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ATD22- Northern Lights Wrestling presents Summit Showdown VI

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  • ATD22- Northern Lights Wrestling presents Summit Showdown VI

    Northern Lights Wrestling presents…
    masihkewin wâwâhtêwa (Plains Cree)

    “Climbing to Magnificent Heights”
    Theme song: “Top of the World” by Rascalz ft. K-os & Barrington Levy

    Date: December 12, 1999
    Location: Lions Stadium @ Vancouver, BC
    Attendance: 48 155 (sellout)

    Commentary: Jim Hughson & Pascal “PG” Grant
    Interviews: Sook-Yin Lee and Guest Interviewer Kevin Hart
    Ring Announcer: Teeson Grandmaison

    National Anthem (O Canada): Nelly Furtado

    1. Losers Leave Town Match: Von Erichs (AGPW) vs. Bad Influence (NLW/Undisputed Era)

    Kevin and Kerry Von Erich had a stint in NLW a few years ago. They defeated the departing Money Inc. at Summit SuperCard to capture the titles. They held the NLW Tag Team Championships for an astounding 2 years and 5 months, before heading back to Texas. As of late, they’ve worked the circuit in Atlantic Canada for AGPW and are entertaining offers to return to NLW and NWA. They despise what the Undisputed Era represents and want to send Bad Influence back to the USA.

    Bad Influence, the main tag team for the Undisputed Era, arrived with Adam Cole in July. The faction has wreaked havoc across the country and is gaining momentum coming into the show. Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels see this match as an opportunity to accomplish two important feats: take out a legendary fan favourite and move up the tag team rankings to become the de facto Home contenders.

    Match Result

    Bad Influence def. Von Erichs by pinfall in 9:02 (Von Erichs must leave NLW.)

    2. King Cruiserweight, Match #1: Tiger Mask vs. Juventud Guerrera

    The Fifth Annual King Cruiserweight Series begins tonight. It is a best of 3 series that spans about 6-8 months, depending on the year. Tiger Mask I won the last one over X-Pac 2-1 in August. He is the defending champion and will wrestle an NLW mainstay who, surprisingly, has yet to challenge: Juventud Guerrera.

    In the weeks leading up to Summit SuperCard VI, Guerrera insinuated in an interview that Mexicans were the best trained and most competitive cruiserweight wrestlers in the world. Later in the show, Tiger Mask walked out to the ring, unannounced, grabbed a mic from the ring announcer, and entered the ring. He called out Guerrera, saying “You’ve been here 5 years and what do you have to show for it? You should start wearing the colour yellow, so your wardrobe matches your personality!
    Before the end of the show, it was announced by the commentators that Tiger Mask had accepted Guerrera’s challenge for the King Cruiserweight Title. This marked the first time where the champion was permitted to select his challenger.

    Match Result
    Tiger Mask def. Juventud Guerrera by pinfall in 12:48 to take a 1-0 lead in the series.

    3. Tenille Dashwood vs. Naomi (WWE)

    Tenille Dashwood fka Emma in WWE has found consistent success in promotions such as NWA and Impact Wrestling, following the Emmalina debacle. Wishing to stay in North America, NLW promoter John Cousins offered her a contract last month which will see her committing to the Canadian promotion for 2 years. Tenille was quoted on the NLW website, openly stating that the contract she was presented by Samplex Wrestling Association to wrestle at home was a slap in the face. She’s looking forward to travelling Canada, winning some gold, and bringing new sights to her travelogue on social media.

    Naomi has been flown in as one of a few special attractions from other wrestling promotions. NLW has consistently done that for its major shows and has a healthy working relationship with major promotions in North America, Central America, and Asia. She is taking advantage of this opportunity to network, see some friends and make some money. She was very clear about this in her press interviews leading up to Summit SuperCard VI.

