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  • I just rather him say that 'facing Omega is a dream match, and he has waited for a long, long time to do so. This could be one of the best matches of my career, and it could go down as the greatest match of my life.'

    Preface it as it could be, because otherwise it loses it's relevance, and discounts all that he has done in the past, including WM30.
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    • just doesn't matter. If he feels like it is that, he feels like it is that. I don't think he's saying it to be disingenuous or anything, I think he's making a very genuine comment that he feels last night's match was one of the biggest matches of his career - again, for the reasons he says elsewhere in the exact same article, and even paragraph, as that select quote you've lifted.


      • What a brilliant match that was with Omega. Omega bugs the crap out of me much of the time but I thought he really stepped up and gave his best showing since coming to AEW. Danielson was sublime, really think he's the best wrestler of his generation and one of the best ever, his work just felt transcendent. Probably my new pick for MOTY. The atmosphere alone was wild, that pop for the first lockup!

        The '92 Rumble! The Brain's Finest Hour!


        • I don't watch a lot of wrestling now, but it was the best match I've seen since Cody-Dustin. Danielson is different, and I think he makes opponents better.

          People like to make 90s comparison, the first 45 minutes felt like a Monday night at the height of urgency and crowd reactions.


          • It's official, he's a miracle worker.