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  • Yeah, it's a little odd. I like the overarching concept. In my opinion a KOPW single elimination tournament that crowns a winner at the Tokyo Dome in January makes sense. Even defending the title of King of Pro Wrestling throughout the year -- it should be on the line in every singles match -- and handing it over at the end of the year makes sense. But I think there's something odd about the way it is.

    Maybe the winner of the tournament should get a trophy, and whomever holds the trophy at the end of the year gets their name enshrined on the trophy (same one every year) for all time? That creates some interesting story telling options where an underneath babyface wins and valiantly defends that trophy all year only to have a heel steal the win in December and forever be enshrined despite the baby's hard work all year. Or you have the winner elect to enter the G1 knowing that he has to go undefeated or lose his title of KOPW.

    You can have interesting things happen with it, but New Japan also seems to have waaaay too many titles and other things running around already. They've got a briefcase, five different trophies that they hand out already, eight different belts by my count, and outside titles.

    You're going to quickly get to a point where every match on every card features someone with some sort of title, and the more of them you have the less each one tends to mean.
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