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    COUNTDOWN SHOW: We take a live look at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas as wrestling
    fans have converged for a rare, one of a kind showcase. HWE and promoter Josh Harvoth presents
    “Legacy.” A one night only event, featuring wrestling stars from the past, proving their worth. Proving
    their value. Proving their ability and most importantly, proving their “Legacy.”
    After a quick, old school run down of matches, we go to the ring for pre-show action….

    The Quebeccers vs. Savio Vega and Brad Armstrong

    “Not the Mounties” blares over the loudspeaker and the boos come all the way from the cheap seats.
    Unfortunately, not a lot of the crowd has filed in yet since we are in Vegas. Jacques quickly grabs the
    mic and says he’s going to lay a beatdown on two old timers because tonight, they’re taking on the runt
    of the Armstrong liter and a man only known for being The Undertaker’s friend and for being at the
    wrong place at the wrong time (apparently a Bruiser Brody murder reference. Ouch. Way to get heat,
    Jacques.) Savio and Brad hit the ring and work over the French Canadians. Brad plays the face in peril as
    Pierre and Jacques show good teamwork with quick tags, in and out. Eventually, Brad hot tags Savio in
    and eventually, rejoins the fight. All four men go at it until Pierre and Savio fly to the outside. Brad hits a
    nice forearm but there is no ref in site as he’s on the floor, trying to break up the Savio and Pierre brawl.
    As Brad goes to get the ref, Jacques pulls out the infamous shock stick, zaps the brother of the Road
    Dogg and the son of Bullet Bob and gets a cheap 1-2-3, much to the dismay of the fans filing in.

    Winners by pinfall – The Quebeccers (6:18)

    Pitch to more PPV shilling and the 10 minute countdown before the show….
    Before the show, Alice Cooper is introduced to the crowd and plays a hell of a version of “America The

    One night only. Wrestling stars from the past come together for a night of action that no one will forget.
    Throughout the course of history, the sands of time have given way to some of the greatest professional
    wrestlers to ever set foot in the squared circle. Now, they converge to Las Vegas for one night and for
    one thing…LOYALTY.

    *Note: Since we couldn’t draft announcers, I’ll just call them play by play and color.
    Cue Play by Play: Hello again everyone and welcome to the most unusual night of wrestling nostalgia
    you will ever lay your eyes on as the HWE brings you LOYALTY. One night of dream matches, legends,
    special guest stars and in-ring action that you won’t soon forget!

    Color Guy: That’s right, tonight is a night where careers will take a giant step towards immortality as
    wrestling stars from the past face off in what I think will prove to be a standard bearer of action for
    years to come!

    Play by Play: Tonight, you will seem a dream match of epic proportions as the best tag team of the NWA
    battles the unlikely team of two bitter rivals, but together to represent the WWF. The Midnight Express
    (Beautiful Bobby and Sweet Stan) will go it alone, without Jim Cornette, to take on “The Heartbreak Kid”
    Shawn Michaels and “The King of Harts” Owen Hart. Four of the greatest battle with legacies at stake!
    Color: Also tonight, the best of WCCW meets the best of the AWA as David Von Erich, the yellow rose of
    Texas takes on the man that ended Bruno’s career and saved Nitro, former AWA Champion “The Living
    Legend” Larry Zbyszko!”

    PBP:All that plus, great women’s action, an 8 man tag, a technical battle for the ages and much more.
    With that being said, our first celebrity guest, “Mr. Baseball” himself, Bob Uecker is standing by with
    quite a tag team…
    Uecker: Thanks (PBP}, right now I’m joined by two of my favorite people in the wrestling business, I’m
    talking about Jesse “The Body” Ventura and the “SUPERSTAR” (said in a Tony Chimel/Edge way) Billy
    Graham. These guys….

