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#FWD21 - The International Professional Wrestling Council Presents: WrestleSlam Countdown Special (Part 1)

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  • #FWD21 - The International Professional Wrestling Council Presents: WrestleSlam Countdown Special (Part 1)

    (History: The IPWC is a council that oversees and sanctions matches both for its own titles, and works with Aurora Championship Wrestling (ACW) Ark of Kings Wrestling (AKW) and Evolution Wrestling Federation (EWF) as members of a global wrestling powerhouse that comes together for several shows a year to put the best against the best to see who truly are the greatest professional wrestlers alive. This is the first supershow pitting champions against champions, organization against organization, with grudges coming to ahead from the personal to the ideological. Unified Champions will be crowned during this momentous first step into wrestling's future. This is the IPWC.)


    (The iconic graphic of the International Professional Wrestling Council appears on screen. As the image slowly fades out, the iconic sonic sounds of Smashing Pumpkins’ “Tonight, Tonight” crescendos over a video package of the stars set to compete on the inaugural supershow featuring the best that Aurora Championship Wrestling, Ark of Kings Wrestling and the Empire Wrestling Federation have to offer. The package ends, fades to black and two men appear on screen — lead commentators Nate Rodgers and former ACW and EWF heavyweight champion “The Prototype” Jake Summers — with a glint of excitement in their eyes as the beginning of the biggest even with the best professional wrestling on earth draws nearer.)

    Rodgers: Welcome everyone to the countdown show to the biggest wrestling extravaganza of all time! Sanctioned by the IPWC, the best and brightest across the world are coming together for the supershow to end all super shows -- . Over the course of the show we’re going to run down the entire card featuring the likes RnR, Scott Steiner, Bruno Sammartino, Manami Toyota, Madusa, Verne Gagne, the New Age Outlaws, among many more. But in our main event is the cherry on top as Japanese legend and AKW Heavyweight Champion Mitsuharu Misawa will compete against someone you’re familiar with Jake, one of the greatest ever in ACW Heavyweight Champion Bret Hart to crown the first ever IPWC World Heavyweight Champion n a winner takes all, title for title 2/3 falls contest with no time limit…

    Summers: Let me cut your Hart love fest off right there Nate. It’s no secret Hitman and I don’t see eye to eye and we never will. The hatchet will never be buried nor should it ever be, but talent recognizes talent and Hitman is one of the greatest ever, but the question is how he’ll handle the punishing offence of the Emerald Warrior, Mitsuharu Misawa.

    Rodgers: You really do hold a grudge, don’t you?

    Summers: He took my title.

    Rodgers: And it was really…truly…one of the best calls of my career.

    Summers: …

    Rodgers: In any case, we’ll dive deeper into this colossal title unifier and crowning of the first ever IPWC world champion later in the show, as well as the big grudge match between Scott Steiner and Bruno Sammartino as well as many more. But in addition to the whole rundown, we have two matches lined up for you on this show. Later on Jushin Thunder Liger will be defending his AKW Junior Heavyweight title against Chavo Guerrero, with a date with the Great Sasuke waiting on the horizon. But for now let’s head down to the ring for our opening contest, as Raven takes on local indie talent Mr. Showtime.

    (Already in the ring, the young up and comer Showtime waits impatiently in the ring for his opponent to arrive. The lights dim as The Offspring’s “Come Out and Play” cues up)

    Ring announcer: And now coming down the aisle from The Bowery. This. Is. RAVEN!!!

    (Raven emerges through the curtains slowly walks down to the ring, and stops at the apron — his gaze locked on his young opponent, hoping to intimidate him. Showing no respect for the young upstart, he turns his back to Showtime and performs his trademark pose. Little does he know…)

    Commentator: Showtime bounces off the ropes and takes off up and clear over the top rope! Corkscrew plancha right on top of Raven! Oh my god, he doesn’t even know what hit him.

    (The crowd explodes as the hardcore savant, sprawled out on the floor, tries to get his bearings. Showtime slides back into the ring as Raven slowly returns to his feet…)

    Commentator: Here he goes again!

    (Showtime makes another running start, hits the ropes as the crowd is abuzz as Mr. Showtime takes flight as Raven gets to his feet. Showtime takes off, looking for a Tope Atomico…)

    Commentator: Oh my lord! Raven baited Showtime and he goes crashing down into the guardrail.

    (Raven picks the confused Showtime up and throws him into the steel steps. Showtime flips clear over them and crashes hard on the other side. Raven walks over, picks him once more and rolls him into the ring. Raven stares down the referee on the outside, grabs a steel chair and slides it into the ring. He sets up the chair in the middle.)

    Commentator: Raven with the Irish Whip into the ropes and drop toe hold on Showtime as he faceplants into the chair. He looks out of it as he crashes hard into the mat.

    (Raven glares back at the referee on the outside, who slides into the ring. He signals for the ringbell.)

    Commentator: And the match is finally underway, but I’m not sure Showtime has anything left at this point.

    (Raven picks up Showtime and holds him in a front headlock and sets him up for the finish. With one swift move, Raven plants Showtime headfirst into the mat violently.)

    Commentator: Evenflow DDT, that’s all folks. Raven with the laxed pin. 1……2……3. Raven with the win.

    (Boos rain down on Raven as he slinks back into the corner. Showtime slowly rolls out of the ring and wobbles on the outside, stumbling as officials come to his aid. Back in the ring, Raven gets on the microphone.)

    Raven: Young man, there will be a place for you in my flock when you are ready. But that will only happen when you realize the fallacies in who you are. You are weak. You hide behind your theatrics because these succubus fans demand highlights for their lives when it’s all just a mask for their insecurities and will to live vicariously through others slightly more significant than themselves. It is a mask, and it is my mission to cleave the deceit from your minds and reveal the true nature of your corruption to become what you are meant to be. An agent of chaotic truth. Only then can we be free from the anguish of mediocrity. So it is written, so it shall come to pass. Quote the Raven, never more.

    (Raven is showered with more jeers as the camera shifts its scene to studio)

    Rodgers: Showtime had a quick start, but all it took was one error and Raven capitalized on his mistake quickly.

    Summers: That’s why you can’t give any opening to your opponent, especially someone like Raven. It wouldn’t happen to me though.

    Rodgers: Like that time you said Bret couldn’t lace your boots?

    Summers: Let’s just get to the rundown…

    Rodgers: First up, we have the ACW Tag Team Title match with the champions the New Age Outlaws taking on Perry Saturn and John Kronus, the Eliminators, with a match for the IPWC Tag Championships hanging in the balance. The Outlaws are crafty as always, but I’m not sure they can handle the physical, punishing offence of the Eliminators.

    Summers: I agree. Saturn and Kronus are no slouches and if Gunn and Road Dogg play their usual game, their title reign is doomed for Total Elimination. The Outlaws need to play to their strengths…

    Rodgers: …meaning they need to cheat like you used to. Because they just can’t handle the physicality of Saturn and Kronus.

    Summers: They need to be smart, otherwise their reign is done.

    Rodgers: Next up Nova and “The Squire” Dave Taylor meet up in a clash of styles, with Nova’s innovative offence coming up against Taylor’s rough, hard-hitting British style. Nova is going to have to hit Taylor, quickly and be on his game if he hopes to wear Taylor down to hit the Kryptonite Krunch.

    Summers: Taylor is one of the best wrestlers in the game. We’ve tangled many times, and while he’s never beaten me, I don’t think he’ll have a hard time tying Nova into a pretzel and putting the fear into this superhero wannabe. Nova can and fly through the air and dress like superheroes all he likes, but in the end of the day Taylor will overwhelm him.

    Rodgers: In one of our featured matches we have another clash of styles as the ever-durable Japanese legend Yoshihiro Takayama will take on Mexican legend Mil Mascaras. Takayama may not be as well known here in the States as Mascaras, but don’t count him out for a second. He’s tough, he’s physical and if you disrespect him it’ll be a long night. Mascaras has his worked cut out for him.

    Summers: Mascaras is all show and no go, where Takayama is battle tested and ready to put Mil is every bad position possible. Takayama should win, but I feel like Mil’s craftiness will help him eek out a win.

    Rodgers: “Craftiness,” eh…

    Summers: I can get you fired.

    Rodgers: You can’t, I have a no-release clause.

    Summers: …

    Rodgers: Next up, we have a trios contest with the Gentleman Chris Adams teaming up with the Can-Am Express against members of Don Callis’ new faction, the legendary Verne Gagne and new tag team the Natural Born Thrillers Sean O’Haire and Mark Jindrak.

    Summers: Callis’ team is a perfect blend of veteran grit and raw athleticism. Together I don’t think Adams, Furnas and LaFon will have anything for Callis’ elite trio, and I’m sure Don has put together an ingenious game plan to counter anything Adams and the Express have to offer. Gagne and the Thrillers take this easily.

    Rodgers: I disagree…

    Summers: You would.

    Rodgers:…I think the Thrillers are very untested and I think Adams, Furnas and LaFon can exploit their inexperience pull this out to put them line for Trios title contention at our next big event -- ________ -- in a few months.

    Summers: There’s nothing they have that’s a threat to Callis’ finely crafted team. For as good as Adams and company were, with Callis and Gagne’s leadership I think the Thrillers overwhelm with their high-impact offence that’s nothing like anything Adams, Furnas or LaFon have ever witnessed.

    Rodgers: On the payroll now too? Carry his bags?

    Summers: I respect his mind.

    Rodgers: Well, that’s sweet of you. What’s also sweet is our first women’s contest of the evening as the ever-dangerous Jazz will take on Japanese dynamo Akira Hokuto in what could be a very long night for the EWF Women’s Champion.

    Summers: For as physically impressive as Jazz is, if you’ve never seen tape on Hokuto you have no idea what’s in store for Jazz. Hokuto throws caution to the mind and imposes her physical brand of craziness on her opponents. She’s unpredictable, highly skilled and should make short work of the EWF champion.

    Rodgers: Jazz’s EWF title won’t be on the line in this special attraction match, but there are two titles that are on the line as Jumbo Tsuruta and Genichiro Tenryu will be defending their AKW tag team championships against the highly decorated, legendary tag team champions the Rock n’ Roll Express. Tsuruta and Tenryu are two physical brutes that can hang with the best in the ring and dominate them. But you can never count out Gibson and Morton, as more times than one have they eeked out a close match with the win when it looked like they were certainly done for.

    Summers: The fans will be in their corner for sure, which will be great because I think they’ll spend most of their time in Tsuruta and Tenryu’s corner. The Japanese legends are a dangerous team, and with the IPWC tag title unifier on the horizon, I think they’ll impose their will on the Rock N’ Roll Express and expose them as the second rate team they are.

    Rodgers: We have another big title match with Jushin Liger defending his AKW Junior Heavyweight Title against the Great Sasuke, however first he needs to get past Chavo Guerrero Sr. later tonight. What’s going through your mind if you’re Sasuke and you have to wait to see who your opponent will be this close to such a big show?

    Summers: Sasuke is so good it doesn’t matter, but I have to question Liger’s decision to defend his title…

    Rodgers: Well, he is a fighting champion, unlike you were….

    Summers: This is why our team broke up, you’re insufferable. Anyway, this is a dangerous contest for Liger and he shouldn’t take Chavo lightly. I fully expect Chavo to upset the arrogant Liger.

    Rodgers: I think we’ll see Liger retain, and then I’m so very much looking forward to Sasuke and Liger renewing acquaintances. In another major crossover match between AKW and ACW, Jin Akiyama will defend his AKW Openweight Championship against Lance Storm.

