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    Main Event Wrestling Presents... The Pinnacle III

    The CEO of MEW, Don Franc comes out to have a word with the fans...

    Don: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the the third annual edition of The Pinnacle!

    A jam-packed crowd goes ballistic as pyro lightens up the arena.

    Don: So without further ado, let's kick off the show with the NEW General Manager of MEW... ERIC BISCHOFF!

    The fans roar at this unexpected turn of events as Eric Bischoff comes out and shakes Don's hand. Franc thanks him and waves to the crowd as he disappears to the back.

    Bischoff: I'm back and better than ever! I've a knack, for making things better! And on that note... Let's get to our first match of the evening!

    The crowd goes wild in anticipation!

    Match #1: TJP (c) (2016) vs Rich Swann (2017) vs Chavo Guerrero Jr. (2003) vs Billy Kidman (2003) vs Justin Gabriel (2011) (5 Pack Challenge For The Cruiserweight Champion)


    Week 1

    TJP, after a fourth consecutive title defense, is being interviewed at the back.

    Announcer: You've successfully defended your title against Swann, Guerrero, Gabriel and this past Sunday you defeated Billy Kidman at In Your Face: Redemption. And I think it's safe to say you've redeemed that Cruiserweight Championship.

    TJP: Yeah, I've definitely increased the prestige of this belt, but I guess not enough since I'm doing this out here in the back and not in that ring... I'm bigger than what I'm given credit for. And to prove it... I challenge all my previous opponents - the ones that battled me for this belt - to a 5-Pack Challenge for the Cruiserweight Championship at The Pinnacle! I'll show everyone once and for all that I am a star...

    TJP then gets up and walks away.

    Late that night, a tag team match is being held between Swann & Gabriel and Guerrero & Kidman. As the match is reaching its conclusion, with all four men tired out, TJP runs down to the ring and hits everyone in the face with the Cruiserweight Title and proceeds to stand tall.

    Week 2

    All four of TJ Perkins' opponents at The Pinnacle are hunting him down individually throughout the evening. Notable moments include:

    - Swann and Perkins doing parkour in a backstage area with the former trying to attack and the latter trying to evade. Perkins eventually manages to escape unharmed.

    - Perkins locking Gabriel in a locker after sneaking up on him.

    - Billy Kidman catching Perkins and trying to handcuff him to a pipe but Perkins narrowly escapes.

    - Chavo pulling a fast one on Perkins and having the security escort him to the ring.

    That's where the segment that was running the entire night comes to an end. With Perkins escaping through the crowd after being escorted to the ring by security and escaping his opponents by the skin his teeth.

    Week 3

    Rich vs Chavo and Gabriel vs Kidman goes down uninterrupted as TJP tries to avoid his opponents at all costs.

    However, after their respective matches, they're cleaning up in the locker room when TJP accidentally stumble in. However, before they could react, Moose sees Dexter and goes through everyone to get to him. TJP uses this distraction to escape once more.


    - All four challengers await the man they're itching to get their hands on. TJP, surprisingly confident, walks down to the ring holding up the title.
    - As soon as the bell rings Perkins exits the ring but his enemies follow suit and start beating him around the ring.
    - After bringing him back in and beating him some more, TJP manages to evade and attack from Swann who accidentally hits Chavo, causing an all out brawl between the five men.
    - The brawl heads outside where Kidman does a Shooting Star press from the ropes to the other four competitors on the outside.
    - What follows is a mainly three way format whereby two wrestlers are resting on the outside and the other three are involved in fast-paced, exciting action in the ring.
    - After about 8 minutes of back and fourth, the obligatory everyone-hit-your-finisher-then-roll-out-the-ring trope occurs and TJP manages to pick up the win over Gabriel with a submission.

    Winner: (And Still Cruiserweight Champion) TJ Perkins in 14:03

    (The Moose and Dexter Lumis Conflict)

    A video package is shown highlighting the conflict.

    During the weeks leading up to The Pinnacle, Moose accused Dexter of creepily staring at his woman. In the week after the accusation, Moose finds Dexter in the ring after he squashed a jobber and proceeds to bruise and bloody Lumis and leaves him laying. In the week before The Pinnacle, Lumis and Moose were scheduled to have a match, but it appears Lumis was traumatized by the previous beating he received and slithered away, with Moose in hot pursuit.

    Back at the ranch, Moose runs into new General Manager, Eric Bischoff, and demands a match with Lumis tonight at The Pinnacle.

    Bischoff: Look, I don't know how things were run before I got here, but you're a star and you'll be treated as such. But unfortunately... There's just no space on the card.

    Moose: But I'll be treated like a star, huh? Well, if that's the case, I'll find Lumis and destroy him. I don't care if I have to destroy this show to do it!

    Bischoff looks on bewildered, while we also see Lumis lurking in the background.

