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    See, I think star vs star matches on TV are good. The idea should be to use that to draw the eyeballs so that they're there to see the angle to get them to pay the money (either live at that weekend's house shows or for the PPV) without a clean finish.

    A heel star can pin a babyface star dirty. A babyface star can win over the heel by DQ or countout or even capitalizing on the heel messing up in a fluke sort of way. But they shouldn't just be doing a clean finish in free TV, despite what hardcore fans might want.

    As recently as the late 90s into the early 00s they understood that. Stars would face stars on TV, but the main event tended to end in a fuck finish or an angle to get you interested in next week/the PPV/the house shows that weekend. And those matches would generally be short. You had to pay for the "good" matches. Every now and then you'd get a main event that went 15 minutes in the main event, but it was likely used to set up a bigger match on PPV.

    I think there's even a place for longer "good" matches with clean finishes featuring undercard talent, but I question whether or not people would stay tuned into the segment for that.

    I'm not booking three hours of Raw, which I'd imagine is hard as hell to do. I book a 30-minute indy TV show with an extremely limited number of people on my roster. Most of the matches have a star I want to push crushing a student or a masked job guy and cutting a promo afterward on whomever his opponent at the big show or that weekend's spot show is, or a star vs star main event that likely ends controversially to further an angle. Sometimes the babyface challenger will pin the heel champion in a tag match or something, but I'm not big on that finish.

    But I'll tell you, that format is difficult to do without it getting really repetitive week to week. I've started doing a lot more star vs star matches mid show that don't end with a clean finish, or from time to time a really good 25 minute match that takes up the entire TV time, usually a six man tag or something featuring the two or three biggest matches on my next major event.
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