    Summers: There’s something special in the Ontario water that Bret Hart missed out on being from that mountainous cesspool in Alberta. Lance Storm is one of the most technically gifted, athletic men to ever step foot in a wrestling ring and with the wiles to outthink his opponents, Storm should be able to outlast Akiyama who’s yet to really show he can win with any consistency. That said, despite Storm being Canadian and a beacon of hope in this horrid wrestling landscape, Akiyama is still battle-tested against some of the toughest men on the Japanese wrestling scene including Kenta Kobashi and the man who will end the charade of Bret Hart, Mitsuharu Misawa. Akiyama is not to be trifled with, but I think Storm outlasts him to take the Openweight title.

    Rodgers: You’d make a great journalist.

    Summers: Thank you.

    Rodgers: And in our second big women’s bout and the first match of our triple main event, we have the AKW Women’s Champion and the ACW Women’s Champion going head to head to crown the first IPWC World Women’s Champion. Manami Toyota is one of the fiercest, talented competitors the world over and is the greatest of all time in my estimation. That being said, Madusa is a world-travelled champion everywhere she’s gone, not just in Japan, and that gives her an edge in this big match scenario.

    Summers: Madusa is a fantastic competitor, but as usual you’re selling people short. Toyota is truly the most gifted women’s wrestler ever and her will and tenacity will help her – again – outlast, outwork and defeat Madusa.

    Rodgers: I disagree. I think Madusa will impose her physicality and finesse the match in her favour to become the IPWC World Women’s Champion. Next up, there’s nothing on the line other than pride as two generations clash as the Living Legend Bruno Sammartino and All-American Genetic Freak Scott Steiner will clash in a grudge match to end their feud once and for all. What’s interesting about this one is they have very similar traits. Both are physical, both can outwrestle, but where they’re different is I believe that for as physically gifted as Steiner is, Bruno’s heart and iron will be the deciding factor here. I think Steiner exhausts himself early and Bruno takes over and secures the win.

    Summers: Sammartino has been over the hill for years, and now there’s no way he outlasts Steiner for five minutes, never mind comes out on top. I expect Steiner to dominate from the start and never let up. I guarantee Steiner wins.

    Rodgers: Interesting choice, I don’t think Steiner has a tank to beat him. We shall see. But finally though, in our main event, Bret “Hitman” Hart and Mitsuharu Misawa will clash for all the marbles as both men put up their respective ACW and AKW heavyweight titles in a winner takes all contest to crown the first ever IPWC World Heavyweight Champion. And to leave no question about who’s the #1 wrestler in the world, this match will be two out of three falls with no time limit, no DQs and no count outs. There will be a winner. Now, these men have met before, but that was before either was at the level they’re at now. So the question truly is, who has evolved the most since their previous match and can they beat the other twice in one night?

    Summers: Given Bret can barely eek a win past me, I think Misawa has the intangibles to take the best of what Bret has – which is pawltry – and dish out some serious strong style offence to leave Hart hilariously crippled. Misawa takes this 2-0 inside a half hour.

    Rodgers: Balanced as always… I disagree, I think Hart has a tall task ahead of him, but the intangible for him is his keen technical proficiency and ability to exploit weaknesses and break down his opponent’s body and mind. Misawa cannot be underestimated because he’s arguably the best ever, but the question is how much have Misawa’s wars taken a toll on his body. That may be the deciding factor, because I don’t think Misawa can outlast Hart once he zeroes on Misawa’s weaknesses. I think Misawa takes the first fall, but Hart comes back to win falls two and three to become the Unified IPWC World Heavyweight champion.

    Summers: That shows how ignorant you are. Misawa can been through wars with the toughest men on the planet and comes out on top as champion. Bret can’t hold a candle up against gale force skills of Misawa and I think Hart’s title aspirations are getting snuffed out.

    Rodgers: Bold prediction, but I think to truly see how it all unfolds you’re all going to have to tune in on PPV. Be sure to call your local cable providers and order the show because you won’t want to miss this momentous night of pro wrestling. We’ll also be joined by superfan Regis Philbin who will be serving as backstage correspondent and special guest ring announcer for the main event. As well Billy Corgan and the Smashing Pumpkins will be here live to kick off the show with a live set. Billy’s a huge wrestling fan and supporter of the business, as is Reg, and it’s great to have them both here. That’s all the time we have though, let’s take it back to the ring for the feature match tonight: Jushin Liger defends against Chavo Guerrero Sr.

    (The image of Rodgers and Summers fades out as we return the roar of the crowd at ringside. The ringside announcer stands in the centre, with Chavo Guerrero Sr. already standing in the ring. The lights dim and the music of AKW Junior Heavyweight Champion Jushin Liger cues up as he makes his way down the aisle. He steps through the ropes and into the ring. He nestles himself in the corner opposite Guerrero.)

    Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is your main event of the evening. First, the man standing on my right. Weighing in at 229 pounds from El Paso, Texas. He is a member of the legendary Guerrero family. He is a former junior heavyweight champion around the world. This. Is. Chavo Guerrero! And the man on my left. Weighing in at 210 pounds from Hiroshima, Japan. He is the multi-time junior heavyweight champion and has captivated fans around the world. Here is the AKW World Junior Heavyweight Champion. Jushin “Thunder” Liger!

    (The bell sounds and Liger and Chavo lock up in the middle of the ring. Chavo executes a standing swich, drops down and trips Ligers feet. He transitions up Liger’s body and wraps his head in a vice-like headlock. Liger works his way to his feet and pushes Chavo off him and into the ropes. Chavo rebounds off and ducks a Liger clothesline and bounces off the ropes again and runs toward Liger.)

    Commentator: Liger with the Shotei! Guerrero is down!

    (Guerrero returns to his feet but Liger grabs hold of him and irish whips Chavo once again into the corner. Liger charges Chavo.)

    Commentator: Liger moves in attempts the Abisegeri but Chavo rolls out of the way! Liger crashes right into the turnbuckles.

    (Guerrero takes advantage and stomps the downed Liger. He drags him back to the centre of the ring, picks him up and body slams Liger down hard on the mat. Chavo drops down for the pin.)

    Commentator: One…Liger kicks out before the two count. Chavo is going to have to do more than that if he wants to pin Liger’s shoulders to the mat.

    (Chavo picks Liger up off the mat again, spins him around and locks him up for the Gory Special.)

    Commentator: Oh my, Chavo has Liger locked up in this painful hold synonymous with the great Guerrero family. Liger is screaming and…OH!!! Chavo drops back and pancakes Liger face first on the mat.

    (With Liger down on the mat, Chavo executes Liger’s own surfboard move, putting Liger through ever more pain, stretching out Liger’s tendons to the point of snapping. Chavo rolls to his side and maintains control, only to raise Liger back above his body. He lets go of the hold and allows Liger to fall face first again to the mat. Chavo bounces off the ropes and performs a running elbow drop on Liger and attempts another pin.)

    Commentator: One…t…Liger kicks out again. Chavo really needs to do more to put away Liger. Chavo is upset though… he picks up Liger, and grabs him by the head and neck. Chavo throws Liger’s arm around his head and lifts him up. Brainbuster!

    (Chavo looks down at the champion. He picks the champion up, throws the champion’s arm around his head once more but as he lifts Liger up into the suplex position, Liger shifts his weight)

    Commentator: Oh! Liger rolls through into a small package. One…two….KICK OUT! He almost eeked out the surprise win. Liger and Chavo are back up, and Chavo kicks Liger in the gut. He picks him up again into the suplex position and….ANOTHER Brainbuster!

    (Chavo looks down again at the fallen champion, and then over to the corner. He drags Liger to the centre of the ring, arranging him close to the corner. Chavo climbs the ropes with his back to Liger and reaches the top. He sets himself and launches off, crashing down on Liger’s body with a moonsault. He goes for the cover.)

    Commentator: One…..two….thr…..He kicks out! 2.9. Chavo is beside himself, but he’s shrugging it off and is heading right back to the corner for another moonsault. He climbs, takes off and….OH MY! He comes crashing down on the mat, Liger rolls out of the way.

    (Liger stumbles to his feet, picks up Chavo and grabs him by the wrist. Liger pushes Chavo back into the ropes and Irish whips him into the opposite side. Chavo bounces off the ropes and as he does Liger rolls forward.)

    Commentator: He hits the Abisegeri rolling kick! Liger picks up the pace, he’s back on his feet and raises Chavo up, kicks him in the gut and readies Chavo for a powerbomb. He lifts Chavo up and runs forward for an emphatically thunderous Liger bomb! With the cover! One! Two! Th…No! Chavo kicks out.

    (Liger pounces back on Chavo and lifts him back to his feet. He puts him in the suplex position. He lifts him and….)

    Commentator: Down with the devastating Brainbuster. Chavo looks completely out. Liger covers, the referee goes in for the count. One…

    (the lights suddenly go out as a low buzz quickly envelops the arena. Inside the ring is utter commotion. The crowd grows concerned as the arena remains shrouded in darkness, interrupted by an emphatically loud thud… as though someone’s head had been driven into the mat. The lights back on. Liger lays unconscious on his back in the middle of the ring, Chavo with his arm drapped across Liger’s motionless body. The referee, is shocked and perplexed; moments before Liger had been on the cusp of winning. The only person who isn’t confused, is the man sitting down in the corner holding a microphone, his arms relaxed and draped across the bottom ropes as he peers across the ring at this handiwork.)

    Commentator: What the hell!? What’s Raven doing out here?? The referee moves in for the count (one) no, not like this (two)! Damn you Raven! (three)

    (It is no time for celebrating, no time for good feelings such as triumph. For what little cognizance Chavo has, he knows he didn’t truly win the title this day. But he leaves with the aid of ringside officials. More officials come into the ring to fetch Liger, but Raven lifts himself up and out of the corner and levels the official with an Evenflow DDT. The crowd boos, tossing garbage into the ring directly at Raven. He returns to the corner and sits back down, glaring at the fallen, motionless Liger. He lifts the microphone up to his lips.)

    Raven: Your career is a lie. A preposterous fallacy, a tale you’ve woven to people in your life to hide your insecurity. To hide your inability. Your life is a mask, and it’s one you hide behind to conceal who you really are. I've seen him. Not the man who’s a husband and father, or idol to these simpleton fans, but a twisted soul who specializes in pain. It’s a pain you know now all too well, but it is only the beginning of a grander arc…

    (Raven lifts himself back up out of the corner walks over to the barely conscious Liger. He reaches down and grabs his mask, tearing it off and away from his face to reveal the partial visage of the man behind the hero. He casts the mask down directly in front of the fallen former champion.)

    Raven: Every hero has a dark tale, an origin. But the people they appear to become are twisted versions of the truth. Liger… I know your true face, and now that’s all you have left. I have taken your title. I have taken your dignity. I have taken your pride… I have… broken your spirit. And this Sunday, I invite you to meet me in the ring so I can consume your soul and leave you to rot as a vile husk of refuse and failure. Liger….All who wear masks wish to conceal their true nature, and it is my wish to expose that pathological hypocrisy to reveal the true face hidden behind the carefully crafted personas of men like you to illuminate who they truly are, little "Soul Eater." So it is written, and so it shall come to pass. Quote the Raven, nevermore.”

    (Fade to black)

  • #2
    Main Show
    (A graphic for the International Pro Wrestling Council appears on screen. Slowly the image dissolves into a video package featuring Smashing Pumpkins’ “Tonight, Tonight” and highlights from many memorable matches some participants of the night’s card were involved in, such as Bret Hart’s memorable battles with Shawn Michaels or his brother Owen, and Mitsuharu Misawa’s battles with the legendary Kenta Kobashi. As the video continues on, we see the Living Legend Bruno Sammartino, the Rock n’ Roll Express, and some present day superstars like Scott Steiner, Raven, Jushin Liger and the Great Sasuke. The video package comes to a close and slowly fades to black as the cheers from a crowd become more audible. The shot fades in as the show opens simply enough on one man standing in the back inside the storied Chicago United Center mere weeks away the Chicago Bulls claimed their sixth NBA title. You can hear the crowd and get drawn into their roar even though the man on screen looking back is known the world over as one of the liveliest daytime talk show hosts in entertainment. What’s lesser known about the one half of the hosts of Regis and Kathy Lee, is that Regis Philbin is a diehard wrestling fan. Appreciating the spectacle of it, the grandiose fever pitched heights the biggest and best can achieve and how much the fans watching the shows become invested, you can see in his eyes he’s enjoying every moment in front of him: he’s enjoying the present, and what’s to come throughout the night.)

