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    (Chapter 15: Nourishment)

    In an instant, Rusev and Lana were teleported to the jungle.

    “Do you think… they are dead? There’s no announcement...” Carmella said. Before they knew it, Rusev swing a log right into R-Truth face, and Lana used a choke hold to render Carmella unconscious. They tied them up. “You lost. here’s your punishment.”

    A week later, Rusev and Lana took them to the purple pit, as R-Truth and Carmella begged for their lives with fear and trembling. “Please...” R-Truth cried.

    “No please. Rusev…. CRUSH!” R-Truth and Carmella were thrown into the pit, disappearing into the dark.

    “R-Truth and Carmella have been eliminated!” A loud voice rang over the island, as Rusev kissed Lana passionately. “Rusev…. Number 1, again.”

    Winners: Rusev and Lana
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      (Chapter 16: Help with Ropes)

      “We can’t leave Lana to die!!” said Carmella. “RUSEV! Here, grab this!” She picked up the rope and threw it at Rusev, who nodded as he twist it around his arm and went down after Lana. They stood with the rope, as Rusev disappeared into the purple flames. They stood by the opening, waiting to pull Rusev and Lana out from the purple pit again…

      When Rusev fell through the portal, it felt like his body slowed to a halt. Purple flames covered him from top to toe, and suddenly they were gone. He ended up in a cave littered with heaps of skulls and bones. And there in the middle is Lana sitting on the ground.

      Facing Rusev and Lana is a sharply dressed 5 foot midget, every inch the city gent, sharp and stylish and sophisticated. His perfect grey suit was expertly cut, and as he walks closer, he tipped his bowler hat at them with charm. On his other hand, he held the head of Finn Balor, a normal human head that was dripping blood from an empty eye socket. The midget is chewing something. Probably Finn’s ear.

      “Well, well, look who's here.” The midget sniffed the air in a grand gesture. “Rusev and Lana.”

      “Rusev will not let you hurt Lana!” yelled Rusev.

      The midget smiled and said, “I am under the order of the New Management. If I want to hurt you...” he licked his lips, “You wouldn’t even be standing now.” He smiled with red-stained teeth. “Thankfully for you, I don’t like stale meat. I only feed once a week, and just had my fill. So I am not gonna eat you.” He blurped.

      The Devil opened his hand and in a small puff of flame, a contract and a pen appear floating in the air. Just sign this and you can have everything you wanted” The Demon says.

      “What are you saying?” Rusev whispered, wondering if the Devil is lying.

      “What I am saying is...” I can open the exit portal from DOA island.” Satan smiled.

      Lana turned back to Rusev. “Make a deal with the devil? What’s the catch?”

      “You aren’t the first to make this deal, ya know. Miz made the same choice years ago…
      I want… Nothing much.” The Devil says. “Just the spirit of your first born son.” Rusev and Lana looked at each other, unable to make the decision.

      Should they…

      1. Sign the contract to open the Exit(Chapter 17)

      2. Refuse to sign (Chapter 18)

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        (Chapter 17: Refuse to Sign)

        “We can’t make this deal with you.” Rusev said. “Family is everything, I rather die than bow to you!”

        The Devil sighed. “You are no fun.“ The contract disappeared. “ As I said before, I don’t want to keep you and Lana around as stale meat. I will send you back up to the island, on one condition. One week from now, throw someone down here for my next meal.” He snapped his fingers.

        1. A delicious meal...(Chapter 15)
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          (Chapter 18: Sign the Contract)

          Lana and Rusev looked at The Devil, then at the contract. Rusev took the pen and signed the contract.

          “Pleasure doing business with ya.” the Devil smacked his lips. In an instant, a portal appeared, emitting blinding white lights. “The portal will open for about...” the midget read his wrist watch. “27 seconds. 26 now.”

          Rusev and Lana rushed forward into the portal, as soon as they passed through, the rope that was tying Rusev’s arm to R-Truth and Carmella at the DOA Island disappeared.

          They were in the living room of their old house now, gasping and laughing, unable to hold in their joy anymore. Lana beamed at Rusev. They have finally left DOA island. They slouch on the sofa, just relieved and joyful to be out of hell. Rusev bent over to kiss Lana and wrap his arms around her.

          Suddenly, Rusev felt a invisible tug on his arm. “Shit, Lana, something’s not right.” Lana screamed as she held on tight to Rusev. Rusev felt another painful tug.

