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  • Grit & Guts Wrestling: Nothing To Lose

    Grit & Guts Wrestling


    Nothing To Lose

    Opening video plays over the live theme song of the event, "All Nightmare Long" by Metallica. We pan down to the host our event, Gorilla Monsoon!

    Monsoon: They are literally hanging from the rafters tonight! Hello everyone, this is Gorilla Monsoon from the broadcast booth for one of the biggest shows I’ve ever had the pleasure to be a part of. We’ve got such a show for you tonight, wrestlers from every corner of the world, music, action, you name it. It’s gonna be a happening, I guarantee it, and I’ll be here to call all the action for you.

    Bobby Heenan: (Steps into frame) And you won’t be doing it alone!

    Monsoon: Oh no, not again. What did I do to deserve this?

    Heenan: Don’t worry banana breath, I know you couldn’t do this without me. I’m here to rescue you, I know you can’t do a broadcast without me! (Heenan winks to the wrong camera)

    Monsoon: I’m gonna straighten this out right now. You’re gonna be out of here so fast.

    Heenan: (Nervous) Why, what have you heard?

    Monsoon: Mr. Cueto? I know we haven’t worked together before but you’ve gotta take my word for it, you don’t want this guy on your show.

    (The commentary booth is set back near the entrance, Nitro style. Up a flight of stairs on a higher platform there is a temporary office set up for General Manager Dario Cueto, similar to his Lucha Underground office but with railings instead of walls so he can watch the action unfold. Dario is walking up to his office with a stack of money in his hand as Monsoon calls out to him.)

    Dario: (Still counting the money) Mr. Monsoon, I’m afraid The Brain here has made a very… persuasive argument to be your co-host for the evening.

    Heenan: That’s right, I’m the host!

    Dario: Co-host. (Heenan’s flustered objections are ignored as Dario returns to his office)

    Monsoon: So you weaseled your way into some extra camera time, did you? I guess I see how things run here!

    Heenan: Hey, I weaseled- I mean I earned my spot here fair and square! You just watch your mouth, I’ve got some very scary people working for me here tonight.

    Monsoon: I know, I think I saw your date earlier. Do you even know who you’re getting in business with, paying off that guy?

    Heenan: Sure, Mario Cueto. Used to be a plumber.

    Monsoon: It’s Dario Cueto!

    Heenan: You don’t have to tell me, I know the man! You know, I even consulted on his last show, Lucha Underthings.

    Monsoon: You are a sick individual. I can’t stand any more of this, we’ve got to get to our first match! Take it away Gene!

    Tajiri (2000) vs. Greg Valentine (1983) w/Larry Sweeney (2006)

    *Backstage with Gene Okerlund

    Okerlund: “Sweet ‘n’ Sour” Larry Sweeney, you’ve arrived like a force in Grit & Guts Wrestling and quickly built some intimidating alliances, but now your man The Hammer is up against a difficult challenge in the Japanese Buzzsaw Tajiri. How have you prepared your man to overcome this obstacle in your path?

    Sweeney: What do ya think Jack, I’m gonna give away all my secrets here? I was taught by the great Buddy Rose in Portland all the tricks I’ll ever need to get ahead in the business. But alright, I’m feeling generous, so here’s how it goes. This guy Tajiri, everyone’s scared of him, but he’s only got two tricks up his sleeve, right? First, he spits green goop, what is it, green mist on his opponents. Let’s bypass for moment how illegal that is, but I’ll have you know that Greg “The Hammer” Valentine has been in the gym everyday training his eyes day and night to withstand this dirty trick!

    Okerlund: That’s absurd, you can’t train your eyes in the gym!

    Valentine: Shows what you know! You’ve never seen the inside of a gym in your life!

    Okerlund: I take exception to that!

    Sweeney: Doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter jack. Because the other weapon in Tajiri’s arsenal is something else we prepared for. Oh boy, did you ever bring the wrong knife to this gunfight, Tajiri. You’ve got all those deadly kicks? You think that’s gonna save you? Ever hear of Wahoo McDaniel, you ignorant clod? This man, The Hammer, he broke Wahoo’s leg! They even wrote a song about it! You’re about to stick your leg in a leg breaking machine! Come on Hammer, let’s nail this sucker.

