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  • #FWD21- Super Card - Clash of the Champions

    I'll finish later as this is what I have for now.

    Lucha Wrestling Organization: Clash of the Champions

    Dink the Clown vs. Mascarita Sagrada
    Background: in a match with Doink the Clown and Mascarita Sagrada, their min versions came out. During the match, when Dink tried to interfere, Mascarita Sagrada ran off Dink. Causing a distraction, Doink took his attention away from Mascara Sagrada, which allowed Sagrada to put Doink in the Figure 4 and Doink submitted. Doink got mad at Dink, and demanded to the LWO that Dink vs. Mascarita Sagrada be made.
    Match: Mascarita Sagrada and Dink have a very fast paced match, which the crowd gets into. Dink tries to use cheating tactics, but is many times countered by Sagrada’s lucha moves. The finish comes when Doink comes out, and it looks like he’s there to help cheat for Dink. Instead he splashes Dink with a bucket of water. Dink turns around and Sagrada picks him up for a gorilla press slam, face first; then turns that into la Magistral roll up pin for the 1-2-3. Doink laughs all the way up the ramp, and Sagrada picks up the win.
    Result: Mascarita Sagrada wins by pin fall.

    Cruiserweight Title Match
    Tiger Mask 4 vs. Atlantis (C)

    Background: Atlantis is celebrating his CW title victory when Art Barr comes out. Barr challenges Atlantis to a match. During the match Eddy Guerrero comes out to interfere. Atlantis was able to fight off both as the ref calls for a DQ. Looking for a partner, Tiger Mask appeared. This causes Eddy to taunt Tiger Mask, as Eddy was once the Black Tiger. Tiger and Atlantis both fight Los Gringos Locos in a match, but during the match, Tiger Mask accidently misses Eddy with a cross body, instead hitting Atlantis. Eddy grabs Tiger Mask from the back and puts him in the Gory Special. Tiger Mask had to choice but to say “I quit.” Atlantis, just shock his head and left. Eventually friction between Atlantis and Tiger Mask led to a shoving match between the two. They then come to blows, with Tiger Mask challenging Atlantis to a Cruiserweight title match. Atlantis accepts.
    Match: The match start off fast pace. This suits Tiger Mask, though don’t forget, both are great technical wrestlers. Atlantis catches Tiger Mask with a side slam when Tiger Mask tried to do the side slam into head scissors. Yes, someone finally counted it by simply falling. Atlantis then starts to work on Tiger Mask leg by putting on a half crab. Tiger Mask rolls out and then tries to hit the robes to build momentum. Being weakened though, he is slower, which allows Atlantis to grab him and to a quebradora con giro. After struggling to comeback, Tiger Mask starts to hit a little offense. Finally getting enough in his legs, he hits a spinning kick, then when Atlantis tries to counter, Tiger Mask hits a drop kick. Tiger Mask gets some momentum and space by drop kicking Atlantis outside and then hitting a suicide dive. Momentum though would be short lived. Tiger Mask would run to Atlantis, and it looked like Atlantis was going to counter to another Quebradora con Giro. Instead Atlantis held Tiger Mask and put him in the Atlantida back breaker. Tiger Mask had no choice but to quit.
    Result: Atlantis by submission. After the match, Atlantis and Tiger Mask shake hands and hug. Long hard fought battle by two cruiserweight greats.

    Tag Team Title
    The Dream Team (C) vs. Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas

    Background: In an 8 man tag match between the 4 Horsemen (Ric Flair, Arn Anderson, Barry Windham, and Lex Lugar) vs Ron Simmon, Butch Reed, and Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas, the Dream Team came and interfered in the match, attacking Rocky and Tony on the outside of the ring. This led to Ric Flair being able to roll up Ron Simmons to win the match. Later Rocky and Tony challenged the Dream Team to a match. Dream Team though didn’t accept the challenge. During a Dream Team promo, Tony and Rocky attacked the Dream Team. Finally, the Dream Team accepted. During a match with Ron Simmons and Rocky and Tony vs the Horsemen (with Butch Reed banned from the building) the Dream Team came and pulled Rocky and Tony off the apron. But this time Rocky pulls out brass knucks and knocks out Brutus, then Greg. Ref calls for a DQ in that match. Rocky and Tony both have loaded hands, and chase out the Horsemen. Flair leaves his big gold belt, as Ron holds up the World title and Rocky and Tony hold up the tag titles.
    Match: This match starts off HOT as Rocky and Tony both attack Valentin and Brutus. Brutus and Greg are bouncing everywhere for Rocky and Tony. Rocky is using his signature dancing punches and he knocks Brutus out the ring. Tony is hitting Greg with big roundhouse right punches, then the double punch with both hands, knock Valentine down and out the ring. The Champs are disjointed. Rocky is fired up and Tony is posing to the crowd. The fans are going CRAZY. They are chanting Rocky as Rocky stays in the ring, Valentine slides in slowly hoping to set a slower pace. But against Rocky that’s not going to happen. Rocky is a house of fire with his punches. After some time he tags Tony. Tony slams Greg, and then knees him. Brutus is doing something in the corner. Greg finally gets a gut punch in, then crawls to Brutus. Greg calls the ref over the check on him, Brutus from no where throws powder in Tony’s eyes.
    This starts the heel’s advantage against Tony Atlas. Throughout the match, both men take turns working over Tony’s leg, setting up Tony for Greg’s Figure Four. Rocky tries hard, but can’t seem to get that tag. Finally, when it looks like Tony is going to make the tag, Greg grabs his leg, drags him to the middle of the ring, then slaps on the Figure Four. Tony is screaming in pain. But he wouldn’t quit. It looks like he’s going to pass out from the pain, but eventually he flips the move over and Greg releases it. Just as Greg is trying to get the feeling back in his leg, Tony tags Rocky. And Rocky is hot. Punches fly, Brutus and Greg also fly. The crowd is popping, popcorn is getting thrown in the air. Rocky Then starts to shuffle and he threw a huge drop kick at Greg. Then one to Brutus. Each time getting up and shuffling. The second he hit Greg with knocked him out the ring. Then he hit Brutus with a second drop kick, once Brutus got up, Rocky jumped over him for a big sunset flip, and gets the pin! Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas are the NEW Tag Team Champions!
    Results: Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas win by pinfall. After the match, Tony is visibly limping, and both hug with their titles. Rocky helps Tony out the ring. Brutus and Valentine are both distraught outside the ring. The crowd is going wild.

    Women’s Tag Team Title
    Jumping Bomb Angels vs. Fabi and Mari Apache

    Background: Bomb Angels have arrived at Lucha Wrestling Organization, and the crowd cheers. They are listed as the top seed in the women’s tag team tournament. 7th seed upstart team, the Apache sisters Fabi and Mari upset the second seed team. Performing upset after upset, the Apache’s find themselves in the finals. The Jumping Bomb Angels are also in the finals, as they are the favorite in this tournament.
    Match: Fabi starts off locking up with Yamazaki. Having the slight strength advantage, Fabi is able to back up Yamazaki to the corner. Mari is starting to play a little heel in this match. Though the Apaches are the upstart team, many are getting behind the Angels. It’s obvious that the Apaches wrestle a lucha style, but against the Angels they aren’t the faster team. Mari gets in Fabi and the Apaches courner Yamazaki. But Yamazaki is able to counter out and hits some high flying offense. She gets Mari by the hair and tags in Tateno. Tateno is able to get some offense in as well. Of course like many JBA matches, Tateno finds herself on the floor as the young Fabi Apache comes in and nails Tateno with an ear slap, then grabs her hand and jumps on the rope to make it to a flying arm drag.
    Yamazaki gets the crowd involved, until finally Tateno makes the hot tag. She knocks Fabi out with a flying head scissors, and then gets to the top rope to hit Mari with a moonsault. 1,2… no, kick out. Yamazaki tags back in a fresh Tateno, who works on Mari. Then after a couple of minutes, Tateno tags back Yamazaki. Tateno slams Mari, and Yamazaki comes off the top rope for a knee drop. 1,2… no, kick out. Fabi is back, and she starts to cause a distraction in the Apache corner. Finally, Tateno comes around to stop Fabi, but as Yamazaki looks on, Mari pushes her to the ropes. As Yamazaki bounces back, Mari picks her up and hits a pop up power bomb. 1, 2, 3! Mari has pinned Yamazaki.
    Result: The Apache Sisters beat the Jumping Bomb Angels by pin fall. They are the NEW Women’s tag team champions!

