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  • AEW All Out 2021

    Here's a thread for people to discuss the latest AEW PPV offering without worrying about spoiling it for people in the other threads.

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    It might - just might - be their best in ring PPV offering. Nothing that particularly blew me away, although the steel cage match was a highlight, and a couple of low points like Show vs Marshall. MJF vs Jericho didn't really work for me, was OK but mid range in terms of enjoyment. And personally I think Christian, whilst perfectly fine, just isn't someone you have main event a show. I had the same problem when he was on top in TNA, and without an emotional hook and looking at it cold when he was topping WWE cards too. He's fine. He's OK. But he doesn't get me excited.

    I think Miro/Kingston was probably my favourite match of the night.

    Nobody should give that show a perfect score, but like I say - it was probably their best in ring PPV, at least since the first one or two.

    Obviously, the big moments are likely a little bit blinding - the ending was well done, because it played off that the first surprise appearance was the way it was ending and then the second one turned up. And it had Minoru Suzuki on it so I can't be too hard, even if he did just turn up to laugh in the face of pain.

    EDIT: Oh, and I wish they'd stop using battle royales so much. Feels like there's been one on every show this year, if not more. I'm a man who likes a battle royale, I really do, but this is frankly a bit too much.
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      I really enjoyed the show overall and even the low point of Wight/Marshall, I at least totally understood why it was there. And even in that they made Nick Comoroto look like a bit of a big deal as he withstood the KO Punch.

      I thought Punk looked about as good as he could've done and if he wrestles a similar amount to Christian over the next 4-5 months he'll have completely shaken off the ring rust and be ready to mix it up with anyone on their roster.

      I thought the main event was pretty good but do agree that Christian just isn't a PPV headline worthy challenger. And he wasn't supposed to be, from everything I've read and heard it was only in this spot because Hangman requested time off for the birth of his first child. If that hadn't happened I think the Rampage match between Omega & Christian would've been for the AEW Title and would've been one-and-done.

      I also thought the ending was well done and it'll be intriguing to see how they handle the three big debuts they've had in the last 24 days.


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        Had a blast with the show. Saw some folks call it best PPV ever, that's much too much I think but if you called it the best show of the year I'm not sure I could disagree. Certainly loaded it up with big moments, Punk coming back alone was huge but Ruby, Suzuki, Cole, Danielson, good grief, something for just about everyone I think.

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