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    I hope so. Basically everyone that goes out as a result of an injury usually comes back in the better shape then when they left.

    Look to the most recent: Sheamus and Rusev. Both men are in tremendous shape.

    Nia was billed at around 270-275 lbs. I wouldlove for her to come back around 220. She would look fantastic, more agile, and would also improve her ring gear, rather than the all covering body suit.

    Just google some of her pics from when she was a plus size model. She was still a bigger girl, but she looked amazing and carried the weight very well.
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      How much is there in this stuff with Nia and Rousey?

      I'm hearing that they've had her rough up Kairi Sane pretty badly to try and lean into creating something between the two of them. Interesting call given how criticised Jax has been in the past for being unsafe.

      Of course, I'm a million miles away from it. I guess the people talking about this being the direction they are going could have the wrong end of the stick, but that's something I've heard out there.

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        There was one bad bump from Kairi yesterday, but I can't tell if it was Jax being careless, or Kairi going the extra mile. My instinct is that Kairi aimed low while Nia aimed high and it was just a miscommunication, with no one to blame.

        As for the Ronda stuff, I think it's likely similar to Matt Riddle calling our Goldberg and Brock: calling someone out to brighten their own star, but no actual plan.


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          Did Sane actually get hurt? I keep seeing people accusing Nia of hurting her. Did she just have a rough bump, or was she injured?

          A guy I know tweeted this:

          "Hahaha damn Nia Jax is fucking tight. Let someone show an old clip of Vader or Hansen fucking people up and you guys can’t start jerking off quickly enough. They’re all awesome."

          Made me pop pretty good and couldn't be more true. I notice that people are all over unsafe shit as long as it's to be expected from a wrestler, is proceeded by a flip or being done by people not making enough to make it worth getting dropped on their heads. The same indy fans who poo-poo Nia Jax as unsafe were salivating at Low-Ki giving dudes brain damage.

          Here's an unfortunate truth that applies to Nia, as well as intergender wrestling, and most people can't or don't want to recognize: wrestling someone that much bigger than you is hard, and inherently risky.

          My girlfriend is a strong chick. She's a wellness competitor and quite powerful. Small, gangley girls often say they feel like she kicks the shit out of them. There's another girl who's quite a bit bigger than her (about 200-lbs) that other girls are afraid to work, because apparently she hurts everyone.

          But when she and my girlfriend work, it looks great and nobody comes out hurt.

          When my girlfriend and I practice, I have to dial it back big time, because if not I do to her what winds up happening when she wrestles the tiny waifs.

          I've done spots with girls before and they got hurt (as best as I can recall, I've never hurt anyone else bar a nosebleed) because I'm a 225-lb dude throwing his weight around.

          Kairi Sane is billed at 115-lbs. Nia Jax going out there and not having it look like she isn't trying to hurt people is going to be rough for some of those tiny chicks.

          And people beg for intergender wrestling? It's one thing when 160-lbs of Orange Cassidy is having comedy matches, or Brian Cage is doing a choreographed dance with Tessa (who's tough as nails to begin with) in front of a crowd primed to eat it up. It's another entirely when a full grown man gets in there with an average sized girl and tries not to make it look like he's holding back.
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            The internet wrestling fanbase is inherently prejudiced. It's not about Nia being samoan, but rather a mix of being a woman as well as that she has family connections. I do agree with the common consensus that she's not that talented, but if that's what the issue was then Charlotte and Becky wouldn't get shit thrown their way either.

            But while the prejudice in this case at least has somewhere to start (not saying it makes sense, but at least we can connect the dots as to why they feel that way), IWC will have their prejudices about anything.

            I was talking to Cult Icon yesterday about NXT's Dexter Lumis. Anyone who knows me and has seen Shaw/Lumis knows that he'd immediately be someone I would be entertained by. But when he heard Dexter's redebut was squashing indy darling Jake Atlas, the conversation turned to how the indy wrestling fans hated that result because Atlas is a supposed star in the making. Meanwhile Lumis is supposedly not that talented, so doesn't deserve the win. It's such a baffling set of circumstances where it doesn't matter what the story is, if it's a talented indy guy vs anyone who isn't an indy guy, the indy guy must win.

            And that's how they feel about Nia vs Sane. It doesn't matter that Jax is just returning from injury, or has 3 times the size advantage, or has previous singles success... Sane should have won because she's from Japan and worked the "right way" to her spot, instead of being related to a star and getting an opportunity.

            About the comparison with Vader and other "stiff" workers of the past, I think you have a point, BUT if Vader debuted now (without any previous experience working in Japan) with that style, he wouldn't get the chance to be a main event guy. The fans would turn on him for being a hoss who is dangerous to the opponent. Nostalgia gives him credibility, plus the fact that WWE didn't push him well is enough to have those types of fans overrate his abilities a smidge. But an act like Vader with the exact same size and ability would never be allowed to get past the midcard with these fans.


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              Originally posted by PEN15v2 View Post
              And that's how they feel about Nia vs Sane. It doesn't matter that Jax is just returning from injury, or has 3 times the size advantage, or has previous singles success... Sane should have won because she's from Japan and worked the "right way" to her spot, instead of being related to a star and getting an opportunity.
              This is so big it's ridiculous. I'm in a few workers only, professional development Facebook groups that 99% of the time are about critiquing one another and networking and trying to improve and stay motivated, etc.

