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FWD 2022: Kingzak's RWF∞ Part 2+3

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  • FWD 2022: Kingzak's RWF∞ Part 2+3

    RWF∞: Chapter 2
    Jurassic Start

    The arena is quiet as it speeds through the emptiness of space time, the wrestlers having calmed down and spread out to the many locker rooms following the anarchy of being ripped from their home dimensions by a probably insane deity.

    The door opens and in walks one of the commentators, a young, devilishly handsome and incredibly quick witted man named Zak, he was also very modest.

    “Guys, my Switch just ran out of power, anyone have a spare charger for it” he asks

    “No” comes the response from the room

    “Damn, What’s going on anyway, usually any reshoots are done by now” Zak asks.

    “We’ve been kidnapped by an infinitely powerful interdimensional god for a wrestling show” Matt Hardy replies “Me and my brother have been combined with all versions of ourselves from the multiverse, and we are currently hurtling through space to an unknown destination”

    “Wow” Zak replies “Shit”

    “How did you miss all that happening” Jungle Boy asks

    “The completion of my pokedex is a task I take very seriously” Zak replies “Why did they take me then”

    “Guess they needed commentary” Kidd Bandit said with a shrug

    “Weird they only got the English commentary team” Hurricane says

    The conversation is interrupted as Phantasio appears in the ring

    “Good news everyone” Phantasio begins “We’ve almost arrived at our first destination and I’ve collected our special guest for the evening. Gentlemen, say hello to Ozzy Osbourne”

    “The Ozzy Osbourne, Lead guitarist for Black Sabbath Ozzy Osbourne” Zak says

    “Dude, he was the drummer” Luchasaurus replies

    “I thought he was on Bass” Jungle Boy says

    “Guys come on, he was a pianist” Hurricane says

    “I think you’re all right” Matt Hardy says as he gestures to the door in which there stands several different Ozzy’s.

    “Someone keep an eye on them” Phantasio says “Also the first match is about to start, Jurassic Express are up first, you best get ready”

    Phantasio disappears as fast as he had arrived

    “Ok, Jeff entertain the guests” Matt says to his brother

    “Sure thing” Jeff Hardy says as he pulls a bong out of nowhere.

    “Do you really think that’s appropria ….” Zak says but trails off as one of the Osbournes puts down his Triangle and takes the bong and lighter

    “Welp back to the commentary table I go before this turns into something” Zak says

    “Any idea where your co-commentator is” Matt asks

    “Knowing him, he’s probably taking a piss into the infinite void or something juvenile like that”

    Meanwhile outside

    “Ah, that’s just what I needed” says the man before pulling up his zipper.

    As he turns back to the arena, the area begins to shake as the world around it materialises. The arena has returned to earth, but not at the same time as it had left.

    The world around was lush, green and untouched by man. The area was dotted with hulking beasts roaming the land, the dinosaurs.

    TimeBomb: Night 1
    Oct 21st 69,071,263 MYA

    Fireworks go off as the live feed of the show begins, we are here for night one of RWF’s TimeBomb supershow. We get live shots from outside the arena of various dinosaurs just hanging out and inspecting the new structure in the middle of the field.
    The New Day (With Xavier Woods) vs Jurassic Express (with Marco Stunt)
    RWF Men’s Tag Team Championship

    The New Day are out first with Big E making the introductions for the champions. Jurassic Express are out second as the former champions look to recapture the gold.

    The six men shake hands before the match, Kofi Kingston and Jungle Boy start us off.

    Fast forwards to 15 minutes later

    Luchasaurus makes the hot tag to Jungle Boy who leaps in and takes Big E down with a big dropkick, he charges at Kofi on the ropes who is hit and sent tumbling into Woods, He hops to the second rope and poses for the fans, he moonsaults off into Big E, but E catches him, Kofi is back up and climbs to the top rope for the Midnight Hour, but Luchasaurus runs in with a knee to Big E to take him down and save his partner, Kofi dives off the top ropes with a high crossbody to take down Luchasaurus, all four are down now.

    A hand rips through the centre of the ring, along with a deep red light. A second hand rips through the ring, and a third and fourth too. The duo of Decay emerge from the hole and proceed to attack the tag teams in the ring that are slowly recovering, The ref calls it.

    Winner: No Contest

    Xavier and Stunt hit the ring, Xavier tackles Crazy Steve, Stunt heads to the top to dive at Abyss who catches him with a big Chokeslam. Steve and Woods brawl on the mat but Abyss soon joins in to unbalance the odds. The two launch Xavier from the ring, and head to ringside. The two take the tag team titles and leave through the absent crowd.