    The Match: Tajiri comes out to “Buzz” by Halestorm, covered live by The Pretty Reckless. As promised, Valentine heavily targets the leg of the Japanese Buzzsaw. Tajiri fights back but Valentine’s attacks have reduced his speed so that he can’t land a finishing blow. In the end, as Sweeney distracts the referee, Valentine dares Tajiri to hit him with the mist, aiming to show that he is immune. He is not, of course, and Valentine writhes in pain. His opponent disabled, Tajiri is able to slam home a Buzzsaw Kick and pick up the victory.

    Winner: Tajiri, in 9:45

    Ruby Soho (2016) & Chihiro Hashimoto (2017) vs. Shinobu Kandori (1993) & Dynamite Kansai (1995) w/Sweeney


    Okerlund: Well Larry Sweeney, it seems like you are not off to a very good start tonight. Forgive me for saying so, but I warned you about the eyes.

    Sweeney: That was a fluke, a cheating illegal tactic, but that’s not important right now. We’re on to bigger things here, standing beside me you see two of the most terrifying humans ever to walk the face of this earth, Dynamite Kansai and Shinobu Kandori! And as you people should know by now, these are two members of the Four Pillars of Hell, the four women who paid Larry Sweeney a lot of money to deliver the women’s division to them, lock, stock, and barrel. Ruby Soho, Hashimoto! You think you and your little friends can stand up to these monsters? You don’t have a prayer, so do yourselves a favor. When you hear the music kick in, just run the other way!

    Monsoon: Larry Sweeney really does remind me of somebody.

    Heenan: I know, Brad Pitt right?

    Monsoon: No, you!

    Heenan: I remind you of Brad Pitt? I mean, of course I do!

    Monsoon: Nevermind…

    The Match: Right from the opening bell, these two teams immediately give each other hell. Early on, Kandori drags Ruby out and nails her with a piledriver on a table. Not a flimsy American table, one of those hard as granite looking Japanese table. The attack leaves Ruby a bloody mess, but she keeps fighting on. Ruby and Chihiro hang on and weather the storm, and Ruby is able to mount a spirited comeback and pin Kandori after crushing her headfirst with a basement-rana. There is hope against the Pillars of Hell!

    Winners: Ruby Soho & Chihiro Hashimoto in 11:55

    El Generico (2011) vs. Bob Backlund (1979) w/Bobby Heenan (1987)

    Monsoon: Well, what are you going to do now Brain? Looks like you’ve got to leave the booth to go be with your man, and good riddance!

    Heenan: Don’t worry, I know you can’t handle things by yourself so I’ve arranged for someone to fill in for me. Please welcome to the table, the son I never had, Larry Sweeney! (Sweeney comes to the table and he and Heenan embrace)

    Sweeney: How are ya, pop?

    Monsoon: Not this guy! He doesn’t know anything about wrestling, he’s 0-2 tonight!

    Sweeney: You shut your mouth you old monkey geezer, I’ll throw you off the top of the Empire State Building before you can say “will you stop?”.

    Monsoon: I doubt that very much, young man. Gene, get us away from these two!


    Okerlund: With pleasure! I’m here with Bob Backlund and I must ask you sir, you seem to be quite bothered by the masked luchador they call El Generico.

    Backlund: What did you call him? A HOOCHador? If that man is from south of the border, I’m my aunt Sally! Do I look like Aunt Sally to you?

    Okerlund: Well, I’ve never had the pleasure.

    Backlund: No no, this trickster, this scoundrel is here fooling everybody, he’s fooling the children! It’s not right! And you, people like you Okerlund, you just go along with it! You’re as bad as he is! It’s driving me out of my mind, why can’t you see the truth?

    Okerlund: With all due respect Mr Backlund, what does it really matter where El Generico is from? He isn’t hurting anyone!

