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#FWD21 Prototype Wrestling presents "Rebellion" (Live on MTV 9-11-86)

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  • #FWD21 Prototype Wrestling presents "Rebellion" (Live on MTV 9-11-86)

    ** DISCLAIMER **

    The following fictitious wrestling promotion was built around the years 1986-87. Per the rules of this draft, no superstar was used with a gimmick before 1980 or past the year 2000. To fit into a timeline, some superstars' real life timelines in other organizations were moved up or down. Some wrestlers' journeys were based off of actual real life events, some were created from scratch, and some of their ages were bent to fit into the time frame I was going with.

    Enjoy Prototype Wrestling..

    ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ****************
    In 1986, the World Wrestling Federation and Jim Crockett Promotions' National Wrestling Alliance were bringing the world of professional wrestling to the mainstream. Wanting a piece of the pie, Tony "Type" Beauchamp used his life savings and a family inheritance to start his own wrestling organization that would launch at the beginning of 1987.

    Type had a roster budget of $6 million dollars to work with, giving contracts that would start 1/1/87 and expire the day after the super show on 9/12/87. The task of recruiting superstars from other companies, overpaying them for 9 months, and selling them the company had staying power was the challenge for Prototype Wrestling.

    In a stroke of luck, Type struck a deal with MTV founder Robert Pittman, who happened to be both the uncle of Type and an avid wrestling fan. In good faith, he agreed to give the wrestling promotion a 75 minute time slot, doing so at a family discount, on the last Saturday of every other month at 10pm ET, with a 3 hour "go home" show, leading up to the big PPV in September. Type would have 4 TV shows and the super show to prove the promotion belonged..

    To sweeten the deal, MTV gave their super show the 9pm slot after the '87 MTV Video Music Awards and allowed for PTW superstars to appear as presenters at the awards show. (The award show was LIVE on Sept 4th and aired in syndication at 8pm on September 11th, leading right up to the LIVE super show)


    Recruiting for the new promotion began in April of '86, just 9 months before the promotion launched. Type was given a budget of $6 million dollars to give out 9 month contracts that would expire in September of '87. The hope was that the weekly TV spot would garner ratings and the super show would be a big enough success to sign long term deals with these guys after the summer should the company keep going. He would have to sell these individuals that the promotion would be a success and that they would have full creative freedom, with the likely outcome of having to overpay these guys for diving into a virtual unknown.

    R.J. Maivia:

    Duane Johnson (RJ Maivia in NWA), loaded with charisma and fielding several TV offers, left the University of Miami football team pre-maturely in his junior year (1982) due to the inability to make money off of his name, image and likeness, a battle he was fighting with the NCAA since his freshman year. Duane, who went by RJ Maivia (Rock Johnson Maivia), would sign with the NWA in late '82 as a likeable babyface and unsuccessfully challenge Ric Flair for the NWA world championship on April 3rd, 1986. Duane had pleaded with the company to let him take his character in another direction, but the company would not budge as he was a huge hit with the ladies and a marketable babyface superstar. Duane was suspended on April 7th, 1986 for what NWA said was an "intentional sabotage of his scripted character." The company was looking to re-negotiate and make amends with him in late April by offering him a deal worth nearly 7 figures with a guaranteed run at the world title as long as the company could keep control of his character. With rumors swirling that Flair was leaving for LWO's promotion very soon, Duane pitched the idea to take Flair's place as the company's top heel and start a program with Dusty Rhodes. Arguably inside the top 5 most popular wrestlers in the world (behind just Hogan, Flair, Dusty, and Savage), Duane wanted to go somewhere where he was the company's top guy. The WWF couldn't offer him that and the NWA refused to budge on a heel turn. Type drove to Miami to meet the star in his home. Knowing he absolutely NEEDS a star for the promotion, and knowing Flair,Hogan, Dusty, and Savage were out of reach, he overpaid for the emerging superstar just hitting his prime.

    Signed April 30th, 1986 : $1M
    Budget left: $5M

    Jake "The Snake" Roberts:

    In a meeting with Type, Jake Roberts did not hold back his discontentment with Vince McMahon over being "penalized for being popular." Jake was beginning to be cheered by fans during what could've been a main event program with Hulk Hogan in '86. Type was able to sell the Snake man on the idea of being a main event player with the company and a promise that any fan reaction (cheers or jeers) would not result in losing his spot near the top. Roberts left the WWF in May of '86 to join Prototype wrestling as the company's second major signing. Jake agreed to a discount to provide the company flexibility to sign other stars in exchange for a prominent role within the company.

    Signed May 10th, 1986: $300K
    Budget left: 4.7M

    Mr. T:

    Off the heels of a successful appearance at Wrestlemania II back in April, Type met with Mr. T about the possibility of continuing his involvement with wrestling through PTW. Type had a superstar in mind that could take Mr. T's involvement "to another level" if he could possibly sign him. He was sold and came on at a hefty price for 2 appearances.

    Signed May 11, 1986: $1M
    Budget Left: 3.7M

    Joan Rivers:

    Joan Rivers debuted her new talk show The Late Show With Joan Rivers on April 1, 1986 on a brand new station, FOX network. Already having issues with the Network and the direction it was taking her show, Joan was cancelled in early May of '86. MTV picked up the rights to her talk show in late May of 1986. Joan's controversial comedy made her a natural fit on MTV and a perfect addition to Prototype Wrestling's big show that was trying to attract enough attention to compete in the mainstream. Signing a female pioneer in her prime was not cheap, and Type knew this.

    Signed May 30, 1986: $700K
    Budget Left: 3M

    Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and Devon Dudley):

    The Dudley Boyz were moving up the ranks of the WWF tag team division in 1986 when they were suddenly and unexpectedly released. The USA network had aired a match on Primetime Wrestling in June 1st, 1986 between The British Bulldogs and The Dudley Boyz where the Dudleyz had bladed, grabbed tables, shouted obscenities and wrestled an overall "aggressive and violent style that did not uphold the values of USA network" Type sat down with Bubba Ray and D-Von to get the story and decide if these guys were worth a hire. It was rumored that Vince had wanted the group to do "anything they could to garner heel heat" against the likeable tag team champions, the British Bulldogs. When the network saw the match air, they immediately forced the WWF's hand and Vince McMahon vehemently denied letting the group go off script. The original plan was to have the Bulldogs vs. The Dudley's at Saturday Night's Main event VII on Sept 13, 1986. Type felt their aggressive style would complement visions he had of them against another team he was working on signing before the end of 1986.

    Signed June 15th, 1986 for Combined $175K
    Budget left: 2.825M

    Brian Pillman:

    There had been a lull in recruiting with many stars still tied up into contracts. Type took a visit to Cincinnati, OH to think outside the box and possibly get an impact player on the cheap. Brian Pillman was released from the NWA in 1985 after aggressively grabbing a cameraman with a history of neck problems by the collar. Pillman was undergoing a heel turn for the first time in his career and higher ups had already felt he became "unhinged." Type met with Brian June 17th of '86 and the two were realistic about what they could both get out of this. Pillman had already been out of wrestling for a year without any offers and was grateful for an opportunity to get back in the game at still just 33 years of age. Type encouraged Pillman to use that "unhinged" personality to his benefit, but not without some terms and conditions. Type felt Pillman could bring in the MTV audience, as his heel character had the look and feel of a rockstar.

    Signed June 17th, 1986: 60K
    Budget left: 2.765M

    Ivan Putski
    Type continued to go the route of free agents and made a visit to Ivan Putski's home in Greenville, South Carolina. Putski took a hiatus from wrestling in the WWF in 1986 at the age of 45. Type convinced him to take on the new adventure of PTW and help the young guys develop. Ivan would sign on as both a wrestler and a mentor at the veteran's minimum, getting a nice little payday for what he claimed would be his final year in wrestling.

    Signed on June 28th, 1986 for 55K
    Budget Left: 2.71M

    Don Muraco
    Muraco, age 37, had won the 1985 King of the Ring and sold out 3 consecutive shows vs. Hulk Hogan. In a meeting with Type, Muraco expressed interest in gaining the elusive world championship with the WWF. Muraco signed on with PTW and knew this was perhaps his final window to win the big one. The two met on June 29th and had 3 "intense" days of negotiation over contract. Muraco demanded 500K but Type thought that was too steep for the 37 year old. Still, seeing value in him as a placeholder world champion, they agreed on a deal.