    Jesse cuts him off….begins to speak

    Jesse: Let me tell you, something Uke! For a guy who had a lifetime batting average of .200, the word
    “celebrity is thrown out an awful lot around her.” Tonight, you have the man with the largest arms in
    the world, “Superstar” Billy Graham. The man who eats t-bone steaks and lifts barbell plates teaming up
    with not only the smartest wrestler in the world but, the best looking man and we’re here to serve
    notice to The High Flyers. This ain’t the AWA anymore. Little Greg Gagne don’t have his dad to save him
    and that string bean Brunzell better find his mask to hide that ugly face.

    Billy: My main man Jesse The Body, it doesn’t take long to figure this this out. The high flyers are about
    to be grounded, just like Verne did to Greg many times when he was a punk kid in Minnesota. The hit
    maker, the record breaker is coming for you and you will never forget. {POSES}

    * Note: I am only going to provide brief match summaries since the card will be long.

    Match #1 – The High Flyers (Greg Gagne/Jim Brunzell) vs. Jesse “The Body” Ventura & “Superstar”
    Billy Graham

    Great opener. The High Flyers begin with a flurry of dropkcks. Heels bail and slow down the pace. Jesse
    and Graham work over Greg while Brunzell waits for the hot tag. After a miscue, Gagne tags in Brunzell
    and the faces take over. As the ref tries to hustle Greg out of the ring, Brunzell hits Graham with a
    missile drop-kick. With no referee, Jesse rolls in, gouges the eyes and Graham rolls into a cover and
    hooks the tights for the 3 count.
    Winners by pinfall – Ventura and Graham (8:53)

    Backstage with the Living Legend Larry Zbyszko…
    Zbyszko has a match tonight against David Von Erich, the yellow rose of Texas. He begins his promo
    talking about how all the Von Erich boys grew up in barns and that David isn’t on his level. Tonight, he’s
    going to teach Von Erich what his daddy couldn’t.

    Match #2 – Jerry Lynn vs. “Hotstuff” Eddie Gilbert

    In true ECW style, we have the dynamic one himself Jerry Lynn taking on the controversial “Hotstuff”
    Eddie Gilbert. Before the lock-up, Eddie tells the crowd in Vegas that they don’t deserve to be around
    him and that ECW was nothing after he left. Look at who it produced? A nothing, never happening
    nobody like Lynn! Eddie uses his Tennessee psychology by making Lynn chase him around the ring. Once
    the action starts, they battle back and forth. Good solid matchup with hold exchanges on full display.
    The finish comes when Eddie goes for the piledriver but, Lynn ends up reversing and hitting the cradle
    piledriver for the win.
    Winner by pinfall – Jerry Lynn (5:03)
    Post-Match: Gilbert is not pleased and threatens to throw a fire ball and any member of the crowd who
    comes in.

    Match #3 – Molly Holly vs. Velvet McIntrye

    Solid ladies showcase here for the HWE. Tons of acrobatics and ariel moves. Velvet attempts a victory
    roll but Molly shoves her off the top and hits the molly-go-round for the 1-2-3. Both ladies got a nice
    Winner by pinfall – Molly Holly (6:00)

    Match #4 – Alex Wright, Disco Inferno, The Honky Tonk Man and The Red Rooster vs. Iceman King
    Parsons, The Big Bossman , Al Snow w/Head and The Sandman

    Up next is a special 8 man tag team action as the “gimmicks” are set free! The team of The Dancin’
    Fools team with Terry Taylor in his Red Rooster persona and the greatest IC champion of all time to
    battle the unusual team of the Iceman, The Bossman, Al Snow w/Head and ECW original The Sandman.
    All the faces come down to “Enter Sandman” and the site of Al Snow pouring a Miller Light inside a
    manquein head was one to see. Bossman and Ice were probably no strangers to an adult beverage and
    seemed to enjoy the crowd response. The match begins with Disco, Alex and the Rooster taking turns
    dancing, as Honky enters the ring and says that the crowd just wants to hear the greatest ic champion of
    all time sing his song. As the music plays, the faces become impatient, and The Sandman brings out the
    infamous Singapore cane and whacks Honky. Meanwhile, the rest of the faces begin to get impatient
    and one “butt bump” from the Iceman to Disco sends the old school Vegas crowd into a frenzy. After the

