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    (Chapter 30: Take the path upwards)

    “Come on, outside seems safer than whatever’s down here.” said R-Truth, as they move upwards towards the light. It was an exit of the cavern and before them a lush, tropical jungle unfolded miles upon miles.

    “Let’s go, Mela.” They walked onward to the jungle path…
    1. Through the jungle... (Chapter 20)
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      (Chapter 31: Create a trap)

      “Ya right.” Says R-Truth. “We probably need to guard our hideout with some snares.” They got on to work, using the ropes and the trees to create the traps. “There you go. We just need to hide up on the tree there...” Carmella pointed at a giant tree. “We wait until Rusev and Lana gets hooked, then… we kill.. Them?”

      “We shall see.” R-Truth gasped. “I still can’t believe poor Heyman...” They climbed up the tree and hid within the branches and leaves.

      Nightfall came as the forest became dark. Just as Truth was about to sleep, they heard rustling of leaves. *SNAP* The trap pulled tightly as a prey got snatched up in the air. “We got him!” yelled Carmella as they lit up their torches…

      A skinny, pale man with tattered robes was hanging in the air, pulled up by the snare. “Don’t hurt me! No no!” R-Truth and Carmella climbed down the tree and came closer cautiously. “No way…. BROCK LESNAR?” R-Truth gasped at the malnourished, skinny body of Lesnar, his sword tattoo shriveled and drooping on his sagging skin.

      “Let me down please...” Brock begged. “I mean no harm.”

      “Why should I trust you?” Carmella asked.

      “I am nothing but a figment of Heyman’s imagination. The more he imagined me… the stronger I was. Now, I lost him… I don’t know where he is, and I just grew older and smaller day by day.” He cried.

      “Heyman’s… dead.” R-Truth looked down sadly.

      Brock gasped. “Please, please, let me off, I will tell ya where I saw Rusev and Lana are heading...”

      “He’s excess baggage, I tell ya,” R-Truth whispered to Carmella.
      “Maybe he can help us, in any small way.” Carmella said.

      Should they:
      1. Let Brock Lesnar down from the snare (Chapter 22)

      2. Leave Brock hanging as a distraction (Chapter 23)

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        (Chapter 32: Take the path downwards)

        “The deeper we go, the harder they will find us.” said R-Truth, as they move slowly down towards the dark path.

        The cave was getting hotter with every step they took, but they pressed on, fearful of Rusev and Lana close at their heels. Suddenly, a large mist of orange dust gushed out of the walls, as R-Truth and Carmella slumped to the ground, unconscious...

        1. Into Darkness... (Chapter 12)
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          (Chapter 33: The Door)

          “Let’s put Cryme Tyme’s advice to good use...” said R-Truth, ”Never leave a safe uncracked.” R-Truth pressed his ear against the door.

          “I can feel it...” R-Truth and Carmella leaned towards the computer terminal, as it flickered again, beckoning them to come…

          A question popped up on the screen.

          1. Crack the code... (?)
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            (Chapter 34: Red Pill)

            Rusev turned to Lana. “We have always wanted to get out of DOA… for years.”
            “Yes… but this doesn’t feel right.” says Lana. “Maybe…. Staying in DOA is our calling. Our destiny, after all.”
            Fearfully, Rusev stepped forward. “Nothing but the cold bitter Truth.” He snatched the red pills, gave one to Lana and took it down. Vince smiled at them. “Good choice. This means your adventure at DOA begins again… ” Vince glanced at his watch… “NOW!”

            Darkness engulfed them as they lost consciousness, falling backward to the ground…

            1. Go back to DOA island... (Chapter 35)
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              (Chapter 35: Back at DOA Island)

              Rusev and Lana were teleported straight to the top of a office building, overlooking rows and rows of shop houses. In the distance, they could see 2 small figures and a monstrous figure standing amidst the street. Rusev and Lana readied themselves for battle as they charged forward…

              1. The battle of Toyko... (Chapter 24)
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                Chapter zero: The Grid

                The 3 by 3 grid continued to flicker on the screen.

                You stared at it, counting the 9 grids..
                A1! -> Story 1
                [email protected] -> Story 2
                C3# -> Story 3
                ABC -> Story 4
                123 -> Story 5
                [email protected]# -> Story 6

                You lean forward, ready for your adventure...

                A. 2 shrouded figures stared into the distance of the freezing landscapes, the chilling tundras of Eastern Europe. They reached the peak of the mountain cliff, holding on each other to fight the chilling winds. In their hand was a map. They stood at the peak and stared at the sun slowly setting. B. A loud yell rang out through the air and echoed through the vast terrains.
                “RUSEV CRUSH!!! Crush...crus… cru...” screamed Rusev towards the heavens as his voice echoed back. It wasn’t just to show dominance - Rusev’s augmented hearing could analyze the echoes and detect the positions of nearby enemies. He turned towards Lana and kissed her savagely.
                C. From the distance, R-Truth and Carmella jumped to their feet as the earth shook.

                “Did you hear that?” shouts Carmella. They stared towards the distance 3 miles away, and saw Rusev and Lana dashing savagely towards their direction.