          “Why is your arm twitching? We are.... We are disappearing!” screamed Lana, as both Rusev and Lana started to dissolve into dust.

          1. Dragged back to DOA Island... (Chapter 11)
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            (Chapter 19: Push Push)

            Without waiting for Carmella, R-Truth ran forward charing at Finn. “Ahhhh!” Finn Balor swipe with his right claw but R-Truth did a split and avoid contact. R-Truth then charged with a spear at Finn.

            “You weakling...” Finn laughed, as R-Truth simply bounced off Balor’s perfect body. Finn then held Truth up in the air. “Carmella, don’t yer try anyfinn funny. Or he will be dead.”

            Carmella took her hand out of her pocket and froze. In lighting fast speed, Finn rushed forward and lifted Carmella with his other hand. He was too strong, and no matter how they struggled, they couldn’t be free. “Satan! I got yer… some gifts.” The purple flames in the pit rose even higher, beckoning for the sacrifices.

            “RUSEV…. CRUSH!” screamed Rusev suddenly from behind. Before Finn Balor could react, Rusev shot a bazooka straight at him, exploding on his body. Meanwhile Lana threw 4 grenades, causing the walls of the cave to shake and rumble.

            The force from the explosion was so big, Finn, with Truth and Carmella in his arms, fell backwards into the purple pit. “NOOOooooooOoooO!!!!” screamed the Demon King, as Satan took the souls of R-Truth, Carmella, and Finn Balor.

            The cave was collapsing when Rusev and Lana emerged from within, unscathed.

            “R-Truth and Carmella has been eliminated!” A loud voice rang out through the DOA island.

            “We live…. To fight another day.” Rusev hugged Lana as they share a passionate kiss.

            Winners: Rusev and Lana
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              (Chapter 20: The Jungle Path)

              R-Truth and Carmella continues into the jungle, off the beaten track. Finally they reached a clearing, and sat on the ground, chewing on some berries they picked along the way. The jungle was full of insects and thick greenery, making their hideout well-concealed. They could see a river teeming with fishes, and would make a good meal if they can catch any.

              “We do have some time left, before nightfall...” R-Truth said. “What would John Cena do, Mela?”

              Carmella rolled her eyes. “Whatever. Maybe we should make a trap, a snare. I got some ropes here.”

              “I rather… catch some fishes, ya know. Great outdoors.” smiled R-Truth.

              They should:

              1. Wade into the river to catch some fishes(Chapter 21)

              2. Create snares to trap Rusev and Lana if they arrive at this clearing (Chapter 31)

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                (Chapter 21: Wade into river to catch fishes)

                R-Truth stood up, pulled up his pants and slowly wade into the river. “Me want fishes!”

                Carmella, knowing how important food can be if they were to go the distance, followed R-Truth into the shallow side of the river. “With our hands?”

                R-Truth grinned. “Watch me.” He swooped down into the river and emerged with a trout in his hand. “Quick get the bag!”

                Suddenly there’s a rumbling from the far end of the river. Rusev and Lana has spotted them from afar! Lana started throwing explosives into the river bank, causing a big tidal wave rushing towards R-Truth and Carmella, and they got swept into the river, flowing far into the deep end…

                1. Into the River... (Chapter 1)
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                  (Chapter 22: Let Brock down)

                  “Olright, skinny bones, we’ll let ya down...” R-Truth untied the snare as Lesnar was lowered to the ground. “Thank you! Thank you. For sparing me.”

                  “So tell us, where’s Rusev and Lana..?” R-Truth asked.

                  Lesnar sneakily reached into his pocket. “I saw them trekking towards the north,” pointing towards the opposite direction.

                  “Hey wait a minute!” Carmella noticed something wrong when a light beeping sound appeared from Brock’s pocket. “What is that? Hands out, now!”

                  Lesnar cowered in fear as he took out a small device, red light blinking and beeping.

                  “They forced me to…. Or they will kill me!” cried Lesnar. “I had to!”

                  The device was a homing device. Suddenly there were loud explosions from the thick darkness of the forest. R-Truth and Carmella turned around to see Rusev aiming a bazooka at them. In the panic, Lesnar scrambled into the forest, hiding well in the darkness.

                  “Rusev crush!” Rusev took aim and a rocket was fired towards R-Truth and Carmella.