    Signed July 3rd, 1986 or 375K
    Budget Left: 2.335M

    Ken Shamrock

    Ken Shamrock wrestled in the now defunct CVA promotion "Tough guys" back in 1980, a mixed martial arts promotion, but more of an "anything goes" bar-like setting. He was first discovered at the "Battle of the Super fighters" that took place at the Civic Center in Philadelphia. Though he gained mainstream attention for the unique fighting style, a wrestling organization was unwilling to touch him until Type gave him an offer he couldn't refuse in July of '87 to sign on with PTW. Shamrock, still just 31 years of age, had plenty to offer and was still in peak physical condition.

    Signed July 5th, 1986: 70K
    Budget left: 2.265M

    Giant Silva and Giant Gonzalez

    Type, an avid basketball fan, had heard of two young basketball players in their twenties and was able to obtain film on both of them. 24-year old Paulo Cesar De Salva (Giant Silva) stood at 7'2" and over 300 lbs and was a reserve for the Brazilian National team. The other a was 20-year old Jorge Gonzalez (Giant Gonzalez), a basketball player for Giminasia who stood '7'7' and over 400 lbs. Unlike Silva, Gonzalez did have the talent to play professional basketball and rumors swirled he could be drafted to the NBA within 2 years. He arranged to meet with both men in the states and convince them of a career in wrestling. Type had a nice conversation in person with both men and agreed on contracts that would be more financially beneficial to them than continuing to pursue basketball. Both were signed in mid-July

    Signed July 19th, 1986: Silva (50K), Gonzalez (90K)
    Budget left: 2.125M

    Chris Jericho

    In 1986, Chris Jericho was looking to get out of a declining AWA promotion that was in the midst of a steep downfall after the departure of Hulk Hogan 3 years prior. Jericho was quickly rising as a star in the company and had a contract that was about to expire. Due to a huge payday (His current contract was for 50K per yr), AWA was unable to afford him and allowed him to walk. The WWF did not believe his personality was a good fit for the company and did not pursue him and the NWA low balled him on an offer. Type met with Jericho in July of 1986 and the two sides agreed his personality was a great fit for the company.

    Signed July 23, 1986: $200K
    Budget left: 1.925M

    Austin Idol

    Idol, a 4-time CWA International heavyweight champion, was ready to "get his" in a major promotion. With wrestling booming in the mainstream, Idol, age 38, wanted a shot at the limelight "The women's pet and the men's regret" signed on with PTW in July of '86 and Type felt like he got an absolute steal on the mic.

    Signed July 27th, 1986 for 90K
    Budget left: 1.835M

    Steve Keirn

    Keirn signed on for a singles run with Prototype Wrestling in July of '86 after losing in the first round of the Crockett Cup Tournament with partner, Stan Lane, as the Fabulous ones. With type having different visions for tag teams, Keirn signed on as an underneath guy.

    Signed: July 29th, 1986 as a singles wrestler for 55K
    Budget left: 1.780K

    Curtis Hughes

    Looking for talent all over, Type attended a show for Central States wrestling (a branch of the NWA) in August of 1986 to watch the 6'6'' 330 lb Curtis Hughes. At the age of just 21, he was fairly green but Type saw potential and had some plans to pair him as protection for another superstar. Fairly new to wrestling (he'd only been training less than a year), type felt he got a potential impactful draw on the cheap

    Signed August 6, 1986: 45K
    Budget left: 1.735K

    Val Venis & The Godfather

    Val Venis & The Godfather were part of NWA's Hollywood wrestling as a popular tag team called "Sex and Violence" until the territory folded in 1982. The group was extremely popular and controversial with their sexual innuendos. The tandem was signed to the WWF in January of '83 and re-packaged with a mailman delivery gimmick called Shipping and Handling (Sean Shipping and Hank Handling). The group mostly worked as jobbers until their eventual release in the fall of '85. Type met with the group in August of '86, looking to revitalize them to their former glory from Hollywood wrestling. Sean Morley (Val Venis) was just 28 years old while Charles Wright (The Godfather) was 38 at the time of their signings.

    Signed August 8th, 1986: 115K combined
    Budget left: 1.625K

    Brian Clark
    Type attended an AWA event in September of '86 to watch Brian Clark as The Night Stalker, who was rising to prominence in a declining AWA. Type met with Brian, who was on a shorter contract, and was able to scoop him up in Sept of '86

    Signed: September 2, 1986 for 45K
    Budget left: 1.580K

    Bob "Hardcore" Holly

    Bob Holly adapted to a hardcore style that changed his career in All Japan Pro Wrestling. Holly had floundered in smaller territories as a green prospect in his mid 20's until 1983 when Terry Funk worked a series of matches with him. When Funk left the promotion in 85, Holly lost his best dance partner and began pursuing other opportunities. Type met with Holly in October of '86 and the two agreed the tough and gritty competitor who doesn't give up would resonate with the fans and the MTV generation.

    Signed October 8, 1986: 55K
    Budget left: 1.525K

    Paul Orndorff (H)

    Type attended Saturday Night's Main Event on October 4, 1986 to a sell out crowd and was able to scout Paul Orndorff, who faced Hogan in the main event. Orndorff was "white hot" that year, but the company never saw him as a threat to take the championship off of Hogan. Much like Roberts, Paul was frustrated with being blocked by Hogan. There was also an internal issue with Ms. Elizabeth and Paul Orndorff having a real life affair, a private matter Orndorff disclosed. Type was able to see Orndorff again weeks later at a house show in Boston against "Leapin" Lanny Poffo and spoke to him shortly after that. Orndorff signed on to be a part of PTW and chase a world championship, continuing a strong heel run with a new promotion.

    Signed October 29, 1986: $450K
    Budget left: 1.075M

    "Leapin" Lanny Poffo (F)

    Type attended a WWF house show in October of '86 to scout Paul Orndorff and have a conversation with him after the show. While he was there to scout Orndorff, he also came away impressed with "Leaping" Lanny Poffo, who was Orndorff's opponent that night. Type felt the poetry gimmick could work well with the broad ranges of personality on PTW. Type left the arena that night impressed and signed him the same day he met with Orndorff.

    Signed October 29th, 1986 for $80K
    Budget Left: 995K

    Tom Zenk

    Tom Zenk left the WWF in early November of 1986, shortly after he and Rick Martel formed The Can Am Connection. There was a dispute over pay and huge dissension with Rick Martel over his pay rate. Tom felt a pay day was needed and Prototype Wrestling was able to give him that pay day.

    Signed November 8, 1986 for 95K
    Budget left: 900K

    Buzz Sawyer

    Type saw a singles run for Buzz Sawyer and lured him away from WCWA in November of '86. Buzz and Matt Borne had captured the tag titles there, and once their 67 day run came to an end, Sawyer became a free agent. Type felt his aggressive style would play well on MTV with the brand. At just age 28, he had plenty of time to grow.

    Signed November 11, 1986 for 80K
    Budget left: 820K

    Miss Elizabeth

    Miss Elizabeth had gained a lot of traction and buzz after being inserted into an angle between Macho Man Randy Savage and George "The Animal" Steele in 1986 as the object of Steele's affection in their feud. Type felt her grace, beauty, and class would be a nice change up to some of the rugged nature of the roster. Ms Elizabeth worked Saturday Night's Main Event on November 29th, 1986, an event that saw Savage lose the Intercontinental championship in a rare non PPV title switch to Ricky Steamboat. The day after, she signed with Type's PTW in a move that shocked her real life husband, Randy Savage. Rumors had come out that the two were having marital problems and their eventual divorce leaked. Elizabeth pleaded with MTV to let her take a risk with the company without compromising her charm and beauty too much.

    Signed on November 30, 1986 for 125K
    Budget left: 695K

    Jimmy Valiant

    Type knew he needed an entertainer and felt the 44 year old could do that for the upstart promotion PTW. Valiant, fresh off a victory for Jim Crockett Promotions NWA at Starrcade 86, was signed to help put over up and coming heels. Valiant's popularity and colorful promos made him a great end-of-the-budget signing.

