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  • Wrestlemania 38

    Brock vs Roman (perhaps Title vs Title)
    Charlotte vs Ronda
    Becky vs winner of the Elimination Chamber this weekend
    Kevin Owens complaining about Texas, while the originator of the Stunner who is from Texas is rumored to be competing
    The Rock hinting as fans hearing "and MILLIONS" again.

    Lots of potential and topics to discuss, and we're still a few weeks away.

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    Lots of Rumors Circling that Rollins will be added to Brock vs Roman to have a true triple threat, also as a call back to WM31.

    Latest I heard was that Rollins wins the Chamber and the Title, and goes onto add himself to the match with Roman and Brock.

    Also I think we are getting a Johnny Knoxville vs Sami Zayn match.

    And AJ Styles vs Edge is probably happening.

    And finally, Cody Rhodes. With the latest reports, he is supposed to be getting a major push and a potential major WM match once he re-debuts in the WWE. So maybe, just maybe we get Cody Rhodes vs the winner of the Elimination Chamber.
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      Cody vs HHH would be smart, but I have no idea if HHH can be cleared after his heart attack.


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        I could see them sitting Cody until the Raw after Mania.

        They need people, but I can't see them blowing up their plans just because they sign Cody. He's a big signing, but he's not Hogan.

        He could get slotted in where Shane was going to be I suppose. Obviously Cody vs Triple H is the match, but I'm not sure H will ever wrestle again. He hasn't wrestled in three years, and in his second last match he tore his pec. I could see him deciding that given previous injuries and more recent heart issues, he might just decide that facing Randy at Super Showdown was a good place to stop.
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          They could do a Bret vs Vince angle with HHH I guess, but it wouldn't be very satisfying I guess.

          I guess.


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            I mean, let's be real. For all we know he hasn't been around the last six months because they're taking his health seriously, and he's actually gotten to 100% and could go tomorrow.
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              Let's say that HHH can go, would HHH put over Cody?


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                He should. No idea if WWE would actually go that way. Their track record with HHH putting over the hot current trend isn't very good (Punk being the prime example in 2011, Booker T in 2003 being another)


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                  If HHH vs Cody happens, and if HHH does not put over Cody, that kills Cody, and I do not see Cody agreeing to HHH.


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                    It's not on Cody to agree. He doesn't have a creative control clause.


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                      If he has a WM match this year, I'm sure that is part of the negotiation. Who he faces, and that he goes over. The overall creative, long term, not so much. But the immediate future...maybe/probably.


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                        Vince McMahon doesn't give that level of power ever to anyone. Never has, and never will. Especially with the way things change in that company.

                        He might sit down with him and tell him: "If you come in, we'll have you work X at WrestleMania," but he's never going to guarantee anyone a win. Shit, Steve Austin had to walk out and go home for nine months when he wouldn't lose a match.

                        Vince give you "an opportunity". He'll never guarantee anyone a win or a title run or anything else. It's been said a lot of times that when you hear from someone who leaves the company and says they were "promised" something that they never got, it was likely that Vince told them they could get something or that he was leaning in that direction, and they took it as a promise.
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                          If Cody know what's good for him, he'll accept a role in the 24/7 clusterfuck segments.


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                            I honestly do not have any idea what the plan is for the outcome of the Title vs Title, Lesnar vs Roman match at WM will be.

                            Let's just take a look at the facts:

                            Lesnar in 2022 alone is a 2x WWE Champion. and a 10x Champion overall
                            Reigns is the longest reigning champion in the WWE in nearly 40 years and a 5x Champion overall
                            Lesnar has so many accomplishments in his career that he does not need yet one more feather in his cap of dethroning Reigns
                            If Lesnar, is not the one to dethrone Reigns, then who else is there that could?
                            Reigns has beaten, every past Universal Champion (except the Fiend directly)
                            And in the past year alone, Reigns has beaten: Edge, Bryan, Rollins, Big E, Goldberg, Balor, Cena, and yes even Lesnar (Crown Jewel)

                            In my opinion, neither man has to win, but I would think that Lesnar is winning, otherwise why have Lesnar vs Reigns at WM? Yes, I know that Covid messed with the Day 1 plans, and the WWE called an audible. But they could have ran Lesnar vs Reigns at the Rumble.

                            So, I think that Lesanr wins, then he drops the Universal Title for a future tournament to crown a new champion...Drew McIntyre.


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                              Job 'em out to Hogan, brother.