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  • Well if NXT keeps having Adam Cole as the champion or fighting for the title, that does not help.


    • As much as I hate the guy, there's no denying he's over with the NXT Universe and with modern wrestling fans. Other than Kross, there's no one else in the title mix. And this is a match that will take place on free TV, while they just announced a Takeover the Thursday before WMania. I'm guessing Kross gets his title shot then.


      • I'd have absolutely no problem with Kross vs Cole going the way of Lesnar vs Cena at Summerslam that one time.

        Honestly, that's what Kross vs Lee should have been back at Takeover 30. I think Kross will actually do a lot better if he works in this 'new' (if you like) main event style that Balor, O'Reilly, and Dunne have worked over the past few months. It's only been since September of 2020, but the main event scene in NXT feels like it's in a much different place than it was when Cole, and even Lee, was champion.

        I think I might go back and watch the two Super Tuesday matches, the ironman and Balor vs Cole, a bit later on just to get a feel of what might come out next week.


        • Man, Dakota Kai only getting an hour with a title on NXT makes me sad. My guess is they did a quick change to transition to Gonzalez vs Shirai and Shotzi/Ember vs Candice/Indi at the forthcoming two day Takeover, which will be decent.

          Speaking of - I wonder if they'll keep these two nights shorter than recent Takeovers. With them having tended towards being over three hours recently, I'd quite like to see them do two short(er) cards at two hours each - four matches a night, perhaps:

          Night One:
          Devlin vs Escobar
          Gargano vs Lumis
          MSK vs Oney/Danny
          Balor vs Kross

          Night Two:
          The Way vs Shotzi/Ember
          Bronson Reed vs LA Knight
          Shirai vs Gonzalez
          Cole vs O'Reilly

          Shirai vs Storm was easily Storm's best NXT match to date, and absolutely rocked.
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          • Balor vs Kross will close night 2


            • Probably/maybe - should have said that those two potential cards are only me shoving possible matches together as a pair of cards. I also considered them putting Shirai vs Gonzalez into a main event spot

              They might add something like Kacy vs Xia, or Kayden vs Xia, after this week. Looks like there might also be scope for a tag team fourway (Breezango, MSK, Fantasma, GYV). And maybe Thatcher/Ciampa vs Imperium. But I suspect some of these lower card feuds are going to be TV ones to keep the show going for the next four weeks, and won't get to Takeover.

              Back to the show, I've just finished watching it - it might be the best start to finish NXT episode they've had for some time. Lots of good/interesting storyline progression through the card, and pretty great in ring stuff. Balor vs Cole was as good as I could have hoped for, it wasn't a mostly Cole match and felt more like a blend of that Cole style with the more recent Balor NXT main event style. One or two of the kick outs in the closing stretch felt a bit overboard, but largely it worked.

              EDIT: Just spotted the size of O'Reilly's left elbow - bursitis? Looks like a golf ball got stuck in there.
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              • Am I the only one not okay with Kai and Gonzales losing their tag titles within an hour of getting them? I know they are setting up for a Raquel vs, Shirai feud, but it just seemed like a waste for them to win the tournament and new tag titles, only to lose them within an hour of being crowned the tag champs.


                • Yeah, it was dumb. They should have announced a re-match from the finals of the tournament to crown the first ever tag champs that night. You get to the same place without it being as messy, and as an added bonus Kai and Gonzales lost out on winning them due to a miscue so they have an out and both teams are 1-1 setting up a possibly rubber match down the road.
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                  • I disagree and think it is just fickleness to complain about it. The record book still gives Raquel the billing of first ever while still moving her onto the singles title. Out of the 4 women, there's no doubt Raquel has the most potential, so they gave her the accolade over the other 2.


                    • SMH....The NXT commentators just said that Dexter Lumis was just trying to help Austin Theory. By Lumis literally chloroforming and kidnapping him. Vic and Beth were playing that up, and the 'heel' Wade Barret was like..."Are you serious? Lumis kidnapped him?'

                      Again SMH. The faces are playing up heel actions and the heel is telling the truth. That is ass backwards.

                      The later during the match: The fans are cheering for Lumis, and Barret says that 'they all have Stockholm Syndrome too", and Vic says in response. 'Will you just get over it already?"

                      How in the hell is the faces promoting kidnapping as 'just trying to help? If the roles were reversed, no problem. But the face did the kidnapping.

                      Walter made his NXT re-debut last night. And I have to say I am somewhat disappointed. I know I am probably not alone in this regard, but I do not want to see Walter vs anyone in NXT, I want to see Walter vs the following:

                      1. Lesnar. This would be a great, stiff match
                      2. Drew
                      3. Roman
                      4. Lashley
                      5. Sheamus

                      Anyone on the current NXT roster, with the exception of Kross, Walter should run over with ease. He is bigger, meaner, and stiffer. I really like NXT, but to me, one of their main problems is the complete lack of size. They only have 2 guys that are big: Kross and Bronson Reed (and Reed does not have height, just girth).

                      Just look at Adam Cole, one of the biggest names on the NXT roster, he has no muscles, no definition, and looks like a pre-pubescent teenage boy. Balor is small too, but jacked, and can be believable by comparison.

                      EDIT: Danny Burch is reportedly injured with a separated shoulder, so who does NXT have the titles on if they have to drop the tag Titles?

                      Grizzled Young Veterans
                      MSK - hurt
                      The Fantasmas
                      Breezango - anyone but them...literally anyone but them
                      Ever-Rise - ok, Breezango before these guys
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                      • NXT's tag division is not to the level of AEW, but it's much better than the main roster. So they have lots of options.
                        Killian Dain and Drake Maverick would get my vote. I'm fine with any of the mentioned teams, except EverRise. Thatcher might be back in 2 weeks, so his team with Ciampa feuding with Imperium could involve the titles.

                        Solid NXT last night. I really liked the Zoey Stark vs Dakota Kai match.


                        • Walter on NXT is fine. He reportedly doesn't want to move to the US full time, so the main roster is out of the question for him if that's the case. And yeah, I want to see Walter vs Ciampa like, yesterday.

                          I also want to see Walter beat Johnny Gargano until his ribs stick out of his back. Gargano would probably still kick out, though.


                          • Didn't Danny Burch get hurt last year, too? Hopefully this doesn't become a thing.

                            In the meantime, those belts should go right back to Imperium. GYV could have a run, but at the end of the day if Walter is back for a stint having them on Imperium is the way to go.
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                            • I agree on Imperium, they're certainly the best option.

                              Are MSK actually hurt? Must have missed that.

                              I see the Stand and Deliver card is shaping up, with Shirai vs Gonzalez announced as the night one main event. Presumably that leaves Balor vs Kross as the night two main event. Escobar vs Devlin is also confirmed.

                              So, a question - if O'Reilly vs Cole is happening at Stand and Deliver, would you put it on night one below Shirai vs Gonzalez, or night two below Balor vs Kross? I'm leaning towards night two.


                              • One of MSK broke their hand in their win at TakeOver: Vengeance Day so I'd think they'll be good to go within a month or so, so maybe they Danny Burch could work a quick loss to MSK at Stand & Deliver. That or Pete Dunne could take his place and team with Oney Lorcan.

                                I'd have Cole vs. O'Reilly on night one as I'd expect it, along with Balor vs. Kross, to go 20+ minutes and it'd make sense to split the two longest matches across the 2 nights.