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LPW SuperCycle 27.2 LIVE! From Calgary, Alberta, Canada! RESULTS!

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  • LPW SuperCycle 27.2 LIVE! From Calgary, Alberta, Canada! RESULTS!


    Rise up, gather round, rock this place to the ground

    Burn it up, let’s go for broke, watch the night go up in smoke

    Rock on! Rock on!

    Drive me crazier

    No Serenade, no fire brigade, just Pyromania!!

    and Insanity

    Come inside now, I implore.
    Do you think you can restore
    The crucial pieces missing from my brain?
    What seems to be the matter dear?
    Why do you cry and shake with fear?
    I've only had the best dub me insane.
    Please let me out
    Please let me out
    Please let me…


    LPW SuperCycle

    LPW SuperCycle 27.2 LIVE from the Scotiabank Scaddledome in Calgary, Alberta, Canada!

    Pyrotechnics explode on the stage as the camera pans the crowd.

    Phoenix: Welcome to the LPW Supercycle!

    Lillehammer: We are LIVE from America’s Hat… CANADA!

    Phoenix: We have an incredible card tonight! Bane Uzzah takes on Bobino. Osiris and Golden battle for a chance at the Western States Heritage Championship and not one but TWO Top Tier Title matches as Mourn defends against Steven Thornridge and Al is challenged by Chris Paradise.

    Lillehammer: And the latter match, the end of Al’s long and awful title reign… is RIGHT NOW!


    Phoenix: Fans… it’s my job to transmit to you all the stakes of these matches. The intensity of the moment.

    Lillehammer: Ah yeah, the dire consequences of two men grappling in their underwe-

    Phoenix: These men work their whole lives for matches like this. They sweat, they bleed, they give up time with their families. They sacrifice even having a family.

    Lillehammer: Even if he had all the money in the world and no career, nobody could really love Al.

    Phoenix: For Paradise to earn a shot at this prestigious title, so early into his young career… it cannot be stated how rare this opportunity is.

    Lillehammer: I never got a shot. Dozens before and after me never got one either. They’re rare and they’re precious and some will say Paradise doesn’t deserve one. BUT, that doesn’t much matter if he wins the match and walks out of here with the gold.

    The sounds of the iconic 80s hit "You're The Best Around" by Joe Esposito bring a chorus of boos from the arena’s audience. Chris Paradise strolls out with Enyo at his side. He’s focused, eyes narrowed towards the ring, ignoring the audience that jeers him completely.

    Phoenix: Paradise entered LPW a mystery, we didn’t know how he’d wrestle, how he’d fair, or what kinda competitor he’d be.

    Lillehammer: But he’s proven to be a tough fighter and a man willing to do anything it takes to win.

    Phoenix: The Crippled Crusader and his crusade to be recognized. His desire to prove himself has lead him here, with a chance to become the IHC.

    Run The Jewels’ "Blockbuster Night Part 1" interrupt as the crowd turns to a mixed reaction. Into the arena walks International Heavyweight Champion Al, the title belt firmly planted around his waist. He offers his hands to fan reaching over the side rail, and they excitedly oblige him with fives.

    Phoenix: The longest reigning International Heavyweight Champion of all time. One of the greatest of all time.

    Lillehammer: And somebody I beat. TWICE.

    Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen this next match is scheduled for ONE FALL! And is for the International Heavyweight Championship! In this corner, from Buffalo, New York. Weighing in at 195 lbs. CHRIS PAARADIIISE!

    And the Champion… from San Francisco, California. Weighing in at 230 lbs. He is the International Heavyweight Champion. AAAAAALLL!


    Phoenix: The match begins. Paradise talks trash to Al, the two nearly chest to chest. Al grabs the towel off his shoulders but before he can toss outside the ring, Paradise grabs it himself. Al cracks a smile. Paradise wipes his face, wipes his armpit and--

    Lillehammer: Yuggggck.

    Phoenix: Tosses it back into Al’s face! And attacks while Al can’t see! Paradise unleashes a barrage of lefts and rights, backing the Champion down! Al tosses the rag off his face and tries to cover up.

    Lillehammer: Smart move by Paradise there, taking advantage of a unique situation.

    Phoenix: Al in the corner now, dazed by the quick strikes. Paradise continues to unleash, grabbing ahold of Al’s shoulders and driving his knees into the Champion’s midsection. Paradise throws a big right hand and it’s blocked! He follows it up with a knee to Al’s gut but the Champ gets his open palms there to block. He pushes Paradise and WHOOOF!

    Lillehammer: The Challenger flies back like he was hit by a damn truck!