    a lockup and an eye rake, the heels slow the pace as the Rooster begins working over Al Snow. Both
    workers exchange holds while the heels tag in and out, leaving Snow as the face in peril, searching for a
    tag to one of his partners. Meanwhile, Disco and Alex begin to argue on the apron over just who is the
    better dance. Eventually snow forces the Rooster into the corner and he gets a double clothesline and
    makes the hot tag to the Bossman who cleans house of the heels. As Disco is KO’ed to the outside, Alex
    grabs the infamous “disco duck” from the dying days of WCW attemps to hit the Bossman, Bossman
    catches him cold and nails the bossman slam for the 1-2-3. The Rooster attempts a late save but is met
    with some “Head” post match, as Sandman clotheslines Wright out of the ring and chases him to the
    back with the cane. Meanwhile, the remaining faces celebrate to the infamous “Hard Times” tune. Fun
    Winners by pinfall – Bossman, Snow and Parsons (7:42)

    Next up, we head backstage where Bobby “The Brain” Heenan is seen leaving the dressing room labeled
    Midnight Express. Mr. Baseball tries to catch up with “The Brain” but, he blows him off by saying, “Mr.
    Belvedere isn’t here right now…”

    Match #5 – Dan “The Beast” Severn vs. William Regal
    Up next is a technical battle between a former NWA Champion and one of the soundest workers of the
    past generation as Dan Severn takes on William Regal. Both men exchange holds early, as this match is
    reminiscent of a 1940’s NWA classic. Severn overpowers the fighting commissioner, but Regal quickly
    takes advantage of “The Beast” by working him over with several mat holds. Regal eventually ends the
    mutual respect with a poke to the eyes and several European uppercuts. Eventually, he locks in the regal
    stretch but Severn makes it to the ropes. He counters a Regal suplex attempt with one of his own and
    goes for a second and finally, a third. With Regal dazed, Severn clamps on a “beastlock” and before
    Regal can tap out, the bell sounds. The 15 minute time limit has expired after Regal was seconds away
    from tapping. Out of breath and exhausted, Regal makes to find the camera and tell the people that “he
    didn’t beat me and he had him.” Classic Regal.
    Winner – Draw (15:00)

    Backstage, Las Vegas native Mike Tenay interviews David Von Erich. Von Erich gives a firey promo and
    talks about how he’s representing his entire family and the “legacy” (pun intended) that his family built.
    Tonight, the road to Larryland goes through Texas!

    Match #6: David Von Erich vs. “The Living Legend” Larry Zbyszko
    The co-main event has finally arrived as the AWA battles WCCW. Larry spends literally the first 10
    minutes with his typical stall tactics, pissing off the crowd to no end. Von Erich shows his typical fire and
    unloads on the Living Legend with a barrage of high flying moves that sends him scrambling to the
    outside. A low blow on the outside slows David down and he begins to take over. An extended series of
    rest holds begins to wear Von Erich down, with Larry using his typical tactics such as using the ropes for
    leverage, racking the eyes and putting the boots to David when the referee has his back turned.
    Eventually, Von Erich takes over and gives a firey comeback and nails Larry with a dropkick from the top
    rope. He covers and the ref counts 1-2-3 but alas, Larry points out that his foot was on the rope. The ref
    lets Von Erich know that the match is NOT over during his celebration. Meanwhile, during the
    commotion, “Pretty Boy” Doug Sommers” and “The Illustrious” Johnnie Stewart from the AWA run to
    ringside and pass Larry a pair of numb chucks from underneath the ring. As David comes back over, Larry
    blasts him and the referee counts 1-2-3. While it looks as if the Legend has gotten the duke and he
    celebrates with his AWA co-horts, “the Iceman” King Parson runs out of the dressing room, clocks both
    Stewart and Sommers and points out that numb chucks. The referee sees what happened and reverses
    his decision. DVE gets the Duke and Parson hugs his fellow World Class alum. Fritz must have paid the
    Iceman well to get him to run back out! Larry is furious and promises revenge!
    Winner by DQ – David Von Erich (12:18)

    Backstage, “Mr. Baseball” Bob Uecker is standing by with “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels. HBK
    says he doesn’t’ like Owen or any members of his family but tonight is apparently about legacies and
    tonight, he’s out to prove that he’s STILL the best in the business and the Express’ acclaim is up at
    midnight, courtesy of the showstopper.