    These two women have yet to meet face to face, but the attitude and animosity is already building. Dashwood sees Naomi as a stepping stone to success in the NLW Women’s Division. She says Naomi’s glow is about to fizzle out. Naomi sees Dashwood as a small fish in a big pond, and the glow she sees is the shine of the hook that Naomi will be catching Dashwood with at the event.

    Match Result
    Tenille Dashwood def. Naomi by pinfall in 7:29

    4. Summit SuperCard Battle Royal: Winner gets $50K

    For the first time at an NLW PPV, a battle royal with a cash prize has been booked, featuring eleven NLW roster members and four other special guests. The match was part of the original booking for the event months ago. Competitors revealed on NLW TV that they were happy to make some bonus money on top of their paycheques for the show.

    The Samoan Dynasty, represented by the Wild Samoans and Jacob Fatu in this match, are looking forward to making some money and kicking the crap out of the Hart Dungeon Family (Jim Neidhart, Tyson Kidd and JunkYard Dog), with whom they have been embroiled in a feud for months. With those two factions well represented in the battle royal, other competitors have been openly discussing temporary alliances. Savio Vega started an “Anyone But the Hart Dungeon Family” campaign; Dick Murdoch said he was bringing in a ringer to help him round up trash. X-Pac, of the Undisputed Era, said he was going to invite a special guest who knew how to deliver an ass beating.

    There were two unknown entrants who received ring entrances prior to the beginning of the match: Murdoch’s ringer was Stormraiser from Maple Leaf Wrestling (MLW) and X-Pac’s friend was NBA MVP Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz. Eliminations are as follows:

    1. Kalisto eliminated by JunkYard Dog
    2. Tyson Kidd eliminated by Stormraiser
    3. Jim Neidhart eliminated by Savio Vega, Dick Murdoch and Stormraiser
    4. Stormraiser eliminated by X-Pac
    5. The Green B*st*rd eliminated by Afa and Sika
    6. Dick Murdoch eliminated by Jacob Fatu and Sika
    7. Taka Michinoku eliminated by Savio Vega
    8. Sika eliminated by JunkYard Dog
    9. Karl Malone eliminated by Fatu
    10. X-Pac eliminated by Fatu
    11. Mathieu St-Jacques eliminated by JunkYard Dog
    12. Savio Vega eliminated by Afa
    13. Afa eliminated by JunkYard Dog
    14. Jacob Fatu eliminated by JunkYard Dog

    Match Result
    JunkYard Dog wins the $50K Battle Royal in 11:39

    5. Canadian Championship: Chris Jericho (c) w. Jimmy Hart vs. Adam Cole w. Jay Lethal & Bad Influence of the Undisputed Era

    Chris Jericho, the Ayatollah of Rock & Rollah, had proudly worn the NLW Canadian Championship for over 2 years until this past Spring. Robert Roode, of Maple Leaf Wrestling, shocked the Canadian wrestling world by winning his first major singles title. He pinned Jericho with the “Pay Off” (think Perfect Plex) and quickly ran to the outside to grab the title belt himself, celebrating with the fans at ringside.

    Despite the shock, Jericho avenged the loss and reclaimed his Canadian Championship just 6 weeks later. His sights are set on becoming a double champion, and he has brought up The Rock often in his promos, challenging him to a fight.

    Enter Adam Cole and the Undisputed Era. Since making their debut in July, Cole has been undefeated in singles matches. He confronted NLW President Jack Tunney three weeks ago on NLW TV and said, “There can be no disputing who should be next in line for the Canadian Championship. Look up and down your roster. Who’s trending? Who’s winning? Who’s earned the opportunity? It’s me, Jack. It’s Adam Cole…. (Cole pauses) BAY-BAY!”

    Tunney told Cole that such important matters as these do not get decided in the moment, at the request of a wrestler. However, later in the show, Tunney confirmed that Cole was a suitable contender and that he would get his opportunity at Summit SuperCard VI.