    Heenan: (enters the scene) Spoken like a true fraud, Okerlund! I bet that mustache isn’t even real. Here’s the bottom line: the truth matters. It matters a great deal to myself and to Mr Backlund, so much that he has put his hair on the line for a chance to unmask that conman Generico. Get ready, it’s time to say adios to ole!

    The Match: Backlund has a clear advantage in terms of strength and mat technique, but Generico uses his speed, agility, and luchador tactics to bamboozle him. Backlund is also hindered by his obsession with tearing at the mask. In the end Generico beats Backlund at his own game, reversing into a pinning combination and beating him with good old fashioned wrestling. A distraught Backlund has to be held down to be shaved, still screaming that Generico is no luchador.

    Winner: El Generico in 18:49

    AR Fox (2017) & ACH (2013) vs. Psicosis (1996) & Super Crazy (2000)

    Video Package: A showcase of the wild moves and daredevil tactics each member of each team engages in. As the highlight reel plays, Metallica plays a live rendition of “Fuel”.

    The Match: The two teams are given the green light to put on the wildest, most jaw dropping match they can manage together. The match is wrestled under Lucha tag rules, meaning exiting the ring from any point is as good as a hand tag. Fox hits the Lo Mein Pain and ACH follows up with a 450 on Psychosis to pick up the victory.

    Winners: AR Fox & ACH in 10:47

    WALTER (2018) vs. Shinya Hashimoto (1998)

    *Pretaped scene in Dario Cueto’s office. WALTER is sitting across from Dario as he pours a drink, hulking over the desk.

    Dario: WALTER, I don’t understand. I know how violent you are, and I want to reward that. I’ve seen you make a man break down simply by chopping him, it was a lovely sight. I’m willing to give you a chance for the championship, but you don’t want it?

    WALTER: I will be champion one day. But first, I wish to take advantage of a different opportunity. I have great respect for the history of Japanese wrestling, and wish to test myself against the legendary names now around us.

    Dario: I see… do you have anyone in mind?

    WALTER: I will start with the toughest man in New Japan history. Give me Shinya Hashimoto.

    Dario: He will be a difficult challenge… what do you plan to do?

    WALTER: (Smiles grimly) Break him.

    Dario: Oh WALTER, that violence again. I love it. You’ve got your match.

    The Match: Two extremely meaty men pound the ever-loving hell out of each other any way they can think of. The difference in the end is that WALTER is too keen to prove he can take Hashimoto’s best shot, whereas Hash plays it more cautiously and avoids taking damage until he has an opening to unleash a final stretch of hell on WALTER, taking the hard fought victory. After the match Hashimoto is so impressed he offers to ally with WALTER, until such time as WALTER is able to best him. WALTER accepts, and a fearsome alliance is born.

    Winner: Shinya Hashimoto in 16:35

    Johnny Saint (1980) vs. Nick Bockwinkel (1984) w/Heenan


    Okerlund: Bobby Heenan, I’ve known you and your close associate Nick Bockwinkel for a very long time, but I don’t know if you’ve ever faced someone quite like England’s own Johnny Saint.

    Bockwinkel: Mr Okerlund, let me stop you right there. While it may be true that myself and Sir Robert of Heenan have yet to tread the canvas against this man Saint, please make no mistake that we are in any way unprepared for this charlatan.

    Heenan: That’s right, what, do you think just because made up a few fancy holds against some gangly English boys you can stand in the ring against one of the greatest wrestlers to ever live, Nick Bockwinkel?

    Bockwinkel: The crux of the matter is that you’re an expert illusionist, Saint, you confuddle your competition with sleight of hand, but against a man with my mental acuity your attempts are merely cretinous, unworthy of the standards created by the Greeks of old.

    Heenan: We’ve got the Greeks, you’ve got the geeks Saint! So bring on your Cornish Leglock, your Tea and Crumpets Arm Drag, your Yorkshire Pudding! In fact the only way you could beat us is if we had to eat your food first!

    The Match: Bockwinkel comes in with tremendous confidence, which is quickly turned on it’s head when he discovers he cannot easily escape or reverse the many holds of Saint. What’s worse, Bock’s own offense is often knocked away or escaped with ease by the clever Saint! With Heenan’s help, a flustered Bockwinkel turns the match dirty and gains the advantage that way. Saint makes his comeback, countering and avoiding even Bockwinkel’s dirtiest moves. In the end it’s Heenan slugging Saint in the jaw with a roll of quarters behind the referee’s back that gets highly tainted win for Bock.

