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    I wish nothing but the best for Renee Young in her future.

    But I have a few questions:
    1. Did the WWE trademark the "Young" of her name?
    2. If the WWE did not, no problem.
    3. If "Young" is trademarked, will the WWE allow her to use it basically anywhere but AEW (or another wrestling program but really AEW)?
    4. If "Young" is trademarked, will she go by Rene Moxley in AEW?
    5. If "Young" is trademarked will she go by Renee Paquette or Renee Good?
    6. Will she debut in AEW, 90 days from today?

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    She apparently goes by Renee Paquette on Instagram, which I guess means she never changed her name - so maybe you can rule out 'Good'?

    Also heard she didn't really want to have her name changed by WWE in the first place (and was surprised when they did) so I don't know if copyright will be a big deal. She may want to leave it behind, either way.

    As for AEW - always a chance of course, but I've seen plenty of people suggest that there'll be offers coming from the mainstream, and that a lot of people are high on her. It might make more sense, financially, to see if anyone comes fishing. I also wouldn't see her going by Moxley anywhere other than AEW, and given how loathe she has been whenever anyone mentions their relationship in WWE over the years I can't imagine she's going to do a 180 on it in AEW either.

    All guesswork, of course, until she comes out and says something, but that's my thinking right now.

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      Her Twitter handle is now @ReneePaquette, so it looks like she'll use that name. I don't think she needs to keep her WWE name for the type of work that she'll most likely do.

      While I wouldn't mind seeing her in AEW, I really hope that she lands a cushy job doing sports on a national level, either on ESPN or Fox Sports or a similar big-name network. That's what she had wanted to do before the WWE, and now that she's proven that she's excellent in that kind of role, I'm sure she'll get that type of work if that's what she wants. She could probably have a role like Jonathan Coachman, where he pops up from time to time on pre-show panels. Unless she doesn't want to work with WWE anymore for personal / business reasons, that'll probably be a sweet gig.


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        She implied yesterday that she was still going to be somehow involved with WWE and Fox.

        AEW would be a step back for her, and I can't see it at all. She could have a really high profile job, but that just doesn't happen if she stays in the wrestling business. I know she's a big fan, but she's probably done all there is to do in the business.
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