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  • Jerry Lynn


    • We have a winner!

      1 - I have held championship gold with 2 different major promotions within 12 months of each other#
      6 - Not counting being used in previous years as enhancement talent, I won a title on my first night in the WWF.

      Jerry Lynn was ECW World Champion and WWF Light Heavyweight champion

      2 - I have competed under a mask
      Many times actually, earlier on in his career

      3 - I debuted and retired on the same day (different year obviously!)
      March 23rd 1988 and 2013

      4 - I have a TNA record which is no longer achievable.
      He competed in the first ever TNA match

      5 - Contrary to most wrestlers, I won my last ever match.
      Against Horace the Psychopath, JB Trask and Sean Waltman in a four-way match


      • 1 - was it 9 or 17?
        2 - Some may say I'd be a fitting tag partner for Karl Malone
        3 - I'm the only HOFer from my country


        • based on being the only HOFer from their respective countries I have two guesses for now. For different reasons I can see how they both fit with clue 2. I have NO idea on clue 1.

          with that said and because it's topical, let's go with Jimmy Snuka


          • The Karl Malone clue has me guessing for many reasons. The first being that Pen, who is not a sports guy, made a sports reference.

            But is it a "Mailman" reference?
            Someone to assist him, like Malone's long time partner Stockton was?
            Is it a DDP/WCW reference?

            And is 9 or 17 referring to Wrestlemanias?
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            • Not Snuka.


              • slightly premature...Bulldog (who isn't "technically" in the HOF yet)


                • Not him either


                  • So far Powder is closest, but he doesn't know why he's close.

                    4 - Rowan took my name out of the record books


                    • Volkoff?

                      Rowan has the record for the shorest WM match, and Volkoff is the only HOFer from Russia.


                      • Nope


                        • EDIT:

                          Changed to Andre...only HOFer from France.
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                          • Also no


                            • 5 - 9 or 17? Well my opponent wanted 5.


                              • So the opponent is King Kong Bundy....and 9 or 17 is the amount of time in seconds that he lost to Bundy in WM. 9 is the official time, 17 is the actual time. And when Rowan lost to the Rock in 6 seconds, he 'broke' my record.

                                So that Makes it SD "Special Delivery" Jones. Special Delivery...Mailman...Karl Malone

                                And he is from Antigua....

                                Pretty sneaky Pen.
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