              So, the other day one of the admins on a page broke down Ronda Rousey's comments about "fake play fights" and basically said that while it was a little dumb, she was intentionally trying to stir up fans, and that if you consider her past of training for months for one 30 second fight where she was actually getting beat up, it's pretty easy to see why pro wrestling would be fake play fights for fun in her mind.

              And among workers, ostensibly in a board where we're talking about the business of the business and constantly talking about how "paying dues" isn't some badge of honor as much as something we should all be trying to move past, it almost immediately devolved to "she didn't pay her dues" and "she was handed everything and didn't earn it".

              An echo chamber for hours. Until the admin comes back and points out that she spent years working as hard, or harder, than all of the other girls just in a different field and how (exactly as he preaches all of us striving for) she was so much more over than all the girls who paid their dues for years that of course she was going to get a big push because it's a business.

              When did this start? When it start that the generic guy that hardcore fans have followed forever and want to see get pushed needs to be the ones who gets the big push over and above someone the company thinks should be a star and is more interesting and marketable? Was is ECW?

              Because traditionally, a promoter promotes and presents a card, and either fans like it and want to see it any pay for it, or they don't, don't and don't. And so the promoter makes adjustments and tries again. That's how the business works. When WWE talks about a "vocal minority", that's literally what they think it is. Because people are still buying tickets for what WWE believes people would want to see (thus proving that people want to see it), and then booing about it.

              It used to be that those people just wouldn't buy tickets, and a company would have to adjust to try and find what would make people want to buy tickets. What happened?
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                Man, fuck intergender wrestling. The business is enough of a sideshow as it is.


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                  I think it stems from when we saw kayfabe storylines of people "deserving" more. Once the show used the beat of Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero working for however many years to finally get the top titles at Mania XX, then the fans started to feel even more entitled. It started before Mania XX by the way, but I point that to the epicenter of when fan entitlement started to dictate how stories were written.

                  Obviously, the advent of the internet was the real issue. Once fans had an additional way to tell a promotion "no sir, I don't like it" (other than not buying a ticket, as you mentioned), they started getting off on how they can rant and rave, while still tuning in. And, being able to watch for free didn't help. Back in the day, if a PPV disappointed, you didn't buy the next one. Today, it's so easy for these internet fans to find any show ever for free (or $9.99 if you don't know where to look). So they watch without any repercussion to their wallet, yet expect quality to be higher than when they were paying for the product.

                  It's so strange how much these same types of fans want a better in-ring quality at all costs, without realizing that the in-ring stuff is literally the best it's ever been. Obviously, we all have our own tastes, and while you and I want more of an actual fight feel to the matches, the sheer abundance of wrestling out there means there is more great matches than ever. Even if you only watch WWE or a single WWE brand, you get more top quality matches than in any other point in wrestling history.

                  But it's still not good enough. Every detail to a story or push has to be perfect in their eyes, or else it's unacceptable. So coming back to Nia, unless she's used to put over an internet favorite, she'll never be a babyface again with this crowd. It's absolutely pathetic how childish these fans act, with no self awareness to how they are ruining their own enjoyment to the show.


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                    Nick Aldis has an amazing Busted Open interview the week before he faced Marty in 2019, where he talks about how he might have been "cookie cutter" fifteen years ago but not now. Now, it's the fat, bearded guy doing poor Japanese wrestling that is cookie cutter. He also says that if casual fans go to see him they don't boo the Indy guy, but if the Indy fan goes to see their Indy wrestlers, they will boo someone like Aldis. He says that fanbase is kind of toxic. I thought it was a lovely reversal of their tactics, turning them around and placing them where they actually belong.


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                      Very good point. It comes back to Roman Reigns, in a way. This isn't about whether or not he deserved the push he received or if it was well executed, but there was a group of fans who refused to even give him a chance, merely because Vince chose him over everyone else available. Again, not everyone booed for that reason, but you know that there was a significant portion of those fans who never would have cheered anything Roman did.

                      And this group of fans do everything they can to dictate what should be on TV for all other fans.


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                        Nia Jax is the worst person on the mic in the entire WWE, including all three brands. She needs a manager/mouthpiece in the worst way.


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                          Not sure I'd put her in the bottom third. A lot of bad promos out there today. Should get Funker in to teach 'em.

                          Anyway, anyone believe for a second that Jax is going to leave with the womens title at Backlash?


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                            So the reports came out to why Mandy and Dana were pulled from Survivor Series. Mandy got hurt last week on RAW:

                            In an update, Rose was actually injured during last week’s RAW, according to Wrestling Observer Radio. Rose suffered the legitimate injury following the match between Jax and RAW Women’s Champion Asuka. The post-match brawl broke out and Jax tried to throw Rose through the ring ropes, but she got tangled up and landed bad on her shoulder.
                            All I can say that Nia has gone and done it again. Injuring yet another wrestler. Now to be fair this one seems to be a bit of an accident that Mandy got tangled in the ropes....but Nia is the common denominator in many injuries. She is just not safe.


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                              You just stated it was an accident, but still think Nia isn't safe? That's bullshit.


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                                She's fine. She's a 250-lb girl. She's way stronger and bigger than these other girls. She might need to lighten up a little, but she's not a danger.
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