    Enyo jumps onto the side of the ring, complaining about… lord knows what.

    Phoenix: The referee admonishes Enyo, demanding she gets down. Al gestures for her to do the same and PARADISE WITH A CHOP BLOCK!

    Lillehammer: Never. Turn. Your back.

    Phoenix: Al screams in pain, crumbling to his knees. Paradise keeps up the pressure, dropping an elbow into the lower back of Al. He gets back up, another one. Al rolls over onto his stomach, stretching out his back to ease the pain. Paradise grabs a leg and AL KICKS HIM OFF! Paradise bounces off the ropes, Al scrambles to his feet… Paradise goes for a clothesline but Al ducks under!

    Lillehammer: Both men showing some agility here.

    Phoenix: Paradise off the ropes again. Al ducks, bent over at the waist. But Paradise stops his momentum and SPIKE DDT!!

    Lillehammer: LIKE A LAWN DART!

    Phoenix: Chris scrambles for a pin! One! Two! Kickout!

    Lillehammer: It has to be said, Paradise has had the upper hand here to start. He’s been faster, and smarter.

    Phoenix: Both are true, and the latter is rather surprising considering Al has made his money being one step ahead of his opponent. Maybe he’s thinking ahead to Altered Reality, partner?

    Lillehammer: I would say that is certainly the case, considering the precipice he’s upon.

    Phoenix: Paradise grapevining the leg. Attacking the hamstring of the Champ. Al stacks him up. 1! 2! Paradise out the back door. Al moving back to his feet, clothesline sends down Paradise. Al falls into a cover, 1! 2! Paradise again out the back door.

    Lillehammer: Such resilience by the challenger!

    Phoenix: Al still favoring that leg.

    Lillehammer: Of course he is. People make him look like a super-


    Lillehammer: The match is now at the pace where Paradise can control.

    Phoenix: Paradise, grabbing him by the injured leg, HE CONTORTS HIM INTO A STRETCH MUFFLER!


    Phoenix: The pain on Al’s face. This unexpected move caught the International Heavyweight Champ off guard. Al trying to fight out, rolls, launches Paradise! His head bounced right off the canvas!

    Lillehammer Steady Paradise!

    Phoenix: Al using the ropes to pull himself up. Now he’s on Paradise with clubbing forearms to the back! Barely standing on that injured leg!

    Lillehammer It’s got a target on it. A big one.

    Phoenix:Al, OVERHEAD BELLY-TO-BELLY! Al crawls Into a cover! 1! 2! No, Paradise still alive. The challenger stays alive.

    Lillehammer Al’s in control. Paradise’s an inspiration! He must continue to fight! CRIPPLED CRUSADER! THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

    Phoenix: Paradise is indeed an inspir-

    Lillehammer NO! You don’t get to bandwagon on this glorious Cripplied Crusade!

    Phoenix: Al’s leg aggravated with that throw, right hand buy Al, another. Al, DISCUS- Paradise with the go behind, lifts, KNEE BREAKER!

    Lillehammer: Look at Al writhing in pain!

    Paradise leaps into action grabbing ahold of the arm of Al and reaching back for the injured leg to apply his Inverted CHIKARA Special.


    Lillehammer: This place cheering for their champ. PARADISE HAS HIM BEAT! CHEER HIM!

    Phoenix: Al’s trying to get some movement with his two free limbs but, it seems a little, Al’s wiggling hard. His only chance is to shatter the balance of Paradise.

    Al starts rocking his body desperately.



    Phoenix: Ref in checks on Al. He’s biting his arm own arm trying to block out the pain.

    Lillehammer: Paradise has out wrestled him here. The ref should stop the match. Al can fight another day. After Altered Reality.

    Al’s arm hangs above the mat. The crowd, hanging on the possibility of a title change chants his name louder.



    Phoenix: LISTEN TO THIS CROWD! AL’S IN DEEP TROUBLE BUT THEY ARE WILLING HIM TO FIGHT! He’s sliding his body! The will of a champion!

    Lillehammer: Paradise's lack of size here is his detriment, Al, moving him!

    Phoenix: Paradise, trying to stand, He trying to transition back into the Cerebral- AL WITH A SCHOOL BOY! 1! 2! TH-

    Lillehammer: TOO CLOSE!

    Phoenix: Paradise grabbing for a DDT, AL LIFTS, #1 STUNNA!

    Lillehammer: NO NO NO NO!

    Phoenix: Al into a cover! 1! 2! 3-NO! PARADISE IS STILL ALIVE!

    Lillehammer: HALLELUJAH!