    Match #2: Dolph Ziggler (2014) vs Shinsuke Nakamura (2018)


    Week 1

    Dolph Ziggler kicks of the show after not competing at In Your Face: Redemption.

    Dolph: It has come to my attention that I'm forever on the sidelines. Forever staring out from the back. Overshadowed and overlooked. I've given my everything to this company. Blood, sweat, tears, broken bones, time lost with family. This is what I've sacrificed. Because I love this! I live and breath for this! But passion is not enough. No, you have to chosen. People like Shinsuke Nakamura who just come in and get a rocket strapped to their backs. He won the Royal Rumble in his first year! I still can't do it! But no more, I'm going to take what's mine. I've defeated the authority before and I'll do it again. It should have been me! Me who was given the opportunities, not someone who has barely wrestled a match in America!

    Dolph drops the mic and storms to the back. Later that night, Shinsuke us having a pre-match interview. When asked about Ziggler's comments, he was brutally beaten before he could respond. Nakamura is stretchered away while Ziggler is being retrained by security.

    Week 2

    Dolph comes down to the ring to start off the show again.

    Dolph: Since nobody is giving me time, I'm taking it. I should have taken it a long time ago. Just how I took Nakamura's soul last week and left him lifeless. And before this becomes a cliche, no, he's not here tonight. In fact, he won't be here any night. Because I out him down! That was a message and I suggest the brass is taking note. I will not stop until I've put all of those who came after me but got opportunities before me in the damn ground! And once they've all be disposed of, there'll be noone but me to give the opportunities to...

    Dolph smiles while the crowd boos him heavily. Dolph goes to the back soaking up the jeers.

    Week 3

    Dolph once again comes down to the ring to cut a promo, but this time he's wearing ring gear.

    Dolph: Like I said last week and the week before that... Nobody is bypassing me anymore and I'll take out whoever stands in my way. Shinsuke is already out if the picture and there's more to come because he damn sure ain't the only one. Goldberg, you think you can just come in here and surpass my level of stardom. I've earned it more than you. I'm damn sure better in the ring than you. So why don't you get your ass out here and let me show what a real wrestler looks like! But, since you can't wrestle, let's make this a Hardcore Match!

    After a few seconds Goldberg's music hits to a great ovation. Goldberg is dressed to compete. He does his usual sthick and grabs the mic out of Dolph's hands after entering the ring.

    Goldberg: So, I'm next, huh? No, You're Next!

    The match immediately begins with both men brawling. Ten minutes into this match filled with chairs, tables, screwdrivers, kendo sticks and trash cans, Big Show and Kane appear out of nowhere and attack Goldberg, who they're having a match with at The Pinnacle. They disappear fighting to the back, leaving Ziggler alone in the ring.

    All of a sudden, Shinsuke's music hits and Dolph looks like he's going the lose his mind. The crowd is going absolutely crazy. Ziggler is seething and waits for Nakamura to come to the ring with a chair in hand. Instead, The King Of Strong Style is behind Dolph and when he turns around, levels him with a Kinshasa to a HUGE pop! Shinsuke grabs a mic...

    Nakamura: You. Me. Pinnacle.

    Shinsuke's music hits to a big pop as he poses over a fallen Ziggler.


    - Both men come down to the ring for their match with Shinsuke being the clear favourite.
    - Despite the animosity between the two, the match starts of with a nice exchange of mat wrestling.
    - This then evolves into both men countering each other's finishing moves to trigger a standoff, which the crowd is loving.
    - After about five minutes of mat and counter wrestling, both men start hitting big moves.
    - From that point they're putting on a clinic with the fans eating out of their palms for 10 minutes.
    - Shinsuke goes for a Kinshasa on the outside but misses and hits the announce table.
    - Dolph lays out Nakamura on the announce table and delivers a Flying Elbow from top turnbuckle.
    - Both men barely make it to the ring and after a gruelling affair they have to help each other to get up in the ring.
    - Once they were groggily on their feet, Dolph spun Nak around and hit the Zig Zag for the win.
    - The crowd applauds both men as they're both out on the mat.

    Winner: Dolph Ziggler in 18:43

    We see Moose walking backstage, still furiously looking for Lumis. He comes across a painting of what appears to be Lumis trying to prove his innocence by drawing that he wasn't creepily staring at his wife, but rather a butterfly that was in the background. Moose states at the painting confusingly while we still see Dexter lurking in the background.

    Match #3: Lita (2004) vs Raquel Gonzales (2021) vs Beth Phoenix (2007) vs Nikki Cross (2020) (No. 1 Contender Elimination Match)


    Week 1

    An announcement is made that at The Pinnacle, Lita, Gonzalez, Phoenix and Cross will compete in an Elimination Match for a shot at the title. Throughout the evening all four women are given a brief backstage segment to acknowledge the announcement and cut a promo.