    US Title Match
    Lex Lugar w/ JJ Dillion (C) vs. El Canek

    Background: Enjoying the longest US title reign in history, Lugar issued an open challenge for Clash of the Champions. El Canek answered the call. Not getting involved with the Horsemen vs. Ron Simmons, instead El Canek found himself in the battle between many luchadors and Los Gringos Locos. Usually serving as a third partner for El Hijo del Santo and Blue Demon Jr. against Eddy Guerrero, Art Barr and Konnan, El Canek now finds himself in a title opportunity.
    Match: JJ Dillion walks down the isle with Lugar. El Canek comes in second to cheers. The bell rings and both men are testing each other out. While Lugar looks stronger, El Canek did body slam Andre the Giant. With that said, Lugar eventually is able to power Canek around. Canek though is able to counter and gets some sort of advantage. Wearing Lugar down, Canek is able to get Lugar in an arm bar. His strategy is simple, work the arms so Lugar can’t use that strength. After some time, JJ Dillion decides it’s time to get up. He jumps on the apron, El Canek goes to hit him off, but Dillion drops down before Canek can hit him. Lugar though sneaks up behind Canek, and picks him up for a torture rack. Faced with no where to go, Canek says I quit and the match is over.
    Results: Lex Lugar wins by submission. El Canek dominated most the match, but JJ proved to be the deciding factor.

    Rockin Robin vs. Mariko Yoshida
    Background: Both wrestlers are looked at as future challengers. Robin is wants to challenge Wendi Ritcher, but then again so does Mariko.
    Match: Mariko Yoshida starts off with dominate offense. She locks in on Robin and starts to take her apart. Yoshida is the superior match wrestler and that comes out early. She has Robin down, and no matter what Robin does, Yoshida counters out. Eventually Robin gets up and Yoshida throws her to the ropes, but Robin bounces back and jumps in the air, grabs Yoshida’s head for a bull dog. This gives Robin time. She starts her comeback. Eventually she climbs to the top rope, and goes for a cross body. But she misses and this give Yoshida a chance to hit the Air Raid Crash. 1, 2, 3.
    Results: Mariko Yoshida wins by pinfall. She will challenge the winner of Lita and Wendi Ritcher at the next PPV

    Hair vs. Mask Tag Match
    El Hijo del Santo and Blue Demon Jr. vs. Los Gringos Locos w/ Konnan

    Background: Living off the success of their father’s tag team, Eddy Guerrero and El Hijo del Santo teamed up to form Pareja Atomica. The team was very successful, capturing the Tag Team titles from Butch Reed and Ron Simmons. But when Art Barr arrived, he started to hang out with Eddy backstage. Santo tried to talk to Eddy, but couldn’t find him many weeks at the shows. When it was time to defend against the Dream Team, Santo again couldn’t find Eddy so they could strategize. When Eddy finally did arrive to their locker room, the match was about to start. Naturally they lost the titles to the Dream Team. Eddy lost his temper, but cooler heads prevailed that night. The next week, Eddy told Santo he was doing a solo match. Against a jobber, Eddy showed a very aggressive side, as he battered the young man. Santo rushed out trying to talk sense to Eddy. That’s when Art Barr came from no where and smashed Santo over the head with a chair. Eddy and Art stomped out Santo. For months after that, Eddy and Art added Konnan, and they formed the faction Los Gringo Locos. Especially during the Mexican and Southwest tours, the trio builds up their American identity, cover themselves in the Red, White, and Blue, and promote their Americanist. Santo had been absent after the beat down. Los Gringos Locos had a series of trios matches with Mascara Sigrada, Atlantis, and whoever they rotated partners with. Finally Santo came back as their special partner. That night Santo attacked Eddy and the faces finally won. Eventually Los Gringos Locos challenged Santo to a mask vs. hair match, with a partner of his choice, thinking he’d pick either Mascara Sigrada or Atlantis. Well, instead Santo picked his long time rival, Blue Demon Jr. Now we are set as the two long time rivals defend the honor of the Mexican people against Los Gringos Locos.
    Match: Santo starts off right away against Eddy, as Art convinces Eddy to start. Bad idea for Los Gringos Locos, as Santo is furious. He starts to beat on Eddy. Eddy tries to roll out of it, but Santo is all over him. He throws Eddy outside where he gets a chair. This was a mistake, as Konnan is outside and grabs the chair. This distraction is enough for Eddy to smask Santo from the back with a forearm. Eddy throws Santo back and tags in Barr. Barr works on Santo. He basically celebrates after every move, tainting the crowd. He hits a standing drop kick, then motions he’s going to unmask Santo. But this gives Santo enough time to recover. Barr grabs Santo’s mask, and drags him to Eddy for a tag, but Santo kicks Barr’s leg. He then pushes Barr’s hand from his mask, and dives to tag Blue Demon. Demon is in, and the big luchador hits Barr with a standing front drop kick. Eddy comes in and he gets a standing front drop kick, which lounges Eddy out the ring and onto Konnan. Barr gets up, only to have Demon bend down and grab Barr’s leg. Demon then sweeps the other leg to get Barr on his back and then Demon twist.
    Santo is finally recovered and Demon gets up and drags Barr to Santo by the leg. He tags Santo and both of them grab a leg and to a double leg twist to Barr. Barr is screaming in pain. He can’t give up though, both wrestlers are in the ring and this isn’t lucha rules. As Barr tries to get up, Santo arm drags him down. Then a monkey flip, then Santo bounces off the ropes and does a flying head scissor. Konnan jumps up to the apron, and Santo and Blue Demon are distracted. This gives Barr enough time to tag Eddy, and Eddy waste no time getting payback to Santo. Eddy mounts the man wearing lucha’s most valuable mask and just punches on him. Eddy punishes Santo for quite some time.
    Finally, Eddy tags Barr. He tells Barr to put Santo up on his shoulders, which Barr does. Eddy comes off the top rope and does a Frankensteiner Doomsday Devise onto Santo. Barr rushes to the top rope, and hits a Frog Splash. It looks like a 1, 2…. NO! Demon rushes into the ring, and he nailed Eddy just as Barr went to the top rope, and then elbowed Barr when Barr was onto of Santo. Demon then drags Santo to their corner, Santo is OUT. Demon lays Santo’s hand on the middle rope, goes outside and tags the hand. Demon is the legal man. He scoops Barr up and slams him. Eddy gets back in only to meet a flying head scissor. Demon bounces off the ropes and with the speed pick up, he becomes a huge luchador flying around. Santo is laid out in his corner, it’s up to Demon. Eddy tries to clothesline Demon, but Demon dugs and Eddy hits Barr instead. Demon uses this to get Eddy out the match by hitting a bulldog. Demon then gets Barr in his finisher, La Estaca Mortal. Konnan tries to get on the apron, but Santo is up and he drop kicks Konnan. Then Eddy tries to get up, and Santo reaches down and grabs both of Eddy’s legs and puts him in the Camel Clutch. Both Barr and Eddy both give up at the same time. The ref calls for the bell.
    Results: El Hijo del Santo and Blue Demon Jr. win the match by submission. Crying, Eddy and Barr cut each other’s’ hair as Santo and Demon lead the crowd in cheering.