    Phoenix: Al back up to his feet. He knows he almost had him and knows he has to end this quick while he has control.

    Lillehammer: Paradise has been able to wrestle back the pace each time he lost his grip. He will again here!

    Phoenix: Chris Paradise stumbles up, holding his neck. Al awaits him and A BIG RIGHT HAND! Paradise stumbles back. Regains himself and A BIG LEFT BY THE CHALLENGER!

    Lillehammer: Chris does not want to get into a brawl with the Champion.

    Phoenix: A right hand from the Champ. A left by the challenger. Right. Left. RIGHT. RIGHT. FAREWELL TO AR-NO! Paradise ducks under. Bounces off the ropes! FLYING CROSSBODY BY PARADISE BUT HE’S CAUGHT BY AL!

    Al stomps around the ring, holding the challenger. Flexing his strength.

    Phoenix: FALLAWAY SLAM! Paradise bumps hard off the mat. Enyo not happy at ringside. The challenger back up. Charges Al! The Champion with a big boot, Paradise ducks under, off the ropes again. Al turns. Catches Paradise and pops him up! Catches him in a Fireman Carry and SAMOAN DROP!

    Lillehammer: A revolting thud as Chris hits the mat but… by Reagan the kid is tough!

    Phoenix: He’s rising already. Al, astonished at the resiliency, waves the Kid up, maybe knowingly watching Paradise dig his own grave. Al doesn’t wait to be charged this time. He grabs Chris and sets him up for a Belly-to-Belly!

    Lillehammer: Come on, Paradise! Control the pace!

    Phoenix: Al lifts him and no! Paradise sends an elbow to the Champ’s temple! Another! Another! Paradise tries to lift the groggy Champ but to no avail! Al releases and whips Paradise into the ropes! The kid stops his momentum, wrapping his arms around them! Al didn’t expect that, and his tempo is throw off. The Champion loses his footing, awkwardly stumbling before he can attack.

    Lillehammer: Now’s your chance, Paradise!

    Phoenix: Paradise charges and RUNNING EUROPEAN UPPERCUT AVOIDED BY AL! Paradise stumbles to the mat. He gets back up. Al turns, runs as Chris gets to his feet and HIT-STICK, HIT-STICK, HIT-STICK!

    Lillehammer: No, damnit! NO!

    Phoenix: The Champion with the pin. This one is over. One. Two. Thr-KICKOUT! PARADISE KICKS OUT!

    Lillehammer: But Al… ugh. Al isn’t relenting.

    Phoenix: With lightning speed, Al rises, flips Paradise over and Heart of Darkness locked in in the middle of the ring. Enyo pounds the mat at ringside. Paradise’s eyes are wide, his limbs stretched to their extreme limits.

    The camera zooms into Al’s grip tearing into the face of Chris Paradise. Enyo continues to beat the mat. Paradise’s eyes go from wide, to squinting, to closed. Al makes one more extreme torque back and Paradise lets out a mighty howl of agony as his hand rises and fall, tapping on the mat in surrender.

    Lillehammer: Al is disgusting. Disgusting. Doing this to a guy like Paradise.

    Announcer: The winner of this match, and STILL INTERNATIONAL HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION…. AL!!!!!!


    Phoenix: The Champion is on the verge of immortality. He wasn’t going to let the upstart Paradise steal that from him.

    Lillehammer: I didn’t see it clearly, but he cheated. Al must have cheated. I know he did. He’s a criminal after all. Did you know he went to prison while cha-

    Phoenix: YES, PARTNER! I know. We all know. Regardless, he’s our Champion and he’s one step closer to competing for the second year in a row at Altered Reality for the Martinez Cup.

    In the ring, Al checks on Chris Paradise. Enyo gets to his side and Al decides his challenger is ok. The Champion exits the ring and greets the fans ringside as the camera fades out.

    “How great the tremors will be when the judge comes."

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    Chris Paradise is walking backstage after his loss to Al, when Sean Jensen approaches him.

    Jensen: Not a bad job, kid. You went up against one of our best. Sure, you lost, miserably, but did you learn anything?

    Chris and Enyo stop before a pained smile stretches across his face.

    Chris: Why, yes I did! Not only did I learn that once again LPW has been conspiring to keep their most vocal critics down, I also learned that an idiot's favorite pastime is to stand around wasting people's time with inane questions.

    Jensen: First of all, you've been here long enough to know that LPW isn't conspiring to keep anyone down. You're either good, or you're not. You're either a main event caliber talent, or you're, well, Chris Paradise. And seeing how you're full of excuses right now, take a good look and figure out which group you belong in. Secondly, an “idiot”, huh? Not the worst thing I've been called. Is this really what you're working with? You can barely win to save your life, and your biggest insult to me is calling me an idiot.