    Meanwhile, the camera cuts to Bobby The Brain Heenan frantically walking by. Uecker tries to catch up
    with him but he’s blown off yet again. What could “The Brain” be up to?

    Now, it’s time for the MAIN EVENT. A dream tag team match we’ve all been waiting for. It’s NWA vs.
    WWF as The Midnight Express take on Shawn Michaels and Owen Hart. The best team vs. The best
    workers. Two guys that hate each other vs. Two men that could once have been considered brothers.
    Let’s go to the ring.

    Match #7 – The Main Event of HWE “Legacy”
    “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels and “The King of Harts” Owen Hart vs. The Midnight Express
    (“Beautiful” Bobby Eaton and “Sweet” Stan Lane)

    We’re here. It’s time for the main event showcase we’ve all been waiting for. The crowd is pumped and
    HBK has his typical entrance with all the pomp and circumstance. The Midnights look ready but will their
    chemistry be enough tonight? Owen looks less than thrilled to team with Shawn, but it’s all about
    business. Michaels starts with Sweet Stan and the ladies love this exchange. However, before the first
    lockup, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan saunters down the ringside and heads straight to the corner of the
    Midnight Express. Was there money exchanged? Heenan says a few words to Eaton on the apron as HBK
    and Owen look on. Heenan sits down at the commentary table as the announcers wonder just what he’s
    doing here. Heenan tells the PBP and color man not to worry about what he’s doing. The match begins
    as both teams exchange moves and quick tags, in and out. The Express take over on Owen with quick
    tags, double teams and tandem offense. Shawn looks frustrated on the apron and attempts to enter the
    match at several points but the referee restrains him on the apron. While the action is going on, Heenan
    wanders back and forth around the ring. Owen finally reverses Lane and hits him with his patented
    spinning heel kick. Bobby comes in and Owen hits him with an enzurguri. Owen looks to tag Michaels
    but instead, goes for the sharpshooter on Bobby, who is the illegal man. Bobby taps but he’s not legal
    and Lane interrupts. Michales enters and all four men duke it out. HBK is in full form. Forearms, crisp
    punches, the elbow on Lane. The showstopper has come to play. As Shawn begins to tune up the band
    on Eaton, Lane grabs his foot but is intercepted by Owen. Owen clotheslines Lane on the floor and

    Bobby is hit with the sweet chin music. The pin attempt is made but is broken up by OWEN! He just
    couldn’t help himself. Owen nails Michaels and puts Eaton in the sharpshooter. Eaton is about to tap
    when Bobby Heenan jumps up on the apron and distracts the referee. Michaels re-enters the ring and
    hits Owen with the superkick. “To hell with this family,” he yells as he storms out of the ring. As Owen
    lay prone in the ring, Heenan wakes up Lane on the floor and he rolls back in the ring. Eaton, clutching
    his back slowly makes his way to his feet and, while holding his back from the pain, makes his way to the
    top. The Express nail their signature “rocket launcher” and Eaton covers Owen for the 1-2…NO! Owen
    lifts his shoulder up at the last possible second. The crowd cannot believe it! Heenan is on the floor in
    disbelief and tells Bobboy to climb again. Owen slowly starts to get up but his met again with a crescent
    kick by Lane. Lane holds Owen’s legs as Bobby climbs back to the top and nails the Alabama jam. The ref
    isn’t sure who the legal man is but gets Bobby out, Stan lays on top of Owen and this time, it’s a 1-2-3
    and the Midnight Express celebrate with Heenan. Post match, Bobby hugs both men, looks directly at
    the camera and says he always bets on a winner, especially in Vegas.

    Winners by pinfall – The Midnight Express (19:55)

    As Bobby laughs and leaves with the Midnights, Owen is seen selling mid-ring when the camera cuts to
    the back….