    Handicap Match
    Arn Anderson and Barry Windham w/ JJ Dillion vs. Butch Reed

    Background: In an effort to keep Butch Reed out of the main event, JJ Dillion demanded Reed have a match before the main event. Him and the Horsemen were granted a handicap match with Reed vs. Arn Anderson and Barry Windham. Reed promised to not only get through the match, but be there for his friend Ron Simmon during the main event.
    Match: Anderson and Reed start off the match. Reed uses his power to back off Arn and push him around. Arn is bumping like crazy for Reed. Reed strikes a pose and everyone is cheering. Reed’s plan in simple, keep Arn in the ring and work on him. Reed and Arn lock up, and Reed pushes him down. Arn then yells at the ref, “He pulled my hair,” to which the ref responded, “What hair?” Arn is mad. JJ is protesting outside. Reed goes to get on Arn some more, but Windham comes in and hits Reed in the back. Reed is down to one knee and this gives Arn the chance to tag. Windham works on Reed. Eventually Reed makes a comeback. Punches, kicks, Reed has it all. He nails Windham, and Windham starts to circle the ring before he fails, tagging back in his partner, Arn. Arn is trying to take it to Reed, but Reed punches Arn back to the corner. Then Reed tries to get Arn up for his over head power slam, but Arn wiggles out. Reed turns around and Arn is waiting for him. Arn grabs Reed, picks him up in the air, spin him around and wham, a perfect spin buster. Arn jumps on Reed, 1, 2, 3!
    Results: Arn Anderson and Barry Windham win by pin fall. After the match, the heels leave, lucky to have survived. Reed looks dazed as the refs help him out.