    Winner: Nick Bockwinkel in 15:59

    Negro Casas (1997), Volador Jr (2017), Valiente (2017), & Yu Ishino (2018) vs. Marty Martinez (2017), Barbaro Cavenario (2017), El Dandy (1990), & Silver King (1997)

    Video Package: We see clips of Marty “The Moth” Martinez entering the Lucha libre scene and beginning to influence and corrupt other luchadors, turning them from typical rudos into something more psychotic. Rather than simply cheat in the ring, Marty leads them to make attacks backstage and even threaten the families of their opponents. Cavenario, Dandy, and Silver King are lead astray from their former role model, Negro Casas, leader of the rudos. Casas turns to those who are normally his enemies, the technico team of Volador Jr and Valiente, for help showing the other rudos that The Moth’s ways will not be successful in helping them win. An atomicos match is set, with Negro Casas’ final member being a mystery.

    The Match: Marty the Moth comes out to Metallica’s performance of “Prince Charming”. Negro Casas reveals his final wild card member is Yu Ishino, who formerly wrestled as Kagetsu. A well-versed heel himself, he knows every tactic of the rudos and is adept in a style similar to Lucha libre, yet different enough that it confounds their opponents time and time again. After a wild battle Casas’ gamble pays off, as Ishino blinds Marty with a spray of mist in the end and drops him on his head with a Ebisu Drop for the victory. After the match, Marty’s followers abandon him in defeat.

    Winners: Team Negro Casas in 14:52

    Meiko Satomura (2015) vs. Bull Nakano (1992) w/Sweeney


    Okerlund: Larry Sweeney, despite your predictions, it must be said that you’ve seen much success tonight.

    Sweeney: Alright, so Sweet ‘n’ Sour Inc has had a few setbacks tonight, but that’s only because we’ve been saving the best for when we really need it, jack! And when you’re talking about the best, you need to look no further than this amazing creature, Bull Nakano. By god Okerlund, her hair alone could kill you! Not that you would know anything about hair.

    Okerlund: Just a minute now-

    Sweeney: No time for that! Bull, baby, we’re down by one but we’re gonna pull this thing off no problem! Let’s hit the ring, I got something special to get you psyched up!

    The Match: The Pretty Reckless play Bull to the ring with “Miss Nothing”. Per joshi tradition, the rules are relaxed for this match, leading to a hard-fought battle that at times rages all across the arena and gets quite bloody. It seems that Satomura will pull out of the ring through sheer determination, but Bull busts out her trademark nunchucks and beats her opponent upside the head with them. A top rope leg drop gets the final victory for Nakano, evening the score between the rival groups and giving Sweeney his first win of the night.

    Winner: Bull Nakano in 15:46

    Stan Hansen (1993) vs. Eddie Kingston (2022)

    Video Package: We see footage, as The Pretty Reckless plays “Going To Hell”, of Hansen and Kingston crossing paths in a tag team match. Kingston takes the first hard shot at Hansen, but Hansen seems to go berserk in response and unleashes an unprecedented hell on an Eddie who is unprepared for the savagery of the attack. The match has to be called off because Hansen won’t stop attacking a bloody Kingston who is no longer able to defend himself. We see a clip of Hansen after the match backstage, still covered in Eddie’s blood, telling an interviewer he simply doesn’t like Eddie, hated him on sight and he’ll be glad to put him out of wrestling for good.


    Okerlund: Eddie Kingston, I want to ask you-

    Kingston: Gene, Gene, Gene, I gotta cut you off. I respect you, I’ve actually dreamed about being interviewed by you, believe me, but what I gotta say is just for me, so gimme the mic and get the hell away.

    Okerlund: The floor is yours.

