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LOP Forums Bugs And Issue Reporting Thread

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  • LOP Forums Bugs And Issue Reporting Thread

    As is the case with any major reset like the one we've just gone through, some little bugs are going to slip through the cracks. Some of it will be beyond my control, as it's just the way this new board setup works or whatever. Most stuff, though, will likely be able to be solved by me clicking the right button in the right place.

    If you happen across any issues or anything that was there and now isn't, feel free to bring it up here and I'll either fix it, add it or address why it was left out (though I don't recall leaving anything out that wasn't there before).

    Welcome back, everyone! Enjoy the new LOP Forums!

    On a side note, if you've registered for the Forums and for some reason are having an issue with the email link thingy, please feel free to contact me directly so that I may correct the issue for you. I don't see it being a problem, but I know that some addresses didn't really work well with the previous incarnation of the board.

    Here's my contact information for those who may experience any email registration issues.

    Twitter: @StevenFnBell
    Email: [email protected]

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    Hey Steve, I think I may have told you this already but I just remembered here would be the correct place to actually put these little bugs I may have found.

    It is mainly log in issues, firstly the site isn't remembering that I have logged in so I have to log in after every time I close the website. This could just be a weird cookie or cache setting on my computer but I dunno if it is happening to other people too.

    Also when I do log in it shows this error that suggests that the log in script isn't completely right.

    None of it is terminal but I figure if it is happening to me it may be a hurdle that stops someone less likely to stick with the site.

    Thanks man, I know you have a lot on your plate so no rush.


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      That issues has been happening for me, too, but only on certain browsers. I'm not sure what's up with it, to be honest. Upon researching it a bit, though, I do know that it's beyond my capabilities to fix it. Just an issue with the host/board/something or other.


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        I did some digging around and I think I may have solved the Invalid Redirect issue. It's working fine for me now. Let me know if it continues to happen and I'll search for further solutions.


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          I'll keep an eye out next time I log in, thanks Steve!

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            Not sure if it was a hiccough or a glitch or what, but I had to enter my log in credentials 4 times and also click forgot password before it showed me logged in. Not sure why it did that. I am also showing that this site is not a secure connection for whatever reason.
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              I looked into it and I'm not seeing anything that jumps out to me as an issue. If it pops up for someone else, I'll do some deeper research. I think it may have just been a temporary glitch, though.


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                I can't figure out how to delete my posts. I accidentally posted the same thing twice... I just edited it though.


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                  Only Staff members are allowed to delete posts. Otherwise we'd wind up chasing ghosts when people say stupid shit, only to delete the evidence. If you need something deleted, feel free to report it and someone will knock that out for you.


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                    This may be just me, but despite a recent post appearing fine on preview, all the spacing messed up when I posted it.

                    I've tried editing (both on my pc and my phone), but when I save the changes I get a message saying my post has been flagged as spam and the changes aren't saved.

                    Any ideas?
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                      Pretty good idea of what's causing it, but no idea how to solve it I'm afraid. It's something fairly hardwired into the updated board's software. It seems to think a lot of people are spammers when they edit their posts, for reasons I can't follow. So the general advice at the moment is to avoid editing posts where possible.

                      No idea why the spacing is going wrong in preview, and generally anything I post from elsewhere goes in 'as in'. What program are you trying to paste your edits from? Perhaps we can work out what's going on from that....


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                        So long as its not just me!

                        Using Firefox on the pc, chrome on the phone.

                        As it's only spacing, it's not a big issue though so don't spend too much time on it, I guess the software does some auto removal of blank space
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