    Jericho and Cole have not…stopped…arguing… since that announcement. They go on and on, to anyone who will listen, cameras rolling or not, about what makes a great Canadian champion. Jericho says actually being Canadian is important. Cole says birthplace has nothing to do with it and besides, Jericho wasn’t even born in Canada. Cole says it’s all about being so good that nobody, not even Chris Jericho can question your place at the top.

    Fans speculated how Jericho would handle the disadvantage of being on his own against potentially 5 other guys, if Cole brought his Undisputed Era buddies with him.

    Match Result
    Adam Cole defeats Chris Jericho by pinfall, with a Panama Sunrise, in 12:13 to become the new NLW Canadian Champion.

    6. Jacqueline & Gail Kim vs. Luna Vachon & Rhonda Singh

    The NLW Women’s Division has become a destination for wrestlers from around the world over the past year. With all gratitude to the core group of women on the roster who have made this possible, veterans and rookies alike are plying their craft and making the most of their TV time.

    This women’s tag match features a year long rivalry between Gail Kim and Luna Vachon, both former NLW Women’s champions. The two were unable to resolve their differences in a number of singles matches over the past two months. They have recruited two well-known NLW stars, Jacqueline (with Kim) and Rhonda Singh (with Vachon) to battle it out at the SuperCard.

    Match Result
    Jacqueline and Gail Kim defeat Luna Vachon & Rhonda Singh, by pinfall (Jacqueline pins Vachon) in 8:03.

    7. NWA North American Championship: Magnum TA (c) vs. Kevin Owens

    NLW Owner John Cousins and President Jack Tunney make it a priority to maintain positive working relationships with the major wrestling promotions of the world. The benefits of supporting each other’s events and sharing talent are too great to overlook, and they have managed to keep the politics fairly clean during their existence.
    The NWA North American Championship has been a feature match in at least one NLW PPV per year. Currently, the champion is Magnum TA, an established star in the US. Word is that he will be a free agent soon and a bidding war may commence to try and secure his services for the coming years. No hints have been dropped on NLW TV by Cousins, Tunney, or any other wrestlers. Even when Magnum showed up a month ago to surprise Kevin Owens during his match, he didn’t say much. He didn’t have to. His distraction led to Owens losing against Friendly Farmer, breaking his win streak of 7 matches.

    Understandably, Kevin Owens was enraged, chasing Magnum into the crowd. The next few weeks, Owens would berate Magnum on the mic and announce to all the fans watching live and at home that he hated cowards. He would never stoop to such a level, to antagonize another man while he was in the middle of a wrestling match. He would never run away from a challenge.

    That’s when Magnum TA’s music hit and he stood on the entranceway stage, making a list of ways he was going to hurt Kevin Owens at the Summit SuperCard. Then, Magnum ran down to the ring and started a good ol’ fashioned brawl. NLW officials broke it up fairly quickly, but Owens landed one square on Magnum’s nose. Magnum’s nose blend instantly and Owens laughed. Owens shouted, “You disgrace of a champion. You’ve got nothing on me, Magnum! Nothing!”

    Match Result
    Magnum TA retained the NA championship over Owens, winning by pinfall, in 10:07.

    8. Special Attraction: Jay Lethal w. Undisputed Era vs. The Undertaker (WWE)

    Jay Lethal joined NLW two years ago, during a season when the promotion began to have great success with free agency. It seemed that every wrestler they were interested in was also interested in signing on, seeing that NLW was expanding in Canada, as well as broadcasting their TV show to more countries worldwide.

    He has been outspoken in interviews, consistently naming four wrestlers on his “Lethal’s Legendary List” that he wants to fight in his career. One of those wrestlers is The Undertaker, a lifer and legend with WWE. The problem is that WWE had no interest in signing Lethal and no one from the company has ever explained why. So, when President Jack Tunney announced a special attraction match for the Summit SuperCard VI, it was an absolute shock to see The Undertaker named for a one night only NLW appearance. Nobody in the pro wrestling world ever thought WWE would go for something like that, but it happened.

