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    Welcome to the 2022 fantasy wrestling draft!

    Because this is an all time draft, there aren't going to be a ton of rules since the pool is huge and nobody truly misses out on any studs

    * 37 rounds in a snake style draft (if you pick last in round 1, you pick first in round 2 and the draft goes in reverse order on even rounds).

    * You can use anyone you draft in any era they wrestled in. If you'd like to use them in their prime, as a rookie, or as a veteran toward the end-- there are no rules here other than to make it clear on your card what variation the wrestler is being used in. In past drafts, a lot of people have put a year in parentheses to indicate that is the variation of their character they're using (ex: Taker (97) vs. HBK (96).

    * No duplicates. Drafting someone from a tag team takes them off the board as a singles competitor and vice versa, drafting a singles competitor takes that tag team off the board. (ex: Drafting Shawn Michaels removes The Rockers as a draft option for tag teams)

    * ALL tag teams can be drafted as a pair, however, if you draft two individual stars as a tag team (ex: Mega Powers) you MUST use them as a tag team. They cannot be used as singles wrestlers.

    * As long as your tag team has tagged at least ONCE and you can verify this, it's all good.

    * If you draft two singles competitors and decide on your card to put them as a tag team, that is perfectly fine.

    * NEW THIS YEAR, you will have options on what you want to do with your roster as far as writing a column post draft. What I do not want this year is to burn anyone out so I've given a couple of options here that tailors to the person who prefers to write more and those who prefer to maybe write less but have it be impactful. See bottom for more details!

    * Note on tag teams. In the past, we have not allowed tag team drafting to happen til round 4 to protect the top singles stars from going in tag teams and thinning out the main event pool. With this being an all time draft, that rule is out the window. If you want the Mega Powers with your first pick- by all means go for it!'


    Because many of us live in different time zones, you will have 24 hours to make a draft pick. If you do not make a pick at that time, the draft will continue with the next person and you may jump in at any time to make your pick with whoever is available. If you miss 2 consecutive rounds, you can jump in with 2 straight picks. If at any point you miss 3 rounds of the draft and your pick is skipped, you will forfeit your current roster and it will become available in the draft pool. People will have the option of forfeiting one of their draft picks to take on the newly available wrestler (ex: someone misses 3 rounds of the draft by round 7 and forfeits 7 players. The person drafting sees Randy Savage is now suddenly available and forfeits one of their picks to take him on).


    * I will contact you when it's your pick and use whatever method you prefer. You will be tagged on Twitter as well when you're up and when you're next up.

    DM me on Twitter (@BadNewsBeau)
    Message me on the WH forums (@typeitinmaan)
    Send me a text message (I'll give you my phone # if you prefer to do it this way)


    For those who have never drafted, I will be posted the draft picks in real time on this sub forum under the headline "2022 All Time Fantasy Wrestling Draft results." It will have a breakdown of all the draft picks and it will include everyone's up to date roster and what positions they have filled and still need to fill. It will also include a list of pre-rankings for "best available" at every position. You do not have to treat those rankings as gospel if you have your own criteria for ranking people, it is just a general tool to let people know who's available.


    25 singles competitors (men and women)

    You'll have 25 singles slots for men and women combined. Some drafters in the past have preferred more women on their show, others prefer to draft more on the men's side. That option is up to you to fill your singles slots.

    3 managers

    There will be a comprehensive list of pre-rankings for all time managers, but you may draft anyone to be a manager on your roster, even if they've never done so. Managers CAN wrestle on your card if that's how you want to book it, but it must be clearly shown in your column that this is a manager stepping out of their role to wrestle.

    6 tag teams (must have tagged at least once together, verified if needed)

    Per above, you can start drafting tag teams in round 1 and draft 2 people at once, even if it's not a true tag team (like Andre/DiBiase, Mega Powers, etc.)

    2 celebrities

    Anyone that has had any involvement in wrestling all time is eligible here. You can use the celebrity in any capacity you wish (enforcer, referee, escort, wrestler on you card, etc.)

    1 General Manager

    We did not do the GM in 2021, but we're bringing it back for the all time draft. You may choose anyone who has been a GM, but everyone is eligible to be a GM even if they've never done it. If you draft someone as the GM, they CAN wrestler on your card too! Chance to be creative.


    Like we have with the last 3 drafts, we will use our rosters for the greater good and book them in some sort of event. Unlike years past where we all wrote cards, this year you'll have options.

    NOTE: All of the options below have a 4,000 word limit (for reference, Mizzie went slightly over the 3,261 mark on his card last year and was a pretty easy read. The goal of these is to be impactful and not super duper long this year)

    OPTION 1: Final promo battle between the 2 people in your MAIN EVENT of your card

    * This CAN include a quick re-cap or rundown of the rest of your card, but should mainly include just the script for the promo between the two people in your main event and anyone else involved in that main event on your "go home" show (managers, celebrities, etc.)

    OPTION 2: An entire detailed super card with matches/build up/results

    This is the traditional thing. Within the 4,000 word limit you can include your card, build up, match description, results, etc. Just keep in mind you'll have to adhere to the word limit

    OPTION 3: Booking the TV show the Monday after your super card

    It's the TV show after your big event. What is the crowd like? Can you describe what happens briefly at your super show and make this a weekly episodic program to remember? SELL US!

    OPTION 4: Quick results of your supercard card with some commentary

    Perfect for the person who doesn't have the time to write a bunch. Short, impactful show results with some commentary/context to make it pop.

    OPTION 5: A collab column with someone else combining your rosters into one supershow

    If you want to hook up with another person to write a collab column and combine into one giant supershow, opening that Tony Khan "forbidden door," you're more than welcome to. (If you choose to do this, the word limit will be extended to 5,000 words)

    Once the draft is over, get at me and decide which of these 5 options best suits you!

    DRAFT START DATE: Monday, April 10th, 2022 is the tenative start date.. but I will take this to a vote IF people want to go earlier. My only drawback was that many of you are column writers and it's Mania season, combined with AEW, making your attention focused on that. I was wanting to wait til after Mania season.. but WWE is so bad that maybe nobody cares?


    We did not vote on a winner last year, but I would like to do that this year. The best chance for us to do that is to have EVERYONE read EVERYONE ELSE's card when this thing is over. I emphasize again that your cards should adhere to the word limit and maybe even lower so that they're all easy enough reads for everyone and we can appropriately vote on a winner.

    1ST PLACE: You get your column posted on the main page (If you're a column writer, you can post your own)
    2ND PLACE: Column posted on the forums in the columns forums

    Any questions POST BELOW!!

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    Every year this is such fun. Looking forward to this one!

    The '92 Rumble! The Brain's Finest Hour!