    Regis: Good evening everyone, and welcome to this special professional wrestling supershow sanctioned by the International Pro Wrestling Council. And as you can hear behind me, there are thousands upon thousands of wrestling fans here tonight ready for the best wrestling on the planet, and so am I. So let’s go say hello to Chicago.

    (Regis steps through the curtain in Gorilla Position and walks out onto the main stage where he’s met by the cheers of 15,000 white hot cheers from a wrestling community that has embraced him as one of their own because deep down he appreciates this thing they love as much as they do. It’s a shared bond you can’t really qualify with reason, it just is. As Regis stands on stage, he looks around and soaks in the environment.)

    Regis: How are we doing Chicago? (The loud crowd somehow exceeds its excitement with a boisterous, deafening roar). I’m happy to have been invited here tonight and throughout the show I’m looking forward to all the matches, all the excitement and all the fun, but to kick off the show we have a special treat for you. They are one of the biggest bands on the planet and recently released their latest studio album “Adore.” Here are…The Smashing Pumpkins!

    Ava Adore
    An Ode to No One
    Bullet With Butterfly Wings

    (As the Pumpkins’ set comes to a close and the cheers are at their highest, the Pumpkins and all of Chicago are interrupted by an all-too-familiar guitar riff followed by an all-to-few familiar voice.)

    Road Dogg: Oh you didn’t know… ‘yo ass better call somebooooooddddddy. Yes, it’s me, it’s me, it’s that D-O-double G, riding once again with that A Double crooked letter. Chicago and uninspired rock bands named after squash, welcome…to the Dogg House! Llllllllladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages. Better people than Chicagoans living in this shithole proudly bring to you, the ACW….Tag TEAM Champions of the WOOOOOOOORRRRLLLLD! The Road Dogg Jesse James, the Bad Ass Billy Gunn. The New. Age. Outlaws.

    Billy Gunn: And if you’re not down with that, I’ve got two words for you… suck it.

    (The crowd erupts in a chorus of boos as the Outlaws soak in all the disdain. The camera pans to a shot of Billy Corgan as the Pumpkins continue clearing away from the stage, shaking his head in disgust for the ACW tag team champions. On the cusp of throwing condiments at them, the music of the challengers hits, and the Eliminators make their way through the curtain and down the aisle, never once taking their gaze off the Outlaws. Commentators Jake Summers and Nathan Rodgers get on the call as the IPWC WrestleSlam Supershow officially begins)
    (Add media of Eliminators music)

    Rodgers: Oh my, Saturn and Kronus look intense. They’re aren’t taking their eyes off the champions.

    Summers: These two men you definitely don’t want to cross on a bad day, and it looks like Saturn is particularly pissed off. That doesn’t bode well for Road Dogg and Billy Gunn.

    (Saturn and Kronus enter the ring and hit the corners, climbing the ropes to pose for the crowd. From behind, Gunn and Road Dogg take advantage of the situation, knocking Saturn up and over the top rope and to the floor while lowblowing Kronus. They pull Kronus down from the corner and begin stomping him into the mat with Saturn still on the floor. The Outlaws lock Kronus up in the ring ropes, and Gunn heads to his corner, yelling at the referee to start the match. With Kronus subdued, Road Dogg begins mocking Kronus with his trademark Shake Rattle ‘n Roll shuffle…)

    Rodgers: Get on with it, they’re just toying with them!

    Summers: And that’s why they’re the champs. They’re outthinking and outworking the challengers. Why should they fight the Eliminators’ game?

    Rodgers: This is why no one likes you.

    Summers: It’s smart.

    Rodgers: It’s underhanded.

    Summers: And it’s also effective.

    (While the lead commentators banter, Road Dogg unloads a series of quick jabs at the defenseless Kronus. Road looks over Billy Gunn and tags him into the match. He begins taunting Kronus immediately. Gunn runs and rebounds off the opposite ropes and kicks Kronus with such force his arms come unbound from the ropes. He crumples to the mat, looking toward his corner only to see the tag ropes dangling, swaying back and forth with each movement inside the ring…)

    Rodgers: Billy stomps him right in the small of Kronus’ back. Gunn now picking him up by the hair, he hoists him up into the Gorilla Press and slams him down hard! Gunn drops down, puts his forearm across Kronus’ face. 1….t…kick out at 1.5!

    (Saturn begins to stir on the outside and slowly makes his way to his corner. Back in the ring, Gunn picks Kronus up again, kicks him in the midsection, runs and bounces off the ropes)

    Rodgers: Gunn runs up to keeled over Kronus, leaps up and Fameasser! Gunn with the cover. 1-2…Saturn comes out of nowhere to break up the pin. Saturn now beating back Gunn into the corner and is now pummeling the assman into oblivion. Road Dogg into the ring, he runs over but Saturn catches him and unloads a violent t-bone suplex. Kronus back up. He pivots, spins and drops Road Dogg with a spinning wheel kick, sending him reeling back to their corner. The crowd has come unglued as the Eliminators are mounting a comeback!

    Summers: The titles are in jeopardy, Nate! The referee returns Saturn to the corner, and…

    Rodgers: Oh! Gunn with the low blow on Kronus with the ref’s back turned. That’ll put an end to any momentum the Eliminators were gaining. Saturn now yelling at his partner to get back to his feet. Gunn drags Kronus back to the Outlaws’ corner and tags Road Dogg back in.

    (Gunn exits as Road Dogg steps back, bounces off the ropes and does his Shake, Rattle, and Roll knee drop.)
    Rodgers: Drops in for the cover…One….t….kickout! It’ll take more than that to put the Eliminators away. Road Dogg appears frustrated nonetheless…

    (Road Dogg picks up Kronus by the hair, threads Kronus’ own arm between his legs and readies him for the pumphandle slam. He hoists Kronus up…)

    Summers: Oh no, Kronus shifted his momentum on the way up and rolled through.

    Rodgers: Kronus spins Road Dogg, James throws a punch, Kronus ducks. Spins and floors Road Dogg with another spinning heel kick. Gunn storms in, Kronus ducks and rolls to his corner… hits the tag on Saturn and follows through and rolls outside for a reprieve. Saturn comes storming in and levels Gunn with a clothesline! Gunn pops back up, attempts a clothesline but Saturn ducks….he wraps his arms around Gunn and sends him flying over the top rope and down hard to the floor with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex!
    Summers: Where the hell is Road Dogg, this is falling a part!

    (Road Dogg stumbles back to his feet and walks right back into Saturn who locks him up for another t-bone suplex.)

    Rodgers: Saturn hoists James up and dumps him right down on his head. Kronus hits the ring and zeroes in on Gunn on the outside. Bounces off the ropes, takes flight and wipes Gunn out on the floor with a corkscrew plancha on the outside. Kronus is fired up now! He rolls back in as Saturn picks up James. Saturn kicks James in the gut so hard he pivots around and turns right into another spinning kick from Kronus!

    Summers: No! No! No!

    (On spaghetti legs, Road Dogg stumbles back toward Saturn. He scoops him up and slams him hard to the mat. Saturn drags him to the middle of the ring.)
    Rodgers: Saturn and Kronus climb the parallel corners. Saturn takes off and drops a huge flying elbow drop on Road Dogg. He rolls out of the way and…Kronus leans back and flips forwaaaarrrd….. HUGE 450 Splash! Road Dogg is pasted into the mat!

    Summers: This is a travesty in motion!

    (Saturn and Kronus pick Road Dogg up and position themselves on either side of James.)

    Rodgers: Here it comes!

    (Saturn sweeps low as Kronus leaps, spins and kicks high, connecting flush to Road Dogg’s face.)

    Rodgers: I’m no Joey Styles, but…..TOTAL ELIMINATION!!!

    Summers: You’re such a mark….

    Rodgers: Saturn with the cover. One…..two…..THREE! We have new ACW tag team champions, Saturn and Kronus have struck gold here tonight. What a gutsy performance from those two despite all the cheating efforts of the New Age Outlaws.

    Summers: This is remarkably upsetting.

    (Saturn and Kronus embrace in the ring as they capture more tag team gold to add to their collection. Outside, the upset team of Road Dogg and Billy Gunn crawl, stumble and walk to the locker room, now without their tag team gold. Saturn and Kronus climb the ropes and pose for the crowd with their new belts before leaving the ring, Road Dogg still coming to on the mat.)

    Winners: The Eliminators, new ACW tag team champions.

    (As The Eliminators leave, they’re passed in the aisle by one of the special guests of the evening, Billy Corgan, guitar in hand.)

    Summers: What the hell does he want?

    (Corgan slides his guitar into the ring, and then does so himself. He picks up his acoustic guitar and readies himself directly behind James. James pulls himself to his feet, turns and before he can react, the Chicago native drills Road Dogg with the guitar as the crowd erupts, leaving it shattered and in pieces across the ring entire ring mat.)

    Rodgers: Well, he did have it coming…

    Summers: You’re condoning this? Corgan is a punk! Unbelievable…

    (The camera cuts away as Corgan makes his way back to the backstage area, the crowd embracing their native son, as Regis stands in the back with Dave Taylor who’s set to stand toe to toe with the EWF champion, Nova.)

    Regis: This man to my left is known the world over for being one of the best technical wrestlers in the sport, and tonight he will be challenging Nova for the EWF Heavyweight Championship tonight. What’s going through your mind?

    Taylor: Nova. You are thrilling. You love to fly. And as champion you have been serviceable. Yet, you’re a joke and do a great disservice to the EWF for wearing that title while dressed in some odd, latex knockoff superhero attire. I know nothing of the Flash, much less what a Green Lantern. But what I do know is the only flying you will take part in is when I grab hold of you and fling you over my head. The “flash” will be how quickly I ground you and punish you with my superior British style, and more than anything the only thing that will be thrilling about our contest will be when I walk out as the new EWF champion. The winner….”The Squire,” Dave Taylor.

    (The camera pans back to the arena. Taylor’s music cues up and he makes his way down to the squared circle. Entering the ring, he looks around the arena, sneers to himself as the fans boo him, and takes his robe off before retreating to his corner, awaiting the champion. Backstage Regis is with Nova.)

    Regis: With me now is Nova, the EWF Heavyweight Champion. Nova, tonight you’ll be going up against Dave Taylor, and I have to say… I don’t like him very much, and from the look on your face, I feel like you don’t much like him either.

    Nova: You’re right Regis, I don’t. Dave Taylor, for as good he is, looks down on everyone, even though for as good as he is, his resume falls short of man. Taylor….SQUIRE….you want to downtalk me, you want to overlook me? You might be one of the most skilled wrestlers in the world, but when it comes down to it, speed kills and my style is the chink in your armor, to anything you have to offer. And when the final bell rings, it’ll be the Novocain, followed by the Kryptonite Krunch. 1-2-3. Let’s do this.

    (Back in the arena, Taylor stands waiting in the ring, warming up as he awaits his opponent. He takes a moment to pause, looks down at the mat when his concentration is suddenly shattered by the sounds of the Beastie Boys’ “Intergalactic”. Nova comes storming out of the gates, intensity in his eyes dressed head to toe in the iconic black and emerald colours of the Green Lantern Corps.)

