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The Surprisingly Not Awful Baron Corbin Thread

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    So they're running a thing where he's broke now, I guess?

    "The worst moron is the one too stupid to realise they're a moron."


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      Yeah, it actually looks like it might end up in a face turn and tag team with Kevin Owens. A bit like Orton and Riddle on Raw. At least it's something different for the guy.


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        I guess you give them credit for trying something new but I am not sure I can see Corbin as a babyface working out very well....


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          He's not. At all. He's a heel still.


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            Modern Day Wrestling God
            I'm interested in this direction. It's not the most captivating way I can think of when combining JBL and Corbin, but that combo is always going to be enough to get me invested.

            Powder and I discussed this during Raw. I understand Corbin isn't anyone's favorite, and the idea of an older generation pushing a modern talent would conjure up ideas of true up and comer. I guess I'm annoyed at the idea of thumbing my nose at an idea just because I can think of something I would prefer more, without giving the presented idea a chance. When you saying JBL the Wrestling God, it should be obvious that it's somewhat delusional that a brawler would use a monikor that gives the impression of a technical scientific wrestler. Using that standard, Corbin is a good choice. Best choice? Probably not. But there is a logic there, and I'm interested in seeing where it goes.

            If all it gives me is JBL as a manager for a few weeks, I'll be happy.
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