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    The WWE had a monster, with an amazingly hot manager/valet with the best entrance since the Undertaker. Then what did they do? They call him up, take away Scarlett, cancel his entrance, have him lose to Jeff Hardy in 2 minutes, and then give him Lord Humongous' outfit.

    Kross' entire presentation in NXT was polished and ready for Prime Time. He wasn't broke. So why fix it?


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      I assume there is some reason why he's not been paired with Scarlett on the main roster, and I wouldn't be surprised if her connecting back to Kross is a beat they'll hit within his storyline.

      I'm not entirely sure why they booked him to lose his debut to Hardy, but in storyline he subsequently battered Hardy twice and has been on a very upward trajectory since. Nothing that's happened has crushed him in terms of his standing on the roster or his future.


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        Yes the loss did not hurt him, story-wise, but why do it?


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          To give fickle fans something to complain about. And you're buying it hook line sinker.


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            I think this has been discussed before now, Powder, and by people far more eloquent than me, but I think it was an idea that it was part of a larger story. I remember at one time reading the idea was that Scarlett would turn up and that would set Kross on a tear after an initial poor run, but my guess is they changed those plans given that he's subsequently not lost again to Hardy.

            I'd say that if we're still in this kind of pattern of discussion of 'what are they doing with Karrion Kross?' in six months time then it's more significant than extensively discussing one loss.


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              I'm not worried at all about the 1 loss. What irks me is the outfit. Vince wants marketing, over content. I personally cannot see parents buying their kids a borderline S&M outfit to wear.


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                I don't see S&M. And it certainly didn't seem to hurt 1987-1991 Demolition. Plus, he's a heel.

                You don't like it. It's arguably silly and dumb. But you're exaggerating how bad it is and using the same talking points and headlines more relevant people are using. You're right, his NXT gimmick wasn't broken. But, Booker T's point can be argued. NXT is not the main roster, they aren't the same roster. It was easy for Kross to be a straight forward monster heel when he was a monster to 95% of the roster in NXT. But that's not the case on Raw. McIntyre, Big E, Lashley, Sheamus, Priest, Omos... so they are trying things to help him stand out. Complaining it's not what he was is the stupidest complaint. If it was not good, then you'd have a good point. But I really don't think that's the case.


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                  I'm not sure WWE is going to sell/market replicas of his ring entrance gear, Powder.

                  What Pen said is right, they're trying to make him stand out a bit. There's an argument that what would have done this just fine is keeping his Scarlett assisted entrance, sure. But if they have a bigger story to tell in getting to that then, again, this is a beat in that story and it's fine.

                  I view it as not dissimilar to Balor immediately going back to having The Demon as a thing - on NXT he didn't need it. On Smackdown and PPVs, it makes him pop.


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                    Thought it was a good idea to move this in here since I believe he's now with MLW.

                    "The worst moron is the one too stupid to realise they're a moron."