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    I noticed that we have a lot of small threads about some Impact shows, but none about the main TV show. Let's change that.

    Impact seems to be going through a ton of changes with all the new acquisitions / returns to the company this week. Things are looking up for the company, wrestling-wise. Online, it seems like the company gained some interest from people wanting to see the new additions to the roster, myself included. I really hope that they can build upon it.

    I caught most of this week's show, but I admit it was a struggle to get through. I felt a bit lost with what was going on since I haven't watched in ages. Having no crowd really kills the atmosphere, much more than I expected. And holy crap, Josh Matthews is really bad at commentary. He made a lot of it unbearable to watch.

    In any case, I'll try to catch next week's show since I'm interested in seeing how a couple of things play out, like Heath trying to sneak in, the Motor City Machine Guns getting back on top of the tag team division, and some of the other people I'm unfamiliar with like Moose and The North.

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    While I'm pretty much always catching Raw and Smackdown due to habit (I enjoy them, but I'm never excited to watch), NXT and Impact are 2 shows I look forward to the most weekly at this point. I'm not sure if all the new wave of talent will help out or change anything, but I still look forward to tuning in for Impact every week.


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      I feel like Impact is the only wrestling show on TV that feels like you're watching old professional wrestling. The announcers aren't perfect, the mic quality isn't the best, but none of that is the focus of the show. The focus is professional wrestling matches and stories.

      It might be the best pure pro wrestling show on TV. From what I've seen of MLW it's good, but Impact manages to feel more big time.


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        Interesting, given they were kinda patient zero for the whole broken world shtick in the first place. I'm trying to remember what made me swear off them the last time I gave them a chance.... I think it was stuff to do with Allie, and someone being brought back from the dead, maybe? I don't remember the details anymore.

        Have they cut back on that kind of shtick lately then? It's been a long time since I saw anything but the last time I did, it felt they were going more cartoonish, if anything.

        "The worst moron is the one too stupid to realise they're a moron."


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          Su Yung has a split personality and her wholesome alter ego Susie also wrestles for Impact, but I'm pretty sure they make it clear it's the same person and she's messed up. But I don't think they've murdered someone or gone to another dimension in a while if I recall correctly.

          The women's division is pretty focused around Jordynne Grace, Deonna Purrazzo, Taya and now Kylie Rae, so the "normal" girls. Actually, if you look at their roster, they low key might have the best women's division outside of WWE. It's a group of girls that are athletic and can go. You don't see a whole lot of flopping around or not knowing what they're doing in that division.

          And their men's roster is pretty stacked, too. Some of the guys might get overlooked because they haven't gotten a ton of spotlight elsewhere, but The Rascalz, Ace Austin and Chris Bey can go.

          I'll be honest, I might be a little biased, I know a number of people in that company personally so of course I'm going to give them props. But what they're putting out is genuinely good.


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            There is still some goofy Rosemary stuff, but their goofiness is the midcard of the show, and that works for me.
            In fact, Impact's goofy stuff is the best goofy stuff in wrestling (R-Truth would be best if it was consistent and part of an ongoing story - he's instead inserted randomly into other stories without much of his own material to work with).
            I like seeing where Rosemary and Johnny Bravo are going, with Taya as a third wheel; I fucking LOVE anything Johnny Swinger related, his character has been golden; I think the Locker Room Talk segment with Madison Rayne has been hit or miss; Moose is main event goofy, but it's not about lacking credibility - he's just delusional to the value of his TNA belt.

            After watching tonight, add Wrestle House to the goofy stuff, and I enjoyed most of it. What I don't get is the Rascals treehouse stuff, but I don't smoke pot, like laugh tracks, or get related humour.

            Impact has been genius at making RVD and Katie Forbes detestable. I want to see her get her ass best by someone like Jordynne

            Still don't give a shit about Eddie Edwards.
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              I just finished watching this week's Impact and enjoyed it a lot.

              I dug the Wrestle House segments. I thought it would be one of those eye-rolling campy segments but it wasn't bad as I expected. It also gave me a good look at the personality of some of the wrestlers I'm not familiar with. I've never been a fan of stoner comedy stuff myself so I didn't care much about The Rascalz bit.

              I totally agree with Pen's sentiments on RVD and Katie Forbes. I had seen some of RVD's recent behavior on Twitter and didn't know what to make of it, but this makes a lot of sense. I thought he was having a mid-life crisis of sorts.

              I was pleasantly surprised at seeing a main event with real tag teams, not thrown-together pairings. I kinda wish the match had a bit more time, but it was what it was. It was cool seeing Reno Scum, too. I saw at the them at a few small independent shows in San Francisco years ago so it was cool to see them on TV.

              The in-ring matches were solid, and the backstage segments weren't overdone for the most part. I'm definitely going to pay more attention to Impact because I liked what I've seen in the past two weeks.