    Signed on December 2nd, 1986 for 45K
    Budget left: 650K

    Sensational Sherri

    By 1986, Sherri had transitioned from a wrestler to a full time manager and had "owned" the year with Ted DiBiase, who was at the birth of his Million Dollar Man gimmick in the WWF. Sherri's constant interference into his matches ascended him up to the top of the card. By November of 1986, the company wanted to take DiBiase manager into a different direction and had pitched him to have a ''servant'' that would further his heel persona even more. Most within the company were upset that Vince McMahon wanted to go this direction. The NWA and PTW got into a bidding war for one of the hottest FA's, but ultimately settled on PTW who overpaid a bit for her services to get one of the best managers of 1986.

    Signed on December 8th, 1986 for 125K
    Budget left: 475K

    Demolition (Ax and Smash) (F)

    Randy Colley (Moondog Rex) and Bill Eadie (Demolition Ax) were set to become the Demolition in the World Wrestling Federation in early '87, a gimmick both created in a vibe of Nightmare on Elm Street and the rock band KISS. The WWF was set to debut the tandem when Colley had a change of heart, thinking he wasn't a great fit for the group. Upon hearing the news, the WWF scrapped plans and released Eadie from the company, not having anything concrete for him. Wanting to see the gimmick through, Colley gave his blessing to Prototype Wrestling to continue it, suggesting the company acquire Barry Darsow to play the role of Smash, who was in the midst of contract dispute with Jim Crockett in NWA. Darsow, who had just lost the WCW tag titles with partner Ivan Koloff on December 9th, was pitched the Smash gimmick days later and was sold. With an on-going contract dispute with JCP, the transition to PTW was easy. The Demolition gimmick (not copyrighted by the WWF) would continue in PTW and Darsow signed on with the company.

    Signed Ax (50K) and Smash (95K) on December 16, 1986
    Budget left: 380K

    Kid Kash (F)

    A member of IWCCW in 1986, Kash wanted out as the promotion was in the midst of a merger. Type was able to catch a match in Philadelphia where Kash countered a top turnbuckle powerbomb in mid air. With the budget dwindling, Type saw a future for him down the road and thought the MTV demo would take a liking to the kid.

    Signed: Dec 20, 1986 for 35K
    Budget left: 355K

    Hacksaw Jim Duggan/The Patriot Del Wilks (F)

    Type was looking for an All American babyface team and attended a WWF house show in 1986 to see Hacksaw Jim Duggan feud with prominent foreign wrestlers like Dino Bravo and Boris Zhukov. The fans seemed to be really into him and got behind him. Del Wilkes was doing the same kind of thing in the AWA throughout 1986. Type had a plan for the group against a contrasting tag team for the big show. Both had expiring contracts and signed in late December with PTW.

    Signed: Duggan (90K) and Del Wilkes (45K) on December 23, 1986
    Budget left: 220K

    The Gangstas (New Jack/ Mustafa Saed) (H)

    While the group had a little more creative freedom in the AWA, they saw the promotion beginning its decline in late '86 and wanted to jump ship. With MTV already available in 26M homes, it was an easy decision for them to leave for Prototype Wrestling for the MTV generation of fans who were ready for the controversial group.

    Signed: New Jack (60K) Mustafa Saed (45K) on December 27, 1986
    Budget left: 115K

    Mark Henry (H)

    Mark Henry was a 3-time US national weightlifting champion in '82, '83, and '84. By the fall of '84, Henry was approached about a career in wrestling. He signed on with NWA Jim Crockett Promotions in Dec '84 and was packaged with a "ladies man" gimmick. Mostly floundering with very little TV time the first two years, Henry got a storyline push in 1986 by pissing off the 4 horsemen when all of their valets were becoming enamored with Henry. This lead to a match at Starrcade '86 for the World Television Championship between Blanchard and Henry, a match Henry won by DQ after interference from the horsemen. Henry's contract came up on December 23rd, 1986 and he met with Type on Christmas day '86. The two talked about plans for Henry to start acknowledging his strong man roots and the two came to an agreement on a contract for the 26-year old.

    Signed: December 26th, 1986 for 70K
    Budget left: 45K

    Steve Blackman (F)

    Steve Blackman wrestled for Stu Hart's stampede wrestling until its eventual close in December of '86. Well versed in the martial arts, Type saw an opening to add him as a unique performer to the PTW roster. Blackman wasn't garnering a whole lot of interest from major promotions due to a pectoral injury he was recovering from for the last 12 months. Doctor's did not give a timetable for Blackman's return to wrestling, which means he'd likely miss the January debut, but could possibly return in March for the second TV show. Blackman signed on as the last roster member.

    Signed: December 28th, 1986 for 45K
    Budget left; None

    ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** *******************

    January 24th, 1987
    Venue: Philadelphia Spectrum
    Attendance: 7,200
    10pm-11:15p ET (MTV)
    Theme song: "Saturday Nights alright for fighting" Elton John

    ** RJ Maivia opens up the show to loud cheers from the crowd. He soaks in the applause before finally speaking. He goes off about how Philadelphia is the filthiest city he's ever seen and "even the hookers are dirty by hooker standards". He says their only sports hero is a fake boxer from a movie and that includes "Thunderlips" over in Titan land who couldn't wrestle his way out of a used condom. He lets the fans know he's the best Rocky and Balboa can suck it. Infact, he says he'll be taking the Rocky name now from this point forward. He says he's been waiting around too long and now things should be handed to him. He suggests he should be given the PTW World heavyweight championship and proposes a tournament for the winner to face him. He begins to refer to himself in the third person as "The Rock" as the promo progresses. Robert Pittman interrupts him about a 16-person tournament that starts tonight and ends in the main event of the September supershow. Rock exits the ring unpleasantly.


    ** Promo airs for the debut of the Demolition. A building crumbles to the ground in a dark alley and two black face masks emerge in the debris.

    PTW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament (1st round):
    * Jake Roberts DEF Steve Keirn with a DDT at the 3:04 mark. Jake receives an overwhelming babyface response but does not acknowledge or deny the crowd.

    ** Sensational Sherri is backstage with Don Muraco and Paul Orndorff. She tells them she's a "one man type of girl" and challenges both of them to prove themselves to her tonight before she makes a decision on who to manage **

    PTW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament (1st Round):
    * Don Muraco DEF Steve Blackman at the 2:33 mark.
    After the match, he ties Blackman to the ropes with his karate belt and beats him with his num-chucks. Sherri looks impressed and joins in by stomping into Blackman with her high heels. Muraco exits the ring as Orndorff's music hits for his match. Muraco gives Orndorff a "top that" type of look.

    PTW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament (1st round):
    Paul Orndorff DEF Jimmy Valiant at the 3:06 mark with a pile driver. After the match, Paul drags Valiant around by his beard. He ties him up into the ropes and lets Sherri shave his hair and beard. Sheri shaves him completely and Orndorff gets a couple more pile drivers in before exiting the ring.


    ** Brian Pillman is interviewed and the interviewer looks visibly nervous throughout the conversation. Pillman calls himself the face of the MTV generation and the company's resident rock star. Pillman grabs the interviewer by the collar before easing off, saying "you guys can be a real pain in the neck with your questions." (a reference to his release from NWA JCP)

    The Gangstas make their way to the ring and issue a challenge to any tag team in a no DQ match after garnering some heat for calling Philadelphia a "soft city" They call themselves the most hardcore team on the planet. The Dudleyz interrupt and accept the challenge. DVon holds a blade up to the camera as they enter (a reference to how they were released from the WWF). Bubba Ray puts New Jack through a table after the win at the 8:15 mark The crowd loves the violent nature of the team.

    ** Hacksaw Jim Duggan and the Patriot approach Pittman about all the violence and ask that Orndorff and Muraco be disqualified for their horrific actions. Pittman says the company is trying to prove themselves and right now, most things are "fair game" without punishment.

