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  • Kevin Dunn is being looked at for insider trading now. It stems from him being on the board, knowing about the investigation that started in April and selling a million or so dollars worth of stock in May.

    He'll probably get off okay, since he hasn't benefitted from it. The stock has gone up since he sold and has barely moved in the wake of the McMahon stuff. I guess the question they'd ask is whether he would have been reasonable to believe that the stock was going to take a tumble.

    But jeez, unless you can point to a major purchase that you suddenly needed a million dollars cash for, how could you be that stupid?
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    • If I remember correctly Kevin Dunn, as well as a few others, have regularly sold off shares over the years so I suppose he could just point to that as his reasoning.


      • Didn't a correction go around about this one within a few hours of it coming out? That there's nothing about his current role stopping Dunn doing whatever he likes with his shares or something?

        "The worst moron is the one too stupid to realise they're a moron."


        • Maybe it's me, maybe I am getting too old for this shit....But I was super excited for the Elias/Ezekiel segment from last night, but after I saw it, I hated it. All I wanted was for KO to sneak up on Elias in the ring and pull off the obviously fake beard to expose Ezekiel/Elias, and to end the storyline.


          • This got me thinking about what I've been enjoying.

            WWE positives:
            • Becky Lynch - like her husband, isn't on the best win-loss streak but is still making the most of it, while building the rest of the division
            • Bianca as Raw Champ - mic work is still a weak point, but she's doing great overall. A win over Carmella won't be huge, but it'll keep her from getting stale while the Becky show runs Raw
            • Seth Rollins - recovering from losing to Cody 3x straight, which isn't surprising, but it's still great. His mic work on Monday really helped put him at the top of the challengers list despite the recent losses.
            • Bobby Lashley's face run - While I'm not so hot on him holding up the WWE title replica at the PPV, and then going for the US title immediately after that, he's still doing well in this role so far.
            • Theory breaking out as midcard heel (reminding me of Randy Orton circa 2003-2004)
            • Owens - the flaws in the Zeke angle aren't holding him back.
            • Riddle - He is a great example of benefiting from losing. He has consistently been great for over a year, and these losses don't seem to be about WWE losing interest in him.
            • Butch and the Brutes - Sheamus has been great since h e debuted, but on a special roll since working in The Bar. Ridge has potential. But Butch, despite the critique of the name change and his character change from being Pete Dunne, has been the star of the entire program. It's no doubt silly, but it's engaging. I want to see what he does every week, and it's a character that is succeeding without needing to wrestle regularly. While it's getting less praise than the Zeke/Elias stuff, it is succeeding in the exact same method of establishing interest in the character without overexposing the actual wrestling, which, with 5 weekly TV hours, is extremely important.
            • Gunther and Ludvig - Continuing with another example of a successful Smackdown UK name change, Gunther is exactly what SD needed in a midcard champion. There's no way to tell if he'll end up main eventing, but all signs point to it being a huge possibility. He's been given the star treatment, Ludvig might not be doing much yet, but even being along for the ride is helping him. He looks the part, and is doing solid mic work to get the right reactions.

            WWE Negatives:
            • Ronda as SD champ - mic work is awful, she's not dependable in the ring to have weekly random TV matches. It's too bad the bloodline is so family oriented because she could use Heyman
            • Tag Division - Almost put this in the meh section, but as I wrote it up, I realized it's more bad than ok or good. Very few teams seem to be interested in being a team. Alpha Academy are aimless in helping other heels randomly, Mysterios have been feuding with Veer, Ziggler/Roode disappeared as quickly as they returned, Los Lotharios are aimless, New Day vs Brawling Brutes has been decent but apparently isn't leading to anything tag team related... it just seems like there's something that needs to be done

