becky vs Belair would be night 2.
                        All I know is that they're listed on night one on Wikipedia.


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                          Maybe if they load night one with all the women's title matches, including the tag titles, it will be a way to see how a female focused WrestleMania will do. If it does well, we might only be a few years away from night one being "Ladies Night".


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                            I was just thinking about how top to bottom solid these cards are. Obviously execution is always up in the air, and taste is subjective. But, they've really built up more matches/segments that could headline Mania than they usually do.

                            Charlotte vs Ronda is pretty big. Now, I'm not overly excited by it, as most others seem to be. It's been a flat angle, and Ronda smiling and talking is just not the way to build a match. But, it's still a big deal and could headline any PPV (though not a Mania with this card)

                            Becky vs Bianca hasn't been perfect, but it's improved dramatically over the last few weeks. I can't tell if it's been well planned long term storytelling from SummerSlam, or if they decided in January/February which match should be for the title. Either way, Bianca is in a great position to recapture the gold from Becky at some point. I say at some point because I can see Becky sneaking out of Mania with the title and this leading to a hair vs championship match at Backlash or whatever is next.

                            Seth vs ??? has been better than people have been saying. I still don't see the problem with the angle of "will Seth even make it on the card?" because the ends justify the means in this case. I cared about Seth's weekly story of what will happen at Mania. We may have heard rumors for a month of it being Cody, but WWE have played it out really well in how they've let the online speculation drive that aspect, while the actual program has left it up in the air. It could be Undertaker in a quick squash, or it could be Cena/Rock (I know those aren't likely, but the story gives that option possibility). It can be Goldberg. Hell, WWE could have secretly rehired Wyatt/Fiend or Braun Strowman in some way. The issue here is that if it's anyone but Cody, the crowd will shit on it. It could be to varying degrees. I think the Fiend or Rock returning would get a pretty good reaction, while Cena and Braun would likely have mixed/negative reactions.

                            Stone Cold vs KO - Speaks for itself. It seems obvious that this will be more than Stone Cold/Carlito/Piper at Mania 21. It'll likely be closer a KO show that leads into a referee being brought down, and a very quick but real match takes place. Had they promoted a match, they wouldn't have been able to get away with a 2 minute safe match for Austin. But by booking at as a confrontation or KO Show, if a match breaks out and only last a couple of minutes, people will be happy.

                            And then the obvious Sunday night main event - Brock vs Roman has been pretty good in build up. They don't have to do much to make it work, and in all honesty, most of the beats to the story have been pretty standard. Thankfully because of who's involved, there's a bit more gravity to the situation.

                            - One negative I have to point out is that Brock is showing us exactly why WWE does more scripting than AEW or others. Brock's genuine positive attitude is infections and makes up for a lot, but his promos have been meandering messes a little too often.

                            Does anyone think the original goal of the Butch call up was to have a 6 man tag between Sheamus/Ridge/Butch vs New Day? Seems pretty obvious to me, and it's a bummer that Dunne/Butch doesn't get a match yet (though not as big of a bummer as the reason/event why he's not in the match).

                            If Big E does return to the ring, he's guaranteed another run with the title. The whole comeback story will be way too good not to execute in some way.

                            Omos vs Bobby is pretty unpredictable.

                            The women's tag matches have been pretty good lately, so I think that 4 way will be pretty good.
                            Same for the 3 teams in the Raw tag title triple threat

                            I dunno. I think this week's Raw really sold the show to me. I was looking forward to Mania since it's Mania, and there were some good/cool stories. But the way it clicked together for Seth, Bobby and then Bianca/Becky all on the last Raw before the big weekend, it took my excitement to another level.


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                              I don't know, my friend. Giving things a cursory scan it looks like a really good one night Wrestlemania card spread across two nights with things added to pad the time out to two shows.

                              I'll watch it and have fun, but I feel like there's going to be a lot more breaks to chat among friends while it plays in the background than in some previous years
                              My latest (and hopefully last) Covid-Era show


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                                I have said it before, Wrestlemania is way too long over 2 nights. Not every match needs to go 15-30 minutes, and backstage skits, and all the other downtime can be kept to a minimum to reduce run time.