    A few weeks later, on NLW TV, the Undisputed Era were seen chatting backstage in their personal locker room. They were discussing how they were going to make an impression at the Summit Supercard. Everyone was in a title hunt, except for Lethal, and he had lost his opportunity to become Home contender for the NLW Championship @ The Citadel II PPV in Halifax, a month earlier.

    So, he did what any brash and brazen wrestler would do, he told his friends he was going to beat up The Undertaker.

    It was only three weeks ago, on NLW TV, that Lethal performed a complete mockery of The Undertaker. He dressed up as the Deadman, walking to the ring accompanied by a slow dirge, wearing a black hat, fake long hair and an over-sized grey tie under a full-body length, black leather jacket. Lethal mimicked The Undertaker’s voice, saying, “The powers of hell will withdraw their claim on your body when they face the wrath of the Lethal one. Dead, undead, breathing, not breathing, it simply does not matter. There will be no tombstones laid down when the Lethal one comes to town, only tombstones smashed….to….pieces.” Lethal then rolled his eyes upwards and shot his hands into the air, causing fire to blaze from the ringposts.

    In the Vancouver Sun newspaper, a half page ad in the Sports section showed a silhouette of a fallen Jay Lethal and the first few lines of an obituary of his life with some other information about the upcoming NLW PPV. A press release from NLW claimed that this was not an official advertisement by the company and that they would be investigating the advertisement’s origins, as well as considering legal action against it. Wrestling news websites speculated that the advertisement was done to create more publicity for the event, or that the Undertaker and WWE were responsible for it.

    As usual, The Undertaker was not available for comment and there was no mention of any of the NLW promotional efforts or Jay Lethal’s spoof segment on WWE programming…

    Until Monday Night Raw, the week leading up to Summit SuperCard VI. The Undertaker’s music, that infamous church bell sounded, and the Titantron showed a pre-recorded video of The Undertaker putting the finishing touches on a new casket. That casket had a name burned into the side: LETHAL. That video was shared around the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) and acknowledged and shared on NLW TV/Web promotions as well. It was reported that calls to local cable providers increased on Monday evening, following that video, as fans quickly realized the impending cross-promotional match was actually going to happen.

    Match Result
    The Undertaker defeated Jay Lethal, by pinfall, in 17:29.

    9. NLW Women’s Championship: Charlotte Flair (c) vs. Manami Toyota (AJW)

    This match was originally booked to be Gail Kim vs. Manami Toyota as recent as 3 weeks ago. Toyota, a legend of Japanese women’s wrestling, had agreed to a part-time schedule in NLW for one year. Since she was a multi-time champion in All Japan Women’s Pro Wrestling, NLW was granting her an immediate title shot, superseding all other contenders. Toyota had done a few press conferences for NLW and announced her anticipation for adding NLW gold to her trophy case. She thought Gail Kim was a worthy opponent, but no match for her power, agility and wisdom in the wrestling ring.

    Then, on NLW TV, Gail Kim surprisingly agreed to defend her Women’s Championship against the NLW Home contender Charlotte Flair. They had been scheduled to fight a month earlier but the match was postponed due to a nagging lower body injury of Kim’s. That injury was aggravated during the match with Flair and, Kim, in visible pain, succumbed to the devastating Figure Eight submission.

    On paper, Flair vs. Toyota is a compelling bout because Flair has a definite size advantage over Toyota. Toyota has an advantage in speed, wrestling ability and experience. Flair has an advantage in flexibility and strength. Both wrestlers have been very successful in their respective promotions and so, this Summit Showdown featured women’s championship bout is very much a showdown between two of the all-time greats.

    When they had their contract signing two weeks ago, on NLW TV, the women were very cordial with one another. No physicality took place and both women spoke respectfully about the other, but those remarks were brief and calculated.

