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  • I mean, that's one of the oldest talking points around at the moment, isn't it - HiaC/EC/MitB/TLC, heck, even Survivor Series matches nowadays, they're fixed in the calendar but little or no thought actually goes into them until the month or so before.

    Heck, I mean even the original TLC matches had some proper build to them, they didn't just get thrown together, it was built over a series of time and the component all being in various matches to get to TLC.

    I think I've said it before, but there's always got to be this question in mind - is there a ladder match coming up because someone used a ladder, or is someone using a ladder because there's a ladder match coming up? Too often it's the latter and not the former.


    • There is a simple fix. Do NOT name the PPVs except the Rumble, WM, Summerslam, and Survivor Series, and maybe Night of Champions. That leaves 7-8 PPVs where we do not know what the theme is, if any. Let feuds be built and stories develop and then have someone say they want this particular type of match. Like when HHH kept rejecting Taker's challenge for their second (third) WM match. HHH kept saying no, until he was backed into a corner and said the only way was HIAC.

      That is how feuds should be, so it doesn't become what you said
      is there a ladder match coming up because someone used a ladder, or is someone using a ladder because there's a ladder match coming up? Too often it's the latter and not the former.
      Have HIAC matches, but look at Reigns vs KO right now, this feud should be blown off in a HIAC match, but because it is not that PPV, we do not have one.

      As I have discussed with some, if we get a Lashley/Lesnar match, with both of their MMA backgrounds, they should have a Fight Pit match. It would be a perfect match for 2 former cage fighters.


      • Agree wholeheartedly with Powder about the naming of the PPV's. If they changed the names they could still tentatively plan to have a Hell in a Cell Match in October but if it came to it and there weren't any feuds that warranted it then you could just not have one. Having said that if you know there's a PPV coming up called Hell in a Cell then it shouldn't be too difficult to build up a feud worthy of being blown off inside HIAC.

        But as Powder points out with Reigns vs. KO if you do have named PPV's then it can restrict you in what you do at other times of the year.


        • My idea was to name all the PPVs, but name them something like Backlash. We saw them do something I liked this year. SummerSlam had the subtitle of "you'll never see it coming", Survivor Series was "Best of the Best", Clash of Champions was "Gold Rush". Keep this up, but when a natural feud builds to a Hell in a Cell the month of Backlahs, call that show "Backlash: Hell in a Cell"


          • Now that makes sense.


            • Agreed. It does not restrict the WWE into forcing feuds into matches for the Name of the PPV.


              • With Takeover a couple of weeks away, I'm guessing it'll be headlined by Dunne vs Balor for the NXT title. Love it.
                Maybe Io vs Toni vs Mercedes?
                I'm also expecting the 2 tag tournament finals to take place there.
                Gargano vs Kushida or Lumis?


                • I think Dunne vs Balor has the potential to exceed O'Reilly vs Balor in terms of quality, which is outrageous.

                  Also, I can't believe that Balor is 40 this year, and doing his best in ring work of his career.

                  Escobar vs Kross could be an interesting next step for the former, too.

                  It upsets me more than it should that Danny Burch's t-shirt doesn't say 'Twoey'.
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                  • When did Adam Cole stop going to the gym? The man has absolutely no muscle mass at all. I am not asking for him to be jacked, but look at Ciampa by comparison, he is muscular, Kyle O'Reilly has muscles, not defined, but muscular. Roddy has definition. Balor is a freak. Pete Dunne came back looking amazing.

                    Cole looks like a wet noodle.
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                    • Edge still has a remarkable presence, doesn't he? I didn't feel it at the Rumble or with his stuff on Raw, but on NXT it felt like he was a star again. And his promo was on point, putting over Balor and Dunne brilliantly while laying out that he wanted the title.

                      Pretty solid week again for NXT. Kushida/Gargano feels interestingly placed. And I love Toni/Mercedes/Io in any combination, that match is going to absolutely rip at Takeover.

                      Actually, the only thing I really have an issue with right now is calling it 'Takeover: Venegeance Day'. Clumsy title. I'd have preferred just 'Takeover: Vengeance'.

                      I know we did a chat elsewhere about ages and who's the next top person in the company. Storm is only 25 and could be as good as Rhea Ripley. They could feud for their whole careers on and off.


                      • Originally posted by Oliver
                        Edge still has a remarkable presence, doesn't he?
                        Edge is a great character worker and persona. But he does look twice the age of the NXT roster, and it does put a dent in his presence.

                        As for NXT, another solid show. Nothing mindblowing or super exciting, but NXT continues to be consistently strong with interesting elements. I'm liking the Tian Sha angle, Thatcher/Ciampa is almost my dream tag team, Adam Cole lost, the women's division is mega strong, Balor is at his most interesting, Dunne is awesome... It's just a solid wrestling program.


                        • Everything I say about wrestling nowadays is filtered through not watching it, so remember that before I start.

                          But from what it sounds like.... you get the impression that NXT manages to be very solid across the board while it gives no one, who wouldn't watch it anyway, any reason to watch the show.

                          In that sense it's distinct from AEW where you have some of the worst executed wrestling anyone has ever seen from a major company, but it'll either be hilariously bad and that attracts people, and very occasionally they'll hit on something that draws interest more widely.

                          NXT.... I mean, you can only go off what people say, but what it sounds like is they've managed to produce a show that always exceeds a baseline level of ability, that appeals perfectly to the half million devotees, and will appeal to almost nobody else on the planet. In itself that's quite intriguing because you probably couldn't do it if you were actually trying.

                          "The worst moron is the one too stupid to realise they're a moron."


                          • That's a fair description of the scenario. Maybe harsh on the AEW front, but that's opinion and can differ from person to person.

                            And I think WWE in general put themselves in a position where they depend so much on formulas, so nothing is exciting anymore. IT can and has been good, and entertaining to varying degrees. But other than Ronda Rousey or the push of women, there's nothing WWE has done in a long while that is unique and exciting. They produce their shows, and whoever cares will tune in. I'm sure they want to increase numbers, but seem to refuse to break the molds they've created to accomplish this.


                            • Tonight we are getting this semi-finals matchup: Tommaso Ciampa and Timothy Thatcher vs. The Grizzled Young Veterans

                              I think that this matchup has more legs than a semi-finals match. This should be an extended feud, not just essentially a one and done match.


                              • Every time is see Zack Gibson from the Grizzled Young Veterans, al I see is the leader of the skinheads in prison from American History X, Mitch McCormick. (It's not the best picture, but best I could find.) And it's not because they are both bald with goatees, they legit look like each other.

                                Capture 2.PNG

                                Also, what am I not getting about Cameron Grimes? I did not get anything about him, and now with the Gamestop Millionaire gimmick, I get him even less. I do not know, if it's because I am one of the older fans (46yrs old), but he just does nothing for me, except for the one move that is the flip crossbody thing he does. That is cool.
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