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  • I know this is a post about Big E, but it also ties into the New Day, but I'll let the mods determine if Big E warrants his own thread....

    Here is Booket T's comments on what he thinks Big E needs to do in order to get that big Main Event push, and I completely agree with him..

    I think Big E is going to have to shed a few things in order for people to look at him like the World Champion. The gear, maybe — some forms of the gear. The colors. But then again people say, ‘Oh, well, he shouldn’t change anything.’ I’m not gonna sit here and say what’s what because I don’t want the internet going off saying, ‘Oh, Booker T saying he needs to do this!

    I still think Big E trying to be The New Day is not gonna work for him as far as him working at the top of the card. I’m talking about being the main attraction. I’m talking about the guy the company has put in position to be the guy! I don’t think that’s going to catapult him to that level as far as still trying to be The New Day. You can’t try to rehash something that you’ve been doing for so long and think that’s what is going to take you to the next level.


    • He makes a valid point, but I also don't think there's a single answer to everything. When he gets attacked by the internet, those listeners are so fucking dense and thinking what Booker is saying is Big E will fail if he doesn't change anything. Any reasonable human being can understand that Booker thinks Big E as he is can be a success in the main event BUT if he wants to reach even higher and be the face of a brand, he might be better off changing a few things.

      And, he's got a point. Jokester silly Big E is popular, but not the most credible. Keep in mind that Kofi's reign might be consider an online success, but it wasn't a success for the business overall. He barely changed, though had a more serious attitude. The story getting to the title was the best part, easily. Once he got there, the current New Day version of Kofi with a serious attitude didn't rally cut it. Just because Big E is built like a brick shithouse doesn't mean he'll be an overnight success either.

      I would love if he brought back the 5 count, for example. IT doesn't have to be that, but something to solidify a difference in what he's done in the stable to being a World Champion.


      • Have New Day passed their "peak", so to speak, where a potential break up would have the most impact? Dean Ambrose once said that the Shield broke up at the perfect time.


        • Others have said this before me, but the New Day does not have to break up per say, but they can go their own way for a while. Big E can go solo for the WWE or Universal Title, and when Kofi and Woods come back, they can go after the Tag Belts. All three can support each other, but not necessarily be in a stable.

          Unless they all turn heel again, and become more of the asshole stable, where they are NOT silly, and serious.

          Either way, Big E needs to tweak his look and attitude to to be the potential top champion.

          But to fully answer your question. Yes I think the New Day have hit their peak. They have been a stable for 6 years. That is a life time in Wrestling, and in modern wresting that is like 15 years. And they are 8 time tag champions. What else can the group as a group accomplish? So I believe that they should all do their own thing for a while, and let Big E win the top title and then eventualy they can reunite.