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FWD 2022: Kingzak's RWF∞ Part 1

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  • FWD 2022: Kingzak's RWF∞ Part 1

    Note: Check out the prologue before reading this for the story to make slightly more sense.
    Kingzak Presents RWF: Ultimatum (Prologue) - LOP Forums

    “What the hell is going on” Rollins demands from the ring as Phantasio continues to float down to the ring

    “You have all been summoned here to do what you do best, Wrestle” Phantasio says “The best of you have been collected from across the Multiverse and from across time to perform at my greatest show”

    “Well that explains the multiple versions of me” 44 year old Jeff Hardy says “How did you do this”

    “Why are you doing this” 21 Year old Jeff asks

    “Well how is quite simple, I’m a god. Not one most have heard of but in the pantheon of the almighty, I have a seat among them. Always the bottom of the barrel, treated as a joke by the other more popular and mighty gods, so I sought to make myself known. Phantasio exclaims “My brief appearance on Raw performing my magic for you all was indeed real and my plan to accrue more worshippers was just beginning”

    “But just as it begun, it was all cruelly ripped away, I was pulled from the universe by the power of the gods, I had broken the cardinal sin of the gods, I had exposed our power to the mortals” “I was imprisoned awaiting trial while the rest of the gods prepared to destroy the universe I had visited”

    “But they never had to go through with it, as the inhabitants of your universe assumed I was some sort of fake, an act, a joke. So the universe was spared and the once mighty name of Phantasio was nothing more than a joke” “As their final act against me, the rest of the gods banished me to a solitary universe, empty and alone, with nothing left but to wither away for all eternity”

    “But soon a glimmer of hope shone its way to me, people talked about me as a joke, but the more that know of a god, the more power that god holds” “Slowly as time went on I was able to build up my power to escape and put together a plan, and now it is time”

    Phantasio finishes his explanation “and with all of your help we can put together the greatest wrestling show ever seen and broadcast it across an infinite number of realties. With all the fans watching, my power will be restored and at shows end you will be returned to your respective realities”

    “Fuck that, I’m not working for any faux god” the young Jeff says

    Phantasio’s eyes turn dark as he raises a hand as a ball of dark magical energy pools in his hand, Young Jeff is lifted from his feet as if being choked

    “I don’t remember asking you if you want to do this” Phantasio says “I may not be at full strength but I can still snuff out every miserable life in this stadium” he unclenches his fist and Young Jeff is thrown ten foot across the ring. “Consider that a warning” Phantasio says before he disappears.

    The older Jeff Hardy hurries over to help up his younger self, the two touch and are paralysed as electric energy pulses between the two, the two older siblings rush over to help but bump into each other and they too find themselves in the same situation.

    A huge electrical discharge blasts across the ring, the wrestlers having long abandoned the ring. as the static clears there is only one of each Hardy left lying in the ring,

    “What the hell is going on” Rollins yells “This was supposed to be about my title match” As he says this he looks around and notices one notable absence. “Where the hells Moxley ran away to now”


    Moxley is storming through the backstage area, he opens a door “nothing” he storms across the hall and opens another door “Crap” he grabs ahold of a staff member by the shirt “Which of these are locker rooms?”

    The staff member points to some, Moxley releases and storms over to the doors before slamming one open.

    On the other side stood a party, and at its centre was who Moxley had been looking for.

    “Hey pal it’s a private party” one of the guest steps up to say “We are not gonna have anyone ruin tonight”

    “Relax Tommy, he’s probably just a fan” The man says “He’s even got a replica title … it actually looks really convincing, I guess it’s true what they say about getting your moneys worth from RWF”

    The joke elicits a laugh from the guests

    “You are half right, I am a fan, but this isn’t a replica” Moxley says “I don’t fully know what’s going on, but I understood when the guy said time travel and I knew there was one person I wanted to fight. It’s you Mick”

    Mick Foley stands up from the bench he was seated on “What are you going on about, I just beat the NWO to get this title”

    “I can see that” Moxley says “but we’ve all been taken by some magic guy to wrestle for him and you were an inspiration to me, and this is really the obvious choice”

    “Ooh, do I hear a main event being planned” a mysterious voice echos

    Phantasio appears in the room “Fantastic an intergenerational dream match, Jon Moxley vs Mick Foley for both the Royal Wrestling Federation and Royal Wrestling Force World championships”

    “HOLD THE FREAKING PHONE” a voice comes from down the hall as an enraged Seth Rollins storms in, “That world title belongs to me, I’ve earned my shot”

    “I can beat you any day” Moxley says “This is the one chance I have to beat a legend”

    “Who says you can beat me” Foley replies

    “Gentlemen, I love the passion” Phantasio says “Luckily I have a solution, To make this the greatest wrestling show of all time, it can’t be constricted to one or even two nights, So three nights across time it shall be, a show through the ages” “And to close it out, Jon Moxley vs Mick Foley for whichever world championships they have left” “Since you seem so eager Mr Rollins, you can face him on night one” “Mick, I have just the opponent for you on night two”

    “Fine by me, I’m ready to be done with him” Moxley says

    “Excellent, Let’s head to the first night” Phantasio says as he blips out of existence and the arena shakes once again as it blasts through time.

    Back in the Royal Wrestling Force locker room

    The Hardy Boys had been brought to the locker room by various members of the roster concerned for their wellbeing.

    Matt soon begins to stir after the events in the ring. He opens his eyes but they glow gold instead of his usual colour.

    “Matt, what’s wrong” asks The Hurricane.

    “Nothing is wrong my old friend” Matt says as he stretches “I have achieved enlightenment”

    “What” comes a voice from the locker room

    “That blast was a release of multiversal energy, resulting in the fusion of all Matt Hardy’s from across time and the infinite multiverse” Matt explains

    “So what you’re saying is” The Hurricane starts before Matt cuts him off

    “Yes, I am Matt Hardy V∞” Matt says

    “What about Jeff” Xavier asks

    “He’s the same I imagine. However for reasons beyond my understanding he seems to be still unconscious” Matt says

    “So you need some backup” The Hurricane says “Lucky for you, you’ve got a superhero here as backup”

    “I need more than that” Matt says

    “We can help” Jungle boy says as he and the rest of Jurrassic Express step forward

    “Hmm, you have worked well with one of my great and respected rivals, even if he does betray you, you’re in” Matt says

    “Wait he betrays us” Luchasaurus asks

    “Not important right now” Matt says

    “I’ll help too” Kidd Bandit says “This could be really cool”

    “Ok, that’ll do” Matt says as he moves Jeffs body to the couch “Everyone go along with whatever is asked of you from Phantasio, we don’t know what he is capable of as yet” Matt says “We will get home, I promise”

    Meanwhile outside the arena

    “Ah perfect” Phantasio says “You are just what I need to execute my plans” “With your help, we can conquer heaven and slay the gods that wronged me, ”

    He lets out an evil laugh as his cohort smirks, chunks of worms dripping from his mouth.

    Phantasio stops laughing “The end is coming, and I shall be it herald”
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    This is exceedingly strange but certainly creative, haha. I'm all for Moxley and Foley, and I must admit I laughed at V∞.

    The '92 Rumble! The Brain's Finest Hour!


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      This was pure Zak, bringing something different to this shebang. Very creative indeed and an interesting concept.

      Moxley vs Foley would be an all time great feud in my opinion so there's no denying your main event packs a punch. And with Rollins throwing a spanner in the weeks coupler with this being a three night event, there is more than enough time for a few surprises.

      As for Matt Hardy Voo, this fits totally into his Broken Matt Hardy character.