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#FWD21- Super Card - Wrestlemania ( The coming of the Blue Print)

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  • #FWD21- Super Card - Wrestlemania ( The coming of the Blue Print)

    Here is my card. I hope you enjoy.

    Number 1 tag team contender match
    - Headbangers Vs Holy Demon Army

    Background WWE held a lottery event where they had a giant spinning machine where people could pick a number and if it was drawn, they would get a mania match to be the number one contender for a title they want.
    During the match The Headbangers won and got their number 1 contender place.

    European Title – El Samurai (Champion) vs Riki Choshu vs Mr Saito

    Background – During the last three months all three have been trading the title between them, so this match was made with the stipulation that the losers can’t challenge for e a year.
    After a hard match El Samurai won and retained his title.

    The Robo Cop Invitational
    Two months ago, Robo Cop appeared in WWE and stated he was going to hold a tournament to crown the next WWE Officer who would get a shot at any belt they wished. The tournament ran and left 4 people who were going to face off in the Battle of the Ranger at Wrestlemania – The rules are that all 4 people start outside the stadium together and must fight their way into the ring and climb a ladder to get a Suitcase that is suspended above the ring. The ring has flames around it and there are ninjas a bear in the stadium to stop them.
    Berserker v One Man Gang v Killer Khan v Vampiro
    During the match Killer Khan get’s eaten by a bear, Berserker gets killed by a group of Ninjas. It comes down to One Man Gang and Vampiro. One Man Gang has Vampiro on the ground when Great Kabuki and Magic Dragon appeared behind and took him out, then helped Vampiro up the ladder to win. The group posed together. Robo Cop came down and the new group spat acid at him melting him. They announced they are the Orient Assassins and were coming to take all the gold.

    During the show the interviewer came up to Ken Patera and asked why he didn’t have a match. He responded that there was no one worth fighting When Pat Patterson interrupter and said he was worthy of a fight the two looked at each other and just before coming to blows where jumped by Danny Davis and Spoiler after they beat the two down, they said they would see them in the ring next week.

    Battle of the God’s
    Virgil vs Zeus (Death match)
    Both claims to be a god and in this world only one God can exist.
    Virgil Killed Zeus by stuffing him onto a bed of wire and putting a bunch of TNT onto him and exploding it.

    First Blood – Sting vs Mr Wrestling II

    Background – Sting was coming off a loss to Randy Savage where he lost his title shot. The night after he was attacked by a hooded figure. Then each week he would get attacked till finally the attacker revelled himself to be Mr Wrestling II who stated that Sting was washed up and should quit, he was wrestling now, and Sting didn’t have it. Sting challenged him to a first blood match to prove him wrong.
    Sting won the match by slamming Mr Wrestling II head into a forklift Fork.

    Cruiserweight Title – Big Show (Champion) vs Kane
    Background Big Show cheated to win after cashing in the Money in the Bank on the champion. During his 200 days as champion celebration He was saying his the most dominate Champion and no one can weigh up to him. Suddenly Flames appeared and Kane appeared and attacked him. The two constantly attacked each other during the two months before finally agreeing to a Hell in a Cell Match for the Cruiserweight title.
    The Two battled in the cell and destroyed the thing in their match, after a long back and forwards match Big Show was able pin Kane and win the match.

    Tag Team match – Edge & Christian vs Miracle Violence Connection (Champion) vs The Destruction Crew– Street Fight
    Miracle Violence Connection (MVC) won the title in a Hardcore match against The Headbangers in October and proceeded to continue to win by only fighting in matches that involved weapons or a hardcore element. On January 1st episode The Destruction Crew appeared and started attacking everyone who MVC had defeated in the same match types. They wanted to prove they were the most hardcore team.
    During the official contract signing for the match Edge & Christian showed up and attacked both teams laying them out, then signed the contract. The match was made a triple threat Street Fight.
    Edge & Christian vs Miracle Violence Connection (Champion) vs The Destruction Crew– Street Fight.
    Winner The Destruction Crew – After the match they cut a promo saying they are the most hardcore team in all WWE.

    Main event match – Randy Savage (Champion) vs Kurt Angle (With Vince McMahon)
    Background – Vince brought Kurt into WWE at the start of the year telling everyone he was the Blueprint of a true wrestler. Kurt spent the first few weeks winning every match. Finally, during a Champion Celebration from Randy, Vince came out and told him that he was the old guard and needed to get out of the way. Randy refused and said Kurt wasn’t deserving of a championship match. Kurt jumps from behind and angle slams Randy.

    Kurt pins him. Vince cuts a promo saying Kurt is the genetic blueprint for the future of all Wrestling and no one can stop him. When Jim Cornette appears at the ramp with a man in a black cloak. He says he is here to destroy Vince’s Blueprint and has the answer then revels his client Sgt Slaughter.

    Vince books a match for right now and we get Kurt vs Sgt Slaughter, despite being worn out and tiered Kurt was on top of him winning when Jim blind sides Vince knocking him out and hitting Kurt with a chair while the ref is distracted. The Ref goes to count, and Jim has a massive smile on his face. Then a loud bang is heard, and Chuck Norris runs down to the ring – He holds a mic and says to Jim – I’m not letting you steal this championship or ruin this Wrestlemania. Chuck Norris swiftly moves and does a spin kick and in one move decapitates Jim Cornette. His headless body collapses into a lump in the middle of the ring as he looks at the ref – I’m in charge now – Kurt quickly rolls up Sgt Slaughter and Chuck counts the 1,2,3. Kurt wins back-to-back Wrestlemania matches and holds his title high into the air yelling I’m the blueprint as the show goes off air.