    Kingston: They say you should never meet your heroes, and in my life that’s usually been good advice. Look at the business I’m in, if you have a hero in wrestling then odds are good he’s a piece of shit, probably a racist or pedophile or conman. At the very least he’s gonna be a stuck-up asshole, it’s almost for sure. So when I met you, Stan Hansen, I wasn’t excited. I was braced for the worst. You’re part of one of the greatest eras of wrestling history, you walked the King’s Road, hell you helped pave it. You are a hero to me, make no mistake, so I figured there was no way in hell you wouldn’t be a giant piece of shit.

    So imagine my feeling when we meet backstage, and… and you’re all smiles, with your little glasses, telling jokes, shaking my hand. And I thought holy crap, it’s a miracle! Stan Hansen, the guy who knocked the eyeball out of man’s head, turns out he’s a nice guy. A nice guy, yeah, I actually thought that. And then you and me, we actually stepped in the ring together. Another dream come true for me, never thought it could happen. When our turn came in that tag match, I got in your face, because I’m still me, of course I did, and I gave you the best shot I could. And I knew, I knew you’d give me a shot back. I’m not mad about that, I’ve watched your matches so much I know ‘em by heart, I know you’re one of the hardest hitters ever, that’s one of the reasons you were, ya know, a hero to me.

    …what I did not expect, and maybe I should have, maybe this is on me, but when you came back at me, you weren’t trying to wrestle me. Nah, you weren’t even trying to fight me. You were trying to hurt me. You were trying to, to injure me, to take away the only thing in life I’m worth a damn at, weren’t you? And now I don’t know, I’m sitting there in pain, and let me tell you I know pain brother, I know it like an old friend, and I wonder, god, was this the secret all along? Is this guy just out here trying to end careers and put people in the hospital? Or was this just for me? Maybe you looked at me and saw something a little bit familiar, because believe me partner, I’ve tried to hurt people in the ring, more times than I like to remember. But there’s one difference, I ain’t gonna hurt you unless you hurt me first. I got something called a conscience, and hey maybe you don’t. Maybe that’s why you can smile and joke and then try to make sure a man never walks again, and man who never did nothing to you except look up to you.

    But hey, that’s fine, I’m not here to complain. I’m here to give you a last minute warning, because it’s too late to change it now anyway. You did hurt me, so now, now I’m gonna hurt you. That’s not a threat, it’s a promise. You want to teach me something new about being hurt? No, you’re the one who’s gonna learn something tonight! And I’m not doing it for the fans, I’m not doing it for that slimy guy sitting up in his office, I’m not doing it for anyone except that little kid from Yonkers who watched you on VHS until the tape was worn out to nothing but static. Cause now I gotta defend that kid from a monster who I thought was a hero.

    I used to worship you, Stan Hansen, but now I hate your guts, because you tried to take me out of the game for no god damn reason. You hear me? I hate your guts you fat redneck, so let’s goddamn do this!

    The Match: Kingston and Hansen start fighting like hell before the bell can even ring, and the fight quickly turns bloody. After a grueling, hard hitting battle, Hansen hurls Kingston from ringside across the barricade through a table and retreats to the ring, now seemingly willing to accept a count out victory. Kingston drags himself back in before the count only to be nearly beheaded with a lariat. However, Kingston stumbles wildly back to his feet, screaming in rage, and starts tearing away at Hansen with everything he has left. After three spinning backfists Hansen will still not go down, but is nearly out on his feet. Kingston hauls him up with the last of his strength to hit a Burning Hammer. Kingston does not go for the cover but instead drags himself up against, barely able to stand but ready to fight on, but Hansen does not get up again and Kingston is declared the winner via knockout.

    Winner: Eddie Kingston in 20:20

    Rick Martel (1987) & Tito Santana (1987) vs. Bobby Eaton (1988) & Stan Lane (1988) w/Heenan – GGW Tag Team Championships


    Okerlund: I’m here with the Midnight Express, and I must say gentlemen, I’m surprised by your choice of manager. I realize your man Cornette was not available, for which we are very grateful, but Bobby Heenan, even you must realize you’re on the wrong side of this match? You’re fighting against the pride of the WWF, the very promotion you helped build up to dizzying heights!

