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  • Exactly - it's all just a mess, largely of WWEs own making. And if they do go through with that, to what ends? To celebrate Drew in front of a half full stadium? And then to do what with Lashley, spend all these months building him up to spend it on a really short title reign and then burst the bubble around him?

    It's just short-term thinking, if this is all to that end and they're going to rush through two title reigns. Plus, will WWE really run a heel vs heel championship match?

    I just think all of that is probably a pretty plausible booking plan, but a pretty bad idea.

    Longer term, why not do Miz vs Lashley like that, have Drew lose to Lashley at Mania but win the title at SummerSlam? Make Drew have a bit more adversity than a the next seven weeks, and then get that big feel good moment in front of a bigger crowd. Plus, WWE will be able to do a feel good moment at Mania with Edge beating Roman if they want to (although that's not a direction I think they should, or will, go in).


    • It's a shit show for sure. The main problem as many of us have stated is the lack of people who can run with a top title, AND the MITB briefcase. The gimmick has run it's course, and you have the Rumble winner and the MITB on the same PPV?

      The WWE books itself into a corner, instead of having long term plans. They do this all the time. My suggestion is for the WWE to sit with creative and have them plan out from NOC to Wrestlemania. Not week to week, but overall plans. Then you fill in the week by week. The around now, you long term plan to SummerSlam.

      The WWE should have had the Miz cash in before the New Year, before the Rumble to get that out of the way. Then with Lashley attacking Drew last night, he is set up to face Drew at Mania and we would not have the Miz with the MITB to deal with. Drew could have still faced Sheamus at Fastlane, and won, then went on to Lashley.


      • And here I was thinking it breathed life into the title picture. Drew, as great a champion as he has been, was starting to lose steam because he had worked with everyone on Raw, and none of the remaining options really felt WrestleMania worthy. Suddenly, Lashley's credible again, Sheamus is still in the mix, Drew is deserving of a rematch, and Miz is the cheap heel champ.

        Lots of options here. Keep in mind WM is 2 nights, so we could end up seeing 2 WWE title matches over the course of the weekend. It could be a triple threat or fatal four way.

        I in fact love how they did it. Miz is not strong enough to be champ, but that's why the briefcase is still valuable. The only way he could be champ is by using such opportunistic methods. He'll be transitional in nature, though we don't know if it'll be ending tonight, Fast Lane, Mania night 1, or Mania night 2. It also opens up the doors for Morrison to evolve as a character. Either turning face from getting angry at Miz flaunting his title or what have you.

        Drew now has 3 people he wants to murder.

        Lashley is instantly in the main event picture.

        I fucking love it.


        • I do not hate it, but the WWE books themselves into a corner a lot, and right before And leading into WM, and maybe at WM the WWE may be playing hot potato with the title.

          Drew to Miz, to Lashley back to Drew all within 50 days. Maybe not, but it appears to look that way. And it could kill all the great work done to build up Lashley as a monster as previously stated by Oliver.


          • I think the raw elements of the plan all work - that whole thing of having something set up for Drew with Lashley, plus Sheamus in the mix as he had Drew beat, plus Miz there as champion now - I don't hate any of that side of things. It's just the timeline of things (and especially the existence of Fastlane) that leave me scratching my head a bit.

            I kind of wish they'd had Miz successfully cash in at TLC, sneak out somehow at the Rumble, and then lost it when he could escape in the Chamber. Still a short(er) run, but they could probably have still kept the Sheamus/Drew stuff going in the background as well as had Lashley growing. Just a case of a slightly extended timeframe around it all happening to make the story pop more.

            It is what it is now, and the way Powder has laid it out is likely the best way to get to a Drew win at Mania in front of fans with some intrigue on the way. It'll work as a story, I just feel like it's going to rush through the beats.


            • The thing is you're both saying "here's what's going to happen" while saying they've painted themselves into a corner. The truth is they opened up their options, but you're deciding which of those options they are going to take. Until the day I die, I refuse to dictate how a story should go. I'll decide after the story is over if I like it or not. I think it's why I find myself enjoying WWE more often than most online. I don't allow their poor track record dictate what the next story will be.

              As for the timing of Fast Lane, WWE/WWF have done this for decades. Back in the 80s, they used the last Saturday Night's Main Event about a month before WrestleMania to finalize their big main event plans for Hogan. In 1986, March 1 was Main Event, for Mania on April 7. 1987, Andre challenged Hogan on Feb 7, for Mania on March 29. 1988 Feb 5 for March 27.

              I know it's shorter between Fast Lane and Mania 37, but it's longer in TV time. With 3 hour Raws, there's more air time between Fast Lane and Mania. I'm not saying I like it or that I wouldn't prefer more time, but this tactic has worked successfully since before most of us started watching. It's the same reason Rumble winners tend to take their time before deciding. If the WrestleMania main events were in stone the week after the Rumble, it becomes challenging to make the TV angle exciting for 2-3 months. Part of the excitement on the Road to Mania is how they'll get there. But removing that element so early, it can end up being a boring slog. Can be, not always.


              • I was chatting with our friend Cult last night, and don't discount the possibility of Miz keeping the belt and them running Miz vs Priest at Mania.

                It's not something that appeals to me in the least, but they're obviously behind Priest and they might be willing to do something like that if the idea is that they can book other matches to appeal to the "hardcore" fans, but USA's golden boy The Miz vs Damien Priest with international recording superstar Bad Bunny in his corner might be sufficient to coax paid Peacock subscribers that didn't previously have The Network to watch the show.