    Phoenix: I will dominate all of my opponents. I am a true warrior, a Glamazon. The others don't stand a chance.

    Lita: It's been too long since I've held the gold and that long wait will be made that much shorter after I win at The Pinnacle!

    Cross: Since I was a wee girl, growing up in Scotland, it was my dream to be a champion. And my dream is so close to being realised. I cannot fail...

    Gonzalez: Beth, you're not the only warrior around here. Your size doesn't scare me chika. And I'll prove it to you at The Pinnacle. We can find out who the true warrior really is!

    Week 2

    A tag team match is held between Cross & Phoenix vs Lita & Gonzalez. The fans couldn't wait to see Beth and Raquel face off. Everytime it's teased they would fight until it's interrupted by another competitor. Eventually, after a hard-fought, ten-minute match Beth delivers the Glam Slam to Lita to pick up the win.

    After the match, Gonzales and Beth face off, with Raquel challenging her to a match on the go-home show. Beth accepts by slapping her across the face, to which Lita gets involved and Cross straight after and a brawl between all four women starts up in the the ring, eventually leading an arena wide brawl. Lita and Cross fall off a landing together onto some debris and they're both out. In the backstage area Raquel Chikona Bombs Beth through a table to a HUGE pop from the crowd, standing tall in the process.

    Week 3

    Lita vs Nikki Cross kicks off the show and they have a nice and back and fourth eight minute match which Lita wins, although they were both feeling the fall from the week prior.

    Lita is interviewed backstage after the match.

    Announcer: It appears that the crowd is only hyped up to see Raquel and Beth going at it. You and Nikki have seemingly become an afterthought.

    Lita: Yeah, well I don't blame the fans for wanting to see those two imposing women square off. But don't overlook me or Nikki or you'll be in for the shock of your life. In fact, you may not even get to see them face off...

    Lita sees Nikki an proceeds to have a conversation with her that we cannot hear.

    Phoenix and Gonzalez make their way to the ring for their match with the crowd at fever pitch in anticipation. However, just as the bell rings, Lita and Nikki run down to the ring with chairs, beating the hell out Gonzales and Phoenix. Cross and Lita stands tall, screaming that they won't be ignored.


    - All four women come down to the ring, with Lita receiving the biggest ovation.
    - As Beth Phoenix enters the ring she immediately goes after Lita and Cross to kick things off
    - The match starts with a huge brawl between the four women. Lita and Raquel. Cross and Phoenix.
    - After a while Beth tosses Cross through the barricade.
    - Raquel plants Lita through the table.
    - And here we go. The crowd loses their shit as Beth and Raquel finally square off and the first punch lands.
    - They proceed to have a hard-hitting, power-move driven affair for a few minutes while the crowd eats it up.
    - Cross then comes in with a Crossbody but gets caught by both ladies. Lita then Crossbodies all three women to take the hosses down.
    - Lita goes for the Moonsault, landing on Raquel. Beth throws Cross on top of Lita to strengthen the cover and Gonzalez gets eliminated.
    - What follows next is a desperate handicap match.
    - However, it was all in vain as Beth delivers the Glam Slam to Nikki onto Lita who was on the mat, pinning both women simultaneously and winning the match.

    Winner: (And New Home Contender) Beth Phoenix in 13:56

    Match #4: JBL (2004) vs Robert Roode (2018) (w/ Sunny (1998)


    Week 1

    After squashing a jobber in quick order, JBL grabs a microphone.

    JBL: Is there anybody better than John Bradshaw Layfield? I am the epitome of what you should strive for in life. During my legendary ten month title run, I've defeated the likes of Eddie Guerrero, proving that we work harder than our neighbours skipping the border. The likes of The Undertaker, proving that you cheer for someone who claims to be a dead man. Well, he's dead to society. Lazy. Just like most of my American brethren. I've defeated Booker T too, showing that the ghetto mentality does not lead to success. Only to have my run ended by somebody who embodies alot of those traits. But still, I am the greatest professional wrestler alive. A hero to all good Americans. I am WRESTLING GOD!


    Robert Roode comes down to the ramp with a mic in one hand and his new valet in the other.

    Roode (smirking): Weren't you taught not to use my name in vain? But seriously, you think you're the greatest because of one good run? There's NOTHING glorious about that! If you truly want to see the greatest, well, you don't have to look much further...

    Roode spreads his harms and spins slowly, taking in the adulation of the crowd.

    JBL: You know, I thought you had class. But no, you're just like all of these average Americans!

    Roode: I'm alot of things,but even you know average is not one of them. In fact, I'm like a much cooler version of you.

    JBL: You take that back!

    Roode: You claim to be the greatest while I know I am. But as we both know, there's only one way to find out who really is. Me. You. Pinnacle. What do you say?

