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    Not sure how wise it is to have Becky Lynch return as a heel but I think Belair was losing the title to Banks here anyway, although probably not in 10 seconds. Reports are that Banks is expected back soon and if that is the case I'm not sure what she does now that Lynch has essentially taken her spot.


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      Is Bianca hurt by this in anyway? She was caught offguard by the biggest female star in the industry. That wasn't a "clean win", and completely unlike the way Bianca won at WrestleMania. Becky can show up Friday, and we don't want her defending it against Carmella or Zelina. We want Bianca.

      So, she's safe.


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        Assuming she's a babyface, why would anyone want Becky to come back as a babyface? If Becky came back as a face, it's not 1 and 1A, it's 1 and everyone else. That's how over Becky was. By potentially having her come back as the number one heel on the brand, you've got Bianca as the number one babyface unchallenged and feuding with one of the company's top stars -- not just "top female stars", but top stars period.

        That's the difference between the two. Bianca is an over female star. Becky is an overall superstar.
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          When both Bianca and Rhea were moved to the main roster, I thought WWE dropped the ball by pushing Bianca ahead. I won't say I was wrong, because I always felt Bianca had potential. But this run vs Becky really showed exactly why she was selected to be ahead of the game. They made her last night even better than they did last year, in my opinion. I haven't watched Bianca vs Sasha since last year, but I seem to recall not being as impressed as most, and I truly loved the match last night. Bianca is made. Good job to everyone involved.