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  • Appreciating that there's are always matches that people don't have interest in on pretty much any card of wrestling, it does feel like if you're sat specifically skipping certain bouts they don't particularly have a place on the show.

    Originally posted by Prime Time View Post
    They all started to feel like that to me after a while. I hear this was particularly egregious though?
    I know they were reported to be doing something about the NBA finals clash they had (or some other sport thing, can't recall specifics of it) but there was just a lot of...filler, I guess. I'm not sure if that fell around the time of what they were trying to counter program or what, but it really felt like they tried to stretch the show specifically to account for that, so they didn't somehow clash with something.

    Which, I guess I understand, but to be honest if you're putting a PPV on and people are buying it, why counter program something else?


    • He claims the thought was that people would order the show for the main event after the game if they went on Twitter and saw that the show was still going.

      I'm not sure if it worked, though. I don't know that people buy a wrestling card just for the main like they do with boxing or UFC. At least, not anymore. And even then, if there's a UFC card with a main event that's going to get me to shell out money, I'm going to watch all that I paid for or just not buy or watch at all if there's something else I'd rather do.
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      • Happened on an interesting bit of data I thought I'd share.

        So, on average AEW add about 50-70k YouTube subscribers a month. In a bad month, that might drop as low as 30k. Until last year, the best they had managed was the month Dynamite launched, for what I am sure are obvious reasons, when they added around 182,000. They've rarely got close to that since. The big exception is the month CM Punk joined. In August 2021, AEW added almost 300,000 subscribers. And that month, the number of views more than doubled - increasing about 111%.

        I guess if you want data to back up the 'how much does CM Punk move the needle' for AEW, there's something you can add to the mix. The initial move for Danielson also seems to indicate good things in this data too, though as it comes second it's obviously harder to draw out (and not so spectacular).

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