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    Hangman Page has been build up for well over a year, and seems most likely to be the one to dethrone Omega, but I do not see him as a breakout star.

    MJF only lacks size ,but has literally everything else required to be a breakout star for AEW. He oozes charisma, is one of the best on the mic already at 25 years old, but his wrestling ability, while not that great, is plenty good enough to be the chicken shit/Ric Flair type of heel champion.

    I do not think that MJF could pull off a face run, as he is such a natural heel.


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      I don't see Omega or The Young Bucks reaching a year in their title reigns so they'll be losing them in the next 2-3 months. Hangman has to be the one to beat Omega. And I see it happening at either Full Gear or Hangman will win a No.1 Contenders Match there, he lost one to Omega last year so it's another part of their story, and then he wins the title on a big Dynamite shortly after.

      As for Young Bucks, it's difficult to say. I can see them losing them this weekend because Lucha Bros are the only big team they haven't beaten during their reign if I'm not mistaken. Although a loss to a team of CM Punk & Bryan Danielson could be something worth doing.


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        Originally posted by PEN15v2 View Post
        Who would be better options than Omega or Bucks with those respective titles, in your opinion?
        IMO the obvious answer to the first is to move it over to CM Punk as soon as you have properly introduced him and got past that first stage.

        The tag titles is more difficult to come up with an obvious contender but I think the Bucks are such a bad choice that you could go in almost any direction and it would be better. Personally I would put them on FTR right now but with the idea that they would eventually lose to the team that I wanted to be the real top team, who you would have to start building up to that level now. Tony Khan probably thinks he has the right teams already though so none of this will probably happen.


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          Why is Punk the obvious answer?


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            Well I am assuming one thing, which is that he is going to be around quite a bit and not a Lesnar-style part timer. But if he is, then he is one of best known people in wrestling and one of the few to show that they can get attention beyond the handful of people online. There are a small number of people who can do it more - but AEW aren't getting any of them. Not anytime soon and probably not ever. They aren't getting The Rock, they aren't getting John Cena, they probably aren't getting Brock Lesnar or Roman Reigns.

            It is not the only move, but the easiest one when you have someone like this is to put the belt on them and line everything up behind them. It is a tactic we have seen many times through the history of wrestling, I think because it has minimal risk and potentially high reward. Either way I'd bet heavily that he plays better in front of a mainstream crowd than Omega.

            If not Punk I do not know what I would do tbh. It is not like anyone else on the roster is in a strong position at the moment. Moxley and Jericho are not where they were, MJF suffers from being too close to Jericho and that garbage right now, Hangman does not feel ready either, ditto Pac and Brian Cage. Cody has been gone more than present and Malakai Black is too new and so is Andrade. Am I forgetting anyone that it might be?

            I guess if you went a different way Hangman Page or MJF would be the best choices but it would take a long time to try and get them to where Punk is now, they may never make it.... and he is literally already on the roster. That's why I think it's the obvious move. Not because it is the only one but because it's just so GD easy to make that call.


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              You are forgetting that Bryan Danielson will be debuting shortly....


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                Maybe I should clarify, but I don't watch AEW. I gave up on it before Omega won the title. So I am not asking these questions to antagonize or push for you to defend yourself against a wall. Nor do I feel there's an answer you're forgetting. I merely am trying to understand from an AEW fan what they think can help the promotion grow even more.

                And I appreciate these points you've made. That being said, while I see the logic, and while admitting it's possible I'm being short sighted, I feel that if Punk returning hasn't blown up their numbers, why would a title run be any better?


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                  Originally posted by Powder View Post
                  You are forgetting that Bryan Danielson will be debuting shortly....
                  Eh, I suppose you could add him to the list of other possibilities and he would still be a step up on Omega. But even so he is more popular within the wrestling community while Punk has shown some ability to get more casual people interested in him.

                  Pen15 I am not the biggest AEW fan in the world, either, so maybe I am not the best person to answer. But I think at some point they have to change course if they want to grow beyond their million and half people. Punk's debut got about a million people to watch on a Friday night. Basically the same as they were ever getting in their better slot on Wednesday. He might not unlock some bigger audience but if you play him up and play down the things that I believe could be offputting to some then the potential is there that he could if things go their way. And what is the downside? Very little. He is popular with that crowd and they will continue to watch anyway. There is some chance of new eyes watching with him but the worst case scenario is it stays roughly the same. I cannot think of anyone else who right now the same is true of, except Danielson as Powder says and that is the same decision just a bit more meh.