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    I was wondering if a lot of these rankings have to do with how little attention almost all tag team divisions get these days, combined with fewer shows due to the pandemic. It's difficult to rank these things when almost no wrestling organization gives a ton of focus to teams anymore.

    It'll be interesting to see the rest of this list to see how a lot of other teams got placed (Bucks, Undisputed Era, Imperium, SCU, some other female tag teams like Nikki Cross/Alexa Bliss, etc.)


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      So PWI released their top 100 list for the women.

      How in the bloomin' hell did Becky Lynch get the #2 ranking? After checking, Becky had 4 matches on TV, 2 on RAW (Kari Sane and Asuka) and 2 on PPV (Asuka at the Rumble and Shayna at WM36). 4 matches. 4!!!! In all of 2020, and she hasn't been on TV since May 11 when she handed the RWC to Asuka.

      Yes Becky was on RAW during those 4 months, but with only 4 matches and 4-ish months of work in 2020, how is she ranked #2 overall?

      Asuka and Sasha worked their asses off in 2020 and are ranked lower than Becky.

      Also, how is Charlotte ranked higher than Sasha? Charlotte has not been on TV since June.

      Makes no sense to me at all.


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        I don't care much about PWI, but wasn't it measured from June to June?


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          That I do not know...If so, then it makes more sense.


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            I think the women might be measured October to October. It's also a list based in kayfabe. In that case, Becky would have held the Raw Women's Title for seven of the 12 months. She has Pay Per View wins over Sasha, Lacey Evans and Rhea Ripley (her PPV w/l record actually wasn't all that great) and I'd imagine if you went back and looked at TV results she's got more wins. She also main evented two of those shows.

            I would bet that if you looked at AEW and WWE (because let's be honest, that's where they're going to pull the top five from) Riho, Nyla and Shida didn't main event any PPV events, and Becky might have a better w/l than any of them before she left TV considering each one only had a short reign and was only really heated up heading into their short reigns.

            In fact, I'd imagine handing over her title in May is the only reason she didn't repeat in 2020.
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