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    Since the WWE is taking classic finishers from Hall of Famers and giving them to new wrestlers, like Kevin Owens now uses the Stone Cold Stunner, and The Fiend uses the Mandible Claw, and to an extent Seth Rollins uses the Pedigree. Is there any classic finisher that you would like to see brought back and given to a new wrestler?

    For me, I want to see the Clothesline From Hell reissued, but I am not sure who to give it to. I do not think that Strowman is quick enough or smooth enough to use it as JBL did. McIntyre would be perfect but his Claymore Kick is just as visually devastating. I think that Cesaro would have been good, but he may be a little past his prime, and at 38 it may be too late to reboot him. I am not up on all of the talent in NXT, so is there anyone there that has the size and agility as JBL who could benefit from the finisher?

    I know I want the Clothesline From Hell brought back...but again not sure for who.

    What about you guys? What finisher, and for who?
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    Since Asuka just brought back the green mist, give her the shining wizard to go along with it. Know she uses it mid-match in occasion, but she’s legit enough striker to get it over as a finisher instead.


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      Love the Clothesline From Hell too, great call. Not too many I would give that one too though. Maybe Luke Gallows, but it's not like he needs it. He's not main eventing anytime soon. I would suggest Cain Velasquez might pull it off, but I doubt WWE will want him using anything but MMA related moves. Honestly, the Clothesline will come back, but it'll have to be the right fit. Can't force it just to get a cool move on screen, or else you end up with The Miz doing a Figure 4.... and nobody wants that.

      Another example: I know you're down on NXT, but Keith Lee uses a fireman's carry version of Goldberg's Jackhammer, and it's awesome.


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        I just got introduced to Keith Lee in the past few weeks since NXT is now in USA, and his finisher is cool, and he has some real potential. I hope that he could drop 25-30 pounds so that he can keep up all that he can do. Look at Strowman. he lost weight and is in great shape. Same for Gallows.

        And I cannot believe I forgot the Green Mist, that was another one where they are looking to the past.

        I guess we can include the Insane Elbow from Sane into the mix, can't we?


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          OK...I got it, who should bring back the Clothesline From Hell...Rhea Ripley.


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            I wouldn't be against it, but she was AWESOME with her leg submission tonight.


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              Agreed. That was impressive, but so many wrestlers have a finisher AND a submission so let her have both.

              Also, is Ripley strong enough to hold Baszler or any other of the larger framed women up like that?


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                I believe so. Maybe not on Nia Jax, but Shayna isn't much bigger than Aliyah

                WALTER basically used the Clothesline From Hell to win tonight. He fits the JBL physique.
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