    ** Jimmy Valiant is interviewed backstage and appears to be completely broken and spirited after being shaved clean. Steve Blackman also shows up and the two are on the lookout for Orndorff and Muraco **

    ** Rock heads to the ring for the main event as we go to commercial break **

    MAIN EVENT: PTW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament: (1st round):

    ''Leapin" Lanny Poffo recites a poem:
    He used to be RJ
    and for a moment he was Rocky
    now he's a self centered jerk who's a little too cocky
    his dream will soon end
    he's all talk
    and that's how Lanny Poffo defeated The Rock

    Rock DEF Lanny Poffo at the 5:08 mark with an elbow drop to advance. The Rock poses on the turnbuckle

    ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** **************** ************************************************** *

    March 28th, 1987
    Venue: Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, MO
    Attendance: 6,680
    10pm-11:15p ET (MTV)
    Theme song: "Saturday Nights alright for fighting" Elton John

    Brian Pillman comes out to the ring with a "face of the MTV generation" T-shirt on and begins a promo against Jim Crockett and NWA. He tells the fans that this company is trying to "piss on him just like the last one did" and proceeds to unzip his pants to urinate in the ring. He lets the fans know it's a misconception that he's unhinged and he's actually a very sensitive and caring man. He asks the crowd to join him in praying for "the souls of the powers that be." He quotes Leviticus 24:20 in the bible “Fracture for fracture, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, the same sort of injury he inflicted should be inflicted on him.” as he attacks a security guard. Security finally takes Pillman away as the crowd boo's heavily.

    PTW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament (Round 1)

    Chris Jericho (W/ Mr. Hughes) Def. "The Z Man" Tom Zenk at the 5:11 mark. Jericho does a bit where he reads his opponent's obituary prior to the match. He said Tom Zenk "finishes last in everything, including having a stupid name that starts with a Z". Mr. Hughes kindly points out that his name is actually Tom and not Z-man. Jericho corrects himself and says "Tom is only better than 6 letters in the alphabet"
    Jericho advances to quarter final on next episode of SNF in May

    Don Muraco/Paul Orndorff Def Jimmy Valiant/Steve Blackman at the 4:07 mark.
    Muraco and Orndorff continue to try to win Sherri's affection by beating down their opponents post match.


    The Monsters of Men (Giant Silva/Giant Gonzalez) def. Hacksaw Jim Duggan & The Patriot in their TV debut at the 3:06 mark. Silva hits The Patriot with a leg drop. EMTs come to check on Duggan and The Patriot.

    PTW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament (Round 1)

    The Night Stalker (Brian Clark) Def Bob Holly at the 6:09 mark
    Clark advances to quarterfinals on next episode of SNF in May

    The Dudley Boyz def. Val Venis & The Godfather at the 3:06 mark with a Dudley Death drop on Venis.

    PTW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament (Round 1):
    Kid Kash Def Buzz Sawyer via DQ after Sawyer attacks Kash with a chair at the 4:58 mark
    Kash advances to quarterfinals on next episode of SNF in May

    ** Promo airs for the debut of the Demolition. A young boy wakes from a dream where two masked men are by his bed. **


    Main event: PTW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament (Round 1)

    Ivan Putski Def Austin Idol at 11:02 mark
    Putski advances to quarterfinals on next episode of SNF in May

    The Rock is on commentary during the match. Post match, Rock/Idol attacked Putski. Muraco and Wonderful come down and join in on the beating. Jericho then comes down and joins in as well. Kid Kash meets Jericho at the ramp and the two fight near the entrance. Brian Adams (The Night Stalker) hits the ring and joins the action. Jake Roberts' music hits as he hits the ring. The heels look excited when he brings Damian to the ring thinking he'll be joining in on the beating. All 8 remaining competitors for the World title are now at ringside. Jake looks like he's about to release Damian on Putski but instead DDT's Idol before releasing Damian. The heels retreat as Roberts tends to Putski. Show goes off the air

    TWF World Heavyweight Championship quarterfinal (next week)

    Jake Roberts Vs. The Night Stalker
    Chris Jericho Vs. Kid Kash
    The Rock Vs. Ivan Putski
    Don Muraco Vs. "Mr. Wonderful" Paul Orndorff (W/ Sherri by both of their sides)

    ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ******************

    May 31st, 1986
    Venue: Baltimore Arena, Baltimore, MD
    Attendance: 10,393
    10pm-11:15p ET (MTV)
    Theme song: "Saturday Nights alright for fighting" Elton John

    ** Show opens with Robert Pittman introducing The "Monsters of Men" (Giant Silva/Giant Gonzalez), with footage of their beatdown last week of Hacksaw Jim Duggan and The Patriot. He mentions how this isn't a show of heroes anymore and the good guy doesn't always win. He says if there are any kids watching, they need to go to bed right now. Pittman offers any tag team a $10,000 bonus if they can last 5 minutes in the ring with the Monster of men.

    (Lights go out and an ominous music plays before transitioning into rock music). Two men with black masks and spiked leather jackets appear. It is the debut of the Demolition. Demolition Smash and Ax make their way to the ring. The two waste no time individually attacking the big men. Ax is hammering away on Silva with consistent punches to the head while Smash has chopped Gonzalez at the legs to the point he hits the ground. Silva gets some momentum off the ropes and runs into a clothesline from Smash. The big man doesn't fall but is imbalanced. Ax nails him at the legs from behind as he falls to the ground. The 5 minute mark is up as Demolition takes the money and leaves the ring. Pittman looks shocked as they leave the ring.

    ** Roberts is interviewed before his quarterfinal match up. He mentions how being a stalker is "cute" but he and Damian, they're strikers. **


    PTW World Heavyweight title quarterfinal:
    Jake Roberts defeats The Night Stalker with a DDT at the 4:02 mark

    * Backstage interview with Sensational Sherri asking her if she'll manage the winner of Muraco and Orndorff quarterfinal tonight. She slaps the interviewer in the face and leaves.

    Brian Pillman Def Tom Zenk at the 3:06 mark in his debut. Post match, he goes off on Tom Zenk about being a "likeable guy" and wonders why people aren't treating him the same way. Ken Shamrock makes his way to the ring. He gets on the mic and tells Pillman to "shut the f*ck up" and that "nobody feels sorry for a piece of sh*t who no company wanted for an entire year". Pillman attacks Shamrock, Shamrock counters with an ankle lock. Pillman pokes him in the eye to get out of it. Security has to pull the two apart. Pillman is screaming that Shamrock deserves a suspension.

    PTW World Heavyweight title quarterfinal:
    Chris Jericho defeats Kid Kash with a code breaker at the 6:05 mark after a distraction from Buzz Sawyer who came to the ramp


    Dudley Boyz def the Gangstas at the 7:05 mark with a Dudley Death drop. Post match, they put New Jack through a table as the fans cheer.

    Backstage with the Patriot and Hacksaw Jim Duggan still going off about all the injustice. Val Venis and The Godfather interrupt them and tell them to "embrace the chaos" as Val starts massaging Del Wilkes' shoulders. Del decks Venis and the tag teams start going at it.

    PTW World Heavyweight title quarterfinal:
    The Rock Def Ivan Putski at the 8:11 mark with a Rock bottom in a solid match. Post match, Mark Henry enters the ring and body slams Ivan Putski. He gets on the mic to tell the fans he is the world's strongest man, not this washed up has been.

    ** Sheri heads to the ring from the back with Muraco and Orndorff as we go to break **

    Main event: Paul Orndorff Vs. Don Muraco TWF World Heavyweight title tournament quarterfinal (winner to face The Rock)
    Clips are shown of both men beating previous opponents to win Sherri's affection.

    Paul Orndorff Def Don Muraco via DQ at the 11:06 mark after a hard chair shot that knocked out Orndorff. Post match, EMTs come down to check on Orndorff and take him onto a stretcher. Muraco fights off the EMTs and continues to pound on Orndorff. Sherri wants carnage and is sitting back watching the chaos. Miss Elizabeth makes her way to the ring as fans are shocked to see her in PTW. She immediately tends to Orndorff as Muraco and Sherri finally retreat. Orndorff pushes Elizabeth off of him. Elizabeth is crying as the show goes off the air.

    Next week (PTW World Heavyweight Championship Semi Final):
    Jericho Vs. Jake Roberts
    Paul Orndorff Vs. The Rock

    ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ************************************************** ******************

    July 26, 1986
    Venue: Von Braun Civic Center (Huntsville, AL)
    Attendance: 11, 292
    9A-12A ET (MTV) ** 3 hour go home special **
    Theme song: "Saturday Nights alright for fighting" Elton John

    (Clips show of Muraco's beat down of Orndorff)

    (Miss Elizabeth is interviewed in the ring to start the show. She's asked why she left the WWF in a shocking move for Prototype Wrestling. She reveals that she and Randy were in a "hostile" relationship and Paul helped her get through it. Elizabeth said she had a falling out with Paul right as he was leaving for Prototype wrestling. She told him she'd never stop chasing his love, and that includes leaving the company she was established in to track him down. She begged Paul to give in to her and get away from bad people who don't have any interest in him. She said Sherri and Don (Muraco) are bad people and they've corrupted a beautiful soul.