    Women’s Title Match
    Wendi Ritcher w/ Cyndi Lauper (C) vs. Lita

    Background: Lita is challenging for Ritcher’s title. The promoter was not shy, being that this cards is in a very Latino heavy area, he wanted a Latina to challenge for the title. Lita was selected because the Apache sisters are still younger. Lita took great exception to this, and is on a mission to prove that this match isn’t a hand out. Ritcher and Lauper for their parts are training very hard. Lauper has brought in girl luchadors for training. Lita on the other hand lined up some strong women for face in the build for this match.
    Match: both girls try to feel each other out. Ritcher is waiting for the luchador moves to come out. After all, the Texas native is familiar with lucha libre. After a tie up, Lita tries for an arm drag, but Ritcher is ready, as she grabs Lita’s arm, picks her up by one arm and throws her to the ground. Lauper is outside cheering. The crowd is slowly waking up. Lita locks up again, but this time doesn’t go for an arm drag. Instead she gets backed up, but then ducks under Ritcher when Ritcher tries for a forearm, and Lita bounces off the ropes and hits a drop kick. Ritcher gets up pretty quickly, but that gives Lita time for a flying head scissors. Then Lita builds momentum, running to the ropes and hitting a clothesline. After a couple of minutes, Ritcher is able to grab Lita and put her into a fireman’s carry. Spinning Lita around, once Lita was put down, she fell from dizziness. As Lita got up, Ritcher picked her up for a big slam. She then grabbed her arm and started to work on the arm. Like classic 80’s wrestling, get that arm bar in. Keep twisting.
    Eventually, Lita was able to get up, and Ritcher twisted the arm bar more. But Lita flipped out of it. Ritcher tries to grab Lita, but Lita puts a foot up to keep distance. When Ritcher tries to get closer, Lita hits a one legged monkey flip. This flips Ritcher outside, which is the break Lita needs. Lita dives through the ropes for a suicide dive. Ritcher is down outside. Lita picks up Ritcher by the hair and throws her in the ring. Ritcher tries to stand, but Lita hits her with a Russian Leg Sweep next to the corner. Lita then gets to the corner. She looks back to measure her Litasault. Getting to the top rope Lita makes the jump, but last second Ritcher moves. Lita gets up, but with the last of her energy, Ritcher gets Lita and hits her powerbomb! 1, 2, 3!
    Result: Wendi Ritcher wins by pinfall. Lita was very close, but tonight was not her night. Cyndi Lauper and Wendy Ritcher celebrate in the middle of the ring, as the crowd is mostly booing. Girls Just Want to Have Fun plays, but the mixed, mostly boos, continue.

    AAA Style Steel Cage Elimination Match
    The Great Muta vs. Mascara Sigrada vs. Kamala vs. Konnan vs. Doink the Clown

    Background: Winner of this match gets a world title shot with the next 12 month. Doink and Mascara Sigrada have a rivalry, and Sigrada wants to teach Doink a lesson from earlier in the night. Muta is a special guest from Japan, looking to fight for the World title. Konnan is representing Los Gringos Locos, and though Los Gringos Locos and the Horsemen get along, Konnan would like nothing more then for bragging rights for the most powerful faction in LWO. And Kamala was added by the promoters, as he has no handlers right now and he’s all on his own.
    Match: We have a long match here. The start of it is slow pace. No one wants to do anything crazy and get eliminated.
    First elimination: After about 7 minutes, Dink the Clown and Mascarita Sigrada both come down and Dink throws water on Doink. Doink looks angry. Dink throws the bucket to Mascarita, and Mascarita throws the bucket to Mascara Sigrada through an open door in the cage. Sigrada then hits Doink with it, knocking him out. Sigrada turns the bucket upside and there was a brick at the bottom. Sigrada pins Doink. Doink is eliminated.
    Second elimination: Kamala is on the top rope, about to splash Muta. He looks to the side, hoping to find a handler for instructions, but that handler isn’t there. Muta then gets up, and sprays Kamala with green mist. Kamala screams in pain, as he falls off the ropes. Muta pins Kamala 1, 2, 3! Kamala is eliminated.
    Third elimination: Sigrada is obviously tired, as he’s had a long night dealing with Doink. It was in his exchange with Konnan, that he was caught. He went for a clothesline, Konnan ducked, then grabbed his leg and put him in the Tequila Sunrise. Sigrada gives up. Mascara Sigrada is eliminated.
    Last elimination: Muta and Konnan are the final two. Finally, Muta is able to hit Konnan with a Shining Wizard. Konnan is out. Muta climbs up to the top rope, and hits a diving moonsault for the 1, 2, 3! Konnan is eliminated
    Result: The Great Muta wins by pin fall. He will have a title opportunity in a future PPV within the next 12 months.