    JBL: You arrogant punk you're on!

    JBL throws the mic down, staring a hole through Roode, who just smirks and states straight back at him until the segment fades to black.

    Week 2

    The Class-Off

    A competition is held between Roode and JBL to see who the classiest between the two are.

    JBL and Roode both come to the ring wearing their best suits, with Sunny looking better than ever accompanying Bobby Roode. The first competition is the crowd judging who has the best suit. JBL steps up to the podium and the crowd jeers profusely. JBL has a furious look on his face as he steps down, screaming at the crowd. Roode than steps up the podium and it starts turning, presenting himself to everyone as the crowd cheers and chants his name.

    Roode looks over at JBL who doesn't look happy. The next competition is both men talking about what they offer society. JBL starts things off with a smile.

    JBL: This is a great question. Do you wanna know what I offer society? Truth, integrity and the American way.

    The crowd starts booing. JBL's smile turns into a scowl.

    JBL: You know what? I wouldn't expect you to understand because none of you are as honest as me. None of you are have the integrity that I possess. And none of you are a greater Americans that I am!

    The crowd loudly boo this and it starts to simmer down when Roode grabs the mic.

    Roode: You think you're better than everyone? More GLORIOUS? You're not better than Robert Roode. And I'll prove it next week in a match! What's do you say?

    JBL: Well...

    JBL suddenly attacks Roode with the mic and lays him out. He puts the boots to him but Sunny comes from behind and nails a low blow. JBL goes down, Roode gets up and nails JBL with the DDT to be the one left standing as the crowd cheers.

    Week 3

    JBL and Robert Roode come out for their scheduled match. Just before the bell rings, JBL viciously attacks Robert Roode and ends things with a shot from the steel steps to Roode, leaving him bloodied and Sunny freaking out over his lifeless body, JBL smirking all the way.

    Later that night, we see Roode getting medical attention in the back. Roode sees the camera and grabs it, talking directly into it...

    Roode: JBL, you son of a bitch. You think you're a wrestling God? You think you're better than me? At The Pinnacle you can try your best to prove it. You're a fraud and I'm going to kick your ass!

    And with that Roode shoves the camera away.


    - Both men come to the ring, with JBL scurrying out of the ring when Roode enters.
    - JBL gets into the ring but quickly dips out after the bell rings and Roode gives chase.
    - Roode finally catches up to him and proceeds to beat him around the ring to the joy of the crowd.
    - To counter the beating, JBL uses Sunny as a shield to get the upper hand.
    - JBL is now in full control in ring. He goes for a Clothesline From Hell until Sunny trips his up.
    - This allows Roode to drop him with the DDT to pick up the win.
    - After the match, Roode drops JBL with the steel steps to leave him bloody, exacting his revenge in the process.

    Winner: Robert Roode in 12:54

    Match #5: Imperium (2021) (c) vs MNM (w/ Melina) (2006) vs London & Kendrick (2006) vs Street Profits (2022) vs American Wolves (2010) vs Private Party (2019) (Annual Tag Team Turmoil Match For The MEW Tag Tag Team Championships)


    Week 1

    The announcers hype the annual Tag Team Turmoil Match and Imperium comes to the ring to address it.

    Aikner: We are Imperium and we will not lose this match filled with prestige and honour. That match is as sacred as this match and we will honour that.

    MNM proceeds to come out and walks to the ring.

    Melina: You boys are mistaken. We will once again reclaim the throne.

    Aikner: So, you let your woman speak for you? Joey's face must be blown out again.

    Before MNM could respond, Kendrick & London come out to the ring.

    Kendrick: We are the most exciting team on this roster and we will bring that excitement to the Tag Team Championships!

    The Street Profits then come out and to the ring.

    Ford: Did you say excitement? Y'all know you talking about the Street Profits right? Look at use. Imperium with their prison guard looking asses. MNM with pre-Young Buck looking asses. And then we have those two kindergarten looking asses in the ring too! So just in case you don't know... The Street Profits are up and WE WANT THE SMOKE!

    American Wolves then come out to interrupt.

    Edwards: Thanks for the sports entertainment Montez, but the real wrestlers has entered the building.

    Ford: Oh, really?

    Before any action can occur Private Party comes down to the ring now and all six teams are in the ring.

    Cassidy: Oh, you know we the Flyest team in the building, right?

    As soon as that is said, Kendrick and London come flying over the ropes onto Private Party and a huge brawl ensues between all the teams. Imperium manages to escape up the ramp while the Street Profits end up standing tall.

    Week 2

    It is announced that the fans will get a taste of the Tag Division tonight and a taste of what's in store for them at The Pinnacle.

    London & Kendrick lose to Imperium, whereafter Imperium puts London through an announce table.

