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  • WWE Hall of Fame 2020

    The main page just reported that the 2020 class of the Hall of Fame is being c-headlined by Batista and the nWo (consisting of Hogan, Hall, Nash, and Waltman).

    No arguments from me here, with the exception of Waltman being a 2 time HOF inductee. Waltman was not the reason that the nWo succeeded or failed for that matter. He was brought in 5 months after Hall and Nash 'invaded" in May 1996, then when Hogan joined and christened the name of the nWo as a group in July, Waltman debuted in September 1996. Waltman was a cog in the wheel of the nWo, and then he was fired from WCW for apparent drug reasons. Even look at WM31 in the HHH vs Sting match, Waltman was not even part of the nWo that came to help out Sting.

    Waltman deserves to be in the Hall as part of DX as he was a much more prominent member of that group. My guess is that Hall and Nash said that Waltman needed to go in with them.

    The thing that also sucks is that Waltman is now being elected into the HOF in back to back years, while the Rock, Taker, Kane, and the Big Show are still not in.
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    Those four you mentioned still show up occasionally for matches, though, and I’m pretty sure once they’re all done for good, you’ll see them inducted. As far as Waltman, there could be a case for him being inducted individually. If I recall, he was one of the first small guys to really break out and be given time outside of tag teams or cruiserweight/light heavyweight divisions. His matches with Bret and Razor were kind of a big thing at the time, and it could’ve been the catalyst to people like Guerrero, Misterio, Jericho, etc being able to eventually break into the main event. Of course, I could be totally wrong about that.


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      I do not disagree that Waltman deserves to be in the Hall, just not twice, in successive years. On another page, I asked if Kofi would be given a single induction as well as part of the New Day. kofi has much more accolades than most of the people currently in the hall and yet the consensus was that Kofi will get in, but only as part of the New Day.

      So what makes Waltman special that he gets 2? He was not integral to the nWo, but was integral in the DX Army.

      Just as a comparison:
      Kofi: WWE Champion, 4x IC Champ, 3x US Champ, 9x Tag Champion and longest person to ever hold tage team gold.
      Waltman: X Division Champ, 2x WCW Cruiserweight Champ, WCW Tag Champ, 2x Euro Champ, 2x Light heavyweight Champ, 4x Tag Champ

      Plus I know that the 4 I mentioned still will show up, but still. Waltman with 2 inductions before Kane a 100% WWF/E creation, or Big Show? And I have no idea to why the WWE has not inducted the Rock yet. he still makes appearances, but not matches.
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        Comparing Kofi and Waltman’s accolades is like comparing apples and oranges. Yes, Kofi has more titles, but title reigns isn’t why Waltman should be in on his own.


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          I believe that Kofi had a better singles career. Waltman's claim to fame was that he was a member of the Kliq and rode their coattails at first in the WWF, then with Hall and Nash in WCW, then back to HHH in the WWF again, then again with Hall and Nash in TNA, and then again with the HOF last year and this year.

          What has Waltman really done on his own?

          Again, I am not saying that he is not deserving of being inducted into the HOF, as he was inducted last year, but he most definitely should not be a 2x Hall of Famer. Once the nWo is inducted, look at the list of 2x Hall of Famers.

          Ric Flair
          Shawn Michaels
          Booker T
          Kevin Nash
          Scott Hall
          Hulk Hogan
          Sean Waltman

          HHH, Batista and Orton will eventually be added to that list as individuals (Batista this year) and eventually as part of Evolution thus then making making HHH and Flair 3x inductees.

          Which of those is not like the other? Waltman. That is my point.
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            Waltman being a two time inductee without being inducted solo is hilarious to me, for some reason.

            I kind of think it's a shame, really - he was probably one of the best midcard wrestlers WWF/E ever had, and was a master of the 5-7 minute match. The only guy I can think of that came close was D-Lo Brown. But I would be stunned if he gets a chance to go in solo now before they induct (for example) Flair for a third time, because it would look weird for Waltman to be the first and only three time inductee rather than one of the pillarstones of the company's history.


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              Waltman will never get a solo induction as he is already a 2x Inductee.

              Flair will be the first 3x inductee whenever Evolution is Inducted, and then HHH will be the only other 3x inductee. No one else has their pedigrees (pun intended) to warrant a 3x induction. Flair and HHH are both part of 2 major stables with obvious impressive singles careers.

              Waltman, as I stated was a prominent member of the DX Army which deserves a HOF induction, but he was just a member of the nWo. His membership in the nWo did not really make any difference, he was the sixth member after the group was well established and named, and then he did not do much as a member beside be part of the group attacks on people so I do not see why he is being inducted as part of the nWo. IMHO the nWo should be inducted as Hall, Nash, and Hogan and possibly Bischoff for creating it.


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                If the NWO is being inducted, Scott Norton, NWO Sting and Buff Bagwell should be in too. They were mainstays.


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                  Very true, and they both did more for the Stable/faction than Waltman.

                  Norton was also responsible for the success of nWo Japan and he was the IWGP Champion as part of the nWo. Norton was much more relevant for the nWo than Waltman.

                  But the big difference is that Waltman is bosom buddies with Hall and Nash, while Norton isn't.
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                    Actually, the reason is that Waltman was a bigger part of the NWO in the states. Because of his work in both promotions, he's a bigger star than Norton in the eyes of 95% of WWE and their fans.

                    Same for Bagwell. Or Anyone else who was ever in the NWO. They didn't crossover to WWE the way SeanPac did.

                    That said, it should only be the first 3.


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                      Induct Dennis Rodman now!


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                        I think it is a crime that Cyndi Lauper is still not in the Hall of Fame. She is arguably the one celebrity, non-wrestler, that put the WWF on the map in the 1980s. Her videos and her association with the WWF got the wrestlers main stream exposure via MTV. The WWF exploded in no small part due to Lauper. Without Lauper's association with the WWF, they might not have taken off as quickly and majorly.

                        I still am completely shocked that as every year passes, and she has still not been inducted. Drew Carey, Kid Rock, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Bob Uecker are all in, and they all did significantly less than Lauper.


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                          You realize that's it's entirely possible she isn't interested, so that's why it hasn't happened?


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                            It is a possibility, but if you were her, why would she say no? Her name has been associated with the WWF since 1984, so what would make now say no thanks? Again, it is possible, but I cannot fathom why.


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                              It's like a $5,000 payday and she's selling out theatres and playing arenas still. Maybe the money isn't worth her time.
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