    Barrett: Ladies and gentlemen, this contest is for the EWF Heavyweight Championship. Introducing first the challenger on my right. He is from Queensbury, West Yorkshire, England. Weighing in tonight at 256 pounds. This is Dave Taylor! And now the man standing on my left. He’s weighing in tonight at 220 pounds. Coming to us tonight from Silicon Valley, he is the EWF Heavyweight Champion….Nnnnnnnnnoooooooovvvvvvaaaaa!

    (The bell rings and Taylor and Nova meet in the centre of the ring. They stare each other down for a moment before Taylor emphatically slaps the champion across the face with an open-handed strike. Taylor smirks and mocks the champion, but with lightning precision Nova responds with a quick kick the gut that doubles Taylor over. Nova runs and rebounds off the ropes and hits a flying clothesline that sends Taylor stumbling backward. He turns his back to Nova, who quickly mounts himself on the middle turnbuckle in the corner. Taylor turns back toward Nova who leaps off.)

    Rodgers: Nova with the Blockbuster attempt, but oh god what a European Uppercut counter by Taylor. Nova looks half-dead on the mat. One could say he’s gone supernova and burned himself out…

    Summers: You’re a nerd and I hate you. Let’s keep it sensible here. Nova took Taylor far too lightly here…

    Rodgers: …Bret Hart…

    Summers: …………and in my adult, educated opinion as a former professional wrestler, Nova paid for it and this may set the tone for Nova having the EWF title cleaved from his possession.
    Rodgers: Get it. His name is Nova. He exploded for a move and burned himself out. He went super nova!?

    Summers: Call the match.

    (Taylor works over Nova on the ground, who still hasn’t cleared away the cobwebs after the violent European uppercut. He locks in a reverse chinlock and grinds away at Nova’s neck and back. He stands up with Nova still seated on the canvas and unloads a series of punishing forearms across the front of Nova’s face; a smear of blood appearing on Taylor’s arm as blood begins to gush from Nova’s nose moments later.)

    Rodgers: Taylor is seeing red as he zeroes on Nova’s bloody face. Grabs him by the nose and pulls Nova’s face in ways it shouldn’t, he’s a bloody mess now!

    Summers: This is what I saying. You cannot take someone like Dave Taylor lightly because he’ll make you pay for it every time. And look at the result – Nova is reeling and is about to drop his title.

    (Taylor picks Nova up and muscles him into the corner. Slumped against the top turnbuckle, his head drooped, Taylor unloads more violent European uppercuts that fling Nova’s head back by brutish force.)
    Summers: Nova looks barely conscious here, I don’t think he has much left. And I think we’re going to need to replace the mat.

    (Nova slumps forward into Taylor, who wraps his arms through Nova’s and into a butterfly position and hits a Butterfly Suplex and floats over for the pin.)
    Rodgers: Taylor with the cover. One…two…th….KICK OUT. Nova is still in this, but he looks…

    (Taylor leaps to his feet and begins stomping the bloody face of Nova, blood gushing out of his nose and onto the mat. Taylor sits Nova once more in a seated position, stands behind him and continues smashing his forearms across Nova’s nose. He grabs Nova by the hair and whips him back to the mat. He drops down for another cover.)

    Rodgers: Taylor forcefully grinds his forearm across Nova’s face with the cover. One…..two….KICKOUT. Nova just will not die!

    Summers: His nose is completely smashed now though, and it looks like he’s breathing through his mouth and he’s sucking wind. I think he’s done.

    (Taylor looks down at the champion and stomps him in the mid-section, and follows it with another violent stomp higher up toward Nova’s lungs.)

    Rodgers: Taylor will just not let up, he’s really breaking Nova down. Picks Nova up for another Butterfly; hoists him up and…Nova rolls through as though his reign depended on it. Taylor turns around, Nova bounces off the ropes and hits a spinning wheel kick. Nova back up, but he’s stumbling around and looks absolutely tired. He climbs the ropes, mounts the middle rope. Taylor back up and Nova leaps….HITS the Nova Blast blockbuster this time! Nova is mounting one last salvo to save his championship. He leaps through the ropes, climbs to the top rope and hits the Kryptonite Bomb (Swanton Bomb) on the still downed Taylor. He picks Taylor up, hooks his arms…it looks like he’s going for his double arm facebuster, Deep Impact, he looks tired though. Can he do it?

    Summers: He’s struggling to lift the much larger Taylor.

    Rodgers: He gets him up….no. Nova drops to a knee.

    (Taylor sees his opening and unloads another European uppercut.)

    Rodgers: And just like that, his momentum is squashed. You had to know Nova could only keep that pace for a short time. Taylor resumes punishing Nova with a series of strikes. He picks him up, tosses Nova into the ropes. He bounces back. Taylor attempts another uppercut, but Nova drops down and under. Taylor spins, Nova wraps his arm around Taylor’s head, tucks his leg behind Taylor’s and NOVACAIN! The crowd is on their feet, that came out of nowhere!

    Summers: Both men are down though, and this is Nova potentially last chance to eek out a win here. He crawls over and drapes his arm over Taylor’s chest.

    Rodgers: One…………two…….thre…..KICKOUT at the last second! Nova nearly pulled it off. He stumbles to his feet and is trying to lift Taylor back up who’s clearing some cobwebs away after that lightning fast Flatliner.

    (Nova bends and leans. He gets into position to hoist Taylor onto his back.)

    Rodgers: He’s going for it. Can he get him in position for the Kryptonite Krunch? He can’t quite get him up, drops down. He tries again and he almost has him up and over….Jesus! Taylor with a huge knee to the face on the way up! Nova crumples to the mat!!

    (….With Nova laying face down, Taylor returns to his feet and zeroes in on him. He begins stomping the back of his head, each blow smashing Nova’s shattered nose into the mat until he simply goes limp. Taylor muscles Nova up and wraps his arms into the Butterfly position once. Lifts him up and over.)

    Rodgers: Taylor lands his Bridging Butterfly Suplex right into a pinning combination. I don’t think Nova is escaping. Referee with the count. One. Two. Three. That’s a wrap.

    Summers: New champion, I told you. You do not take Dave Taylor lightly, and that’s exactly what Nova did and now we have a new champion.

    Barrett: Here is your winner and new EWF Heavyweight champion. Dave Taylor!

    (While Taylor celebrates his win, the beaten, exhausted and battered former champion lays bloodied on the mat as the crowd jeers the triumphant Taylor as he waltzes around the ring with his new title. Nova slowly starts to stir as the ringside doctors come in to help him out and to the back.)

    Rodgers: This was not Nova’s day, and he did put up a fight, but in the end it was that one error in the beginning of the match that set the tone for the contest and he just never recovered. And in the aftermath, we have a new EWF champion. The fans might not be happy with it, but Taylor showed the world why he’s one of the best out there. He countered, grounded and dominated the champion. Two matches, two titles change hands and we have many more to come. But standing by now with Regis is the legendary Mexican superstar, Mil Mascaras. Reg, take it away.

    (Camera shifts to the backstage interviewing area where Regis and Mascaras are standing by)

    Regis: With me now is a man known the world over – the Man of 1,000 Masks – Mil Mascaras. Mil, tonight you’re heading straight into danger fighting someone known for their ability to take tremendous damage. How are you going to handle the challenge ahead of you tonight, in Yoshihiro Takyama.

    Mascaras: I will do as I always do. I will step into the ring and prove my style, my country’s style is the most dominant and truly exceptional. And I will do that by defeating Takayama swiftly and…
    (…no sooner do those last words leave Mascaras’ lips does Takayama walk by him. Their eyes lock, then Takayama turns and heads through the curtain.)

    (In the arena a slow-brewing ovation crescendos up as Takayama’s music begins to play as he slowly walks down the aisle toward the ringside area. He appears stoic and ready for anything Mil might have to throw at him. He acknowledges the capacity crowd as he steps through the ropes, retreats to his corner, and waits. Before too long, Mascaras breaks through the curtain the moment his music comes on over the speaker system. Unlike Takayama, Mascaras is all pomp and circumstance as he makes his way down to the ring complete with fancy, Ric Flair-like robe all in contrast to the straight-laced black attire of Takayama. He makes his way to the ring and steps inside. Ring announcer Abby Barrett moves to the centre of the ring.)

    Barrett: First the champion to my right. Known the world over as one of the greatest of all time and the Man of 1000 Masks. Coming to us tonight from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Weighing in at 240 pounds, Mil MasCARAS!!!

    (the crowd comes to life with loud cheers for the Mexican superstar.)

    Barrett: And now the man to my left. Weighing in tonight at 290 pounds and coming to us tonight from Sumida, Tokyo, Japan. His an international star and a world champion across his homeland. This is Yoshihirooooo Takayaaaaammmmmmaaaaa!

    (Mascaras hands his robe to the referee who turns their back to the men. Takayama retreats to his corner, turning his back prior to the match starting. In the blink of an eye, Mascaras reaches into his trunks, grabs a foreign object, cocks fist and runs behind Takayama, clocking him in the side of the head. Takayama falls backwards with a thud as the referee spins around. In the blink of an eye, the crowd has turned on Mascaras who is now celebrating his immense power. Takayama slowly stirs and makes his way to his feet. Mascaras ascends to the top rope.)

    Rodgers: We’ve seen this before, Mascaras tends to bend reality with his antics sometimes and here we are again. Mil mounts the top, waiting for Takayama to stand up. He’s waiting, waiting….and he takes flight with a high crossbody. It’s over already?! One, two…t….NO! Takayama kicks out and Mascaras is in shock! The crowd erupts and are firmly behind the Japanese legend now. Takayama rises up and charges Mil, grabs him by the head and neck and tosses him into the corner.

    Summers: I think he woke the giant!

    Rodgers: Takayama starts unloading on Mascaras! Punch after punch after punch, Takayama seems to have an endless supply of energy, he’s just pummeling Mil as though it were a hockey fight. Mascaras might as well be counting sheep who are seeing stars because he’s OUT of it. Takayama backs and lets Mascaras fumble forward. He wraps his arms around Mil and clasps his hands together. Swivels his hips, picks him up and drops him down hard with huge belly to belly suplex. Takayama picks him again, moves to Mil’s back and locks him into a full nelson. He hoists Mascaras up and over for a perfectly executed Dragon Suplex that folds Mascaras over himself. Takayama is not letting up!

    (He picks Mascaras up once more and facing him he locks his arms underneath Mil’s. He lifts him up and over his head once more.)

    Summers: Tiger Suplex! Takayama is just dominating the match now.

    Rodgers: Takayama picks him up again, throws him off the ropes, ducks past the rebounding Mascaras and goes behind his back. He wraps his arms around his mid-section and lifts Mil high into the air!

    Annnddd down with the dehabilitating high angle german suplex right into a pinning combination! Mascaras is limp! One….two….

    Summers: It can’t be over, can’t it?

    Rodgers: Three. It’s all over! Oh my, Takayama just destroyed Mascaras is under two minutes! Wow. What a legend-making win for Takayama.

    Winner: Yoshihiro Takayama

    Summers: We’re seeing a trend here tonight. Too many egomaniacs are taking their opponents far too lightly and it’s costing them. And when you stop taking your competition seriously in any sport, that’s when you get caught.