    Demolition Def. The Gangstas at the 4:08 mark
    The Gangstas hit the ring as New Jack cuts a hard promo on the South for being rednecks. He calls all of Alabama inbred "chernobyl looking m*other f*ckers" to a mass of boos. The Demolition make their way out and eventually get the dominant win. As Ax and Smash celebrate, Mustafa Saed grabs a table. New Jack attacks Smash from behind. They're about to put them through a table when the Dudleyz music hits. The Dudleyz take out the Gangstas as Ax and Smash recover. The two teams have a stare down as the crowd cheers loudly. With the table still intact, The Dudleyz attack Ax and Smash. Ax is sent over the ropes. Smash is 3D's through a table

    ** COMMERCIAL **

    Val Venis (W/ The Godfather) Def The Patriot (W/ Hacksaw Jim Duggan) at the 4:00 mark with a frog splash from the top rope

    ** Sensational Sheri is in the ring by herself. She calls Paul Orndorff and Muraco to come down and join her. She tells Muraco he was stronger but Paul played smarter. She says if Paul wins the world title, she may just choose him. She tells both men to "excite her." She looks at the camera and tells ms Elizabeth to "stay the hell away"

    Kid Kash upsets Buzz Sawyer with a sunset flip at the 8:03 mark. Sawyer attacks Kash post match.

    Giant Silva/Giant Gonzalez (Monsters of Men) Def Jimmy Valiant/Steve Blackman at the 2:04 mark.

    Bob Holly Vs. Tom Zenk is interrupted by Brian Pillman who tells both men to get out of the ring. Pillman goes off about how unprofessional Ken Shamrock was last week with his swearing and aggressive behavior. Pillman says, as a born again "christian," that he would never act that way. He says his own anger is justified and purposeful- a calling from God to be the voice of a generation. He's upset with the fans for not acknowledging how much he's grown as a person. He says miraculously his ankle has healed and he will end the career of Ken Shamrock at Rebellion. He ends by saying that bad men deserve punishment and he will carry it out.

    ** Jake Roberts is interviewed backstage before his big semi final match in the heavyweight title tournament (Vs. Chris Jericho). He says a snake is cold and calculated and a weasel hides in the corner like a coward. He says Jericho will fall victim to the deadliest finisher in the business, the DDT. **


    PTW World Heavyweight Championship Semi Final

    Jake Roberts Def Chris Jericho at the 13:00 mark after a miscommunication with Curtis Hughes. Hughes had a chair meant for Roberts that hit Jericho instead. Roberts hit the DDT and the 1,2,3 to advance to the finals. Post match, Jericho berates Hughes and calls him an idiot. He grabs the mic and tells Hughes he's fired as his manager and that "he'll never work again" . Hughes grabs Jericho by the neck and throws him down as fans cheer.

    ** A bench pressing contest between Mark Henry and Ivan Putski ends when Henry beats up the spotter. Henry adds weights to the bar to the point where Putski is stranded with it on his chest. Henry eventually spares him and takes it off, yelling that he's the strongest man now. **

    ** Orndorff is backstage with Sherry and Don Muraco. She tells Paul she's not happy that Don got the best of him and he needs to prove her wrong.

    "Leapin" Lanny Poffo comes out to recite a poem before Austin Idol cuts him off. Idol says Poffo's not man enough to be a wrestler. Idol says he didn't come here for poetry and to sing "kumbaya" Idol hits Poffo over the head with his scroll and the match between the two never starts. Idol eventually lets up and leaves the ring.

    ** Rock is heading to the ring as we head to commercial **

    PTW World Heavyweight Championship Semi Final match
    The Rock Vs. Paul Orndorff (winner gets Jake Roberts at Rebellion for championship)

    Orndorff puts up a good fight, even goes for a pile driver at one point during the. Miss Elizabeth makes her way down to the ring. Sheri is screaming "don't distract Paul" at Elizabeth. Sheri and Muraco begin handcuffing Elizabeth to the guard rail by the entrance ramp. She is screaming, but Paul continues to ignore the screams, instead focusing on trying to get to the championship, but eventually makes the decision to leave the ring and save Elizabeth
    He throws Sheri out of the way and eventually unties Elizabeth. Orndorff is counted out and Rock advances. Rock heads up the entrance ramp and to the back, ignoring any of the chaos.

    Winner via countout at the 10:08 mark: The Rock

    Rock heads up the entrance ramp, ignoring the chaos and talking to himself about how he's heading to the final.

    Robert Pittman comes out and says that Muraco Vs. Orndorff is official for Rebellion, but he needs someone who can control the chaos. Mr. T's "A team" entrance hits and he makes his way out as fans cheer loudly. Muraco and Sheri retreat to the back. Paul gives a respectful nod and a smirk to Mr. T, who he saw last year at Wrestlemania.

    ** cameras follow The Rock to his locker room as he's bragging himself about being in the main event at Rebellion. The Rock opens his locker to see a huge python come out of it. Rock steps back as the snake bits onto his arm. Nearby medical staff are able to get the snake off of him and taken care of. Rock looks shaken up. Medical staff hands him a note that fell out of the locker. The note reads "The snake isn't poisonous, but the DDT is"

    Rock rips up the letter as the show goes off the air.

    Camera cuts to Robert Pittman (MTV owner/on air personality for PTW) who makes a statement:

    "Ladies and gentlemen. After our 4th and final show, we hope you join us for the pay-per-view on September 11, 1987, airing at 9pm right after the MTV Video music awards. Here is the final official card for the event."

    "Our main event will feature The Rock Vs Jake "The Snake" Roberts for the prototype wrestling world heavyweight championship."

    "You'll also see Mr. Wonderful Paul Orndorff, with the lovely Elizabeth by his side, vs. Don Muraco, with Sheri by his side. This matchup will feature a special guest referee, Mr. T to ensure there is no chaos."

    "Though we didn't decide on a tag team tournament, it's apparent to me that there are two teams who stand above the rest. For the vacant PTW tag team championships it will be the Demolition Vs. The Dudleyz in a no disqualification 2 out of 3 falls match."

    "The other matchups are as follows:

    Brian Pillman Vs. Ken Shamrock
    The Patriot/Hacksaw Jim Duggan Vs. Val Venis/The Godfather
    Chris Jericho Vs. Mr. Hughes
    Ivan Putski Vs. Mark Henry
    Austin Idol Vs. Lanny Poffo
    Kid Kash Vs. Buzz Sawyer ''

    " Also an over-the-top battle royal will take place featuring Giant Silva, Giant Gonzalez, New Jack, Mustafa Saed, The Night Stalker, Steve Blackman, Bob Holly, Steve Keirn, Jimmy Valiant, and Tom Zenk. "

    " Also appearing, she is the first woman to ever host a late night talk show. Our very own, Joan Rivers! We hope to see you at Madison Square Garden and LIVE on MTV September 11th"

    * Show goes off the air *

    ************************************************** ************************************************** ***

    SEPT 11, 1987
    Attendance: 18,000 (sell out)

    MTV Cup

    Participants: Giant Silva, Giant Gonzalez, New Jack, Mustafa Saed, The Night Stalker, Steve Blackman, Bob Holly, Steve Keirn, Jimmy Valiant and Tom Zenk

    Silva and Gonzalez are dominating the match. Steve Blackman brings his num-chucks, but New Jack is able to intercept them. Silva throws out Valiant and Zenk with double choke slams while Gonzalez takes care of New Jack and Saed by double stacking them over his shoulder and tossing them over the top rope. Stalker throws out Steve Keirn with a hard clothes line that sends him to the floor. Holly steps outside the ring. Silva/Gonzalez double choke slam Stalker and Blackman simultaneously, sending them out. We're down to the big boys and Bob Holly. Bob attacks Silva with nunchucks, sending him to his knees, and then focuses on doing the same to Gonzalez. Fans are getting behind Holly as he's brutalizing both men with the weapon. Silva is down and unable to get up. Holly has Gonzalez choked with the nunchucks, using the top rope for leverage. He gets enough momentum to get the big man to his feet and very slowly tosses him just barely above the top rope and out. Holly helps Silva to his feet. He goes for a clothes live several times, inching him towards the ropes. He finally has enough momentum to get the big man over. Fans cheer loudly for Holly

    WINNER: BOB HOLLY at the 10:08 mark

    Backstage: Joan Rivers and Sheri get into a bit of a scuffle. Sheri says she should've been the first woman to host a talk show and how she's the most powerful woman in the world. Rivers pokes fun at Sheri and tells her that dimestore hookers don't get talk shows. Sheri tries to tackle Rivers, but Mr. T shows up and gets between them. Sheri starts sucking up to Mr. T and fixes the wrinkle she made on his shirt.