    World Title Match: Mike Tyson as Special Enforcer
    Ric Flair w/ JJ Dillion (C) vs. Ron Simmons w/ Teddy Long

    Background: When Doom lost the tag team titles, they focused their energy to getting back on top. The problem was, outside the Tag titles, Doom was unable to win any belts without getting through the Horsemen, unless Ron Simmons was interested in losing 65 pounds. Both members started their journey to singles titles. First Simmons tried to get through Luger, but Arn or Barry would interfere. Finally, This set up an 8 man tag match between the Horsemen, and Rocky Johnson, Tony Atlas, and Doom. Eventually the Dream Team were able to distract Johnson, Atlas, and Doom, so Flair could pinned Ron Simmons. This started the Simmon’s vs. Flair collision course. Flair would go on to talk about how Ron doesn’t deserve a match. How he pinned him. Finally, a match was made, if Ron Simmons and Butch Reed could beat Arn and Barry, AND Ron is the one to get the pin, then Flair would give him a shot. During the match, Flair came up, but Teddy Long came out and grabbed Flair. This gave the Doom team enough time so Ron could throw Arn to the ropes, and then hit Arn with his power slam. Ron won.
    The match was set, but the promoters felt that something needs to be done about the Horsemen. So they brought in a special guest enforcer, “Iron” Mike Tyson. The match was set.
    Match: The match starts slow, as Flair kept stalling. This got Ron very rallied up, but that energy was being wasted. Too much stop and goes, stop and go. This force Ron to make a mistake and Flair was of course at the top of his game. Flair worked on Ron and Ron was trying. Teddy Long is outside shouting instructions, but Flair kept on him. He’s working that leg. After some time, Ron is starting to pick up momentum. He powers out of a sleeper Flair has. Then he tries to run to the ropes, but his leg is too weak. Flair again starts to work the leg. Finally Flair got the Figure 4 on. He’s got in on good. Ron is trying to figure out how to get out. Finally he can hear Teddy yelling, “TURN OVER! TURN OVER!” Well, if Ron Simmons is going to turn over, Flair can’t stop him. Ron turns over and the pressure is on Flair. Flair releases the hold and he’s limping a little. Ron gets up and he’s getting some offense in. JJ Dillion is looking concern. Ron has built up to full offensive momentum now. He’s hitting flying shoulder blocks, clotheslines, Flair is begging, but Ron kicks his stomach. Ron throws Flair to the corner, Flair flips upside down, out the ring, and runs to the other corner. Ron hits Flair with a clothesline and Flair is outside looking very dazed. JJ waves in for back up. But that’s when Teddy also waves for back up. Just as Arn Anderson and Barry Windham are at the curtain, behind them Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas attack. They drag them back behind the curtain, and their presents in the match isn’t even felt. Neither Flair nor Ron even knew those teams were fighting. Ron is outside punching on Flair. That is until Lex Luger shows up. Luger comes through the crowd and grabs Ron. Ron punches at him but can’t get a clean hit. That’s when Tyson joins in. Tyson pushes Luger back, and Ron throws Flair back in the ring. Luger jumps the railing and tries to push Tyson out the way. Tyson grabs Luger AND KNOCKS HIM OUT! Luger is on the floor snoring! Flair is all alone. JJ tries to jump on the apron, but Teddy pulls him down. Flair knows his in trouble now. He begs for mercy, but then gets up and pokes Ron in the eye! He chops Ron. But Ron isn’t feeling it. Ron is running on adrenaline! He gets Flair over his head and slams him. Once Flair gets back up, Ron grabs Flair, whips him to the ropes then catches him for a huge power slam. 1, 2, 3!
    Results: Ron Simmons by pinfall. The Locker room empties, as the crowd and the roster is celebrating. Finally, FINALLY, the belt is off the 4 Horsemen, and off Ric Flair. Tyson raises Ron’s hand, and then Rocky and Tony carry Ron on their shoulders. People are crying. Ron Simmons not only dethroned Ric Flair, he’s the first Black LWO World Champion is history. JJ and Flair are trying to wake up Luger outside, but no one cares. They are celebrating history!
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    Dink the Clown vs. Mascarita Sagrada Not a bad way to kick off your show with a comedy match mixed with fast-paced lucha action. A Luchadore reigns supreme to open up proceedings showing what your show's all about. Cruiserweight Title Match Tiger Mask 4 vs. Atlantis (C) Nice slow burn story for the CW Title. NXT has made that belt look so great lately and this kind of feud would fit right in. Tag Team Title The Dream Team (C) vs. Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas This felt like a blood feud which makes the belts feel very important. The crows was into it making the new champ's victory even more momentous. Women’s Tag Team Title Jumping Bomb Angels vs. Fabi and Mari Apache Nice build with the tourney and the Apache Sisters getting upset after upset. A nice, fast-paced match that definitely sounds better than any WWE Womens Tag Title Match. US Title Match Lex Lugar w/ JJ Dillion (C) vs. El Canek I love long title reigns and I'm glad to see Luger hold onto the belt despite it being via nefarious means. Canek also ended the match looking strong so there's always room for a rematch! Rockin Robin vs. Mariko Yoshida Number one contender matches are underrated on PPV as it makes a title opportunity seem important, the way it should be. I like what you've done with your women thus far. Hair vs. Mask Tag Match El Hijo del Santo and Blue Demon Jr. vs. Los Gringos Locos w/ Konnan What a grudge match and I'm glad the faces won! The match sounded dope and surely a contender for match of the night. I can already picture Eddy's face as he has to cut his hair lol. Handicap Match Arn Anderson and Barry Windham w/ JJ Dillion vs. Butch Reed I liked the reasoning behind this match and I can picture how it plays out. It's sad that Reed lost and can't be there for his friend, but yet a Handicap should never be lost by the team with the numbers so good booking there. Women’s Title Match Wendi Ritcher w/ Cyndi Lauper (C) vs. Lita I was rooting for Lita! This can be definitely be seen as somewhat of a dream match considering both these women ate legends from different generations. Good show! AAA Style Steel Cage Elimination Match The Great Muta vs. Mascara Sigrada vs. Kamala vs. Konnan vs. Doink the Clown Another match for a title opportunity. Mix that in with the Doink/Sigrada rivalry and other wrestlers with their own agenda as well and you have a winner on your hands. World Title Match: Mike Tyson as Special Enforcer Ric Flair w/ JJ Dillion (C) vs. Ron Simmons w/ Teddy Long Tyson being the enforcer made total sense on the context of the story. A big night capped off by a big moment that sends the fans home happy. That's what a big main event is all about. Great show and I really dug the mix of talent you had on the show but trying your best to keep to ur lucha traditions. Good stuff!