    Heenan: And who did they choose to represent the WWF in this match? Was it any of the great Heenan Family teams over the years? No, they picked Chico and Barbie’s boyfriend Ken. I know when I’m not wanted! Besides, how could I give up the chance to manage the greatest tag team of all time?

    Okerlund: Their resume is immaculate, to be sure, but still, don’t you feel just a little bit like a weasel for switching sides so easily?

    Heenan: I don’t feel- hey! Don’t use that word. No, I don’t feel like that. In fact, I feel a little bit like… a round of tennis! (He produces a racquet and walks away with ME laughing)

    The Match: Everyone naturally brings their best. Martel and Tito are filled with babyface fire, Stan Lane his martial arts tactics, and Eaton puts his wide variety of skills on display. In the end Heenan tries to interfere with the racquet, but he fails and Tito slugs him to the mat. However, this distraction allows Eaton and Lane to double team Martel and put him away for the 1-2-3 to retain the title.

    Winner: Midnight Express in 15:46

    2 Cold Scorpio (1993) vs. Willie Mack (2017) – Falls Count Anywhere

    *Pretaped in Dario’s office. Mack and 2 Cold are sitting with Dario.

    Dario: So even though you are the previous champions, I’m sorry to say you will not be facing the Midnight Express for your rematch at Nothing to Lose. You will get your title shot… sometime.

    Mack: Ok, thanks for letting us know.

    Scorpio: …That’s it? That’s all you have to say?

    Mack: What? He said we’ll get the title shots later.

    Scorpio: This might be the biggest show of all time, and you’re just fine sitting it out? What is the matter with you, man?

    Dario: Is there a problem here?

    Mack: Nah, we just-

    Scorpio: You’re damn right there’s a problem. Willie, do you know what kind of hell I’ve gone through in my career? The shit I’ve had to put up with, the fights I’ve had to fight that had nothing to do with what happens in that ring? I went through hell, and I had my legs cut out from under me over and over. But I kept walking, because I knew it would be easier for the next guy. Guess what, you’re the next guy. And you roll over for another greasy guy in a cheap suit the moment he says boo.

    Dario: This suit is quite expensive-

    Scorpio: Shut the hell up! Mack, is this really how it’s gonna be?

    Mack: Calm down man, I don’t know what you want me to do here.

    Scorpio: You don’t know? Alright, I’ll show you.

    *2 Cold grabs Dario’s bull statue off the desk and smashes it across Mack’s head! Dario leaps back as 2 Cold continues beating down a bloody Mack. He finishes by throwing him through the office window.

    Scorpio: You don’t care if we have the tag match? Fine. Cause you’re gonna fight me, and you’re gonna learn what you should be doing or by god, I’m gonna end you so the next guy can step up.

    *2 Cold stalks away. Dario surveys the mess and rubs his forehead.

    Dario: I should really stop letting wrestlers in here…

    *Cut to live backstage

    Okerlund: Willie Mack, we’ve just seen the events that have led to this bitter grudge match. I’m told that even after this brutal attack, you were hesitant to accept this match. Are you truly prepared to compete against a former friend and mentor in such a dangerous match.

    Mack: Gene, it hurts me that you even have to ask that question. But I gotta be straight with you, I don’t know if I really am ready.

    Okerlund: But we’re seconds away from the opening bell, Willie!

    Mack: I know, I know! I’ve tried to get in right in my head. But I never got in wrestling to hurt people, least of all people like you, 2 Cold. You know what, nah, I don’t want to do this. I really don’t. But I’m not giving up my dream either, one day I’m gonna be on top of this hill, and nothing’s gonna stop me from getting there. So 2 Cold, you do what you think you gotta, but don’t push me over the edge. You might not like what you find.

    The Match: The fight starts quickly and moves all around the arena, with both men engaging both in heated brawling and some creatively violent spots in and out of the ring. Mack fights back but seems hesitant to go for the kill, for the really violent stuff. In the end they fight up to Dario Cueto’s office platform. As Dario flees the scene, Scorpio kicks out the railing and it becomes clear he’s trying to throw Mack off down to the concrete below, a serious drop. This finally sets the Mack off, and he grabs Dario’s bull statue and clobbers Scorpio in the head with it. Scorpio takes a huge fall, crashing through tables set up nearby. Mack jumps down and it seems like this would be enough for the win, but a now furious Mack drags him back to the ring and stomps his head into a concrete block before pinning him for the win. Mack stands over his former friend, unsure if he’s done right or wrong.

