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    It's really strange. But nobody seems to know much about the guy.

    Cornette started off the show saying that he didn't know what was true or wasn't about his past. He apparently has a number of justifiable homicides to his name, and was a bounty hunter prior to pro wrestling.

    He obviously went too far with Mass Transit, but at the same time it's so hard to see where that line gets blurred ("In pro wrestling we cut ourselves to make ourselves bleed, he didn't know how and asked me to cut him, so I cut him.") and the fact that both he, his father, and apparently his midget friends lied about his age probably hurt his credibility. The charges were dropped with the stabbing. That one made me pop.

    But New Jack is kind of the last of a breed. He's this figure where nobody knows much, if anything, about his past and it's created an aura. For all we know, he was an accountant before Cornette discovered him. But all we know is that character, and it's how he lives his life.
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      Just seen the last two episodes of the series are on the Road Warriors, and Owen Hart.

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        The Owen episode aired last night and it was good. It was not as good of an episode because of all of the well known information about Owen and his death as compared to the other episodes. The main thing that I came away from the episode was 2 different but distinct points.

        1. Martha and Oje (Owen's son) will never allow Owen in the Hall of Fame. They are adamant about not wanting the WWE to honor and celebrate him as they were the reason he died.
        2. Jericho pointed out that if Owen did not die, he would have had the opportunity to be able to showcase even more of what he could do in the ring with the talent that was about to debut: Jericho, Edge, Christian, Angle, Eddie, Malenko, Benoit and a returning HBK. Just imagine the matches between Owen and all of them.....


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          That show was...gross.

          It was hard to watch the story being told by his friends, but it was also nothing more than a hit piece -- and that's not a phrase that I like to use.

          I know several Harts. I am friends with friends of Owen's. The Harts didn't try to prevent the lawsuit because they wanted Vince to "be good to them" in the future. They did it because Martha never liked professional wrestling, and would have preferred her husband have gone to WWE but stayed in Calgary and gotten a "regular" job and worked for Stu forever like his brothers, and they believed (rightly) that her lawsuit would turn into her trying to drag the entire business of professional wrestling through the mud (a business that they were all still running), which she has.

          Shit, that episode ended with both of his kids literally blaming the professional wrestling business as a whole for their dad's death and his daughter saying she wished he'd never been a wrestler.

          WWE has always taken this story particularly seriously and it would not at all surprise me if they file something against Vice for airing Owen's son flat out saying that they used the equipment that they used because it was cheaper.

          I had a hard time keeping to together hearing his friends speak about him. I almost walked out of the room in the second half. It does not surprise me that Bret wanted nothing to do with this production, and had zero nice things to say about the guys putting to together.

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            While I agree with your take Coach, to a point, but I will counter with this. Regardless of anyone's opinions, including Owen's biological and extended family, Martha was Owen's wife and mother to his kids and has her opinion, feelings, and beliefs to what happened. Thankfully none of us on these forums (that I know of) has had to deal with this type of tragedy and loss, especially in this type of circumstance. I know that if my wife died in similar circumstances, I would be pissed off at the WWE for 'making her do this'. Would I ever be ale to get over it? I cannot answer that, and I do not think that you could answer that question either. So I can understand why she is the way she is, even though I disagree on sweeping Owen's wrestling under the rug and trying to make it go away.

            So while being a selfish fan, and I believe and want Owen to get his due by being honored in the Hall of Fame, I cannot 100% say that I blame Martha for not wanting it. I think that she should compromise for Owen's family and fans sake, and allow the HOF honor to happen, but I cannot blame her for feeling the way she does.

            Yes this can be seen as a hit piece as you called it, but to be honest, I might have done the same. I might not, but thankfully I do not think I will ever have to be put into this type of situation.
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              So the new season officially kicks off tonight. The first half of the Pillman episode (it's a two parter) was release on YouTube already and it was definitely solid. Having Kim Wood for this episode was extremely important from my perspective as well as Meltzer who Pillman spoke to often. The rest of the season looks pretty good. I don't know a ton about Nick Gage other than what I hear about him on Cornette's podcast and I'm excited to hear more about Johnny K-9. I was aware of Smokey Mountain as a teenager and have gone back and watched some of the old shows, so excited to hear more.

              Cornette had the show creators on his show and asked about topics for a season 4 and they both mentioned that Chris Adams is high on the list. Adams was one of my favorite wrestlers growing up since I was able to watch World Class on ESPN. I would be super stoked on a Chris Adams episode and there is a lot of meat on those bones.


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                So, they mentioned on The Experience that the Plane Ride from Hell is a much more stressful episode than they would have expected. Does this mean that they tracked down the flight crew to interview? Do the flight crew have PTSD over someone almost opening the door midflight?

                Funny story: I didn't realize this until I googled him but apparently I did some work on a movie for Eisener like 15 years ago -- post Hobo with a Shotgun short film, prior to the Hobo with a Shotgun feature -- that was never released. I'm not sure it was ever actually even finished to be honest.

                Small world.
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                  I'm hopeful they tracked down flight crew for the Plane Ride From Hell episode. I think that it will add layers and context that has often been understated.


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                    Pilman part 1 was really good.


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                      Maaaaaan, between this and the Savage Bio, this was a heavy week for personality pieces.
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                        The Savage Bio was in pretty poor taste. I have a lot of problems with how they chose to portray Savage and areas of focus in light of what was not focused on with Piper or Austin, but that I suppose is for a different thread.

                        I thought part 2 of the Pillman Dark Side was really good and I am excited for this season.

                        Caught the Nick Gage Dark Side this morning. Pretty fascinating stuff. Not a fan of the style of wrestling at all, but I was still entertained. I appreciate that the showrunners didn't run out every talking head imaginable for this one as it seemed intimate in a way due to the reduced number of commenters. Obviously having a subject of the show that is still alive creates and opportunity for the story to be told in the first person that we don't always see with this show.


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                          Yeah...but Damn...Cgae is fucking insane. All that death match stuff is pretty gruesome.

                          And as much as Arquette was a joke in WCW, he manned up and had a true death match against a legend.


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                            So, what were peoples' thoughts on Gage coming out of that?

                            It definitely didn't make me like anything any more. The deathmatch wrestler mentality of "this shit is real, we're tougher than the ECW guys and taking it even further to prove it" doesn't endear any of them to me, it makes them sound like fools. Gage doing stupid things causing pain, causing him to get addicted to opioids and rob a bank didn't endear him to me. The fact that armed robbery of a bank was seemed to be played off by his friends with an irreverent tone of "oh silly Nick, why didn't you wear a mask" turned me off of the lot of them.

                            To me, he just came across as an unintelligent loser who I'd be happy to never interact with. He's everyone from my hometown that, when I go back and visit, my mom fills me in with "oh yes, he's in jail now for a DUI".

                            He has a "connection with the fans", whoopty fuck. I'm probably in the minority, though.
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                              This did not make me a fan of Nick Gage by any stretch of the imagination.


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                                I'm not a fan, nor am I going to seek out any of the death matches to go and watch, but I respect the guy for doing what he does. i would never. He is a fool for continually doing them.