            WWE "Mehs":
            • Judgment Day - potential with Finn as leader, but it seems Rhea's injury derailed current plans
            • Mysterios vs Veer - potential with Veer, but the lack of momentum for the Mysterios and the lack of variety to the angle is really losing steam
            • Zeke/Elias - I don't hate it like Powder, but I also don't love it like many I've seen online. It's fine, not terrible, but as semi-entertaining as it is, It's not making me care for anyone involved. As mentioned, Owens is making the most of it.
            • Omos - Obviously limited, but has had good stuff. It just feels like it's been a while since he had something special to work with
            • Brock's return - Feels like a desperation move with Orton being injured, though it's a smart one. But as much as I feel they get it right with these two more often than not, they have a lot of work ahead of them to get me interested in another straight forward match. I'm sure it'll deliver, but I'm not caring about it nearly as much as I did any previous time.
            • Drew McIntyre - Victim of the WWE Face booking playbook. We know he has all the goods, but has become bland. Hopefully he gets something special to do before the UK PPV so that his titlle challenge has the appropriate gravitas.
            • Moss/Corbin - Moss is also in the same boat as McIntyre, but with much less momentum. Corbin is uber-reliable, but beating him doesn't exactly line someone up for a World Title shot. Nothing wrong with being a regular midcard placeholder/gatekeeper. We need people like that. But it also means they need to follow this angle up right away because if WWE decide to coast on this, it'll be just like Drew, but worse.
            • Usos vs Street Profits - In all honesty, this should be in the positives, but the rest of the division floundering means this angle takes a hit. The matches have been good. The mic work is pretty good. But the way the Bloodline have all the mens top titles means there's an energy missing from this angle. All that being said, this is one of the issues that can be fixed easily, so it's not that big a deal. But for the unified tag titles to be so ignored after they were treated like a huge deal in the months building up to the unification, the negatives must be addressed
            • Dancing Shanky - Like Elias/Zeke, there's a bit too much goofy for my liking. He is entertaining when he's smiling and dancing, but there needs to be more to it.
            • Max Dupri - I would like to know why the name changed again. LA Knight is a great name for this gimmick, and I thought it was already safe for WWE to use. I know the acronym of MMM for Max Male Models or whatever the name is is important, but is it important enough to warrant the name change? I'm not seeing it. And the delay in the debuts is annoying more than engaging. The only thing saving this from being a flat out negative is that Eli Drake is gold on the mic, so once this gets going, it'll likely be pretty good. No guarantees though.

            Obviously everyone will have their own opinions, but I thought this was a decent roundup of the stories we are seeing.

            Some ideas:
            WWE should do something about the tag division. I don't think the success of the AEW tag division really matters, but for the titles to be unified and then so quickly reduced to the lower spot on the card, while removing many teams from any form of spotlight, it's hard to care about the Usos vs Profits angle. With Roman as champ, Brock as challenger, WWE will need to build up Drew and the Money in the Bank winner in the next couple of months. The same applies to the tag division. My guess is the Viking Raiders are going to be a big deal next, due to their vignettes about returning. But even if they are next in line for a title shot, that's only 3 teams that matter over both brands.

            It'll never happen, but a tag team invitational tournament would really fix a few problems. First, you could get the teams that have been moved aside back into focus. Second, you can allow existing combinations to enter the tag division more officially. For example, Balor and Priest, Ludvig/Gunther, or Sheamus and Ridge. Third, it would give a valid storyline method of promoting an NXT team to the main roster. There aren't many teams who seem ready or are available, but I'm sure something could be worked out. Fourth, and in my opinion the most important point, is that you can create new teams. Ignore the online negativity about thrown together teams, and throw together some teams. Any look into wrestling hisotry, and you'll see "thrown together" teams being successful. Strike Force, New Age Outlaws, Colossal Connection, Money Inc, Owen and Yoko, Team Hell No, APA... There's nothing wrong with taking two guys who have no direction, and creating a team out of it. The secret is to give some sort of purpose to the union. A reunion of Ali and T Bar could be interesting. Shelton Benjamin joining Alpha Academy. Ciampa and Miz might become a thing. Gulak and Mace could be a team if it's about Gulak teaching the "rookie." Lots of possibilities. The new teams don'g have to win the tourny, but it gives them a starting point.

            For the SD womens' division, it's not so complicated. The MITB winner will likely be from Raw, and will challenge Ronda to become champ. Asuka would be ideal, but Alexa or Liv could do it, and any woman who hasn't yet entered the match but could still make an impact like Sonya or Becky.


            • Originally posted by Powder View Post
              Maybe it's me, maybe I am getting too old for this shit....But I was super excited for the Elias/Ezekiel segment from last night, but after I saw it, I hated it. All I wanted was for KO to sneak up on Elias in the ring and pull off the obviously fake beard to expose Ezekiel/Elias, and to end the storyline.
              I might be in the minority, but what I've seen of this I've really enjoyed, especially the stuff from last night. Is it silly? Absolutely. But is everybody involved absolutely giving there all and making it work? For me, 100%. Opens is absolutely shining.


              • Any metric available that shows the connection Liv Morgan has with the young women in the audience? I'm trying to wrap my head around her push.