    Match #2- Kid Kash Vs. Buzz Sawyer

    Background: Footage is shown of Buzz attacking Kash in their quarterfinal match up for the PTW WHC weeks back and Kash's upset over Sawyer on the go home show.

    Sawyer wastes no time and completely dominates the offense. He puts Kash in a sleeper hold, taking it all the way to the ground and then biting Kash. He releases the hold, per the referee's request, before starting it again. The ref stops the match as it appears Kash is unconscious. After an upset loss and a DQ loss, Sawyer gets his revenge in dominant fashion

    Winner: Buzz Sawyer at the 5:08 mark

    Backstage: The Patriot and Hacksaw Jim Duggan are interviewed. They want to represent what is good and pure about this country. They are going to put an end to Venis/Godfather who are "trying to poison the sport with their sexuality"

    Match #3- The All Americans (Hacksaw/Patriot) Vs. Sex & Violence (Val Venis/Godfather)

    Entrance: S & V bring about 20 ladies to the ring with them.

    A great back-and-forth match. Hacksaw/Patriot really tried to get the crowd (especially the young kids) into it while the adults seemed to favor S & V. Venis gets a back elbow drop on the Patriot. Venis eventually gets a hold of Hacksaw's 2 x 4 which he mock-strokes for the crowd, and hits The Patriot with it. Hacksaw yells at the women to "put some clothes on" and Godfather pins him for the surprise roll up. Sex and Violence win and bring the entourage of women in to celebrate.

    Winner: Sex and Violence at the 6:03 mark

    Backstage: Joan Rivers is interviewing Chris Jericho. She asks him how he's been since breaking up with his boyfriend. Jericho screams at Joan and says "He's not my boyfriend. But even if I played for that team, I'm a legit snack and he could never get me!" The interview then turns into what Jericho is going to do to his former bodyguard tonight.

    Match #4- Chris Jericho Vs. Mr. Hughes

    Background: Footage shown of Jericho debuting his manager and how Hughes cost him the match and got the best of him weeks ago.

    Hughes comes out with a ton of intensity slamming Jericho from turnbuckle to turnbuckle. Hughes gets several near falls throughout the match. Hughes hits a huge running slam to the approval of the sell out crowd. Hughes goes for a leg drop that misses and is turned into the walls of Jericho. He gets the big man over, who puts up a fight wihout submitting before finally giving in. Jericho puts the hold back on and asks a referee to put a mic up to him. Jericho says he won't release the hold til Hughes asks for his job back. Hughes, in pain, begs into the mic for his job back while in the walls of Jericho. Jericho responds by telling him he's still fired.

    Winner: Chris Jericho at the 9:08 mark

    (Several clips are shown of last night's MTV Video music awards with superstars presenting. Elizabeth and Orndorff presented "Video of the year" to Peter Gabriel for "Sludgehammer." Brian Pillman awarded "Best stage performance in a video" to Bon Jovi for "living on a prayer" but steals his thunder by saying he, not Bon Jovi, is the face of the MTV generation)

    Match #5- Austin Idol Vs. Lanny Poffo

    Background: Footage shown of Idol attacking Poffo with his scroll.

    Poffo recites a poem:
    Austin Idol
    he'll never hold a title
    fights like a woman
    reaching for Midol

    Idol immediately attacks Poffo and hits him with his "rack" finisher- a noogie to the head that has him tapping out. Idol poses over Poffo's body.

    Winner: Austin Idol at the 2:03 mark

    (More footage of last night's MTV Video music awards. Sheri presents "Best choreography in a video" to Janet Jackson for her song "Nasty")

    Backstage: Jake Roberts is interviewed and is asked about the mind game he played with the Rock at the go home show. Jake says The Rock has a lot of false confidence, cockyness, and flamboyance and a Snake sees that vulnerability and attacks. He calls him a coward for turning on all those people who made him a star. He says the Rock has a chip on his shoulder, but Roberts has a 2-ton boulder on his and tonight he's going to crush The Rock with it.

    Match #6- Ivan Putski Vs. Mark Henry

    Background: Henry's attack on Putski is shown when he left him stranded with weights on his chest during the bench pressing competition

    The two have a test of strength which ends up being evenly matched. Henry and Putski are trading blows in a slow moving match. Putski goes for a body slam, but can't get the big man up. Henry eventually reverses it into the world's strongest slam. He hits Putski with a frog splash for insurance and the 1, 2, 3.

    Winner: Mark Henry at the 5:11 mark

    Henry poses for the crowd as Putski is assisted by trainers. Henry gets on the mic and tells him he just ended his career.

    (Clips show of last night's MTV Video music awards where Elton John performs PTW Saturday Night theme song "Saturday Night's alright for fighting" introduced in by The Rock)

    Backstage: Demolition is interviewed about the big time tag team match tonight. Ax says he's going to chop them down to size, Smash says "They don't need tables, because they're just able"

    Match #7 The Dudley Boyz Vs. Demolition (No DQ best 2 of 3 falls, falls count anywhere)- PTW World Tag Team championships

    Background: Clips are shown of how both teams have dominated the tag division since the company's inception- including Demolitions beatdown of the Monsters of Men, The Dudleyz taking out the Gangstas, and clips from the last Saturday Night fight when Smash was 3D's through a table.

    Demolition win the first fall at the 3:03 mark. Smash holds Bubba Ray in a backbreaker position as Ax gets flies off the top rope. Demolition, clearly still upset about being put through tables several weeks back, dominate most of the first fall with stiff punches as they dominated the offensive side.

    Dudleyz win the second fall at the 4:13 markas Bubba Ray tosses Ax to DVon who hits him with the Dudley death drop through the announce table. Demolition slowed the pace down quite a bit to avoid the tables being involved, but eventually couldn't hold off the Dudleyz

    Demolition win the third fall at the 9:06 mark. Bubba Ray grabs a ladder from underneath the ring and climbs to the top rung. He goes for a frog flash on Ax but he moves out of the way. Ax tags in Smash who finishes him off with a pumphandle drop. The hard hitting nature of Demolition wins out
    Winners and new PTW World Tag Team Champions at the 16:12 mark The Demolition

    Demolition clutch the tag team titles as the Dudleyz looked shocked at the big mistake they made.

    Backstage: Ken Shamrock is interviewed. He says he's going to make sure Pillman is a victim of the ankle lock and chase him away from professional wrestling forever.

    Match #8 Brian Pillman Vs. Ken Shamrock

    Background: Footage is shown of Pillman's jaded promos of how he's been screwed by everyone, followed by the footage of him in the ankle lock several weeks back.

    Pillman offers Shamrock the first shot to the face, begging Ken to hit him. Pillman puts his hands behind his back and spits in Shamrock's face. Shamrock attacks him to the floor and starts punching his head over and over. The match spills quickly outside the ring. Pillman eventually starts fighting back. Pillman gets him back to the ring and low blows him as the ref isn't looking. Pillman goes for a cross body off the top rope and misses. Shamrock turns it into an ankle lock but Pillman's hand is on the rope. The ref asks Shamrock to let go of the hold and he doesn't. Shamrock is disqualified as security is brought in to break up the hold. Shamrock absolutely snaps as he gets ahold of Pillman a second time, busting through security, to put him back on the ankle lock.