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    Anthony, I don't think anyone will be able to top this card for sheer craziness: the Robocop Invitational, Big Show v Kane for the Cruiserweight Championship, Sting slamming Mr Wrestling II's head into a forklift fork and Churck Norrise roundhouse kicking Jim Cornette's head off in the main event - now THAT is a Wrestlemania moment!

    Seriously thought I think you did a pretty good job of pairing up the guys you had here to create some pretty funny match ups and I would love to one day see Kurt v Savage, the wrestling IQ of that match would have been off the charts so woudl have been something incredible to savour.

    Have really enjoyed having you as part of this man, glad you got your card together. It was a blast to read.


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      Number 1 tag team contender match: Always like a good #1 contenders match. Really effective way to open up the show.

      European Title: Good, feud-ending stipulation that puts an end to the three men constantly trading the belt amongst each other.

      The Robo Cop Invitational: Holy shit this was something else. I loved it. Someone actually got eaten by a bear at Wrestlemania!? I really liked the concept of the match, too.

      Battle of the God’s: Another wrestler dies!? Now that's what you call a Death Match!

      First Blood: Dude the violence on your show is awesome! I'd definitely watch this show haha. I hope you've included a death waiver in their contracts!

      Cruiserweight Title: This is crazy haha how would it even work! I hope Kane/Big Show did the required amount of flips to be a part of the division.

      Tag Team Match: Hardcore wrestling appears at the forefront of your promotion the reasoning behind this feud is apt.

      Main event match: This is an absolute dream match capable of headlining any Wrestlemania. Didn't see the Sgt. Slaughter twist coming. I'm surprised Cornette's head didn't come off by just have Norris look at him.

      Great show, Anthony.


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        This was utter madness and I love it.

        Kane vs Big Show for the cruiserweight title is definitely a highlight for me.

        A lot of people dying during this show, I hope you've got a good insurance set up. I was worried I might have gone a bit over the top with some of my matches violence but this is kinda reassuring.

        I love the Robo-cop invitational, that sounds amazing to watch and I'm sad nothing like that exists at the moment.

        Interesting to have a hardcore super card topped with what is undoubtedly one of the best pure wrestling matches of the entire draft. Then a nice twist ending with Cornette and Slaughter too. This card has it all.
        The worst PPV ever is coming soon.
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          Thank you all so much for the kind words. I was very worried that I didn't do enough or it wasn't good. Thankfully it seems people enjoyed it. My goal was to make a fun show that had a lot of moments that could be Memed or giffed lol.

          Thank you all


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            A card like an 80s slasher movie. Holy shit Andrew I loved it! I was in the moment I read the violent madness of the Robocop invitational, but deus ex Chuck Norris decapitating Cornette might have been the icing on the cake for me.

            Destruction Crew calling themsleves the most hardcore team in the company... are they sure? MULTIPLE PEOPLE WERE VIOLENTLY MURDERED in the the other matches haha.


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              Your show killed off more people than Grey's Anatomy LOL. Robocop invitational... I think Cornette dying at the hands of Chuck Norris seems oddly realistic.

              This is definitely a show like any other, and I'm glad you had fun with it.


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                Wow. This...definitely would have the "R" rating, haha. I'm not sure if people actually died or just "died" but either way, you created a unique presentation of a wrestling supershow that would attract and is attracting lots of attention.

                The Cruiserweight Championship being defended in the Cell was ahead of its time thinking, but having Show/Kane fight for it makes me curious what classifications you have in place in this fed! Or are they just having to settle for that title cause no one's booking them for the other titles?

                Virgil/Zeus, battle to be the god of the Fed, was pretty hilarious. Egos in the house!

                Main Event was really neat. Liked the blueprint idea with Angle. To have seen that dream match would've been incredible. Slaughter was a curveball but you made it work and the fans got to see Angle wrestle twice, so kudos. Oh and Chuck Norris saved the day. Great celeb use.

                The only Robocop Invitational ever to exist was another memorable addition. Not my fav but definitely meme-worthy, which I remember is what you were going for.

                If I had to sum up the PPV in a few words, it would be "mortal kombat with fatalities on".
                Thanks for this!

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                  Honestly, I like how succinct this is. Could you have added a bit more detail? Sure, but something snappy that’s easy to get through is sometimes just what you want.

                  Since the main two members of the Holy Demon Army are on other cards, I’m just going to imagine this is Fuchi and Kikuchi. The Headbangers were never exactly thrilling but I’m sure they could pull together something decent in the opener. I’d probably go 2.75 stars for my own personal enjoyment.

                  Triple threat matches are pretty rare in Japanese wrestling, so this would have been something interesting. I got a sense that these three were just tossed in together, but I’m sure they would put on a fun match, at least 3.5.

                  I’m not even going to try to rate the RCI, one of the most demented and entertaining ideas I’ve heard so far. I think the ladder would have stopped One Man Gang regardless of the interference.

                  Haha, ok I think I’ll drop the ratings for this card. How can you beat a match where Virgil claims to be god and wins via murder? Sounds like something from Dead or Alive Island! And the whole show ends with a decapitation. As I said, demented but highly entertaining!

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