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  • The Young Bucks Thread

    Shockingly there was no thread for the Bucks....

    So their announcement last night was an echo of Cody Rhodes, in that if they do not beat FTR for the AEW Tag Titles, then they can never challenge for the titles ever again. I cannot begin to tell you why I hate this stipulation. But I'll try.

    1. Cody Rhodes just used this same stip last year, and this feels like a copy cat stip in order to attempt to make the match feel bigger.

    2. This makes this match highly predictable in my opinion. I do not think that AEW wants the all three of their founders to never be able to be their top champions. I can see why Cody does not need the title, and it also makes a great storyline in the future, where the company begs him to go back on his stip to challenge for the title. So why do you need the Bucks to also have this type of stipulation? Simple answer...You don't. Also the Bucks are not Cody Rhodes, and do not have his bloodline, nor his fame, nor his stature.

    3. This Tag Title match is also not about establishing the title or the company. When Cody lost to Jericho, AEW was still young and needed Jericho with the title to help establish the company. A year+ is a long time in the wrestling business, and the company has an established name and a following, and is a respected company.

    4. This match also screams to me as a way for the Young Bucks, who have been going around the world for years calling themselves the Greatest Tag Team to finally officially call themselves that by beating FTR. Many feel that FTR are the true best tag team in the world, so it just seems like the Bucks are tooting their own horns.

    5. The stip makes no sense. The Bucks are active wrestlers, Cody will constantly float on and off screen to be upper management and have other opportunities, the Bucks won't. So the Bucks should always be in the tag championship picture or in high level tag feuds.

    6. Finally it feels like the Bucks, who are AEW management, said to themselves, that we will wait a year before being tag champions so no one can accuse up of being self promoting and that we only started the company so we can be champions. But now a year+ in, it is time for us to hold the titles.

    With all that said...FTR should win regardless.
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    Are they babyfaces or heels? Because they were heels running around superkicking everyone a few weeks ago. They should lose and immediately renege on the stipulation as EVP's.
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      You know, I am honestly not sure. They have been portraying both. yes they are still superkicking people randomly, but they are also portraying the faces in this feud, b/c FTR are the heels as they have Tully Blanchard interfere in all their matches.

      Same for Cody. Cody is a face, but to beat Orange Cassidy last week, they had Arn punch OC. AEW is weird with this.

      So I cannot give you that answer....


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        They said they lost their edge / killer instinct. Hence them acting like assholes. They said in order to be their best selves they kind of have to be dicks. Yet the night before on Dark they finally came out to second Cutler in his match vs. Avalon. Which tells me they are still soft. The knee "injury" was enough. They didnt need that and the stipulation going into the match because if they do win they look too strong imo.

        Maybe Page costs FTR the match to pay them back for fucking with his emotions? Thats the only real out that keeps both teams on equal footing TBH.


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          I still think they can renege on the stipulation easily. Especially with Cody still holding firm to his. They can come out, as dicks, and say they were just kidding the whole time. "It was a joke".

          Because I could see Page costing the Bucks the match. FTR fucked with him, but all his friends turned their backs on him despite clearly knowing the whole time he was being played, and ultimately isn't that the worse sin? He costs them the match, thinking it'll be the ultimate punishment, only for them to walk back the stipulation on Dynamite that week using their authority as EVPs.

          Now we've got a heel version of The Elite, tangentially including Cody, heading into a war with Page and whomever he can find to back him up, maybe like Mox and Darby Allin or something.

          That could also become the impetus for a heel Cody to start slowly working toward walking back his stipulation another year from now. Spend the next year teasing it subtly. Kenny beats Mox, Page eventually beats Kenny, and Cody finally steps up and as a heel says he "doesn't want to" but he "has to" challenge Page for the belt so that a "true Champion" can hold the belt.

          Bonus points if Mox makes it through Kenny and Page, only for the heel Cody to step up and debase himself by breaking that stipulation he was so serious about to take the belt off a glorified backyard wrestler. The idea that, as a heel, he's so egotistical that he not only believes the belt has to come off of Moxley, but that he's the only one who can do it would be gold.

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            They just added The Gunn Club and Lee Johnson to the Nightmare Family this week. I really dont see Cody leaving his stable to join The Elite when he really never was in The Elite to begin with.


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              Two more PPVs to survive and the Bucks will have held the tag titles for a year. Reckon they'll beat that?

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                With their upcoming title defence coming in a Steel Cage, purely to stop all the outside interference that's plagued their recent matches I can see them losing to really sell the affect the Cage can have, I.e trying to get back to how they were originally conceived and used 30 years ago


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                  I think the cage will be used for stunts, instead
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                    The Bucks will see like why change what has brought them this far


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                      Originally posted by Prime Time View Post
                      Two more PPVs to survive and the Bucks will have held the tag titles for a year. Reckon they'll beat that?
                      Can I still guess?

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                        I almost talked myself out of thinking it'd happen, thinking that Santana & Ortiz beating Young Bucks in New York in a couple of weeks would be the direction they went. Glad they didn't though and like I said the Steel Cage did mean there was zero outside interference.


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                          So the Bucks posted this on Twitter:

                          “If we were around during Attitude Era, The Hardyz, Edge/Christian & Dudleyz would’ve been tag team fodder for us. All super talented tho!,”
                          I know that at least this is partially in character to promote their match against the Hardy's, but give me a fucking break. The Hardy's almost did not make it in the AE. Both were jobbers until they were given a shot, and ran with their opportunity.

                          But look at the facts, the Hardys were both bigger and stronger than the Bucks, and plain and simple, the entire reason that the Young Bucks are the Young Bucks, is because they are a carbon copy of the Hardy Brothers.


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                            To hell with the Hardys, Dudleys and E&C, the fucking Acolytes would have picked their teeth with the Buck's bones. Two of Munchkin Land's finest coming in with egos? I direct you to APA vs Public Enemy.

                            Those two wouldn't have mentally survived that time, let alone physically.
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                              They wouldn't have beaten Head Cheese.