    American Wolves loses to The Street Profits and shake hands afterward as a sign of respect.

    MNM defeats Private Party after Melina seduces Cassidy.

    Week 3

    Imperium works on plan all night long to get the other teams hating other and wanting blood. This is how the plan formulated...

    - Since MNM and Street Profits share a locker room, Imperium put a picture of Melina in a bikini on Dawkins locker, which led to MNM seeing this and a brawl ensuing.
    - Imperium playing a doctored recording whereby Kendrick supposedly says they're better high flyers than Private Party.
    - They also spread a rumour of how Street Profits supposedly discussed the fact that American Wolves has never worked for a big company before and they will crumble under the pressure at The Pinnacle.

    This all culminates in the challengers ending up in the ring in another huge brawl, with Montez taking to the skies, wiping all other competitors out, including himself. Once the smoke cleared from the carnage, Imperium comes out smiling, standing tall on the go-home show.


    - Street Profits are the first team out. They need to run the gauntlet to win the match.
    - American Wolves are out second and they have a fast-paced 7 minute match after falling to SP.
    - Kendrick is out alone as Wolves turn heel and attack London to lower their chances.
    - Kendrick puts on a brave fight but eventually fails in this handicap situation.
    - MNM are out next and they go 8 minutes with SP before Dawkins exposes Melina's underwear, causing a distraction and allowing SP to eliminate MNM, who proceed to beat them down after the match.
    - Private Party is out next and they give SP time to recover as a sign of respect. The announcers call it stupid as they didn't take advantage of a fallen foe.
    - It turned out to be costly as SP defeats PP after an intense back and fourth for 6 minutes.
    - Imperium are then the final entrants who proceed to toy with SP as they're exhausted by this point.
    - SP fights back valiantly, with the crowd unequivocally in their corner and lands the nearest of nearfalls, fooling the entire crowd into thinking they've won.
    - SP's fairytale run in the match comes to an end when Imperium lays out Ford with their finisher and pins him to retain the titles.
    - The crowd were fully invested and expected The Street Profits to grind out the win, with disappointed looking faces scattered throughout the crowd.

    Winners: (And Still Tag Team Championships) Imperium in 27:12

    Match #6: Goldberg (1998 vs Kane (1998) & Big Show (1999) (Two On One Handicap Match)


    Week 1

    Goldberg is being interviewed at the back.

    Announcer: You've been on one hell of a run, 173-0 and it doesn't look like anybody can stop you.

    Goldberg: That's because nobody can. Not in this company. Not in this businesses. Hell, not even in this world.

    Later that night, we see Kane and Big Show discussing what Goldberg was saying earlier.

    Kane: This guy thinks he's unstoppable, huh?

    Show: Yeah he does. But he's never met monsters before. Let's go and give him an introduction.

    After Goldberg makes it 174-0, Goldberg and Kane lay Goldberg out with a Double Chokeslam in the middle of the ring.

    Week 2

    Goldberg is shown arriving at the arena and makes a breaking for the ring after Show and Kane wins a match. He attacks both men and after brawling for a bit, the tandem gets the upper hand and Double Chokeslams Goldberg onto the steel steps. They walk away laughing.

    Later that night, Goldberg as somewhat recovered and gingerly destroys their car with a crowbar, prompting both men to attack Goldberg once more and lay him out with a Double Chokeslam on the hood of the car.

    Week 3

    During a Hardcore Match with Dolph Ziggler, Goldberg is attacked by Kane and Big Show and they battle to the backstage area. This was an all out brawl with notable moments:

    - Goldberg using a fire extinguisher to finally get an advantage.
    - Kane is speared through a wooden door.
    - Show's head is thrown through glass busting him open.
    - The brawl continues until the numbers game eventually catches up to Goldberg and he is Double Chokeslammed from a small landing onto some stage equipment, laying him out.


    - All three men come out to the ring and a standoff ensues between them.
    - Goldberg then takes it to both men with punches as the crowd cheers him on.
    - Eventually, they take advantage due to the numbers and start beating on Goldberg, taking turns and also double teams him.
    - After a few minutes of this, with Goldberg on the ground, Lumis is being chased by Moose to the ring.
    - Lumis gets Double Chokeslammed by Big Show and Kane, which infuriates Moose who hells at them that Dexter is his.
    - Moose then starts attacking the duo and Goldberg joins in soon after to the delight of the crowd.
    - Moose manages to take Show to the outside, who he then plants through the table as the crowd roars, before taking off through the crowd after Lumis once again.
    - Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Goldberg Spears and Jackhammers Kane to pick up the win.

    Winner: Goldberg in 9:46

    Match #7: Lex Luger (1993) vs Harley Race (1973)


    Week 1

    'Handsome' Harley Race comes to the ring.