    (Takayama exits the ring having done his job and leaves to the back as Mil Mascaras slowly comes to after taking such brutish punishment in such a small window of time. The referees and medical team attempt to help him, but they’re all pushed away as Mil returns to his feet with the aid of the ropes. But as he stands up, the lights go out…

    A hush comes over the crowd which gives way to silent whispers of confusion. Suddenly fans in the arena and those watching at home hear an emphatic thud inside the ring. Moments later, the lights come back and there standing over Mil’s body is Raven, holding Mil and Liger’s masks in his right hand. In his other is a microphone…)

    Raven: Do you see the fallacy? A man claims to be legend, but he’s just another fraud. Just like Jushin Liger. You have something intrinsic in common to your character. You are weak and you hide behind the elaborate hoax and pollute the minds of other people, less exceptional people with your twisted hearts to sew and reap more lies to feed your own egos. Liger….much like him, I will leave you in pool of your own personally-made filth and you will then learn the truth and you will transcend. Should you not cower away from me tonight, that is, because that’s what men like you do. They cower. Step forward, false god, and fall. Quote the Raven, Nevermore…

    (The announcers are speechless as the scene fades to black, as an advertisement for the upcoming IPWC wrestling video game plays for viewers detailing all the match types and wrestlers who will be appearing in the game. The game will be coming out for Playstation, Nintendo 64 and the Sega Dreamcast day-and-date on the system’s release. The camera returns to the arena, Abby Barrett standing in the ring as the bell sounds.)

    Barrett: Our next contest is scheduled one fall and a trios match. Introducing first…

    (An all too familiar sound of blaring trumpets fills the arena as three men walk through the curtain and down the aisle)

    Barrett: …now coming down the aisle, at a combined weight of 712 pounds, the Gentleman Chris Adams and the Can-Am Express!

    (The trio enters the ring, poses for the crowd and groups together in the corner, waiting for their opponents.)

    Barrett: And now their….

    (A tall lanky man walks onto the stage, accompanied by the legendary AWA Champion, Verne Gagne.)

    Don Callis: That’s quite enough, sweetheart, these people have heard your annoying voice more than enough this evening. But what they haven’t seen enough of tonight is wrestling greatness! This man standing next to me is one of the greatest professional wrestlers to enter a wrestling ring and far exceeds the combined skills and wrestling aptitude of you three sycophants. And I, well….I’m just smarter than. So much in fact that when I lay out our strategies, which often include coming out onto a stage just like this one. Talking to our opposition, just like I am to you, and bide our time, waiting for…a surprise.

    (A wry smile stretches across Callis face. Adams, Furnas and LaFon take a step toward the ropes closest to the stage. They begin jacking their jaws at Callis and invite he and Gagne down the aisle. And while their backs are turned, two huge, athletic athletes jump them from behind.)

    Rodgers: What the hell, that’s O’Haire and Jindrak, where did they come from?

    Summers: I love it!

    Rodgers: The EWF Tag Team champions are laying waste to their opponents tonight…and oh, Furnas is gripping his knee and writhing in pain. He looks injured, this doesn’t look good!

    Callis: And that my friends, is how you win wars… (drops the mic on the stage, let’s out a maniacal laugh and begins walking down the aisle with Gagne by his side. O’Haire and Jindrak continue beating down LaFon and Adams as Furnas rolls outside the ring; the ringside medical team tending to him. The quartet unites in the ring, looking down at their foes.)

    Rodgers: It looks like this 6-man tag team match has just devolved into a handicap match, you have to feel for Furnas here…

    Summers: This is war, Nate. And it looks like Furnas’ ACL is but a trifled casualty in it!

    (The remaining participants ready up in their respective corners, Sean O’Haire and Phil LaFon start for their teams as the bell sounds to start the match.)

    Rodgers: O’Haire and LaFon lock up, O’Haire the bigger, stronger athlete appears to be overwhelming LaFon and…oh!...LaFon drops down and uses O’Haire’s momentum to trip up the relative rookie. What a slick move! LaFon ties up O’Haire’s legs, crosses them and secures the STF. It doesn’t matter how big and strong you are, on the mat, everyone is the same size and O’Haire is being stretched.

    Summers: You’re such a cliché…and look, O’Haire may be the same size as LaFon on the mat, but he’s powering right through this and has reached the ropes. Anything to say to that?

    (The ref counts LaFon down and threatens a DQ if he doesn’t break the hold. He holds the STF until a 4 count and breaks. O’Haire shakes his knee out and returns to his feet; LaFon joins him. O’Haire peers behind him, stretches out his hand and Mark Jindrak tags in.)

    Rodgers: Let’s see if Jindrak can fare better than O’Haire against the cagey grappler. They lock up, LaFon ducks under and takes Jindrak’s back. He’s trying to shake him off, but LaFon picks him up and wrestles him to the mat. He swivels around Jindrak’s back to his front and locks in a headlock. Jindrak looks like a fish out of water here, he has no defence for LaFon’s smothering attack. He switches positions and takes his side.

    (LaFon’s transition gives Jindrak a small opening to get to his feet. He pushes LaFon off and into the ropes. LaFon rebounds and runs right into a picture perfect dropkick. The suddenly, unfoundedly cocky Jindrak plays it up to the crowd, unaware LaFon has slowly inched his way over to his corner and made the tag out to Chris Adams)

    Summers: Turn around! Turn around!

    Rodgers: Adams readies up as the crowd cheers, Jindrak has no idea. He turns around….annnnd…Adams unloads one of the most beautiful superkicks I have ever seen! He goes in for the cover. Adams with the lateral press. One….two….Gagne storms in for the save.

    Summers: Oh….that was close.

    Rodgers: Gagne stomping away at Adams now. LaFon storms back in to save his partner but…Jesus!...O’Haire blindsides him with a thunderous clothesline. Kneeling down on one knee, he just glares down at LaFon and….OK trash talking is just unnecessary…

    Summers: It’s part of the game, and when you’re that big and bad, who’s going to stop you? You?

    (Jindrak recovers and tags in Gagne. He and Adams stare each other down. They lock up and jockey for position in their tie-up. Gagne gets the leverage advantage, picks Adams leg and takes him down. Gagne gets into position for a chinlock but Adams uses his momentum to reverse positions, grabbing his wrist for wrist control and winding Gagne’s arm into a shoulder lock.)
    Rodgers: Gagne is wrenching that shoulder HARD. Oh, Gagne finds an opening and reverses into his own. Adams switches positions on Gagne, turns him and hits a big European Uppercut. And another. Adams grabs his wrist again, twists him around and judo flips him toward the neutral corner. Gagne rolls and reels into the corner. Adams moves in, hoists him up onto the top turnbuckle.

    Summers: This is becoming a travesty!

    Rodgers: Adams gets into the position for the superkick and…oh come on, get Callis out of here!

    (Callis leaps up onto the apron and starts trash talking Adams. From behind, Furnas hobbles from the back, crutch in hand and moves toward Callis. With all the strength he can muster, he cracks Callis across the back with crutch, forcing him to fall down. Furnas limps over to his corner and stands on the outside, cheering his team on. All the commotion, however, left an opening with the ref distracted.)

    Rodgers: O’Haire with the low blow on Adams, Adams is down and not doing well to say the least. O’Haire pulls Gagne out of the corner and drags him their corner, then tags himself in. He enters the ring again and moves in on Adams. O’Haire begins to stomp Adams on the ground. Picks him up and places him in the corner. He starts in with some knife-edge chops. Over and over…and now he’s trash talking again. This kid….

    (This second bout of trash talking gives Adams another opening to reverse the situation. He headbutts O’Haire, kicks him in the gut and unloads another big European Uppercut that drops the tag team champion. He walks over, Furnas on the outside cheering him on as much as he can, and he tags LaFon back in).

    Rodgers: LaFon moves in on O’Haire and begins stomping him into the mat. Stops, measures and…drops a big forearm across O’Haire’s knee. That might limit his ability to nail the Seanton Bomb later in the match. LaFon just keeps at that knee, which we have to assume is payback for what the Natural Born Thrillers did to Furnas before the bell.

    Summers: He had it coming…

    Rodgers: How?

    Summers: (smiles)

    (LaFon continues working over O’Haire’s knee near the ropes. Slowly, from the outside, Callis stirs and reaches into the ring and grabs LaFon’s foot. Furnas, who’s had enough of him by now, hobbles over to him, crutch in hand…but a man moves in on him, leaping over the guardrail clad in a hooded gray sweatshirt. As Furnas moves closer, the figure uncorks a superkick on him. The camera closes in on his face, the hood having fallen back to his shoulders.)

    Rodgers: Lance Storm? That slime!

    Summers: Love it! He isn’t a slime, he’s loyal to his friends, his team. That’s what a real Canadian looks like. Hard working and loyal.

    Rodgers: Hard working and loyal? He just blind sided an injured man and was wearing a disguise. Unbelievable…Furnas is laid out on the floor, Adams drops down to chase Storm off, checking on his teammate.

    (The ref turns back just in time to see O’Haire tag Jindrak into the match. Jindrak moves in on LaFon, who has his back turned, and hammers away on his spine. Jindrak hoists him up into a Gorilla Press and drops him down. He drags LaFon back to the corner, and tags in Gagne. Gagne unloads a series of punches on LaFon in the corner. Then tags Jindrak back in who stomps deep into LaFon’s midsection. He throws LaFon into the ropes on the opposite side and bounces off *smack* and back toward Jindrak who unloads another big dropkick. He picks LaFon up and places him seated at the top buckle.)

    Rodgers: Jindrak looks at his partner, nods and O’Haire hobbles over to the opposite corner. In one leap Jindrak leaps up to the top rope, O’Haire mounts the other corner. Jindrak with the Frankensteiner, O’Haire flies and pulls off the Seanton Bomb but he can’t complete the roll through and rolls out of the ring instead. He shakes his knee out. Jindrak with the cover but wait…what’s this, the referee is waving it off. Jindrak is confused…

    Summers: Wait, no! Turn around, turn around!

    (Chris Adams, fresh in off the blind tag readies up behind Jindrak. Jindrak turns around…)

    Summers: No, no, no!

    Rodgers: Adams floors Jindrak with the superkick! Gagne storms in to stop the pinfall. Goes for a clothesline, Adams ducks and…ANOTHER SUPERKICK ON GAGNE!!! Adams covers the unmoving Jindrak! One….TWO!!!....THREE!!! What a remarkable win against all odds, Chris Adams and the Can-Am Express have pulled out a gutsy win against the Natural Born Thrillers and Verne Gagne. Through injury, cheating, and so much interference, EWF TV Champion Chris Adams and the Express won huge, and you have to think Furnas and LaFon will be in line for an EWF tag team title shot against the Thrillers.

    Winners: Chris Adams and the Can-Am Express

    Summers: This is disgusting…

    Rodgers: It’s all fair in love and war though, right?

    Summers: … keep it up and I’ll floor you with a Cutter after I put Adams down.

    Rodgers: *yawn* Well fans, that’s another in the books. But up next we have a special treat for you. EWF Women’s Champion will be stepping into the ring next. She’s relatively young, but strong and tough as hell and that’s why she’s been so effective in her young career. But her opponent tonight is something else entirely. She’s dynamic. She’s violent. She’s one of the greatest wrestlers ever, PERIOD. She is….Akira Hokuto. Let’s take a look.

    (a video package cues up featuring highlights from Hokuto’s biggest matches against the greats of the Japanese women’s wrestling scene. Memorable moments, wins and lossess, that all drive one fact home – Hokuto is a Terminator who will not let up until you put her down. The package fixated on her mask. The flips off to reveal her face, her eyes staring coldly into the camera as it fades to black…
    …the crowd starts buzzing as the package ends, clapping and cheering for the forthcoming carnival of violence. Jazz’s music hits and she makes her way through the curtain.)
    Barrett: Now coming down the aisle, hailing from New Orleans, Lousiana. She is the EWF Women’s Champion. This. Is. Jaaaaaazzzz!
    (Jazz enters the ring, stands in the middle and flexes her exceptional physique. She unstraps the title, and raises it high above her; she hands it over to the ringside crew. Leans back into her corner, puts hand out and outstretched toward the entry way and motions for Hokuto to come down the ring.)