                “They. Are. Coming.” R-Truth gasped, transfixed in fear.

                Carmella forcefully pulled R-Truth off the beaten track and into a deep, dark entrance.

                “Where do we hide now?” R-Truth mumbled to himself as they marched forward.
                ABC →To continue, click here

                (Tundra Caverns)
                1. We are finally here.” R Truth spoke as he pulled back his hood. Carmella sat down on the ground, panting. “Can we take a break, please?”

                “Not unless Mela wanna be Bulgarian chewing gum..” R Truth started sniffing the air. “What would John Cena do? I mean, Heyman did give us this map…” Truth opened the map with the Red Cross that marked this position as the “Exit.”

                Carmella started crying. She just want to get out of this hellish place. Suddenly, R Truth kneeled down, placing his ears on the ground.
                2. “They are near. I can sense it through the jungle.” He whispered to her. “We need a plan to deal with them. You have the weapons ready?” 3. “Right here.”

                Carmella reached into her backpack and took out her golden knuckles and silver nunchucks. “Melted my chains to make this, Truth. We still have a fighting chance.”

                “Let’s just continue down this path before they find us. Rusev’s a brute… Lana’s a bitch. And that’s the truth.”

                With that, the 2 competitors marched forward into the winding paths, struck with fear… but also hope.
                123 →To continue, click here

                (Jungle Path)
                !. What are you doing?” Carmella stared at Truth, who is now licking the ground, near the edge of the cliff that overlooks the sunset. Far away, about 10 miles away, urban high rise buildings could be seen, but to walk there will take a full day.
                “This exact spot is the exit, but I see no door. Truth is, I am just trying to figure out if Heyman is really crazy. Also… the ground is shaking.”

                Suddenly, the ground began to rumble and an loud explosion rang out! “Rusev crush!” A flashing light appeared from afar as a rocket flew towards R Truth and Carmella. “Duck!”
                Truth grabbed Carmella and both of them jumped off the cliff, carried away by the rivers below...
                @. Lana lifted up her long dress to reveal an array of grenades. “Come what may… This is the 666th time we are playing this game. It’s time to raise hell, dear Rusev.” Rusev grabbed his right forearm, broken and dislocated by Kanellis in the previous round and twisted it back to place.

                The couple stares into the distance, and followed the DOA river. Rusev pointed 3 miles away, the small figures of R Truth and Carmella struggling to stay afloat on a piece of log in the river.

                “We will crush the Truth and the Money!”
                The hunters continue forward to stalk their prey...
                #. Rusev and Lana were hot on the heels, chasing closer and closer to where R-Truth and Carmella were. But the preys moved faster than they were.

                Rusev occasionally paused and smelled the air, to sense the direction in which their prey has went. The bloodlust was intense and all they wanted were to kill and destroy. The winding path was dark and night time had fallen upon the island.

                After 5 hours, R-Truth and Carmella finally came to a stop, their bodies hitting solid ground and collapsing from the ordeal. They have drifted so far away from where they were 5 hours ago.

                “We can’t, we can’t move on anymore.” said Carmella.

                Suddenly, out of the darkness, there was a roar, a primal scream. A creature, shrouded in darkness, lifted up Truth and Carmella in one arm, and pulled them into the darkness
                [email protected]# →To continue, click here (Tokyo City)
                A1! ↓ To continue, click here
                (The Icy River)
                [email protected] ↓ To continue, click here
                (The Jungle River)
                C3# ↓ To continue, click here
                (Depths of Hell)
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                  (Chapter 29: Tundra Caves, again)

                  They moved back up the secret tunnel, and reached the fork in the path again.

                  “This one goes up,” said R-Truth. “I can almost see sunlight in the distance.”

                  “This one goes down,” said Carmella. “Smells like rotten eggs.”

                  The secret tunnel remain there, straight through.

                  R-Truth said, “Now we face the same 3 options. Which one shall we go this time?”

                  Should they:

                  1. Take the path upwards (Chapter 30)

                  2. Take the path downwards (Chapter 31)

                  3. Take the secret tunnel again (Chapter 37)
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                    (Chapter 37: Secret Tunnel)

                    Carmella and R-Truth stood silently, staring at the end of the secret tunnel. In front of them stood a 10 feet door steel vault door, standing tall and bright, complete with a computer terminal for security access.

                    “Is this the exit Heyman was looking for?” whispered R-Truth.

                    “Hold up...” Carmella paused R-Truth as he stepped forward to the computer terminal. “We can’t be sure if this will trigger any traps or weapons on us, if we got the code wrong.”

                    “Well, do you want to give it a go, or we trek back up?” R-Truth asked Carmella.

                    Should they:

                    1. Trek back to the Tundra Caves (Chapter 36)

                    2. Move forward to crack the code (Chapter 33)

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                        @Jacob WHAT DID YOU DO? My poor brain.


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                          I ended up taking a blue pill, got an erection that lasted more than 4 hrs, did not call the dr and died...make sure you take the calling the dr path...crazy how many roads this thing has
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