                • Originally posted by PEN15v2 View Post
                  Any metric available that shows the connection Liv Morgan has with the young women in the audience? I'm trying to wrap my head around her push.
                  I think looking at young women might be the wrong demographic, Pen.

                  To suggest something a bit more solid, I think there might be something in her longevity on the main roster - yes it's 'only' five years, but most everyone who has been on the roster longer than her has had title opportunities or held the title(s), and certainly with a new bubble of talent coming through she falls behind the Belairs and Ripleys of the world. But I also think there is a sympathy element in it stemming from Logan and Riott being released and her becoming poor little Liv, left all on her own.

                  Whether this will be a success or not remains to be seen. It wasn't the most impressive cash in we've ever seen, but it works for Liv to win in the way she did. Question is, can she now carry what is, in effect, a top level feud, and do they have someone they can use other than Ronda to give her high profile wins.


                  • I think that the WWE should call up Bron Breakker to the main roster. Then you have Theory and Bron as the "Class of '22", and they are both 24 years old, and could be the next Batista and Cena or Orton and Cena.

                    Then in 2024, you can throw in MJF.
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                    • I really hate the recommendation to call up Bron. As fans, we have no idea if he is ready. I get that he can perform on TV, but he's a rookie in every way shape and form. Working a very controlled NXT schedule is not the same as working Raw or SD. I'm not saying he isn't ready, but there are still way too may questions, and I will leave it up to Shawn and HHH to decide when he's ready for the main roster.

                      Also, no matter how many critics claim WWE can't make stars, the main roster is really top heavy right now. None are major blockbuster stars, but even if the Street Profits breakup to push Montez Ford, it's really hard to see what he would be doing that's more productive than being at the top of the tag division. I love a single world champion with a reduced schedule, but WWE needs to find a way to build up people to be credible enough to challenge Roman. Brock is the best choice, but where the critics are correct is when they say WWE hasn't been able to get someone to the point of being a threat to him. Drew is an obvious one, but his match will be held up until the UK PLE. Rollins lost 3 straight to someone who won't be around for more than a few months, Theory might be Mr Money in the Bank but isn't at the part to take on Roman, Gunther likely needs more time dominating with the IC title, Riddle is likely one program away from main eventing full time even if he can't challenge Reigns directly, Lashley could use a big win before challenging for the main title, and Cody/Big E are possible returns who can challenge immediately but time will tell when/if that will be.

                      It's weird: there's no one built to be in the position to takeover from Reigns, but the main event is stacked. WWE just needs to find a way to make elevate someone above that upper midcard level. It really would make sense for each brand to do a tournament or fatal 4 way of the top contenders, and then let them face each other on PPV to determine the true top contender to take on Roman. This is just an example, but by promoting an extended method to elevate someone (2 weeks is enough: book the TV set up, then the PPV finals), you can change that perception of no stars.
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                      • So here's a question - and I appreciate that in the scheme of things it doesn't matter at all really - but during the 24/7 shenanigans on Monday, which happened in the middle of a six woman tag, Alexa pinned Nikki to win the title. But it didn't get counted as also winning the tag match, despite them being on opposite teams.

                        Should it have been?


                        • Weird. Probably, right? I can see the argument from WWE that it was "two different matches with two different referees", but logically there's no reason that the referee in the tag match shouldn't have either thrown it out entirely or counted Nikki down.
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                          • I think even if you consider it as two matches with two refs, shouldn't both refs then count the fall?

                            I guess the argument might be - and I haven't actually seen the footage, just read it through as results - the the ref for the tag match was distracted or something so the other ref counting for the 24/7 only counts there. But equally it's not like WWE doesn't have second refs come out for when there are bumps or something.

                            Ah well. Like I said, hardly matters, just feels weird.

                            I've not really given much more attention to WWE recently, in part because I'm busy and in part because I end up just catching short recaps when I'm not too busy for full shows. But one thing I've paid a little bit of attention to when WWE has popped things up on YouTube is Liv Morgan's stuff. And say what you like, I think this is working and WWE are going to end up with a bit of a star here. I don't think she actually excels at any one thing right now, but there's a point in time where you can't deny the crowd connection someone has and she has it.


                            • There's no denying the current connection betwee Liv and the audience. But, what does she contrubute to create that connection? It's a pure WWE creative success story, because she doesn't add charisma, mic skills, in ring work, or personality.


                              • I'm at a loss. I really don't get it. She's personable, and has a good story. That's it. She just happens to have endeared herself to the audience.
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