    Jazz: (over the loudness of the crowd) Bring it on, get your ass down here.

    (The lights dim and very low music plays and crescendos upward. The lights have reddened and dry ice envelopes the ringside area. A figure makes her way down the aisle shrouded in demonic-looking mask in attempt to strike fear and intimidate opponents.)

    Barrett: Now coming down the aisle, hailing from Kitakatsushika, Saitama, Japan. She is a former AJPW junior champion, a former AJPW All Pacific Champion and former WCW Women’s Champion. Here is….Akiiiiirrrraa Hooooookuuuuuuutooooo!

    Rodgers: This is ominously electric, these fans are in awe of the spectacle, this shadowy figure that blends skill and utter violence and disregard for both your own well being and her opponents. Jazz is big, strong and tough as hell, but no one in the EWF is anything like Akira Hokuto.

    Summers: Hokuto has wrestled across the globe and she’s here tonight with no titles to currently lay claim to, only a path of destruction and a list of names etched in stone who’ve gone to battle with her and been changed forever. No one ever comes out quite the same. This will be a true test for Jazz.
    Rodgers: These two women are readying up in the ring. And here we GO!

    (Hokuto and Jazz storm to the centre of the ring and stop in front of each other, standing nose to nose, the crowd feeding off their intensity.)

    Rodgers: Jazz unwinds a vicious elbow, holding nothing back. Hokuto appears unfazed though and returns fire and connects HARD and flush on Jazz’s jaw but she stands her ground. She’s… she’s smiling. Oh boy, buckle up, here we go…

    Summers: They’re just teeing off on each other now, back and forth, exchanging shot for shot and they are not letting up! Wow!

    (Hokuto and Jazz continue exchanging blow for blow until one of Hokuto’s elbows hits Jazz clean on the side of the jaw and nearly shuts her off completely. Stumbling back, Hokuto takes off in the opposite direction, bounces off the ropes and runs hard at Jazz and hits her with another clean elbow shot that sends Jazz through the ropes and onto the floor. Hokuto fires up as the crowd has become white hot on the back of the opening exchange. Hokuto plays to the crowd a bit, but makes her way to the corner climbs. She sits waiting. Jazz stirs, stands and turns toward her…)

    Rodgers: Hokuto takes flight and…holy shit Jazz caught her! What strength! She repositions her in a powerslam position and drives her straight into the ring post spine first, and in one swift move hits a running powerslam on the outside floor. Hokuto’s back has to be in shambles!

    Summers: The tide has quickly shifted, what an opening! And she isn’t done! Jazz swarms right in on Hokuto on the floor and is just laying in heavy punches and…I think Hokuto may be busted open.

    (Jazz continues pummeling Hokuto into the outside mats, blood slowly trickling onto them in splotches with each hit. Jazz grabs Hokuto by the neck and muscles her up. She throws her in the ring and swivels her around so she’s laying on her back with her head and neck hanging over the edge.)

    Rodgers: Jazz gets right in Hokuto’s face, talks more trash and begins unloading more violent strikes to Hokuto’s upper body. Once, twice, thrice and finishes off with a vicious elbow across the throat that immediately forces Hokuto to grab her neck.

    (Jazz rolls in and walks to the centre of the ring, stretches out her arms and poses as the boos rain in on her. Hokuto crawls into the corner, and seats herself on the bottom rope. Jazz spies her, and charges right in for a gigantic running knee to the face.)

    Rodgers: Jazz is really rolling now, she’s tuning up the crowd for big win already, but we can’t count Hokuto out just yet, she’s been through. But how much is too much for the Japanese legend.Jazz grabs Hokuto again and tries to spin her around and position behind her, but Hokuto fires back success back elbows that send Jazz stumbling back. Hokuto bounces off the ropes, runs and tries a spinning heel kick but…Jazz catches her again and hoists her right up into a Gorilla Press and drops her down. Hokuto has just not been able to get going.

    Summers: Jazz just seems to have an answer for every move Akira makes. She needs to start changing up her attacks, because I guarantee you Jazz has done her homework.

    Rodgers: Jazz measures Hokuto up, bounces off the ropes and hits a big leg drop. She goes for the pin. One….tw….kick out! Jazz grabs Hokuto by the hair and whips her right back to the mat. One…t…kick out again! Hokuto isn’t going away here.

    (Pondering her next move, Hokuto starts to get her wind back while Jazz contemplates her gameplan. Jazz takes wrist control and forces Hokuto to her feet. Jazz moves in behind her opponent and secures an elevated double chickenwing, lifting Hokuto high above her head.)

    Rodgers: Jazz locks in the Bitchlock! Wait, Hokuto begins to wriggle free… she rolls through into a Victory Roll-type manouvre. With the pin! One, two…t…Jazz kicks out just as the referee’s hand was nearing the mat. Jazz charges Hokuto for a clothesline, Hokuto ducks, spins and whips her leg around for a spinning heel kick. Jazz is staggered! Angered, Jazz shakes it off and moves in for another clothesline. Hokuto ducks, bobs and weaves around Jazz. Spins her around, kick to the gut. Hokuto with the Fisherman Buster. Jazz struggling to get to her feet, slowly she sits up. Hokuto takes off, bounces off the ropes and runs her knee right through Jazz’s skull!

    Summers: Jazz has still got a lot of fight left in her.

    (Hokuto grabs her by the hair, picks her up and readies her for a piledriver…but instead, she looks outside and moves toward the ring apron. Forcing Jazz through the ropes, Hokuto again sets Jazz up for a piledriver.)

    Rodgers: No, she wouldn’t. Those mats aren’t designed…

    (In a split second’s notice, Hokuto lifts Jazz up for a piledriver, but instead of falling into position she leaps off and executes one of the most brutal jumping piledrivers you’ll ever see. Jazz’s body goes limp. The crowd explodes with disbelief.)

    Rodgers: She is completely out, and that woman is as advertised….caution to the wind and every bit the dynamo of violence. And she’s not done!?

    (With Jazz out on the ground, Hokuto climbs the outside turnbuckle, takes to the top. She readies herself as she looks down at Jazz’s crumpled body. She takes flight)

    Rodgers: Annnnnd Hokuto with a guillotine leg drop on the outside! This capacity United Center crowd is absolutely electric! Jazz is completely deadweight, but Hokuto forces her into the ring as she slowly comes to although still on dreamstreet. Hokuto readies her up in the suplex position…but wait, no, Jazz drops down to one knee. She’s fighting back, doing her best to push Hokuto away just to keep distance and by herself time. Hokuto charges in but runs right into a boot to the midsection. Jazz grabs her by the back of the neck, jumps and forces her face down to the mat with a Jazz Stinger so emphatic it would do X-Pac proud!

    Jazz: She’s got this, it’s over!

    Rodgers: One…two…thre….Hokuto gets the shoulder up! The crowd is on their feet, cheering these fighters on! Jazz is looking a little frustrated though, that was her big Ace in the Hole. She stands once more and brings Hokuto to her feet. One punch. Another. She’s picking up the pace and unloading on Hokuto. Another heavy, exhausted strike. She grabs Hokuto behind the neck for another Jazz Stinger but…Hokuto breaks her grip! She begins unloading a series of violent, pinpoint elbows to Jazz’s temple. One after another without remorse. She drops to one knee. Hokuto hoists her up into a suplex position and DROPS HER DOWN CLEAN ON HER HEAD WITH A NORTHERN LIGHTS BOMB! The cover! One! Two! Three! It’s over! Akira Hokuto has put down the EWF champion in a truly memorable, brutal encounter. What a match!

    Summers: I don’t know what to say. Those two women showed up tonight with violent intent, and I can only imagine they’ll meet up again someday and hopefully not too soon. But tonight belonged to “The Dangerous Queen” and my hat’s off to her.

    (The camera pulls back to reveal Hokuto celebrating in the ring, the crowd showering her with praise for her effort. She exits, passing Jazz on the outside who’s receiving some medical attention. They lock eyes, nod to each other and part ways.)

    Winner: Akira Hokuto

    Rodgers: These beat the hell out of each other, and despite that sign of respect means everything. This is wrestling.
    Summers: Cornball.

    Rodgers: And with that we’re almost at the mid-way of the card, but have one more bout before we take a little break for some more Smashing Pumpkins. But right now, we have Regis in the back with the Rock ‘N Roll Express.

    (The scene opens on the backstage area, Regis standing between Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson, the legendary Rock ‘n Roll Express)

    Regis: Gentleman, tonight you’re going up against another legendary duo who are wrestling royalty in Japan in Jumbo Tsuruta and Genichiro Tenryu, and you will be fighting for the AKW Tag Team Championships. What would adding those titles to your collection mean to you and your legacy?

    Morton: Everything. We’ve fought the best and turned away the rest, and tonight we add AKW gold to our mantles. Tsuruta. Tenryu. Tonight you find out what Rock ‘n Roll is all about!

    Gibson: It’s true we have a tall task ahead of us, but for as big as they are, and as strong as they are, and we’re surely in for a beating…we’re smarter, faster and all that’s going to matter is at the end of the night we’ll be celebrating as the new Ark of Kings tag team champions.

    Regis: You heard it from them, they’re ready to rock. Back to you Nathan and Jake.

    (camera cuts back to the arena and Rodgers and Summers commentary)

    Rodgers: Morton and Gibson appear ready, but what’s it going to take for them to take the AKW titles off two opponents that, with all due respect to the Express, shouldn’t have an issue overwhelming them.
    Summers: They have more than just two men to deal with, and it’s more than mere physicality. As we just saw with Akira Hokuto, Japanese wrestlers are just wired differently for the most part. It’s true they’ve been through wars, but there’s enduring and then there’s the Japanese fighting spirit you can’t quantify and I don’t think that’s something the Express will be able to handle or overcome, especially if they have to resort to eeking out a surprise win. Tenryu and Tsuruta have seen it all, and it’s a tall task that equates to a successful title defence.

    (Jumbo Tsuruta’s “Chinese Kung Fu” entrance theme blasts over the PA as he and Tenyru breach the curtain and make their way down the aisle toward ring).

    Barrett: Now coming down the aisle, hailing from Japan. At a combined weight of 563 pounds. They are the Ark of Kings Tag Team Champions. Jumbo Tsuruta and Genichiro Tenryu!

    (The fans shower the legends with love, respect and adoration as they make their way down the aisle. The two men soak it all in, appreciating every moment, every clap.)

    Rodgers: These men are known the world over. Appearance at WrestleMania, former NWA and AWA champions and former tag team kingpins and wrestlers of the year. The Express say they’ve fought the best and turned away the rest, but these are something they have not faced before and I’m not sure what lays ahead for them.

    Summers: As much as I don’t like them, for the Express to succeed tonight, they need to be quick and outthink Tsuruta and Tenyru. Otherwise they won’t be taking the winner’s purse tonight.

    (Chinese Kung-Fu’s volume decreases until it’s completely silent and all you can hear in the arena is the roar of the crowd, anticipating the arrival of one of the most beloved tag teams in professional wrestling. The Japanese legends retreat to their corners and eye the entryway, awaiting their challengers. The crowd quiets ever slightly and moments pass. Quietly the iconic sonic sounds of “Rock n’ Roll is King” play through the arena speaker system as the crowd erupts upon the appearance of Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson, the Rock ‘n Roll Express.)

    Barrett: Now coming down the aisle, hailing from Memphis, Tennessee. At a combined weight of 453 pounds, they are the Ricky Morton! Robert Gibson! THE ROCK ‘N ROLL EXPRESS!!!

    (Gibson and Morton hit the ring and play to the crowd as their stoic opponents never take their eyes off them. The Express absorb the energy enveloping every corner of the arena and channel it back to the fans twice over. The reciprocated transfer of energy feeds into the anticipation of the match as their music quiets, and all that’s left is the roar of the crowd, a referee and two teams vying for greatness.)