    The tag teams in the ring recover and follow in hot pursuit of the stolen gold.

    “Crap they have titles” Matt Hardy yells to the room

    “Why on earth would that matter” Heath Slater asks

    “Wrestling titles increase a person’s magical powers when you have them, everyone knows that” Kidd Bandit replies

    “Exactly, we need to get those titles back to someone without demonic powers” Matt Hardy says “Jeff let’s go”

    Jeff Hardy attempts to stand, but is too high, he sits back down and continues getting high with the multiversal band of Ozzy Osbourne’s.

    The rest of the locker room heads out on hunt for the undead thieves.

    In the parking lot

    Decay runs into the parking lot with the two pursuing tag teams in hot pursuit, at the far end of the parking lot is their goal, The Boogeyman awaiting the two with some sort of summoning circle scrawled onto the ground.

    The two make to hurry to the summoning circle but out of nowhere Kofi Kingston leaps and takes Crazy Steve down with a tornado DDT. Abyss grabs Kofi and throws him at a nearby car, but as he does he is tackled by Luchasaurus and Big E, the two go to work on Abyss, but Crazy Steve grabs one of the belts and slides it over to The Boogeyman who places it in the circle.

    As this is done, dark energy begins to spout from the title, and in moments a portal forms and unleashes a big shockwave, the dark red portal floats in the air, and soon comes something worse.

    From the portal emerge people, stained a crimson red from the portal, all were wrestlers at one point or another, but now they had been summoned with the aid of the demons of wrestling, some recognisable, others unknown to the world. But they all stood motionless after emerging from the portal.

    At the front of the seemingly endless hoard, stood a very familiar face, one covered in tattoos and dripping with blood. Umaga

    The rest of the roster burst into the parking lot, too late to stop the dead from being reborn.

    And with the simple point of his staff, The Boogeyman lets loose a torrent of gibberish and the horde charges at the wrestlers who brace for the attack.

    Some superstars charged the foes, others tried to grab weapons from the area to gain an advantage and others just braced to counter. The horde was large but lacked any real energy, some being stopped with something as simple as a lariat, but several of them fought harder.

    And with the anarchy around them, Boogeyman strolled onto the battlefield to collect the second tag title, with the wrestlers preoccupied he grabbed it and took it back to the summoning circle, placing it with its twin,

    The portal began to pulsate and glow, as did the blood covering the horde of undead wrestlers. The ones that were down for the count recovered with a new sense of vigour, the ones fighting began to hit harder, faster. The power of gold fuelling their carnage.

    Umaga had stood motionless still while his cohorts had attacked, but now was the time. He charged and began to flatten everyone in sight, friend or foe. No one could stand to the might of the Samoan Wrecking Ball.

    He soon caught a glance of who he was looking for, one of the few men still standing. Mick Foley. Umaga charged at the world champion and sent him flying with a pounce. He quickly picked Foley up and nailed him with the Samoan Spike.

    Umaga grabbed the title from round Foley’s waist and raised it up above him as Foley led on the ground gasping for air. The challenge was clear. The demons wanted gold, and had all the force they needed to take it.

    The wrestlers were put down one by one by the forces of darkness, the numbers too great for even the strongest amongst them to withstand.

    Umaga took the title belt and headed for the summoning circle. But before he arrived, Phantasio appeared in front of them.

    “Well it looks like things aren’t going well for you, and here I summoned you all because you were the best” Phantasio says. Umaga hands the magician the World Championship.

    “These belts hold unimaginable power in the wrestling world, enough to make the task of defeating the gods an easy one” Phantasio says “So now with them so readily in my possession, I think we can start to pierce the heavens”

    “Those titles aren’t yours” Foley yells “A real champion earns them through a match, not by some attack in the parking lot”

    Phantasio scoffs before placing the world title in the summoning circle. The title does not begin to react, remaining as motionless as one would expect a belt to be.

    “Looks like Mick was right” Matt Hardy says “They may be powerful but only in the hands of their owner”

    “So the titles work a bit like Thors Hammer” Xavier Woods questions “Does that make them sentient”

    Phantasio growls and throws the title back to Foley, the tag titles stop glowing and the portal closes, the horde still there.

    “Fine, we’ll do this the long way” Phantasio says “if the titles only work for the champions, then some champions we will have”

    The horde begins to let up the wrestlers and disperse into the backstage area. “That gold will be ours soon enough” Phantasio says before disappearing. The wrestlers slowly recovering from the attack, with the dark gods threat hanging over them.

    To be continued.
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    This is some truly mental stuff, Zak. XD

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