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  • Altered Reality 6

    Ryder Strong: Hey how you doin'? Did you #missme? No? Oh, ok. Well, you got me.

    I am here to shine my light on the mega-powered, exceptionally splendiferous, grand ol' party known as Altered Reality. I may not have been around for them all but as a student of the game and world renowned historian of PWA/LPW/FMW (#mindblown), let's just say I know enough. Today, I'd like to take a trip down memory lane. These grapplers torn down the preverbal Altered Reality house with their scintillating performances but for some reason...I can't remember who won. Geez, I hope you do.

    Ryder Strong: Until next time. Ryde it #Hard. Ryde it #Strong!
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    God those were amazing. Still are.


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      They definitely look stunning!


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        Originally posted by RCA View Post
        God those were amazing. Still are.

        I forgot all about my Photobucket and boy oh boy do I have some graphics. I figured since you're in Altered Reality season, I'll post up the Altered Reality card/graphics of yesteryear. But I honestly have no idea who won each match. lol. If anyone remembers, have at it! Next week (or the week after), I'll post up another AR card/graphics. I mean...if you guys really needed an AR logo, I could dust off my Photoshop....

        Got a shit ton of FMW graphics too that I completely forgot about. I'll post those when the occasion presents itself.


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          Ah, the last show before I debuted.

          “How great the tremors will be when the judge comes."


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            these graphics are fire