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    "Record Profits" doesn't mean expendable money.


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      I went to school for Business. I know that. They are losing money in the live shows department obviously and even that might be a stretch as they weren't making much if any profit on live shows before the pandemic hit. By all accounts most NXT live shows ran in RED and so were a lot of their house shows.

      Either way its a shitty reason to use to let someone go and most companies know that.
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        I don't see why it's shitty to keep someone employed when you know it's not worth the money. No matter how much a company is making, anyone who is costing you money more than making you money should be cut. It makes no sense.


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          Originally posted by CoLD View Post
          As far as Developmental goes I'm pretty sure its a matter of time before they give Gabe his own show in the old NXT time slot sooner then later. NXT really isnt developmental anymore so why keep pretending it is? I doubt they call it EVOLVE but who knows. They do own the name now.
          I remember reading a few months back that this is essentially what's happening. It didn't mention Gabe, I don't think, but it did state that they're going to be doing a new show that is a lot more what NXT used to be and focuses more on the development of talent. I think they even said they had a name for the show but can't remember if it was mentioned or not.


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            I mean, "budget cuts" is probably a kinder go-to than "we don't see anything in you as a star worth keeping you on our roster and don't have any future creative plans for you".

            I've seen a lot of people making the argument that WWE shouldn't be cutting anyone, which I'm not implying that you are Cold. And I guess it comes down to the moral argument of whether they should keep people that they have no intention of using employed because they can afford it, or if they're within their rights to just say "we have no intention of using you, go make money elsewhere and good luck".

            t would be one thing if you're a computer programmer getting cut because there's less computer programming work to be done at the moment while your company is making record profits, knowing that when business picks up you're going to see your job re-posted at 20% less pay. My sister's boyfriend is a welder whose entire crew was a fired a few years ago by a company making hundreds of millions in profits, only for them to bring in cheaper subsidized "temporary" foreign labour to replace them. He was rightly livid. The math makes sense if you're an accountant, but not if you're a human with a soul.

            But I tend to err on the side that in an entertainment business, the company shouldn't keep you if they're not going to use you, regardless of the state of the world. I mean, you don't just cut people on their terms, when they're ready.

            I hope that every single one of these people go and "prove WWE wrong" or whatever and revolutionize the sport and make a billion dollars. I genuinely, truly do because I want to see good things happen to them. But realistically...

            There are a number of worker groups I'm in that basically had the same reaction as me: that's too bad *shrug*.

            Some of these people are even close, personal friends of the released. But we all tend to agree that everyone should be signing with any wrestling company knowing that your "three year contract" is only good for as long as creative sees something in you that they want to use, and you need to be prepared to move on to somewhere or something else.

            Anyway, there was a rumor last year that WWE was looking at adding another show to the Network that would go back to being fully developmental like NXT was. I would imagine that when/if that gets going a lot of the people we haven't seen that they've signed over the last year will be there.
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              Where did i say they should keep anyone they aren't using employed? I'm pretty sure i said I don't think they let go enough people to begin with. I was only arguing the reason they give talent is shitty. Cut and cut and cut away. I believe one of their main creative issues is too many talents.

              People get fired. It is what is is. Capitalism is shitty business at the end of the day. As someone who has had dealing with Human resources and communication classes it just comes across extra shitty when your job tells you they are letting you go because the money you cost is more valuable to the company then you are. Yeah we all know that's business but its just a shitty sell job. "We have nothing for you or in the remote future currently but things may change" is just an easier pill to swallow. Plus its always true. If they did have something for you they wouldn't be letting you go. Its semantics obviously and we all aren't going to agree. I just think using that as the reason while telling the person they are being let go is extra trash and not something i would personally do when you can word it so many others ways that don't make it seem that money is more important then that individual.

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                I'm split this year because roster bloat is an issue in the WWE, the fact they have guys like Aleister Black just sitting around is a real problem. However there is still a pandemic and indy wrestling is in a slightly better place than this time last year but it is hardly booming. ‚ÄčIt's even rough on guys like The Iconics who will likely have to reapply for their work visas. I hope they don't have to transport the lives they have set up and return over here.

                To the actual releases, Joe is the only one that truly shocked me. I can't help but think there is more going on behind the scenes there because he has been in a pretty prominent position. I'm hardly the first person to say this but I think it is likely he wanted to wrestle again but the WWE didn't want the potential liability.


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                  Aleister Black is a true potential talent, and I don't believe the rumors they are holding him away in catering. Wasn't one of the recent "rumors" that he's going to be Alexa's new associate?

                  CoLD, agreed on even more cuts being for the best. With the business being the way it is now, the developmental aspect needs to be reevaluated. Either get more of them on TV and reduce the bloat from the TV ready people who just aren't going to make it (Aliyah), or reduce who is being groomed to just the top talents (Gable Stevenson).


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                    SRS reported on the day of the firings that Black wasn't one of the talents expected to be let go as he was supposedly filming new vignettes that day.

                    Tino Sabbatelli been in developmental since 2014. Whens enough enough? LOL. I dont want anyone to lose their job honestly but i get why they do. Why this guy still has a job? Why Aliyah still has a job? Their NXT contracts cant be that much but when do you finally say enough is enough and cut someone off?



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                      Sabbatelli got fired, went to AEW and had a cup of coffee - think he was called 'Sabby' - then almost immediately got rehired by WWE. Completely baffling.

                      What I guess we don't see is what happens off TV. Maybe someone like Aaliyah trains/spars very well behind the scenes and WWE are hoping they get a spark with them in terms of character that pushes them on.

                      I mean, I don't believe WWE hires bad wrestlers. I think they maybe hire people who can hit the basics and they want to shine up through work in the PC, but even then if they become a very good wrestler they may never get a personality that elevates them to the next level.

                      And that goes for any sport. How many young players do NFL take a chance on to find that one Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes? There's lots of raw talent out there in any sport, but the amount that actually 'make' it is a fraction of a percent, either because they work harder or just have unique physical talents.

                      I think it was alluded to in another post here, but it's surely better that WWE let a few people go who they don't have plans/hopes for despite a reasonable tenure with the company than let them kick around doing nothing. If the likes of Royce and Kay truly love wrestling, they'll find themselves another permanent spot to land and another opportunity. They're 28 and 31, it's not like this is the end of their career and they now have to retire.


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                        Aaliyah's position in the Robert Stone Brand seems to be the comedy flunky. She's there to get punked out by the person in the group that whomever they're pushing is feuding with. Chelsea Green first, then Mercedes, now Kamea.

                        That's a somewhat valuable role. The two of them can disappear when they have nobody to push, and then come back when they do.

                        I sometimes wonder how much fan support plays into it. Like, how often do they cut someone that they don't see it in just because they're sick of people complaining that they're not getting more of a push?
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                          WWE and Adnan Virk have already parted ways, after 1 PPV and 7 episodes of Raw. It never seemed like a good fit and he was getting hammered on social media. There were also numerous corporate layoffs, including a lot of the digital media department.


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                            Apparently there will be or has been quite a few office side layoffs today, too.
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                              The following WWE wrestlers have been released. - Braun Strowman - Aleister Black - Ruby Riott - Lana - Santana Garrett - Buddy Murphy


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                                Copied from the General Discussion thread...

                                Originally posted by Powder View Post
                                HO-LY SHIT!

                                Strowman and Black? They literally just spent a few months building Black back up, and Strowman was just in a main event feud.

                                What the hell happened?

                                I see both guys going to AEW as soon as they can.
                                With Strowman, at least, my guess is that something had to have happened. He was a staple of the main event. Always credible.

                                Black and Murphy the WWE just does not know how to use.
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