    Race: I see JBL earlier talking about being a great American; having class and being a great man. And quite frankly, all I could think about was myself. The fact is, I represent everything an American should be. Hell, I was even the first United States Champion. If that doesn't prove my greatness to America, I don't know what will.

    We go backstage to see the Lex Express finally pull up to a show after being on the road for some months. Lex Luger hops out and makes a beeline for the ring as the crowd loses their minds. Lex comes out to an ovation from the crowd and heads to the ring to face off with Harley. After about a minute, Race goes for Clothesline but Luger ducks and nails him with a HUGE Powerslam. Harley rolls out of the ring to avoid further punishment. The segment ends with Luger flexing to the fans while Harley backs up the ramp to back, staring a hole through Luger.

    Week 2

    Harley Race is backstage being interviewed.

    Interviewer: Any thoughts on the happenings if last week?

    Race: Luger, you think you're an American hero. You're think a man's man. Well, I've got something to tell you. You're nothing! And if you drive into this arena with damn ugly bus of yours I can promise you things will get messy!

    Later that evening, Lex arrives in his bus and hops out to the adoration of the fans, only to be attacked by Race with a steel chair. Race leaves Luger bloodied and drags him away from the bus. Race then motions for a something and huge truck appears, which then proceeds to crash into the side of the bus, writing it off completely. Harley looks down at Luger in disgust.

    Race: You're think you're so tough but look at you. If you're such a man then meet me at The Pinnacle.

    Race spits on Luger as he walks away to end the segment.

    Week 3

    Harley Race is doing a sit-down interview in a backstage area.

    Interviewer: Do you care to explain your actions of last week?

    Race: You want an explanation? Okay, you're gonna get it. Luger comes dressed in the red, white and blue of this great country, claiming to be some great American patriot. But no, he's no hero. He's a fraud. A fraud who dresses up like Uncle Sam to fool the masses into thinking he loves his country. If he did, he would not have interrupted a true American hero two weeks ago. I AM America. I don't negotiate with terrorists and I will take you out if you stand against me. And I'm a man of my word, proving that sentiment last week when I took out Lex Luger. Hell, I don't even think he's going to make it to The Pinna...

    All of a sudden, Lex comes flying in and a huge brawl breaks out between the two men. Security constantly tries to seperate them but they always manage to break free and go for each other's throats. Luger manages to gain the advantage and Powerslams Race into a TV to end the segment.


    - Race is out first. Luger then comes out to the crowd roaring and the second he steps into the ring he is attacked by Race.
    - The match is a complete brawl, with heads bouncing off turnbuckles, ring aprons, ring posts, steel steps, guard rails and announce tables.
    - Luger is end up getting busted open and this allows Race to get the advantage and taking control of the match on the ring.
    - Plenty of slams and submission holds are Luger's fate during this period.
    - They go back outside after a few minutes and Lex slams Harley through the announce table and head back in the ring.
    - Harley just beats the ten count and as Lex goes to attack once more, Harley rolls him up and grabs the ropes for assistance to pick up the win.

    Winner: Harley Race in 13:42

    Alexa Bliss (c) (2016) vs Paige (2012) (Steel Cage Ladder Match For The MEW Womens Championship)


    Week 1

    Alexa Bliss comes out to the ring, proudly holding her title in the air, and grabs a mic?

    Bliss: Well, well, well. If it isn't Little Miss Bliss and her 8 month title reign!

    She holds up the belt to the jeers of the crowd.

    Bliss: I have defeated every women in this division. Nobody is on my level. I am what they call the full package. Good looks, great on the stick (the crowd chuckles at this)... Grow up losers... I'm great in this ring and above all, I've got IT! There isn't a women on this roster... No, the world... Who can hold a candle to me! Hell, they won't even try because they know they'll fail.

    Que Paige's music, who is making her debut after weeks of video packages to a thunderous reception from the crowd. She copies Alexa's entrance style and heads to the ring. Alexa has an uninterested look on her face.

    Paige: (In a mocking tone) Aww, look at me, Little Miss Bliss, the best in the business! (In her normal voice now) You may have beaten everyone on this roster but you've not beaten me...

    The crowd loudly applauds this.

    Alexa: Look, you might have been famous in WWE, but this is MEW and I run this show!

    Paige: Not for long, bitch!

    And with that Paige attacks Alexa, who manages to escape the ring and heads up the ramp looking disgusted with Paige smiling down at her from the ring.

    Week 2

    After winning a hard fought, 12 minute debut match over Nikki Cross, Bliss comes out after the match and proceeds to pummel Paige from all angles and leaves her laying, holding her belt high in the air, proud of what she did.

    When Bliss gets to the back she is approached by an announcer.

    Announcer: Do you care explaining your actions?

    Bliss: Do you care about not being an idiot? I swear, these announcers get dumber by the week. Paige deserved that beatdown after sucker punching me last week. She thinks she can just show up here and get a title shot. It doesn't work like that hon...