    Winner: Willie Mack in 19:27

    Sara Del Rey (2012) vs. Aja Kong (1994) w/Sweeney – GGW Women’s Championship


    Okerlund: I’m here with the champion, Sara Del Rey, in advance of what has to be the toughest possible defense for your title. You’ve fended off all of Larry Sweeney’s other Pillars in tough battles, but now you face Aja Kong.

    Sara Del Rey: You know, nobody ever accused me of being too nice, but I have tremendous pride in what I do. At times that pride makes me do things that frankly I shouldn’t be forgiven for. I know you’re the same, Kong, though I doubt that you care what happens to other people. But I know that I’m on here, we’re all only here, because of what you and your generation did for women everywhere. You proved women can create the best wrestling in the world if given the chance, and now I’ve got to prove I’m not only on your level, I might be even a little bit better. So tonight if I do some unforgiveable things to you, just remember I learned it by watching you. Oh, and one more thing. Keep your lapdog Sweeney in line, or I’m taking him out!

    The Match: Aja Kong comes out to her stupendous theme, Jungle Emperor. Sara Del Rey comes out to “Heaven Knows”, performed by the Pretty Reckless. Before the match, Sweeney tries to rush Sara but gets KO’d by a might punch for his trouble. Aja Kong barely seems to notice her manager being destroyed. The match begins and immediately become a titanic slugfest, both women working overtime to blow the other away with strikes. Things get bloody and Sara gives it everything she has, and almost seems to close in on victory more than once, but every time Kong powers up and comes back seemingly stronger, and unstoppable force. Del Rey fights to the bitter end, but finally Kong backfists her damn head off and picks up the win and the title at last. Kong drags a still unconscious Sweeney backstage with her as she leaves.

    Winner: Aja Kong in 20:47

    Vader (1993) vs. Bryan Danielson (2009) w/Heenan – No DQ, GGW Championship

    Video Package: We see clips of Vader and Danielson facing off one year ago. At the time Vader had Bobby Heenan at his side and was on top of the promotion and seemingly the world. Things went on until Vader started to hint that he didn’t need Heenan or his tactics, that he was strong enough to conquer the promotion without any help at all. Heenan seemed to take all this in stride… until, moments before the big title match with Danielson, Heenan suddenly smashed Vader’s knee in with a hidden pipe! Heenan quickly fled the ring and Danielson immediately attacked to begin the match. Vader did everything possible to fight back, but Danielson was absolutely vicious going after the injury, ripping apart his leg so that he could barely stand. For a moment Vader seemed to almost rally but made the mistake of attempting the moonsault, which failed and allowed Bryan to apply an Indian Deathlock which forced the first ever tapout from Vader. After the match Danielson and Heenan mock and humiliate a broken Vader. Now, a year later, Vader has rehabbed his leg fully and worked his way back up the ladder, and is on the path for revenge despite every attempt to dodge a rematch by Heenan. By Vader’s request and Bryan’s agreement, the match has been made no DQ.


    Okerlund: Bobby Heenan, Bryan Danielson, for one year you have stood on top of our promotion, but never until now have you given a rematch to the man you won the title from under dubious circumstances.

    Heenan: Dubious? Dubious! How dare you. Don’t you forget, baldy, I stood at Vader’s side for every single one of those title defenses. I know his tactics, I know how he wins, and his hands are far from clean! Don’t cry for the big lug just because the tables were turned on him!

    Danielson: In wrestling, the only thing more important than physical precision is mental precision, and if that’s a test that Vader failed a year ago that isn’t my fault, nor is it the fault of my esteemed manager the Brain.

    Okerlund: Be that as it may, I don’t think you’ll catch the former champion with the same tactic again!