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      Another stellar card. This is, I think, the 6th one I've read now. Just really enjoying how many of us have independently booked some similar feuds, all of which have been entertaining to read.

      Big fan of the factions and how they've been mixed in to matches throughout the card. Great finish to the main event with everyone going home happy. Tyson was involved perfectly and LWO enters a new chapter with Simmons as champ.

      Cruiserweight title and women's title matches were other highlights for me, and I'm impressed with how much time you gave Doink and Dink on this card, haha. It worked but that's no easy sell!

      Hair vs. mask was also well booked and a very detailed build for that match was helpful in getting me to invest. Love the picture of Barr and Guerrero cutting each other's hair, in tears!!! Haha!

      Kudos on the women's tag match, too. Rare sight in our draft.

      What was your fav match to write?
      Who are your up and coming stars besides Muta getting that title shot?
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        I like the faction warfare idea, Simmons and co vs the Four Horsemen would definitely be a good feud and well worth a watch.

        I like that they got the happy ending with the tag title and the world title, always nice to see.

        I'm not sure who has the best women's division of the draft, it's a tie between you and Mizfan if you ask me, both divisions your women's divisions are stacked.

        I love the cage match, I'm curious how the elimination aspect works given that there is no DQ in a cage, still would have been astounding to watch and Muta vs Simmons just sounds like a fantastic match.

        I really enjoyed this one, it's was a lot of fun to read.
        The worst PPV ever is coming soon.
        Send in your top 10 to help us find out what the worst PPV ever is.


        • #5
          Reading some of these cards reminds that the simplest of stories really do work... seeing Ron Simmons make history and overcome the 4 horsemen seems like the kind of feel good story I'd want to see fleshed out to end a big card. I'm sure, if this was set in the 80's, it'd have gone over big. The addition of Tyson only made this more special. Johnson/Atlas winning the tag titles was also another great tie-in to the theme.

          Also solid cruiserweight and women's title matches. The card had a little something for everyone and wasn't just one dimensional.

          Glad you didn't have Lita win. Given the rules, she wouldn't have quite been ready yet but if your promotion continued and you wrote a few more of these, I'm sure she'd have her moment and it'd be something special.

          Nice choice with El Chanek challenging Luger. It's one of those fun things where you put that seed of doubt in their minds that Luger will retain.

          Good continuity with Anderson/Windham beating Reed only to see the heroes win at the end.

          Overall, a fun show. You didn't over-describe the matches and everything felt very neatly tied together. I really enjoyed reading this overall.


          • #6
            The simplicity of this piece shined through, limited trappings and the focus on the matches and their builds.

            Loved the Tag Championship match, its story wove into other things on your card and set the tone for the big story of the night.

            Love your booking of Lex as the US Champion, WWE revisionism airbrushes away how good he was and he would have been great in that role in this company.

            Doing a hair v mask match was just a fantastic idea, with the stipulation, long term story and workers involved I have no doubt this would have been the match of the night. I honestly don’t think this particular rivalry could have been booked any better.