    Before she could finish her sentence, Paige comes out of nowhere and starts attacking. The brawl around the backstage area with Bliss on the defensive, trying to escape. Paige rams a production case in to Bliss. Paige goes to continue the attack but Alexa pokes her in the eye and escapes up a platform using the ladder to get there, kicking it over when she reached the top so that Paige can't get to her. Paige yells after her...


    Week 3

    The backstage camera shows Bliss arriving at the show. As she exits her vehicle, Paige attacks her out of nowhere in the parking lot.

    Paige: I've been waiting princess.

    The two then proceed to have somewhat of an unsanctioned Parking Lot Brawl. Notable moments include:

    - Alexa crawling under a car to escape but Paige pulling her out.
    - Paige slamming Alexa on a car.
    - Alexa throwing Paige with a toolbox.
    - Alexa grabbing a ladder from a truck and setting it up to climb on top of it to escape.
    - Paige pulls her down and slams her onto a flatbed.
    - Officials try to break things up but Paige climbs on top of a ladder and jumps into all of them.
    - Alexa uses this opportunity to climb the onto the top of the load and ushers the driver to move and escapes Paige in the process.

    Paige looks on furiously to end the segment.

    Later that night, Paige storms into Don Franc's office demanding a title match. Franc then makes the match official but because Alexa has been using plenty of ladders and trying to escape, he makes it a Steel Cage Ladder Match! As Paige walks off, Don thinks about how he struggles to be General Manager and CEO at the same time and begins to formulate a plan...


    - Both women come to the ring, with Alexa looking shaky. This match can only be won by grabbing the title suspended above. Escaping the cage won't win you the match.
    - As soon as the bell rings, Alexa predictably tries to climb out if the cage but Paige pulls her down and starts pounding away.
    - Paige uses one of the many ladders situated around the cage to ram Alexa with.
    - After a few minutes of Paige getting her comeuppance, Alexa throws a ladder into Paige to get a breather.
    - The two women go back and forth with numerous spots.
    - Paige Powerbombs Alexa whose attempting to climb the cage.
    - Alexa delivering Twisted Bliss to Paige who was set on a ladder.
    - Both women being on top of the ladder but falling into one of the side netting, causing them to crash through it.
    - The finish came when Alexa attempted to nail a Twisted Bliss from the top of the cage but Paige evaded it - causing Alexa to crash and burn - and climbed the ladder to retrieve the title.

    Winner (And New MEW Womens Champion): Paige in 17:22

    Hulk Hogan (1983) (c) vs Batista (2008) (International Championship Match)


    Week 1

    Hulk Hogan is sat down for an interview, after successfully defending his International Championship and holding onto the gold for almost a year.

    Announcer: A few days after The Pinnacle, you will officially be holding onto that belt that's draped over your shoulder for a full year. How proud are of that achievement?

    Hogan: Well, let me tell you something, brother. It is an absolute honour and a privilege to go nearly a year without being defeated for this belt. Yes, I pride myself on being an American hero, but this is the International Championship and I'm even prouder to represent every country in the world.

    Announcer: What is the secret to holding the belt for such a long period of time?

    Hogan: It's simple. All you need to do is say your prayers and take your vitamins, brother. Oh, and don't forget these 24 inch pythons!

    Both Hogan and the announcers erupt in laughter.

    Hogan: But no, in all seriousness, it's about pride, it's about power. I stay hungry. I devour. I am destined for big things in this business, dude. I always try to put my best foot forward and I believe integrity is one of the keys to success. All these kids look up to me and I will be the example that they need. The words in my theme music aren't there because it sounds catchy, brother. No, I am a real American and I definitely fight for the rights of every man. And just like I fight for those rights, I will fight to defend this belt at every corner. So I say this, to all my future challenges: Whatcha gonna do, when Hulk Hogan RUNS WILD ON YOU!

    And with that the segment ends. Later that same evening, Batista stood in front of a camera to address the crowd and the viewers at home.

    Batista: I saw Hogan's interview and all I can say is... Integrity? Are you serious? Hogan is a fraud and I'll prove it next week in the middle of that ring. I'm going to expose Hogan for the man he truly is...

    And with that statement of intent, Batista walks off.

    Week 2

    Batista comes out in a snazzy suit and sunglasses, smirking at the crowd. He heads down to the ring and grabs a mic.

    Batista: Last week I told the world that I would expose Hogan and I am, keeping my word like a man of true integrity. I'm going to explain to everybody how much of a fraud Hogan truly is. Where to begin? Well, let's look at his interview from last week.

    A video package highlights Hogan's sitdown interview last week. Batista laughs and he brings the mic up to speak.