    Heenan: Why, did he finally graduate from high school this year? I know this man like the back of my hand, and believe me, he’s not getting any smarter. Vader, you were stupid enough that you were gonna dump me, so what hope do you have to match wits with a mental giant like the American Dragon?

    Danielson: Vader, listen very closely, because I’m going to tell you exactly what’s about to happen. You’re going to hear the very familiar sounds of things breaking inside your body. Tendons, ligaments, bones, I’ve broken them once and I’ll break them again. Give me a lever and I can move the world, and you better believe I’ve got the leverage on you, big man. You’re worried about winning the title back? Worry about how you’re going to breathe under all that mass when your ribs are splintered.

    Heenan: You hear that Vader? You’re never gonna get the title, you’re never gonna get ME, you’re nothing without me and you-

    *Heenan, Danielson, and Okerlund scatter as a light fixture comes crashing into the interview set. Vader thunders on camera roaring, and destroys what’s left of the set before marching off towards the ring. Okerlund comes nervously back to the wreckage.

    Okerlund: Well back to you Gorilla, I’ll be there shortly since Larry Sweeney is looking no better than this interview area!

    The Match: Vader enters to “King Nothing”, played by Metallica. Heenan attempts a sneak attack again but Vader stops him. Danielson jumps Vader before he can do damage to Heenan, and the fight is on. Danielson uses his speed and technique to stay ahead of Vader and avoid the big shots, meanwhile sniping at his joints and once again going after the knee. Heenan’s distractions also allow him to keep safe from Vader’s biggest attacks. Bryan makes use of a chain to apply even more damaging submissions and it seems for a while he may have Vader on the ropes again. However, Vader rallies and throws Danielson out into the crowd, before literally diving in after him, like a building crashing down on someone. With Danielson dazed, Vader unleashes on him, beating him savagely. Vader motions to go for the moonsault and Heenan rushes him again, but Vader beats him as well, making him bounce around the ring like a super ball. As Heenan writhes in agony, Danielson tries one last attempt to come back, once again applying the Indian Deathlock. Vader is able to punch his way out and batters Danielson until he is bloody on the mat. Vader finally hits the Vadersault and wins, regaining the title he lost.

    Winner: Vader in 17:52

    The '92 Rumble! The Brain's Finest Hour!

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    Great writing for the announcers, man. You must have done a screw job on Hansen because he’s not jobbing on his own.
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      Haha that was the point I waffled the most on... call it an indulgence on the part of the "fantasy" part of the equation, if you must! And if anyone should know how to write for Heenan/Monsoon, it's gotta be me. Glad you enjoyed.

      The '92 Rumble! The Brain's Finest Hour!


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        Starting right at the top I think Nothing To Lose is a great title for a PPV. It reminds me of a title they'd use for a PPV - or literally anything in late 90s, early 2000s.

        I loved the format you chose and I knew you'd nail it. As someone that follows your series on Heenan throughout the years I know full well you've got their voices down to a tee. The same goes for Dario. I know of your love for LU so that fits in pretty well with your promotion.

        You used your celebrity guests to full effect have them play out numerous wrestler's throughout the show. That was a nice touch.

        As for the card itself, it was a divers card from top to bottom. That is to be expected in an all time draft, but your deep dive into older wrestler in the past helped you capture each character really well when engaging in promos. As far as that is concerned, I think Eddie Kingston's promo was the best on the card. I've enjoyed his work since he arrived in AEW and he rarely disappoints. Pairing Eddie up with Hansen was a good move considering the former's respect for old-school wrestling.

        There was a nice mix and mesh of styles on display and I think the years you chose for each wrestler was really when they were at there peak. Perhaps even a year when they had a great run. Overall I think this would be a great card to watch with something for literally everybody. You've chosen women who are leaders in their fields who you know would have a great match if that opportunity every arose. Hell, the main event is a dream match that would be worth the price of admission alone!

        Great card and fantastic job writing this!


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          Thanks so much Don! I really appreciate the line on Eddie Kingston in particularly, I worked hard on that promo and I think it really comes through in his voice, which is important to me. Appreciate the read!

          The '92 Rumble! The Brain's Finest Hour!