    Rodgers: I have goosebumps, this is insane! I can barely hear myself.

    Summers: Sadly, I have a headset and I can hear you clearly…

    Rodgers: *rips Summers’ headset off and throws it into the crowd* How about now?

    (With Summers silent for the moment, the bell rings and the two teams ready up for battle. All four men stand in the ring together and meet at the centre. They shake hands, clasping one over the other and bow to each other. Tsuruta and Gibson exit the ring to their respective corners.)

    Rodgers: This is electric as Tenryu and Morton square off to start. They lock up but right away you can Tenryu has a clear power advantage over Morton. Tenryu is a trained sumo, so I’m not sure how wise a move it is to match power him. Tenryu simply casts him back into the neutral corner. I think now Morton and Gibson have a clearer idea of the test in front of them. Morton moves back in cautiously, shifting his weight one side to the other, measuring how to tackle the great Tenryu. He moves in, they lock up. Struggling. Morton puts his leg behind Tenryu’s to try to gain leverage but he reverses position and dumps Morton on his back with an overwhelming sumo throw. You’re not going to crack Tenryu’s base that way. Morton moves over tags in Gibson.

    (Gibson steps through the ropes and eyes Tenryu. He steps in quickly, but the surprisingly nimble Tenryu sidesteps and ducks around. Gibson turns around as Tenryu delivers a vicious chop to Gibson that send him reeling. He turns back toward Tenryu, who awaits him and delivers another chop. Tenryu grabs him by the wrist and Irish Whips Gibson into the ropes. Gibson bounces off and ducks Tenryu lariat. Bounces off the side and ducks another lariat. On the rebound he blindly is tagged by Morton. Tenryu turns around but the Express are waiting for him and hit him with double dropkick that sends Tenryu back into his corner, nearly dropping him to the mat.)

    Rodgers: Gibson and Morton just sent a message to the champions – they will not go quietly, and this is what the Express needs to do more of – isolate and overwhelm the champions with their tandem offence. Tenryu tags in Tsuruta, and now the Express have a whole other problem in front of them.

    (Tsuruta and Gibson size each other up, Gibson cautiously moving toward Tsuruta. They lock up, but Tsuruta immediately overwhelms Gibson and gains control of the lockup. Tsuruta locks his arms around Gibson’s waist, steps to the side and throws Gibson emphatically with a stiff gutwrench suplex. Gibson on the mat, Tsuruta steps back, bounces off the ropes and drops a knee across Gibson’s sternum. Tsuruta drags Gibson over to his corner and tags Tenryu back into the match. Before leaving Tsuruta places Gibson into the corner, allowing Tenryu to openly and freely chop Gibson.)

    Rodgers: Gibson and Morton are off to a rough start here. They’ve yet to find the chink in the champions’ armour and at least for now it seems they aren’t about to. Tenryu delivers another heavy backhand chop with such force Gibson legs are walking him back to his corner but his brain is somewhere in the middle of yesterday. Tenryu scoops him up and hits a scoop brainbuster!

    (Tenryu moves over toward the turnbuckle, climbs to the top and stands tall above Gibson. He leaps and attempts a diving elbow drop.)

    Rodgers: Gibson rolls out of the way and Tenryu comes down hard! Gibson crawls up the ropes and to his feet, he begins stomping down on Tenryu’s knees. It seems the Express aren’t to be going quietly. Gibson tags in Morton and now they’re both going to work on Tenryu’s knee. Morton grapevines his leg, turns, and locks in a Figure 4. He’s wrenching back now…

    Summers: …Is thing working, yeah, hi…you’re a dick.

    Rodgers: Like Biggus Dickus?

    Summers: What? Alright, I’m just doing my job. While I have been silent this entire match for reasons unknown… I’ve been keenly watching the Express and it looks the strategy has become immobilizing the bigger duo to neutralize their size and base. Tsuruta and especially Tenryu can’t force their wills physically if their bases are compromised and this is where Morton and Gibson need to capitalize if they’re going to wrest the belts away Tsuruta and Tenryu.

    Rodgers: Well put. We could have used your input this entire match.

    (Morton and Gibson keep utilizing quick tags to keep Tenryu neutralized, cutting off the ring to keep the bigger Tsuruta out of the match. Gibson tags back in. They throw Tenryu off the ropes, he rebounds and Morton drop toe-holds him – attacking his compromised leg – and he falls to the mat at the same moment Gibson delivers an elbow drop to the back of Tenryu’s head. Morton tags back in.)

    Rodgers: Morton and Gibson once again launch Tenryu into the ropes, he rebounds off and the Express miss the double elbow strike as Tenryu ducks under. He bounces off the opposite ropes , charges Gibson and Morton and utterly floors them both with a thunderous double lariat! He drops to his knees, exhausted. He begins crawling over to Tsuruta.

    (The crowd anticipates the hot tag, their allegiances split between the legendary duos both vying for tag team prestige. Tenryu crawls, almost on the cusp of slithering toward his partner with his knee banged up so badly. He inches closer…)

    Summers: Morton grabs Tenryu’s injured leg to keep him from going any farther, but Tenryu just kicks him in the face with the other leg! He makes once final push and makes the tag to Jumbo Tsuruta! He charges in and levels Gibson with a big boot, he goes down HARD and looks like he’s humming a different tune now!

    Rodgers: Tsuruta refocus on Morton. He lifts him up, throws him off the ropes and destroys him with a booming high knee . He’s not letting up! He returns Morton to his feet, spins him around and drops him on his head with a Tiger Suplex with such force Morton rolled right into the corner. Charges in with a huge running knee to Morton’s face. Not relenting at all!!!...Tsuruta picks Morton out of the corner, locks him in for an Exploder suplex and dumps Morton on his head again! With the cover…One…two…t….NO!!! Kick out. Somehow, the Express rocks on! The crowd is electric right now, and they are witnessing magic. Tsuruta has overwhelmed both men but they will not go away! Tsuruta picks up Morton once more, throws him off the ropes *smack*, ducks under with a standing switch and executes a devastating High Angle Belly-to-back Suplex that folds Morton in half. He looks dead. Tsuruta stands over him…wait Gibson from behind, he rolls Tsuruta up in a school boy! One, two, thre…NO! He could not keep Jumbo down! Gibson starts to unload punches on Tsuruta, he fires back and now they’re in an old fashioned wild west shootout. Gibson drops and with Morton still out of it, it looks like we’re nearing the end here. Tsuruta tags in Tenryu. Tenryu lifts up Gibson for the 53 Sai brainbuster…

    (Morton stirs and with his last bit strength, he uses all his might to get up and chop block Tenyru’s injured knee.)

    Rodgers: Gibson falls right into the pin! Hooks the weakened leg! One…two….three! They’ve done it, the Rock n’ Roll Express are the new AKW tag team champions! What a match, what a moment. It wasn’t pretty, but sometimes it doesn’t need to be.

    Summers: Tsuruta and Tenryu were in control the entire match and had the new champs dead to rights on more than once occasion, but this is wrestling and all it takes is to be better than your opponent for three seconds. That’s what happened here, and it’s not just a matter of them winning, it’s a matter of them surviving.

    Rodgers: I have to imagine we’ll see them match up again in the future, but for now, Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson have the crowd on their feet and they are the new tag team champions of AKW.

    (The two teams meet in the centre of the ring and stare each other down, the Express a little more worse for wear. Tsuruta and Tenryu bow out of respect to the Rock n’ Roll Express, while Morton and Gibson signal to them there will be a rematch. They raise each other’s arms in combined triumph over what this means for the sport, before the Japanese duo exit the ring. Morton and Gibson continue to celebrate in the ring, until another duo walks down the aisle, carrying their new ACW tag team championships.)

    Winners: The Rock n’ Roll Express

    Summers: What’s this?

    Rodgers: That’s their next test, the Eliminators are coming into the ring to confront the new champions whom now they have a date with to potentially unify and crown the first ever IPWC World Tag Champions. That’ll be something special! But for now, all we’re seeing is pure respect here between the two teams.

    (Saturn and Kronus shake hands with Gibson and Morton. They nod to each other as the fans buzz over the future unifier tag team title match between the Rock n’ Roll Express and The Eliminators)
    Rodgers: That brings us to the halfway point of the evening. We’ve seen new champions crowned, fantastic matches and utter violence, but there’s more to come. We have Chavo Guerrero Sr. going up against the Great Sasuke for the AKW Junior Heavyweight Championship, and Jin Akiyama will be defending his AKW Openweight Championship against Canadian Callis Crony Lance Storm and what will be an athletic, technical masterpiece in the making. And that’s just to start.

    Summers: That’s right. Coming up later we also have AKW Women’s Champion Manami Toyota going up against ACW Women’s Champion Madusa to crown the first AKW World Women’s Championship. If you’ve never seen these women at their best, especially Toyota then you’re in for a treat. But that’s just the first part of our triple main event.

    Rodgers: Scott Steiner will have both Don Callis and Women in his corner as he and Bruno Sammartino look to settle their differences in the ring. It’s two larger than life athletes looking to prove whose style, methods are better, but more importantly, it’s the old ways vs. the new school in what should be a physical match featuring two heavyweights that you won’t want to miss. Then finally, our main event. Bret Hart. Mitusharu Misawa. These men have led their organizations to the promised land and back, and now they’re meeting for the second time in their careers to unify their titles and crown the first IPWC World Heavyweight Champion in a 2-out-of-3 Falls match with no time limit. There will be a winner. It’s the kind of match years from now, people will ask or recall where they were when they saw Hart and Misawa in their primes, and that’s what we have in store for you tonight. Elite talent, proving who’s the best there is today.

    Summers: Suffice to say, I’m looking forward to Hart getting dumped on his head. I’ll have to visit concessions beforehand.
    Rodgers: But for now, let’s throw back to Regis who’s standing by at the stage.
    (camera cuts to Regis)

    Regis: Ladies and gentleman, returning to the stage and fresh off tuning his guitar off Road Dogg’s head, here are the Smashing Pumpkins!

    Behold! The Night Mare

    Cherub Rock

    (The camera fades out. Returning to the ring, the lights go dark. The crowd begins to buzz, not knowing what’s next…

    …those answers come before too long. The lights slowly enlighten the arena and fans gasp at the sight of Raven sitting in the corner, as he always does; slouched, distant and ready. He peers around at the fans disgusted by their own disdain for him. He puts his microphone up to his lips, yet as he’s about to speak the lights go back out and an ominous light begins to flash as smoke fills the air, alternating between red and white flickers amidst the pitch black. There is no music, nothing you’d expect in terms of extravagance. Moments pass by, and as lights continue to flicker, a shadowy figure emerges from the entryway…their long seemingly dark hair upended and flipped over their eyes. Their walk is unique, unlike any other save a few of the most mysterious, dangerous wrestlers ever to set foot in a ring. The camera shifts to Raven whose eyes are transfixed on the figure who’s now directly in front of the ring, methodically stepping onto the first step, then the next; their head slightly cocked toward Raven still standing in the centre of the ring. They make their way over to Raven, standing directly in front of him. Raven stretches out his arms into his trademark cross position as though he were accepting of his forthcoming crucifixion. The figure then slowly tilts his head up…)

    Rodgers: Oh…shit…..

    Summers: I have goosebumps… do you kn….?

    Rodgers: Yes….