    Batista: Hogan paints himself as being the ultimate American hero. Ha! He's the ultimate American fraud! He says it's about pride, which is funny because his pride is the equivalent to arrogance. Power? Were you speaking about me? He claims that he's as hungry as ever, which is ironic considering he does whatever he can to take food from other wrestlers' - wrestlers' better than him - plates. Yeah, he shoves their food down his throat infront of them! The only reason these kids look up to you is because you are lying to them. Say your prayers? The only person you pray for is yourself? Take your vitamins? Please, we all know what you're popping! (the crowd oh's at this.). He claims to fight for the rights of every man, but if you truly know him; you'll know he only fights for no one but himself!

    Hulk Hogan's music starts blaring over the loud speakers and he hits the stage with a mic in hand.

    Hogan: If you wanted a shot at this title, all you had to do was ask, brother. You didn't need to attempt to drag my name through the mud, dude. I've worked in Japan so my skin is as tough as it gets.

    Batista: You think you're tough because you got your ass kicked all over Japan?

    Hogan: Listen here, brother. If you want a piece of Hulk Hogan and these 24-inch pythons, we can do this right now!

    Batista: Why now? Let's do this at The Pinnacle. Your ego is so big, there would be no greater feeling than beating your ass at the biggest show of the year. So, tell me Hogan; what are you going to do when I take your pride and your title at The Pinnacle?

    Hogan: No, Dave. The real question is; what are you gonna do, when Hulk Hogan RUNS WILD ON YOU!!!

    Batista smirks at this and the two men have a staredown to end the segment.

    Week 3

    Hogan is doing another sit down interview and he is being asked by the announcer what merit there is to the accusations made by Batista last week.

    Announcer: Batista made some serious accusations against you. Are any of them true?

    Hogan: Look brother, when you've reached the level that I'm at, everyone will always try to badmouth you and engulf you with negativity. As an inspiration to many I refuse to be drawn into the darkness that is Batista's mind.

    A voice from the background screams out...

    Batista: Let me show you darkness!

    He starts pummeling Hogan and beats him around the set.

    Batista: You're a fraud! The whole world will know!

    Batista throws Hogan into a camera and then proceeds to hit him with it.

    Batista: You're lying to the world! You're a fake!

    Batista then delivers a Spinebuster to Hogan on the concrete floor, laying him out.

    Batista: I'll see you at The Pinnacle, brother!


    - Batista is out first and awaits Hogan in the ring. Just before Hulk can step into the ring upon his entrance, Batista goes to attack him and they start brawling outside before the bell rings.
    - It's a back and forth brawl until Batista sends Hogan into the steel steps.
    - He then rolls Hogan into the ring and shouts at the ref to start the match, which Hogan groggily agrees to.
    - Batista is then on the front foot for a couple of minutes before Hogan hulks up.
    - However, the Big Boot sends Batista to the outside and Hogan promptly follows.
    - Hogan tries to slam Batista through the announce table but he wiggles free and sends Hogan into the ring post, busting him open.
    - Hogan bounces off the ring post and on the comeback, Batista Spinebusters him through the announce table.
    - He rolls Hogan back in the ring and covers for a two count but Hogan kicks out emphatically and once again starts hulking up.
    - YOU! Batista grabs Hogan's finger and twists it, kicking him in the gut and nailing the Batista Bomb for the victory.

    Winner (And New MEW International Champion): Batista in 09:53

    Wahoo McDaniels (c) (1976) vs Randy Orton 2007(Indian Strap Match For The MEW Championship Match)

    (P.S. - I wrote a detailed build but it got deleted. Very sad about that but this needs to be posted.)

    Wahoo McDaniel wins in 18:34

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    Quite an eclectic card here Don, as expected! Appreciate the attention to details and posting the years you're pulling the wrestlers from, even though I have to question a few of those year choices. That cage ladder match sounds pretty interesting, something I'd be curious to see. And JBL vs. Bobby Roode is up my alley, though I may be in the minority haha. Peak Wahoo would tear through Orton so I'm all about that finish, even if the description was sadly cut off. Glad to see someone actually post their finished card!

    The '92 Rumble! The Brain's Finest Hour!


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      Man I had so much fun writing this, despite how long it took haha. I think you would've loved the Wahoo vs Orton storyline. I made Wahoo look like a brutal badass. Last year I had Wahoo on my card and he started and finished the show but you told me I never really captured who he was. Then I did some research. I made him fearless and and an ass whooper. Oh, and my two celebrities, Mayweather and McFee, were a faction with Wahoo of sorts, they called themselves the Athletes Association. But I booked Wahoo never to need them, they were just there and ready for some RKOs lol


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        That is tremendous! Nothing warms my heart more than hearing someone actually researched their wrestlers, especially a legend like Wahoo!

        The '92 Rumble! The Brain's Finest Hour!