                  1. Dodge the rocket... (Chapter 7)
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                    (Chapter 23: Leave him hanging)

                    “Let’s just leave Lesnar there, in case Rusev comes around. I don’t trust him.”

                    Suddenly, Suddenly there were loud explosions from the thick darkness of the forest. R-Truth and Carmella, still hiding in the trees, saw Rusev and Lana came out into the clearing, aiming their guns at Lesnar.

                    “Tree! They are in the trees!” Lesnar immediately betrayed them, in fear of his own life. Bullets flew past the heads of Truth and Carmella as they jumped from tree to tree, before jumping into the river, as the waters carried them away, with Lana and Rusev giving chase close behind…

                    1. Into the River... (Chapter 1)
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                      (Chapter 24: Tokyo City)

                      R-Truth slowly open his eyes, wondering if what happened was a figment of his imagination. On his right was Carmella, also slowly stirring up. They were on concrete ground as the moon shone on them. They helped each other up as they surveyed the surroundings. Giant buildings, reminiscent of the overcrowded city of Tokyo, stood coldly and empty in silence, in a perpetual nightfall. The neon lights from the empty shops and buildings are the only illumination.

                      Suddenly, out of the entrance of the mall, a sharp whiny roar rang out. A gigantic demonic beast, 12 feet tall with muscle bulging over his entire body, emerged from the mall. “You are… awake.” The beast growled. For all his intimidating presence, he had a whiny voice.

                      “Ah….. your voice… you are Brock Lesnar!” yelled R-Truth.

                      The Beast Incarnate roared again in a cute voice as Truth and Carmella tried to keep down their laughter.

                      “I took you here…” Brock Lesnar took a deep breath, sniffing the air, “because I smell Heyman on you.”

                      R-Truth and Carmella froze in fear.

                      “Either you tell me the truth of where Heyman is…. Or I snap you in half.” The beast flexed his muscles as he cracked his fingers.

                      Suddenly, a loud explosion came from behind Brock Lesnar as a rocket flew right into him. Brock instinctively swipe the rocket with his bare hands and the rocket flew into the direction of a sushi restaurant, exploding into a heap of dust.

                      Rusev and Lana jumped out of the shadows in amazing speed and Rusev hit a stiff uppercut to Brock Lesnar. Rusev tried to punch again, but Lesnar side-stepped and blindsided him with a charging lariat to the skull. Lana then turned her Katana to Brock, but Brock grabbed both her arms and slammed Lana 10 feet into the air, crashing her into the neon light signs amidst flying sparks of broken glasses.

                      “Lana!” screamed Rusev. Before he could react, Brock picked him up in the air, jumped 15 feet up and slam Rusev to the concrete ground with a F-5.

                      Rusev slumped to the ground, stunned. All was still, except for the dust in the air.

                      “Back to business,” Brock grinned at Truth and Carmella. “Where is my Advocate, Paul Heyman?”

                      1. Tell Brock that Heyman is alive (Chapter 27)

                      2. Tell Brock that they killed Heyman (Chapter 26)

                      3. Tell Brock that Heyman died of heart attack (Chapter 25)
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                        (Chapter 25: Still Alive)

                        “Heyman… we saw him, spoke to him...” R-Truth mumbled fearfully. “But he went to the south side of the island, toward the jungle. Something about an Exit that he was looking for...”

                        Lesnar grinned. “Alright then. I need to look for Heyman. Do kill them for me. These Pesky bugs.” Brock Lesnar nodded towards Rusev as he lumbered off.

                        R-Turth and Carmella gave out a sigh of relief, as Borck slowly moved away into the streets of Tokyo.

                        Suddenly there was a flash of purple flames appearing in the air around them…

                        1. Liar Liar... (Chapter 28)
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                          (Chapter 25: We Killed Him.)

                          R-Truth winked at Carmella and whispered, "I got a plan..."

                          “We….. we killed him!” R-Truth yelled. “It’s true...we… erm shot him! We killed your advocate!” R-Truth was jumping up and down like a mad-man.

                          "What the fuck?? TRUTH!"Carmella was stunted by R-Truth's insane outburst, and started sobbing, thinking that they are dead for sure. Lesnar stumbled closer, closing his fists…. And then he kneeled down.

                          “Huh?” Carmella said.

