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2021 Fantasy Wrestling Draft

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  • 2021 Fantasy Wrestling Draft

    For the 3rd straight year, we are doing a fantasy wrestling draft.

    Here are the rules:

    * Anyone who wrestled Jan 1 1980- Dec 31, 2000 is eligible to be drafted.

    * Your goal is build a roster for a one off super show to be booked at the end. This is OPTIONAL but id hope youd want to do it

    * Theyll be a total of 33 rounds

    * Youll draft 20 singles men, 6 tag teams, 4 women, 2 managers, and 1 celebrity who has appeared in any wrestling organization in those 20 yrs.

    Want in? Message me on here, hit me on twitter @badnewsbeau or email me: [email protected]

    Deadline to join is April 30th!!! We plan to start May 3rd!!!!
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    I'm in


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      Already confirmed to the maaan on Twitter, but yep Imp is in once more! (no I won't be writing an epic this year)


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        Confirmed on Twitter, but thought I’d also do the same here. Hello again, “forum folk.”


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          My first time joining in on the fun, Please go easy and let me have all the best picks haha should be fun