                It would also all but guarantee a Miz vs Bad Bunny match on Raw to draw a number in the build.

                I don't think it's impossible that Miz vs Priest for the WWE Title takes place at Mania.

                Drew's done a good job and was robbed by the pandemic, but it's not like he's set the world on fire or drawing numbers. I can't see this move hurting, but maybe it helps.

                And I guess we would then get Lashley vs Drew non-title at Mania, since it's two nights and they need matches.
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                • This year also accentuates the time more, because they pushed Wm back by a few weeks, thus creating even more time.

                  However, If the WWE chose to Eliminate the second PPV in-between the Rumble and WM, it would do wonders overall. Rumble in January, Elimination Chamber in late February, and WM last weekend in March or First Week of April. That could solve a lot of the booking problems.

                  Do not lose the PPV, but add it after WM, somewhere else. The Rumble to WM is the best time of the year, and it should be treated as such. So sometimes less is more.

                  Originally posted by Team Farrell View Post
                  I was chatting with our friend Cult last night, and don't discount the possibility of Miz keeping the belt and them running Miz vs Priest at Mania.
                  I just can't see it. Priest is way to new to the main roster, and poor Miz, this would then be the second time he main events a WM and was the afterthought. Priest's win being #1, and Bad Bunny's involvement would be #2.

                  Just like Miz vs Cena with the Rock. Miz cannot even remember being in that match. Too soon?
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                  • I'm not sure it's too soon for Priest. He's ready. And, does it really matter if that's that match that's going to draw the eyeballs?

                    More people overall might tune in specifically to see Priest w/Bad Bunny vs Miz over Drew and Lashley. I love Drew and Lashley, but they aren't exactly big stars.

                    And, honestly, Miz's sad feelings over being an afterthought don't matter to me. He's making enough money to wipe those tears away.

                    I just can't imagine a reason they'd put the belt on Miz otherwise just to transition to Lashley. Drew chasing doesn't mean any more than Drew coming in as Champion vs Lashley.

                    I feel bad for Drew, but it is what it is.
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                    • Haven't read all of the posts but I was thinking, and what better way to build up Bad Bunny's involvement at Wrestlemania than with the WWE champion? I might be in the minority here but I believe Miz deserves this title reign even if it's only until Fastlane. You can take the title off of him then without disrupting the plans for the WWE championship match at Wrestlemania while simultaneously raising the profile of the celebrity involvement.


                      • If we are to believe multiple reports, the Miz is dropping the title before WM, so our arguments may all be moot.


                        • I'd be so into WWE sticking Priest in there for the Mania match against Miz, title on the line. They've shown with Balor that if they think somebody is worth that immediate push they will give it to them, and Priest is definitely good enough to stick the landing.

                          I'm never going to buy much of what 'reports' say. They could use Lashley vs Drew to really tip Lashley over the top as the next in line, if they went with Priest vs Miz.

                          I'd also be into them splitting Miz/Morrison over this and running those two against each other.


                          • I'm sorry, but I am of the mind that: The Miz is not a big enough persona to main event Wrestlemania. Regardless of having Bad Bunny with him or that he is all over the USA network. I of of the mind where Vince still loves his hosses, and believes that THEY are the main events. The Miz had his shots, and is a great hand, will do any/all public appearances, make his reality show, host whatever, but if the WWE wanted him as THE guy, they had multiple opportunities to do so already.

                            If the IWC thinks that Bad Bunny is a reason for a WM main event, then why didn't Floyd Mayweather vs Big Show, or the Snooki match, or the Trump vs VKM, main event? Mayweather and Trump are much bigger names, and household names, and Bad Bunny is not. Most, if not all of us had to look him up to find out who he was upon his first arrival in the WWE. He is NOT a household name, and his affiliation with WWE will not make him one either, and I do not see bad Bunny increasing any buy rates for WM.

                            If we look at the celebs that DID main event a WM, Mr. T and Lawrence Taylor, both of those guys in he 80s were absolutely HUGE and were household names. AND both still have name recognition even today. Bad Bunny is a Latin star, and no disrespect here, but unless he crosses over to main stream like Shakira did, he is just that, a top Billboard artist with Latin Grammys, and the general person has no idea to who those artists are.

                            Hell look even to the Kevin Federline storyline with Cena. Federline for a time was a well known celeb for being Brittany Spears' husband. He was more well known when he was in the WWE, than Bad Bunny is today.

                            Bunny is really smart for this affiliation with the WWE, as this will give him more exposure to a different audience, but I do not believe in any way that a casual WWE fan will tune in to WM because Bad Bunny is in the main event. I would bet that most if not all casual fans will say 'Who is this Bad Bunny?', look him up and then say to them selves...Really?

                            So the option of having the WWE Champion the Miz against Damien Priest w/ Bad Bunny already has two strikes against it. 1. The Miz as champion, and 2. Bad Bunny is not a draw for the WWE.
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                            • Your knowledge of Bad Bunny notwithstanding, he was just the guest on SNL. I never heard of him before either , but a Latino star who does not sing in English is popular enough to be the musical guest on SNL. The guy is known.


                              • I know he was just on SNL, but that still does not mean that he is a household name. Most of the musical acts on SNL I have no idea who they are.

                                But I stand by my assessment that Bad Bunny will not move the needle in buy rates.

                                I guess the real litmus test will be when AEW has the Shaq match. Shaq IS a household name, and has a huge following and is one of the most personable and likeable people around. If he does not move the needle for AEW, I will say that Bad Bunny has less of a chance.
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