    Uecker is trying to catch up with Shawn Micahels as he grabs his bags and mumbles about how he is the
    showstopper, the icon and that the Hart Family has always been losers. He didn’t want to tag with Owen
    tonight and let’s remember that Owen is the one who got pinned. As Shawn begins to enter the
    limosine, he opens the door and sees none other than Stephanie McMahon inside. Steph slowly gets out
    and tells Shawn that he let the WWF down by turning on Owen. Shawn tells her to hell with the WWF
    and Steph makes sure to let him know that that comment is not going to make her father very happy. In
    fact, her father just got done making a deal with the devil because not only does he now have to worry
    about the Hart family, there’s another man out there that has never forgotten what Shawn has done to
    him. As Shawn stares into Steph’s eyes, a familiar voice speaks from the background…
    “Hello Shawn, it’s been a while you son of a bitch. Prepare to get your ass FRANCHISED!”
    Shawn turns around to see “The Franchise” Shane Douglas and he’s brought backup in the form of Dean
    Malenko. As Shane begins to attack Michaels, the camera cuts to a groggy Owen making his way to the
    back. This time, it looks as if Shawn’s attitude may have cost him, once and for all!

    What kind of
    “LEGACY” has Shawn left now?

    With that, the show closes and the HWE Legacy is now in the hands of the readers!

  • #2
    A solid card, interesting choice for no title matches, the card still felt strong in spite of that so that's a mark of a good show.

    That main event tag match would have been an incredible watch, as would Severn vs Regal. Two technical masterpieces on one card.

    I think this definitely fit the vibes of an 80s wrestling show the most of everything so far.

    The worst PPV ever is coming soon.
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    • #3
      Interesting show.

      Would've loved Owen vs. HBK as the main event, but I see why you did what you did. Really interesting ending with Steph involved and Shawn's sins coming full circle. It seems pretty "Shawn-esque" to have what happen to him go down like that lol.

      The Beast vs. Regal would've been off the charts. Your card didn't have an off match, strong top to bottom. I guess that makes sense considering a lot of people thought your roster was near the top as far as strength and depth.

      Glad to see David Von Erich got that big push on your card. Def an underrated talent that may have risen in his late 20's had he not tragically passed.

      Bossman, Snow, Parsons, and Sandman seem like a huge mis match for Wright/Infero/Honky/Rooster, so glad they got the fairly easy win

      Good 80's type vibe. Curious what direction you would go at the next PPV? Man, all these cards making me want to know what happens next!!!!


      • #4
        Josh, congrats on a successful supershow and probably the most clearly developed foreshadowing of a second show. Having that final encounter with HBK, and Steph McMahon and Douglas was a dramatic way to end the show. No resolution there!

        I think that was part of the success of having a tag main event with the biggest teams. It managed to hold its weight without needing a title. That's something that is hard to do on a PPV, especially one of this size and grandeur.

        All of your tag matches were excellent, just really well booked and solid teams. I especially enjoyed the Dancin' Fools stable! Hilarious. Also, Al Snow feeding beer to the mannequin head. Haha!

        Severn/Regal definitely stood out too. The draw was a great call. It set up a rematch if you wanted to go that route. Both guys looked strong.

        Lots of talk of loyalty and legacy, which I found interesting because it seemed like this was an all-star showcase. Like the way you wrote it didn't allow for much about HWE having a history. It seemed like legacy was being built though and the wrestlers' legacies were up for celebration or debate. Unique approach!

        Thanks for writing this.
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        • #5
          This was a breeze to read over. It had the feel of a great exhibition of feature show, setting up some bigger things down the line but also giving the audiences some matches of serious substance at the same time.

          I love the celebrity pick but having Alice Cooper playing American the Beautiful would have been something. I’d like to see it but more out of curiosity than anything else.

          The Gimmick match was hilarious, great usage of some low end pickups and it would absolutely pop the crowd.