    Match Result
    Charlotte Flair (c) retained the NLW Women’s championship over Manami Toyota, winning by countout, in 14:51.
    Luna Vachon came down to ringside, distracting the referee and Charlotte Flair, while Rhonda Singh stalked through the crowd and laid out Toyota in the timekeeper’s area.

    10. NLW Tag Team Championship: British Bulldogs (c) w. Jimmy Hart vs. Harlem Heat

    At Summit SuperCard V, these two top tag teams of the NLW Tag Team Division squared off except Harlem Heat were the champions. They defeated Dynamite Kid and Davey Boy Smith to retain the titles. A year later, these two teams have resumed their feud and will, once more, fight to establish dominance in the Tag Team Division. The Bulldogs defeated Harlem Heat to become champions in May, at The Prestige pay-per-view in Regina, Saskatchewan. So, the series is 1-1 at PPV events, with this match poised to be the tie-breaker.

    Recent interviews from both teams have been harsh. “Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart has touted the accomplishments of his Hart Dungeon Family as second to none. He only manages the best, and the Bulldogs are the best in Northern Lights Wrestling. Hart says the Bulldogs’ technical skill, power and speed can beat Harlem Heat ten times out of ten, and that Booker and Stevie should retire, go to college and take up a trade. They’d be more useful to their families that way instead of being an embarrassment in the wrestling world.

    Booker T and Stevie Ray are looking forward to whooping these Bulldog asses, claiming their match in May was a lucky moment for Davey Boy Smith. That pinfall was a lot like a blue moon or a bad rhyme by Notorious B.I.G, and it won’t happen again. They’ve worked too hard to get where they are to just give up now. They plan on being champs again and exporting the Bulldogs back to England where they came from. Stevie says, once a sucka, always a sucka, and these suckas know their time is running out. Booker adds on “even your poor mamas ain’t got no time for suckas like you, going out and embarrassing the family name”.

    On NLW TV, the week before the show, the British Bulldogs and Harlem Heat met backstage, stared down one another for a few tense moments, and brawled. NLW officials, including President Jack Tunney, immediately rushed to the scene to break the fight. Tunney shouted, “Save it for the Summit!”

    Match Result
    British Bulldogs defeat Harlem Heat, Davey Boy pins Stevie Ray, in 15:37.

    Interview Segment w. Kevin Hart

    Before the main event, a few TV clips are shown of The Rock’s castmate and “entertainment world rival”, actor and comedian Kevin Hart. In these clips, Hart is trash talking The Rock, making fun of his way of talking, his physical attributes, including a balding head.

    Against the NLW interview backdrop backstage, Kevin Hart interviews himself about what will happen in the NLW Championship Ladder match between The Rock and Diamond Dallas Page. Hart says that there is no amount of reps of lifting iron that can save The Rock from losing his title. Big muscles don’t make you smarter, and DDP’s gonna f***in’ destroy him with the Diamond Cutter, which is deadlier and scarier than a cobra snake. And he should know, because he’s afraid of snakes.

    And when The Rock loses his title, he can get down from his People’s pedestal, have a tall glass of “sit your ass down” and recognize the true People’s Champion, D….D….P.

    As Kevin finishes the last letter, The Rock enters the frame, raising the People’s Eyebrow, wearing the NLW Championship over his right shoulder. He asks Kevin, “What did you just say?” Kevin answers, “You heard….


    The millions and millions of the Rock’s fans, here in Vancouver, British Columbia, and around the world, are primed and ready to witness….HIStory because the fact of the matter is that this is a battle between two champions, the People’s Champion, the NLW Champion, The Rock. And a pretender, a wannabe, a fraud, a limo driver and a champion of the people who will soon see what a real People’s Champion looks like, Diamond Dallas Page.

    Kevin Hart, you run your mouth about DDP when you should be running your mouth straight to a case of Mentos. Oh, you’ve never heard of Mentos? That’s why your breath smells like s**t and so do your opinions about the main event match at the Summit Showdown!