            I really like when you use a match on a big card like this to set up a future challenger. It builds anticipation, introduces the next challenger to people just along for the big shows and helps give story lines continuity. Doing it in a steel cage elimination match would certainly ensure the winner would be over with the crowd and having Muta take it out was a great pick.

            This was a great main event too. Deploying Mike Tyson is pitch perfect given the road to the match with the Horsemen and of course that right hand has to go BOOM at some point! As for the big baby face win, I absolutely love it. When the biggest show hits it is time to pull the trigger and a locker room clearnin win is the perfect ending to this show.

            Great show LWO, love both your roster and how you’ve used them.


            • #7
              I never expected someone to give Dink the Clown a featured bout, but I applaud your creativity in finding a way to not only get it done but actually make it interesting. And heel Doink is by miles and miles the best Doink! I do enjoy some mini wrestling, I can imagine going 3.5 on this match if Dink pulls his weight.

              So pleased someone booked Atlantis, he definitely deserved to be on the card. I like the details of the backstory, incorporating folks who aren’t actually in the match. I skimmed the blow by blow but it definitely sounds like a great match, honestly easy to think this goes as high as 4.25 because these two are damn good.

              I just have to first praise you on that incredible Four Horsemen lineup you’ve put together, that’s possibly as good a foursome as you could hope to get. Once again some very nice details in the build up here. I tend to frown on dictating crowd reaction in fantasy booking, but I do enjoy some of your more vivid descriptions, popcorn flying in the air and all that. I still can’t forgive you for saddling Valentine with Beefcake, but this match definitely read very well. Could easily see this up at 4 stars if Valentine does the heavy lifting and the crowd pops the way you imagine.

              I applaud you for finding room on your card for not only a women’s tag match, but a truly killer one. These two teams are great, it’s so easy to imagine this going all the way up to 4.5.

              First off on the next one, I have to say: Lex LUGER, Lugar sounds like a He-Man villain, haha. But putting that aside, this is a cool match. Luger only rarely worked with luchadors in WCW but I always thought he did a good job, all things considered. Canek is a guy I know mostly by reputation but what I hear is good. Is 4 too high for this one? I don’t think so. Nice use of Luger and JJ Dillon together, by the way.

              Robin and Yoshida are both wrestlers I only know a little, but what I’ve seen ranges from decent to very good, so I don’t doubt this would be a fun match. I’ll go 3.75 based on what I’m picturing in my head, with Yoshida doing the heavy lifting.

              Brilliant idea to basically do an even bigger version of the famous Worlds Collide match from 1994 here. I’m actually a bit surprised this wasn’t your main event, it likely could have been. That build was very well done, especially with Santo turning to a powerful rival to stand against Los Gringos. Once again I skimmed the blow by blow but I saw some really hot stuff in there, and the correct ending of course. Just like the original, I think this goes straight up to 5 stars, masterful stuff.

              Now here’s where I’m a little disappointing, taking these three truly amazing talents and putting them in a handicap match? It makes sense for the story so I give you credit there, though your match-making committee seems a bit corrupt, but when I think of what any of these three could have done in a different situation, it feels like a missed opportunity. And hey, Arn has hair on the sides of his head, sort of! With these three involved it’s still gonna be good, so I’ll give it 3.5, but could have been more.

              Lita vs. Richter is probably the biggest clash of styles you’ve had on the card so far, but I think it could be quite interesting if everything went well. I very truthfully did not know Lita was part Puerto Rican, so that’s something I learned today. Good use of Laupner as well, close to her original role which was so successful it helped spawn Wrestlemania. I think this could go up to 3.75 for sure.

              Nice use of that Lucha cage style, though I expected the rules to be a bit different than they turned out to be. This sure is a weird mix of talent, I think this would be in danger of being a very awkward match at times but they might pull something off. It sounds like a bit of a cluster so I’ll max it out at 3 stars, but it would be interesting to watch for sure.

              If the promoters want to do something about the Horsemen, maybe they should let them do a handicap match with poor Butch Reed! But really, nice setup for a very cool main event. Upon looking it up I am shocked to see they only ever wrestled a 3 minute DQ on TV when it comes to one on one matches, though they did have some high profile tag stuff together. I think with both guy sat their peak this could have been special for sure. LOL that Simmons did not know the counter to the Figure 4, perhaps he should have watched a single Flair match before facing him. Pop for Tyson knocking out Luger, I think Luger would have sold it beautifully. Feel good victory to bring home what sounds like a fantastic match, I’ll give it an easy 4.75.

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