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    Tony puffing up his chest and making jokes in those ads is also funny when you consider that Don Callis is a trained professional wrestler and a big dude. He's taller than Kenny and considerably larger than Khan. Even if none of the wrestlers would put a hand on him, Callis could kill the guy.

    The part of this crossover where AEW consistently buries Impact really doesn't help them. Especially when the Impact Tag Champions then proceed to beat down half the AEW roster.
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      Alex Shelley is out of the six man and Moose is in. MCMG might be the bigger name to oldschool TNA fans and the natural program for Good Brothers to continue, but the addition of Moose makes the match feel bigger to me.

      I think that the only thing that might have made it fit with the overall angle a little more would have been to have Tony Khan volunteer someone from the AEW roster to take Shelley's place.

      It feels like this is being treated as AEW vs Impact, when I personally feel like the better way to take it would be Kenny and friends have betrayed AEW, so it would ultimately be Kenny, The Good Brothers and maybe another one or two AEW guys vs Rich Swan, Moose, one or two AEW guys and someone like Eddie Edwards.

      I think that would solve a lot of problems. If an Impact wrestler or two came to the aid of AEW in one of these Dynamite beatdowns, you could shift things from a constant burial of Impact at every turn to putting the heat on Callis, Kenny and his buddies.
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        Adding Moose to the match pushes the Impact title picture. Moose has been angling for a title shot, and this will create tension within the team. So it's better for the Impact story, in my opinion. And yes, it feels bigger than it once was. Now there is something related to stakes, the world title.


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          Hard To Kill preshow has the first match, and Impact is adding crowd noise, and it sounds sooooooooooooo cheap

          And the combo of Striker and D Lo Brown at the booth has helped me decide to NOT order this show
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            What is up with Rosemary's attire recently? She looks worse and worse every time I see her.

            EDIT: Why did they settle on "Old School Rules" for what to call their hardcore matches? It's about as far from old school pro wrestling rules as it gets, and if I didn't already know what it was I'd assume the match was going to be contested under some obscure 1970s rules or something.

            EDITII: Moose's promo is just the way Moose talks for a shoot and it's actually a pretty awesome fact.

            EDITIII: When did Taya go from a badass that's not to be fucked with to a stereotype ditzy valley girl blonde?

            Why is Ace Austin's trophy so cheap? I could go to the trophy store Monday and buy one for $75.

            And finally, this show is missing something. Something needs to be added. Maybe some window dressing on the stage, or a few people at ringside instead of the pumped in fan noise. Something to separate it visually and in terms of feel from an episode of Impact.

            And Matt Striker keeps using insider terms. It makes his commentary sound really dated, like Mark Madden from 2000.

            EDITIV: Probably not something that means anything to anyone but me, but as a promoter I'm not sure I'd promote the social media handles of anyone whose was a different name than the one that I promote them under. I noticed it with Rohit. If it was obviously a screen name or something, I'd put it on, but if it was a completely different human being's name than the one that I'm promoting, I don't think I'd put it on screen. It's just another thing where you're saying "everything you see is fake".

            I'd consider the same if their display name was their shoot name as well. If I'm promoting you as X, and you are claiming to be Y, there's a disconnect with the fans and an admission that it's a work.

            I understand the desire of a wrestler to build their brand around their shoot name, but if that's what you want then you should wrestle under your shoot name.

            EDITV: An adult. Presumably one with some level of self respect. An adult allowed Ethan Page vs Karate Man to make air. That low budget, public access TV, high school video class project horse shit was allowed to air on a pay per view that people payed money to watch. Embarrassing. Jesus Christ. Ethan Page would have done actual damage to his stock in the industry with that garbage if anyone watched Impact.

            EDITVI: Can someone explain to me why Eddie Edwards gained so much weight and wrestles in a shirt these days? I've been wondering for a while. Does he have some sort of injury that prevents him from working out?
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              I'm a bit behind, but I was impressed by how they got to the Tommy Dreamer vs Rich Swann match. Until 2 weeks ago, I had still not watched Hard To Kill (the Omega/Callis garbage is really tough to sit through). But I pushed through it all and finished No Surrender last night. I wasn't sure what to expect with Dreamer vs Swann announced a couple of weeks back, but the story was great, and the match was damn solid. Very impressive stuff.

              Impact can really put on a good show with strong emotions involved, and I understand why the AEW association will benefit them. But all the AEW related stories are the least interesting.


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                Impact is godawful these days. You can see such a stark divide between the "new school" and the "old school" people.

                James Storm and ODB are promoing like pro wrestlers and it makes me stop what I'm doing and pay attention. Susan and Sami Callihan are playing roles on a TV show and I couldn't care less. What's up with this company? Does nobody want to be there? Half of the time when people are getting interviewed they sound like they're on percs and about to fall asleep, and the other half someone like ODB is over the top and entertaining.

                And they've fully embraced the cinematic shit and it's so terrible. TJP and Josh Alexander were having a heated exchange and they were cutting away to reaction shots of the other people in the room. Jesus, can we at least pretend some of this is spontaneous?

                Even the FinJuice/Good Brothers contract signing. They played it straight and it was entertaining, right up until the fight broke out and they had to add music to it like it's a scene on a TV show.

                Goddamn do I hate North American wrestling right now. If Peacock fucks up my Network subscription, there's a good chance that March marks me just giving up on North American promotions entirely and paying attention to New Japan only.

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                  I don't know why, but I think Impact pulls it off well. They have silliness in some segments, but it doesn't end up in the ring much. That's when it bugs me most. Alexa, Orton and Fiend cinematic ring segments bother me so much more.

                  That said, agreed on the new generation vs older generation. Wrestlers today try too hard to be a character. All wrestlers should have characters, but today's feel like bad actors playing a foreign role, while the best experienced wrestlers feel more natural "extensions" of themselves (not a rule, obviously).