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  • My fear is that they're going to use the Super Show Down Down Under to spin into something like Nikki vs Ronda at WrestleMania, rather than run with Charlotte vs Ronda (or anyone else currently rostered). I doubt it's a warranted fear, but it's nagging in the back of my head.

    Originally posted by Pheqes
    I didn't even notice Brie botched a forearm to Ruby on Monday. Went back and watched. The receipt didn't look hard to me, but I hope it got the point across.

    Since coming back, Brie has:
    - Almost killed herself twice
    - May have concussed Liv
    - Almost broke Ruby's nose

    She was gone from SmackDown!, which I'm assuming has to do with last night. She needs to get back to training.

    I was really trying not to shit on her, because wrestling is a team effort. It's getting way out of hand, though. She's making terrible 1st year mistakes that may cost careers at this point.
    There was a knee to Zelina Vega as well at some point that I remember looking absolutely brutal, square to the face. It was against the ropes, I'm not sure if it was actually unsafe or anything but it looked properly rough.


    • I feel like Randy Orton could be feuding with someone besides Tye. It's a bit odd that Orton tends to attack Nakamara's opponents (Jeff Hardy and now Tye). I get that The New Day are involved in the tag team title scene with the freebird rule, but Orton could be feuding with one of them since after all they represent what he hates.

      Becky Lynch needs new music if they're going to continue having her play the heel. Seriously, where is the new music??

      Is Carmella suppose to be a face now....?


      • After checking on the who is on the Smackdown roster, besides Daniel Bryan, Miz, Styles and Joe, there is no one who is not part of a tag team or Rusev, that is worthy of an Orton feud.

        That speaks volumes about the lack of depth of the Smackdown Roster.

        Here is the current Roster:
        Andrade Almas
        Aiden English
        AJ Styles
        Alexander Wolfe
        Big E
        Daniel Bryan
        Epico Colon
        Eric Young
        Jey Uso
        Jeff Hardy
        Jimmy Uso
        Karl Anderson
        Killian Dain
        Kofi Kingston
        Luke Gallows
        the Miz
        Primo Colon
        Randy Orton
        Samoa Joe
        Shelton Benjamin
        Shinsuke Nakamura
        Sin Cara
        Tye Dillinger
        Xavier Woods

        So who is there for Orton to feud with?


        • If they turn Benjaman face, he could feud with Orton, I guess. It just doesn't really fit Orton's motivation however.

          It seems like Orton was better off on Raw after all. At least there he could feud with Balor or Lashley.

          What if Orton costs Bryan the match against The Miz and begins a program with him?


          • Orton vs Bryan again? Well, ok I guess....


            • Orton vs. Bryan makes perfect sense. They never really concluded anything, Triple H in storyline pulled Orton away from getting his title back after Bryan won it, so Hunter can win his feud with the Shield in storyline. It makes sense that now Bryan's back, Orton would want to get some revenge now that he's beaten Hardy.


              • I would do an Orton/Styles program, getting the title onto Joe to transition to the Miz/Bryan program for mania. Can easily do that by Bryan winning at the Australia show, challenging Joe, but losing because of Miz, then Miz wins the title in multi person match. Meanwhile Orton can go after Styles.

                Its mainly because I don't want Styles to beat Joe three times in a row. And he doesn't need Punk's record. Been enjoying the SD angles but they need something different at the top.


                • I disagree. I think the best way to handle the situation is for the following:

                  Styles beats Joe to retain
                  The Miz beats Bryan through underhanded tactics and earns the title shot, and declares himself done with Bryan, and yes I know that would be Bryan losing to the Miz 3 times in a row.
                  The Miz beats Styles at Survivor Series for the WWE Title, and retains at the rematch at the Rumble.
                  Bryan finally wins the Rumble that he should have won twice and challenges the Miz at Mania in the blow off match of their 8 year feud and Bryan finally beats Miz.


                  • Yeah in that scenario it discards Joe and I'm not a fan of that lol.. but its fine


                    • I don't see Joe winning the title anytime soon anyways. Styles is most definitely going to win.

                      I know some people may not like Orton Vs. Bryan, but there aren't many people on the Smackdown roster for Orton to feud with and I don't want to see Orton and Rusev do another feud for obvious reasons.


                      • Raw is in Seattle tonight. Elías and Kevin Owens were in the ring and Elias mentioned how ridiculous it is for Seattle to have a basketball team and the crowd booed the loudest I've ever heard the ENTIRE time they were on the mic.

                        That may have been one of the most amazing crowd to wrestler interactions I've ever heard. Owens and Elías had to yell into the mic to get their promo done. They tried waiting for the booing to stop, but Seattle didn't until 10 minutes later when Lio Rush came out.

                        Amazing moment.


                        • So watched Smackdown's replay. Let's just say I'm more than pissed. Really, R Truth?


                          • They've relegated Almas to basically Mixed tag duty. Because they clearly love Zelina. She's great but i feared this would happen on the main roster.. Maybe things will change when they move out of current storylines, and Mixed match challenge but i doubt it.


                            • Originally posted by LWO4Life
                              So watched Smackdown's replay. Let's just say I'm more than pissed. Really, R Truth?
                              Because Almas and Vega took an L again? Yeah, but to be fair, it isn't R-Truth's fault.

                              Also, Carmella being a face (even if because of the MMC) is very random.


                              • Carmella and Truth are actually a fun little team .. Kinda wish they still had tension tho