    Winner by disqualification at the 11:08 mark Brian Pillman

    (Joan Rivers catches up with the Demolition, the new PTW tag team champions. She asked them where they purchase their S & M gear from and what their safe word is. Demolition are elated about being champs, and hand her a signature black mask)

    (Clips of The Dudley Boyz last night at the MTV Video Music awards holding up a sledgehammer as they present Peter Gabriel with an award)

    Match #9 "Mr" Wonderful" Paul Orndorff (W/ Elizabeth) Vs. Don Muraco (W/ Sheri)
    Special guest referee: Mr. T

    Background: Footage is shown of Paul and Muraco trying for weeks to win the affection of Sensational Sherri. Orndorff's dilemma of going for the world title vs. saving Elizabeth is played up heavily as he comes to her rescue several weeks back. Footage of Mr. T's arrival is shown)

    Muraco dominates the beginning of the match with hard punches to the gut before Mr. Wonderful starts to take over offensively. Wonderful hits some jumping fist drops on Muraco. Orndorff throws him to the ropes and hits him with a running slam. Paul's shoulder looks 100% and he's dominating the match. Sheri tries to get involved by giving Muraco her high heels as a weapon, but Mr. T sees through it. Muraco is going for his finisher, the jumping piledriver, but Sheri has Mr. T distracted on the apron. Sherry attempts to throw her pepper spray at Muraco, but Ms. Elizabeth intercepts it. The fans are going crazy. Elizabeth sprays Orndorff with it instead and nails him with her own high heels. Fans look dumbfounded. Muraco has Orndorff in the asiatic spike (applying pressure to his neck). Mr. T turns his attention to the match and Orndorff is forced to submit.

    Winner by submission at the 18:03 mark Don Muraco

    After the match, Muraco opens the ropes for Elizabeth and she celebrates and hugs Sherry and Muraco. Fans are boo'ing heavily.

    (Promo airs for "Aftermath" the next PTW pay per view airing December of '87)

    (Brian Pillman is on crutches asking anyone who will listen where Ken Shamrock is.)

    (Backstage with Elizabeth, Don Muraco, and Sheri)

    Interviewer: I--I'm trying to make sense of what just happened in that ring. Ms. Elizabeth, what were you thinking joining with the likes of these two?

    Elizabeth: Wel-

    Sheri: (cuts her off): Bravo, bravo! Paul, you tried to be a man like Don, but you chose love over being a champion and that makes you a weak man. You think this lovely lady was just going to be some mistress? No, no, no. We ladies, we run the show now! We don't sit in the background on the arm of a man any longer. It doesn't matter if you're Mr. T or Mr. Wonderful or even Magnificent like my man Don is, we run the show now.

    Interviewer: Was this whole plan pre-meditated?

    Sheri: (laughs) Now you're catching on! Oh yes it was. The second Ms. Elizabeth signed on to be a part of this organization, I approached her to do something different, something beautiful, something to change the game. And... WE CHANGED THE GAME!

    (Elizabeth is smirking as she has her hands on Don's chest)

    Don: Paul, you learned the weak get weeded out pretty quickly! With two lovely and classy ladies by my side, there is no stopping me now! The next step is the PTW World heavyweight championship!!

    (The 3 walk off together)

    (More clips of last night's MTV Video music awards. Robin Leach is shown talking with The Rock and a clip of Ms. Elizabeth dancing during Whitney Houston's performance of "Didnt' we almost have it all")

    (Backstage interview With The rock):

    Interviewer: Rock, you're minutes away from the main event of the inaugural pay-per-view in a sold out Madison Square Garden. What's going through your mind?

    The Rock: What's going through my mind? Let me tell you something. The Rock is going to gently take Damian out of his bag, he's gonna pet him, stroke him, tell he's a good snake.. and then he's going to shove him directly up Jake Roberts' candy ass! That's what he's going to do. How stupid of a question was that?"

    Interviewer: Speaking of Damian, do you feel Jake Roberts mind games are giving him an advantage over you?

    The Rock: The Rock is sick and tired of Jake Roberts talking about some 2 million lb chip on his shoulder. You see, Jake, we're not all that different. We both knew we were the best damn people at what we did and we had other people tell us we weren't. Yea, you're not the only one who was blocked and held back. The Rock had to kiss ass, smile, and say his damn lines to get anywhere near Ric Flair's jockstrap, but those days are over. Here we are.. madison square garden... sold out.... The Rock.... Jake Roberts... someone's becoming a world champion tonight. Your time may come, but it's not tonight. The Rock will cement his legacy TONIGHT! The Rock becomes the greatest wrestler on planet earth .. TONIGHT! (throws sunglasses at interviewer and leaves)

    Background: Both men's journeys in the tournament are shown en route to the championship. Jake's mind games are played up.

    Match #10: PTW World Heavyweight Championship Match
    Jake Roberts VS. The Rock

    Jake sits in the corner of the ring as the match starts with Damian out of the bag and over his shoulder. The Rock looks hesitant to go after but eventually go "all in" and attacks Roberts. The Rock is hitting Jake with his signature "3rd person punches" Jake slows the pace of the match down after a chop block to the Rock. Jake takes control of match with a wristlock mat slam followed by a neck walk over. The pace is clearly favoring Roberts as he gives the round up signal to pump up the crowd. He swings the rock to the ropes and hits a two handed bull dog. He's gets the Rock in an armsault and is slowly wearing him down. Jake has been in control for about 10 minutes straight. Jake gets greedy and tries to go for the DDT, but rock counters into an overhead belly to belly. Jake gets up and runs into a running clothesline from The Rock. The Rock hits a spine buster, but Jake kicks out at 2 and a half. The Rock again hits another spine buster and looks like he's going to set up for a rock bottom. He gets Jake to his feet and nails the Rock bottom. Jake is on the mat as the Rock goes post to post for the "third person" elbow. He nails it and goes for the pin, but Jake again kicks out at 2 and a half. He sits him up for another rock bottom, which Jake tries to counter into a DDT. The two are barely hanging onto each other taking turns trying to put their signature move on one another. Rock is able to create some separation and get Jake off the ropes, but Jake catches him and counters with a DDT out of nowhere for the 1, 2, 3.
    Winner and NEW PTW World heavyweight champion at the 22:03 mark: Jake The Snake Roberts

    Jake is clutching the title as his wife, Cheryl, joins him in the ring. The Rock gives a respectful nod and leaves the ring to let him celebrate.

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    9-11-87 is show date..not 86. Oops


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      This is a hell of a read, there is so much to it, wow.

      I love the tournament aspect of the shows, that's always a nice touch.

      Dudleys vs Demolition sounds incredible, that match would be an absolute banger.

      I do feel a bit sorry for Jericho if I'm honest, I know he wasn't quite at his peak yet but I think he was a bit underutilized here, that said I reckon we've all got someone that went underused on our cards.

      I love Roberts winning the title, always nice to see someone get there chance at gold, A nice sentimental ending to a very nice card.
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        Wow! Type! Your set -up for the super show was excellent. We got a comprehensive 4 show prep but also a behind-the-scenes look at the contracts and roster building, which was really cool. You, too, weaved in the existing feds and gave reasons wrestlers signed...and all of that helped your match bookings make sense.

        My favourite feud you booked was Pillman/Shamrock. Something about those two characters and how erratic they are would have been exciting to follow. Match did not disappoint.

        I liked the swerve with Elizabeth and how she ended up with Paul after everything that took place between he and Muraco. Did not see it coming. Having those big stars fighting for a manager made it a big feud for the show but allowed you to save your title matches for other wrestlers, which was smart.

        Also, I always appreciate a good tournament. Helps to rank how wrestlers match up against each other and, of course, provides a sporting theme to find a champion!

        Great touches with Rock's family heritage and how his character evolved quickly upon entering the new fed. Neat to see Jake claim that top face role and actually get a run with a world title. That was special.

        Celeb bookings were strong, too.
        Thanks for giving Bob Holly some love in the battle royale.
        Henry would be a star to watch coming out of this show. It'd be interesting to see if you paired him with someone for an alliance or gave him a manager.

        Is there only the 2 titles? For a first supershow, it was fine to only decide 2 champs, but I'm curious if you had another planned and decided not to book it.

        Fantastic writing here, Type!
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          To start with I love that this was on MTV. There is something very ‘of the era’ about it and I applaud you coming up with that. It also really fits the glitz, promo strong vibe of your roster. Really cool move there.

          The backstory for each wrestler was very cool, Rock being a fixture of the 80s was imaginative but his motives fit well with the establishment of a show on MTV, seems like a match match in heaven.

          I loved how you moved forward the development of MMA so you could bring in Ken Shamrock, as an MMA fan that tickled me particularly. I know you said it was ‘tough man’ so not quite UFC but that still made me laugh.

          It is also underrated how popular and hilarious Joan Rivers is, her as a host is a brilliant pick. She would be a fantastic host of for this ‘show biz’ promotion.