    The Rock came to NLW for one reason, and one reason only, to be the best. The Rock beat that roody-poo candy ass, Goldberg, and sent him packing to Main Event Wrestling. Goldberg had the title for years, and The Rock gave him the beating of a lifetime. A beating so bad he’ll never come back and now when people ask who the face of the NLW is…there is one answer and one answer only, and the people…are chanting his name…

    (“Rocky” chants can be heard from the arena in the background.)

    Diamond Dallas Page, it doesn’t matter what you hope, what you dream, what you want, or who you bring to the ring with you, there can only be one ending to the Summit Showdown…and that ending is with The Rock landing the People’s Elbow directly to your sternum. And then, The Rock will climb the People’s ladder, rung by damn rung by damn rung, reach up into the atmosphere of greatness, and return the NLW Championship to its rightful place on his shoulder…if you smell…what the Rock…is cooking."

    The Rock raises his hand to slap Kevin Hart, which causes Hart to flinch, but Rock just smirks and walks off to cheers.

    Main Event: NLW Championship Ladder Match: The Rock (c) w. High Chief Peter Maivia vs. DDP w. Carmella

    The Rock is just concluding his first year in NLW, a year where he has been champion since his PPV debut in February at Family Feud. It was there that he defeated Goldberg in a unique match called the Power Play Royale. It is a 20-man battle royal where the champion enters last, and only enters when there is one man remaining from the first 19 wrestlers.

    There was a great deal of media attention on this match due to the backstage drama of Goldberg not renewing his NLW contract. He signed with Don Franc’s Main Event Wrestling, and had made his preferences known to NLW Owner John Cousins about how he wanted to end his contract with the company. When Goldberg refused to wrestle Chris Jericho, Cousins came up with the Power Play Royale and made his biggest free agent signing in company history.

    Diamond Dallas Page, and his valet, Carmella, are also fairly new to NLW. DDP has quickly risen through the singles ranks, but what pushed him into the # 1 contendership was the fan reaction to a battle of the people’s champions. Though both wrestlers grew in popularity in other major promotions, they had never been in the same place at the same time. Until now.

    In August, at NLW and AGPW’s The Citadel II PPV, DDP defeated Jacob Fatu, Jay Lethal and the British Bulldog, members of the 3 major factions in NLW, to become the new # 1 contender for the NLW Championship. This match has been booked ever since, garnering a ton of promotion across Canada, the United States, and elsewhere. It has hit all of the mainstream news, including Canada’s major news channels, CBC and CTV, and both wrestlers have hyped the match on talk shows such as Late Night with Conan O’Brien, Open Mic with Mike Bullard and the Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

    DDP and The Rock have not laid a finger on one another in the weeks precedent this event. NLW President Jack Tunney made it very clear that the champion and contender would forfeit their championship or championship opportunity if either of them was attacked, provoked or injured. The Rock has battled with his words, as seen above. DDP has relied less on words and more on surprising members of the Samoan Dynasty with a diamond cutter, inside and outside of the ring. The last man to be hit with one was High Chief Peter Maivia, Rock’s grandfather. He’ll be wearing a neck brace as he walks with The Rock at the event tonight. DDP promised the same fate for The Rock tonight.

    Match Result
    The Rock retains the NLW Championship by climbing the ladder in 27:03.

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    Glad to see another card finally drop, Mr Coooool! And it looks like a damn good card overall. I very much appreciated your focus on the build rather than loading up on play by play, that's the way to do it. I like the conservative match times as well, though I think you could shave some time off the main event and spread it around. Also I think you've built a much more fun looking Undisputed stable than actually exists in real life! Great read, though if I was in the live crowd I'd be complaining about that countout finish in the women's title match for sure. It's your biggest show, give us a real finish!

    The '92 Rumble! The Brain's Finest Hour!