    (The lights settle and return to normalcy, the after effects of the smoke still dissipating. With the lights back on, the crowd fixates on the two men. Raven, the grungy hardcore icon. And this second man, with tribal war paint on his chest, wearing black tights with white and grey accents reminiscent of his normal white and red gear. This is something else entirely though, far beyond what most have witnessed, never mind never once in North America. The man cocks his head, looks down and in one swift moment flicks his head back, flipping his hair away from the front of his face to reveal white and black war paint with red accents. Mere moments pass and before Raven can react to the entity he conjured, Kishin Liger sprays Raven in the eyes with the blackest of black mists. He reacts immediately, both from losing his sight but also amid the slowly settling panic of not knowing when he’ll see again. Moments? Hours? Days? Weeks? Raven can’t know; simply that he’s now blind.)

    Rodgers: My god….

    Summers: …

    (The crowd is hushed, transfixed on the spectacle before them. Kishin whips Raven into the ropes and unwinds the most vicious Shotei you’ll ever see. Not a moment passes and Liger begins stomping a hole through Raven’s skull with zero remorse or hint of hesitation. Liger ducks outside and retrieves a table from underneath the ring, setting it up in the corner. He deadlifts Raven to his feet, placing him against the propped-up table. Liger retreats to the opposite corner and begins adjusting the turnbuckle, slowly twisting the bolt until he retrieves a spike that would otherwise help keep the buckle in place. Gripping it tightly, spike facing out, he sprints toward Raven and leaps into the air, aiming to drive the spike through Raven’s heart. Whether the fates were in Raven’s corner this night or not is up for debate, but at the last moment Raven dropped down to his backside. Liger lands, driving the spike through the table. With Raven slumped and blinded, Liger withdraws the spike from the table, points it straight down toward Raven and jams the spike into Raven’s forehead, blood gushing out of the fresh wound, wave after wave as Kishin drives it deeper and slashes back and forth. The blood loss is considerable. Liger disengages and tosses Raven to the mat, blood pooling around his head as he tries to stand himself back up. Liger stares into the crowd, still in shock, and stretches out his arms mimicking Raven’s pose while sticking his tongue out as though her were auditioning for KISS. He returns his gaze to Raven, picking up the blinded and bloody fighter who’s nearing unconsciousness. Liger, with all his might, lifts Raven up to the top rope, his body swaying to the point of toppling over to the outside mats. Liger cocks his back once more and spits pure yellow mist into Raven’s eyes, paralyzing him as he sits on the top turnbuckle. Liger retrieves the table from the opposite corner and sets it up in front of Raven. Liger climbs to the middle rope, secures Raven in a suplex position and lifts him up into the air, dropping him down headfirst through the table into the mat with an elevated brainbuster.)

    Rodgers: Let this be over….

    (Liger makes the cover and in a flash without any surprise, Raven doesn’t kick out. Kishin Liger not only decimated Raven, perhaps he reclaimed a piece of himself; but the larger questions of what Raven said to him linger inside him. Seemingly pondering these questions he walks over to Raven’s blinded, bloody and paralyzed body and without theatrics he intensely looks down at him and re-strikes Raven’s pose while standing above him in tribute. He surprisingly bows to Raven out of respect, leaving just as mysteriously. The dark figure exits to the back, as the EMTs descend on the ring to remove Raven so the cleaning crew can quickly swap out the mat.)

    Rodgers: Raven provoked Liger, and this was the result… a brutal affair that few of us had ever witnessed live, only heard of. I’m not even sure what to say otherwise…

    Summers: Silence is the only appropriate response, no words can describe what we just saw. Raven summoned Kishin, and his soul was cleaved from his body.

    Rodgers: We’re going to take a break to reset, we’ll back in a few moments…

    (An advertisement for the IPWC video game begins playing, touting the largest roster of wrestlers ever assembled based on a new cutting edge engine evolving from the AKI system. The segment concludes, and we return to Regis standing by in the back room with Chavo Guerrero and the Great Sasuke.)…
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      This had been solid so far, I feel like a part of it is missing, if you've not finished yet that's fair just ignore my comment.

      I like the addition of the commentary to give a more personal vibe, also the little touch of a video game being plugged in the intermission feels nice.

      I would say the main thing I'd change is to make the start of the match a bit clearer, I can see when it ends but there's no heading for the match, I lost where I was a couple times.

      Best of luck with the rest of the card if you've got one, it's been good so far.
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        I admit I skimmed a bit over the commentators to get to the match, not that I don’t appreciate the work you’ve put in on giving them personalities.

        Nice job capturing Raven, particularly the promo filled with pretentious words. I could really hear it in his voice. Showtime seems like he came from a different era and I wasn’t sad to see Raven bulldoze him after giving him a little shine.

        Did you really have to give a legend like Chavo Sr the jobber entrance on a show with so much commentator chatting?? Respect the Guerreros man! Chavo vs. Liger is undoubtedly a fun sounding match though. Hope this doesn’t mean Liger was bumped off the main card. Too much match description for me here, it never seems to translate in my opinion. Definite shades of the late 90s with Raven’s blackout interference. Another awesome Raven promo to follow, and if we’re Raven vs. Liger you can count me excited! Meanwhile I’d probably give Liger/Chavo at least 3.5 stars.

        I actually think Regis would be a wonderful host for a wrestling show, his enthusiasm always seemed to be boundless and he got in on the fun with gusto that one time he was a Wrestlemania guest. I do like the Smashing Pumpkins but if I were a fan watching at the time 3 songs without any wrestling would be way, waaaay too much for me.

        Nice capture of Road Dogg’s patter, though he said it so many times it’s not hard to recreate, haha. Nice match, went the way I would have imagined. I’ll go 3 stars. Corgan pulling a Honky Tonk Man is something he probably would have enjoyed.

        I believe you’re getting into parts of Nova’s career I’m not too familiar with, but I always enjoyed the guy so I’ll take your word on him making this gimmick work. Certainly a guy like Dave Taylor is a great counter to any high flyer. I like the format of the match, Taylor consistently had an advantage except when Nova was making a big flurry. Easy to see myself going up to 4 stars on this one.

        I didn’t think Mil Mascaras was really known to work heel, though I could be wrong. Having him take such a quick and decisive loss seems farfetched, if not a bit of a waste of both guys. The Raven push is awesome though, easily my favorite thing so far.

        Damn you, don’t I have to hear enough of Don Callis’ inane prattle on Dynamite? I have expected him to bring out a 17 year old Omega here. I don’t recall Verne ever wrestling heel so I wonder if this would be a good fit for him. I’m really trying to wrap my mind around Verne teaming with Jindrak and O’Haire, haha. Hard to imagine an ounce chemistry between them. Adams, Furnas, and Lafon is a pretty damn cool team though. This seemed like a bit too much for me, with the manager stuff and all the different styles and then some Attitude Era style interference, I think if I watched it I would find some things to like but ultimately would have preferred something a bit simpler, just my own feeling. I’d still probably go at least 2 stars.

        Hokuto vs. Jazz is the most exciting match on paper so far. Big pop for the piledriver off the apron, seemed like an amazing spot, but then I see that Jazz is back on offense so soon after, seems like a waste of an incredible moment. Even so, this sounded like a hell of a match and a real show stealer. If I didn’t go at least 4.5 stars on this I’d be amazed.

        If it were me I’d have used Jumbo and Tenryu separately, but I recognize the value of an enormous tag team like them at the top of a division. I’ve never been as into RnR as many are but their value is also clear. On paper this is a pretty cool looking match. Missed opportunity I think to not let Morton build up to a big hot tag to Gibson, the tried and true RnR special, but even so the match sounds damn good. I’d go 4 easily I think.

        Big pop for the use of Kishin Liger, a rarely seen but highly entertaining persona of Liger. Raven did indeed provoke Liger, something it’s unwise to do.

        Looks like there’s a second half coming, so I’ll be on the lookout for that! If you’re still writing, personally I’d be ok if you cut down on the commentary, the match description, and describing how the crowd is reacting, maybe streamline the process a bit. But however it looks, I’ll be looking forward to reading it.

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          This was a fun read Andrew. Certainly ambitious to write so much of it and go into so much detail. I’m normally a fan of the less is more approach when it comes to these kind of fantasy cards but you did a really good job of keeping things moving and not losing my interest with the detail.

          To start with I loved you using Tonight, Tonight to kick things off for the lead up show, that song would be a great song for a wrestling promo, it has a real epic scale to it and would help immortalise the images played over it. Smashing Pumpkins and wrestling are interesting companions. We know now that Billy loved wrestling but I do feel like in the 90s they would consider themselves a little artsy to slum it with wrestling. That said I can’t fault your music taste, absolute bangers picked here and I listened to them as I read through for added effects.

          Of all the things you did across your shows the bit you did best was how you nailed Raven’s monologues. I love how you booked him to have a story that stretched through the lead-up and the program the main night and using him to lure out Kishin Liger is so so epic. I will never not pop for Kishin Liger, such an incredibly protected part of his character and I think you honoured that. Down the line from this show I think you have a ready made feud with Taven and Misawa given that Misawa used to be Tiger Mask.

          I loved how you built your card, kicked off with a crowd pleaser to get things going and built up to the bigger matches as you went.

          You deserve props for the big time tag match you put together with Rock n Roll v Jumbo Tsuruta and Genichiro Tenryu. As Mizzie said it probably isn’t the firs thing I would have thought of for Jumbo and Tenryu but against the Rock n Roll it was inspired. It is an interesting clash of styles between Southern tag wrestling and Kings Road, I can definitely see how these two would mesh well particularly if Jumbo & Tenryu were happy to lean into their more ruthless side.

          I do hope your ambition hasn’t got the best of you because there was a lot of great stuff going on here and now I want to see the rest.


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            I really like the concept of the IPWC. This is quite the universe you've created and it feels almost like WWF swallowing up the territories back in the day. Your idea of having a pre-show was also unique as I don't think anybody else thought of that. Also, I do like the way you've formatted the show by having everything being called from the perspective of the announcers as that's how we watch. So well done with the concepts and layout.

            I'm surprised Raven made his appearance on the pre-show in such an encounter. Although, he did use what time he got to full effect with a good promo thereafter. I'm hoping he makes an appearance on the main show too. Fast-forward to the end of the show and Raven's motivations are now made clear and I'm loving it. This was practically his show. I'm still hoping he wreaks havoc on the main show too.

            I also liked the rundown of the show as I didn't know a lot of your roster members so this provided a good background for me. Your commentary had good chemistry too haha.

            MAIN SHOW

            Man, that opening alone was very descriptive. You're giving the full PPV experience for sure.

            I love PPVs opening up with a tag team match and this was a nice addition to that trope, made even sweeter by The Eliminators overcoming the hated champions. Nice way to start the show.

            I have no idea who Dave Taylor or Nova are so I appreciated the pre-match interviews from both men. A simple yet effective story of one man not respecting the other because of who he is. The match also played out exactly how the story dictated, although I was surprised by the heel picking up the win.

            I was not expecting that between Mascaras and Takyama. Definitely one of the shockers of the evening. Raven is certainly killing it tonight! And by killing it I mean the Lucha Libre legacy.

            The before-the-bell antics of the Trios Match was sure to get some good heat and the crowd invested. Depending how over these guys are in your universe I can picture this coming off great.

            Hokato/Jazz definitely had that big fight feel. Felt like a strong style affair for sure.

            There's nothing greater than a beloved team like RnR Express being the underdogs as the fans will be immediately into it especially with the great contrast of styles. And it was good too see the majorly over face team win with a well-executed gameplan.

            That ending was vicious. I honestly didn't Raven to get his comeuppance.


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              I can't believe this is only part 1. Dude has created an epic card here with full commentary, which has helped carry the match flow and presented a clear picture of how Rodgers and Summers get along (or don't).

              Plenty to like, especially the tag matches and Raven's character work throughout the card. Shame to see him get beaten to death though.

              I kinda wish Andrew, you had eased off the match description a bit...Just so you would have carried through with writing the entire card out before getting winded. Any chance we'll see the Hart/Misawa match after all?
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