                          “Whoever killed my Advocate takes over the contract. You are now MY Advocates. And I do your bidding.” Brock Lesnar bow again, and took out a sword. He stumbled towards Rusev who was still on the ground, signalling to cut off Rusev’s head…

                          Suddenly there was a flash of purple flames appearing in the air around them...

                          1. Liar Liar... (Chapter 28)
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                            (Chapter 27: Truth)

                            “We didn’t hurt him! ” Carmella cried. “But… he collapsed, his face was purple, and then he stopped breathing…”

                            Lesnar stared at them. “Is that the truth?” R-Truth nodded. Carmella and R-Truth started sobbing, thinking that they were dead for sure. Lesnar stumbled closer, closing his fists…. And then he stopped and extended a handshake.

                            “Thank you! Because my Advocate died on his own, my contract with him was voided. Had you killed him, I will be bounded to you and you will be my new Advocates. It seems…. I am now a free agent.” With that, Brock Lesnar walked off into the dark, finally a free man.

                            R-Truth and Carmella watched as Lesnar disappeared into the dark streets. However, when they turned towards Rusev, he’s gone.

                            “Holy Shi….” R-Truth grabs Carmella as he saw Rusev and Lana aiming their bazooka at them.

                            “Rusev crush!!!” Screamed Rusev as he fires his rocket towards Truth and Carmella.

                            1. Dodge the rocket... (Chapter 7)
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                              (Chapter 28: Liar Liar)

                              … a 5 foot midget, every inch the city gent, sharp and stylish and sophisticated, stepped out of the bright lights. His perfect green suit was expertly cut, and as he walks closer, he tipped his bowler hat at them with charm.

                              He stopped right in front of Lesnar, and signalled him to stop.

                              “Well, well, look who's here.” The midget sniffed the air in a grand gesture. “The Beast Incarnate Brock Lesnar.”
                              Brock pulled his fist back but as the midget raised his cane, Lesnar froze, and couldn’t move at all.

                              “Chill, buddy.” The midget grinned. “I am here on behalf of the New Management. Before you go any further, Mr Lesnar, I would like to inform you that the rules of DOA now include… instant playback. For fairness sake.” The midget snapped his finger as all the giant billboards around the buildings light up, with Heyman’s face showing fully on the mega-screens.

                              "Oh my god..." Heyman exclaimed, his head now swirling like a washing machine. He collapsed to the ground, the shock now flashing like a strobe light throughout his entire body, hundreds of times a second. His vision was becoming blurry, and then black.

                              "Mela, what's happening?" Truth yelled out, dropping to his knees beside Paul.

                              "He's having a stroke! Quick, give him some water or something!" she yelled back as she ran to them.

                              Truth looked around, but there was no water. No liquid except blood and sweat. No tools except machetes and electronics. Heyman went into full seizures, his body violently shaking as Truth held him…

                              His shaking did stop. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and his body went limp. Carmella and R-Truth were frozen, and tears flowed down their cheeks.

                              Brock Lesnar’s face contorted with immense anger at Truth and Carmella.

                              “Do what you may, with the information at your service...” whispered the midget who cracked a sinister smile before all the lights in the billboards disappeared. He went up in a puff of smoke and disappeared.

                              Brock charged forward and grabbed Truth. “You liars!” He ripped off Truth’s neck in a snap, while Carmella fainted on the spot. “You fucking liars!” Brock proceeded to stomp on Carmella’s head as it smashed into a crimson blot on the ground…

                              R-Truth and Carmella have been eliminated!” A loud voice boomed through the island.

                              From afar, Rusev and Lana took cover, hiding on top of a office building. Rusev cracked a smile and whispered to Lana. “We won, again.”

                              Winner: Lana and Rusev
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                                (Chapter 29: Tundra Caves)

                                They continued moving forward in the cave, when they reached a fork in the path.

                                “This one goes up,” said R-Truth. “I can almost see sunlight in the distance.”

                                “This one goes down,” said Carmella. “Smells like rotten eggs.”

                                Suddenly, the cave walls started to crack on their left, as the dirt fell off the wall to reveal a secret tunnel straight through.

                                “That scared the shit out of me, man.” R-Truth said. “Now we have 3 options.”

                                Should they:

                                1. Take the path upwards (Chapter 30)

                                2. Take the path downwards (Chapter 31)

                                3. Take the secret tunnel (Chapter 37)
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