          On the actual main card itself, I have to applaud you for your restraint. If this was a real situation you would be playing it exactly like this: not blowing everything and setting up guys for the future while still doing what feels like the biggest matches possible. I can’t help but feel that Rocky would be the natural face of the company so would be my pick for the champion but Jake was also incredibly popular at the time and making him champ does give your biggest, most popular name somewhere to go.

          Lastly as a Jericho fan I did like that you played him as a youngster who is on the way up, he really didn’t put it all together until far later in his career and was very much finding his way in the 90s. Him v Rocky would be the future of this promotion but you left plenty of time to get there.

          Enjoyed reading this man.


          • #6
            Wow, tremendous attention to detail here. Seems you’ve built up an entire alternate history beyond what the rest of us have done. I respect that, a whole lot of work! You’ve bent and twisted the timeline to within an inch of it’s life, haha.

            I wonder if you could really get away with some of that stuff from the Rock in 1986? Even on PPV I feel like that could have sent providers into a tizzy. But hey, we already broke time so let’s not overthink it. Interesting that you’ve got him making shooty comments towards other companies, but I laughed hard at Rock exiting “unpleasantly”, haha.

            Sorry Keirn, you had your moments but I think this was the right call to put him out fast to Jake. Saves Jake for later as well, since he was not known for his stamina. I’ll wait on the star ratings until we get something over 5 minutes.

            I can so see Sherri draping herself across Muraco and Orndorff. That match could kick ass, if done just right. Sets up a nice story for the night as well.

            Once again I think it was smart to go with a short match, though this might be a little too short. Still, Blackman doesn’t have a prayer in a tournament like this anyway.

            Oh damn, Jimmy Valiant defeated with such ease and then humiliated! I hope he saved some of that 45K, I think that kind of embarrassment could be a career killer.

            Personally I’ve never been into Pillman’s Loose Cannon shtick, too shooty for me, but I suppose it was inevitable that it come out. We’ll see how it’s used here.

            I have to say, in 1986 unless this crowd was advertising to the Observer via mail, I think most of these inside references like the blade would fly far over their heads, haha. But hell, Dudleyz vs. Gangstas sounds like a pretty crazy match. I’m certain it must have happened at least once in the late 90s, though I haven’t seen it myself. Depending on how crazy they get, I could see this going 3.5 stars easy enough.

            It is so on brand for Jim Duggan, who ends most his matches by getting DQ’d with his little 2x4, to go around complaining about other people doing things he doesn’t like. Not sarcastic, I find Duggan’s character to be so self righteous, haha.

            LOVE LOVE LOVE Lanny’s poem. Spot on, I read it exactly in his voice. Not a thrilling main event exactly, but it got the job done and certainly Poffo would have never lasted longer than that.

            Now I really have to question if MTV is gonna let you show a man pissing in front of a live crowd on TV, haha. Might get some lawsuits over that one, hope it’s factored into your budget!

            God bless you for using 1998 Chris Jericho, and a great line for him as well. Mr Hughes as a slightly more effective Ralphus is where it’s at. Zenk reportedly thought he was hot stuff but he was very much not, so go back home, Z-Man!

            Definitely the only way I can picture Duggan losing so easily is if his partner got pinned, this guy would barely even sell for Vader.

            Got some Seven gimmick vibes off that second Demolition promo, haha.

            Putski and Idol are two that I only know a little bit, so interesting to see them paired up for the first +10 minute match of the promotion. I’d guess just based on what I’ve seen that this would have hit around 2.75 stars. After the match things got rather Attitude Era!

            Great debut for Demolition, demolishing a couple of big guys who probably didn’t have much of a shelf life. Love the way you subverted expectations on the 5 minute challenge.

            Pillman/Shamrock interaction came off very well I think, I could really imagine it going over well with a highly chaotic feel.

            Of all the things I expected when coming into the draft, probably at the bottom of that list was the idea that someone would imply that Val Venis wanted to have sex with the Patriot. Not complaining, just stating a fact.

            Solid sounds about right for Rock and Putski, at a stretch could go 3 stars if the Rock is heavy in his element and the crowd is along with it.

            I love Orndorff and Muraco can be very capable as well, I think with the right effort this could jump up to 3.75 for me, could be just a damn fun match. I am also surprised to see Liz show up to tend to Orndorff, but at least you booked Liz to do the thing that made her famous: be quietly distraught.

            I think I like the way you explained the Liz angle… Liz promos tended to be rather poor, that’s why they were also rare, but I feel like she could get this across well enough. I’m slightly balking at the idea of Orndorff, whose character even as a face was tremendously self centered, as Liz’s savior, but I can just get my mind around it and I think it could work with the right presentation.

            LO FREAKING L at New Jack calling Demolition "chernobyl looking m*other f*ckers", that’s just beautiful man.

            Kash and Sawyer is real clash of styles, but I think it could be really interesting to watch. Could see this one climbing up to 3.25 as a fun TV match with good execution.

            The way you’ve tweaked Pillman’s character is working well for me. I actually think it might be better character work than anything Pillman actually did!

            Jake was always brilliant on the mic and coming up with creative feuds, but in the ring he could often be a letdown for me. Jericho in 98 doesn’t have the exact same problem but I do think he had better in ring days ahead of him. I think with a stronger angle attached to this it could have been killer, as is I think they land somewhere around 3 stars, nothing to be ashamed of but nothing to go wild about. Once again I think you captured Jericho very well, though it’s a shame there wasn’t more time to build up things between him and Hughes.

            I’m traumatized by the never ending Dino Bravo bench press segment in 1988, but I like the twist you put on it here.

            Well, if they didn’t want to distract Paul, they did a poor job, haha. I am digging this story, you’re really selling me on it and I think Orndorff could actually pull it off quite well. I bet I’d go 3.5 on this, these two could probably kick some decent ass together. Some kind of enforcer role is probably all you can really do with Mr T, and in 1986 it would have at least drawn interest.

            In fairness, if a giant snake bit my arm I probably wouldn’t stop to read any notes anytime soon, but I like the idea of this. I think practically speaking you’d have to drop the actual bite, but I can really imagine the Rock selling the hell out of suddenly encountering a snake like that.

            The battle royal lineup isn’t exactly thrilling, but I’m a sucker for the format and I think it could be fun the way you describe it, with Holly using pure meanness to bully his way through the bigger men at the end. I’d probably go up to 3 for this one.

            Peak Joan Rivers and Sherri would have been a damn fun interaction. Sherri would eat Mr T for breakfast though.

            Buzz bulldozing Kash is probably the right call, though I do like him.

            Once again, I can’t stress enough how on brand it is for Duggan to preach against people having sex. I bet he has a Ken doll crotch. This match would have undoubtedly been atrocious but it’s not really about the action, so I’ll just leave it unrated and say it sounds fun in a ridiculous way.

            Hughes was never very exciting in the ring, but Jericho had a way of carrying matches to a certain point with pure personality. Factoring in the finish, which I think is phenomenal, I might give this as much as 3 stars in my book.

            Poor Lanny. Some realistic booking here.

            Beefy boys going at it in a short match. Mark Henry wasn’t too good in the period we’re covering but I can see wanting to build him up for the future.

            Now here’s the first real dream match, I think, Dudleyz against Demolitino. The match sounds pretty kick ass, I could easily see it going as high as 4 for me.

            Shamrock and Pillman sounds pretty crazy as well, I think you sold me on it about as well as you possibly could. In this kind of storyline, a DQ is expected, though I might have found a way to get a resolution on such a major show. Could see this up at 3.75.

            I was into Orndorff/Muraco up until the Liz turn… while I didn’t hate her heel turn in later WCW, it certainly seemed a far distance from the things she was actually good at in wrestling. I think it’s a bit too swervy for me, though I think some might really get into it. I’ll go 3.5 once again with some reservations about the booking of the finish. Letting Sherri and Muraco do all the talking was a wise choice though.

            Nice job capturing the Rock’s voice as well, you’ve got a knack for these promos.

            At over 22 minutes, this would be by a considerable amount the longest singles match of Jake’s career… I have to admit I have some doubts about him filling the time, I think something snappier might have served you better here. Even so, I like what you’ve put down for this match, and I think it would be a rather epic encounter, certainly one of the biggest matches you could have gone with as your main event. I think if everything came off just right this could jump up to 3.75 as well, a strong ending to an overall strong show.

            Thanks once again Type for putting this all together!

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