          Severn v Regal is the kind of match that just looks incredible on a card. I’ve never thought a whole lot of Savern’s work (to be fair I haven’t seen a whole lot) but with Regal to lead him and lean into his strengths, I can’t help but think this would be a really fun match to watch.

          Owen & HBK is a hell of a tag team to put up against The Midnight Express, especially with Heenan at the Express’ helm. Personally, I would have loved to see HBK v Owen for the main event with Hennan on HBK’s side but as I said this card had the feel of a travelling show building up to a huge show down the line and this would be a hell fo a way to build to that eventual match.


          • #6
            Ah, bit of a bummer that 4 talented guys got shunted to the pre-show, but I suppose if you’ve got one then someone has to do it. Strange choice to have Jacques come out and do a shooty type promo, not really his style and I can assure you that in any era that Brody reference would go over like a lead balloon, even I wouldn’t have understood it if you hadn’t explained it. Even so the match sounds very fun, and I like that you kept it short and sweet. I could easily see a 3.25 coming out of this if everything went just right.

            Nice use of Alice Cooper, the only room for music on a wrestling card in my view is either some kind of anthem or hype song at the start, or playing a wrestler’s entrance. I admit I’m skimming the commentary stuff but Uecker with Ventura and Graham sounds positively wonderful to me. Nice promo, I could definitely hear Ventura’s part in his voice. And bless you for providing very short match summaries, that’s the best way!

            As much as I love him as a commentator, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Jesse Ventura in a “great” match, haha. I wonder what it would look like if it had happened in reality. Ventura and Graham were wonderful personalities but their matches weren’t always thrilling in my opinion. Good use of the High Flyers though, Brunzell in particular was very good at his peak. I could see this at 3 stars.

            Ha, radically different ends of ECW colliding in the next match. Such a short match for these two though, and part of it spent just chasing and stalling. I’d expect maybe 2.5 based on the strength of those involved.

            Nice to see the women on the card, though to see my beloved Molly only get six minutes to do her thing is a bit of a bummer. No doubt at least 3 stars from me though.

            LOL at Al Snow serving Head some beer. This is quite a random mix of talent here, some hidden gems and some absolute stinkers mixed together. Credit for Boss Man getting the pin, though this many folks crammed together in a short amount of time makes me think there are some missed opportunities. I’m thinking 2.5 for all this.

            Nice line for Heenan, and teasing him with the Midnight Express is music to my ears!

            I’ve never seen a match from the 40s, I’ve seen some stuff from the 30s and 50s and it didn’t exactly put me in mind of either of these guys, so I think perhaps the references is a bit off here. I’m surprised Regal didn’t poke him in the yes at the opening bell, haha. Very Regal to make such a claim after barely surviving, though. I’m iffy on Severn but I think 90s Regal can carry just about anyone so hard to imagine this not going to at least 4 stars in my book.

            Ah man, one of my least favorite tropes in all of wrestling is “babyface runs out and tattles and the referee reverses the decision”. Like, is Iceman gonna police every single match and run crying down when someone cheats? Get a life, Iceman. With only one mega-show to work with, I think a stronger ending was required. As for the match, sounds like Larry was in slow mode with the rest holds. With the finish, I feel I would only go 2 stars here.

            Interesting to pair Shawn and Owen together, since indeed they seemed to only ever be enemies, against one of the most cohesive tag teams in history. But hey, Bobby Eaton in the main event, you can’t get much better than that! Ah, but another pet peeve of mine is tag team partners who can’t get along, especially in this case when it seems Owen just suddenly turned on Michaels out of nowhere. Like, if you were gonna fight him, just do it at the start and save us the trouble! Can’t say I went along with the booking here, and I’m not sure why Heenan played coy with MX if he was just going to do what everyone expected him to anyway. Even with all that in account, I can’t see how this doesn’t go 4 stars at least with the sheer level of talent involved.

            Stephanie screeching at Michaels to close the show isn’t quite doing it for me either, and I never got terribly into either Douglas or Malenko. I would be all about that Shawn/Owen feud which is sure to come though, even if we’ve seen it before, and MX with Heenan on top of the card is right where it’s at.

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