    Chris: Oh wow, you've wounded me ever so badly! Like you're one to talk, when was the last time you even got a title shot? For someone who is apparently just oh so better than me you certainly never seem to be anywhere significant. It's kinda sad that even in defeat I get more opportunities at glory than you do on your best day, and as much as I'd love to stand here watching you try and dress me down as the “veteran,” I've got things to do, so what exactly do you want?

    Jensen smirks

    Jensen: Glory? Opportunities? Where are they, Chris? I don't see your name on any marquees. I don't see people wearing your t-shirts. Do you even have a t-shirt? I have several. What do you have to do? Strategize with Enyo about how to lose less decisively? And by the way, my last shot at a title wasn't too long ago, sure, it was for a #1 contender spot, but… when was the last time you had one of those? And for the record, I'm a former Television champion, former Western States Heritage champion, and depending who you ask, a former tag team champion. What do you have on your resume? Another notch on Al’s belt? Face facts, Chris. You aren't anything compared to me. But don't take this the wrong way, I actually believe in you.

    Chris: Well, isn't that just the bees knees? Someone who I couldn't care less about believes in me, but y’know this really doesn't answer my question so I'll speak a bit slower this time: What. Do. You. Want?

    Jensen: You remind me of me, especially when I used to completely suck.

    Jensen smiles and nods at Paradise as he walks away. As Chris watches Jensen walk away Enyo taps him on the shoulder, a look of confusion visible on her face.

    Chris: Yeah, I don't know either. Arrogant twat.

    Phoenix: Well, after that ‘exchange,’ next up, we have a match between a couple guys not happy with how the past few events have gone from them.

    Lillehammer: Bane frustrated over the results, and Bobino angry thinking he’s being undervalued. Which by the way, is totally possible with this millenial running the place.

    Phoenix: It seems ridiculous to be upset with receiving a title opportunity, but ridiculous and Bobino have gone hand-in-hand for quite a while.

    Lillehammer: Can’t blame a guy for knowing his worth. Bobino simply wants to be put in the matches he thinks he deserves, and The Kid doesn’t seem to be agreeing with him.

    “Sapari” by Orphaned Land hits as the lights focus on the entrance way and Bane Uzzah exits onto the stage.

    Announcer: Introducing first, hailing from Jerusalem, Isreal and weighing in at 235 pounds… BAAAAAAAAANE UUUUUUUUUUUUZAH!!!!!

    Lillehammer: Bane looking more focused than normal. He came up short against Jensen at All-Stars, and now looks to get back on track against a man that -ALSO- came up short at All-Stars.

    Bane makes his way to the ring and stands silent in prayer waiting for the match to start.

    Phoenix: I’m proud you made it through his announcement without talking about Jerusalem.

    Lillehammer: Yeah… Now that makes what I was going to say a bit awkward…


    Lillehammer: Never thought I’d be happy to hear that.

    Phoenix: Saved by the music.

    “This Is The New Shit” by Marilyn Manson hits as Bobino steps onto the ramp. His long black coat draping behind him as he looks even angrier than normal.

    Lillehammer: Look at the focus and rage on Bobino’s part. That’s the face of a very upset worker.

    Phoenix: Bobino seemed to have snapped at All-Stars, took his loss very tough, attacking Al after the match, and has since been blaming Mourn Despana and The Kid for holding him down.

    Announcer: ...And his opponent… hailing from Boston, Massachusetts and weighing in at 243 pounds… BOB-EEEEEEE-NOOOOOOo

    Lillehammer: Has he snapped, though? Bobino’s been around a long time and always seems to have a trick up his sleeve.

    Phoenix: This time seems different, he’s making wild accusations and doesn’t seem to have enough facts to back… WHOA! Look at this!

    Lillehammer: Bane with the blindside as Bobino is entering the ring!

    Phoenix: Running knee to the chest, Bobino hasn’t even got to take his jacket off and Bane is letting him have it!

    Lillehammer: Clubbing blow, and now stomps to the spine of the downed Bobino. Bane had a game plan and its proving effective in the early stretch of this match.

    Phoenix: Bobino never even saw the onslaught coming, and now Bane has the chin lock on Bobino, dropping a few elbows to the top of the head for good measure.

    Lillehammer: He finally lets go and surveys his damage. Bobino looks out already, his eyes glazed over.

    Phoenix: Bane dragging Bobino to his feet, and he pulls the jacket over his face.


    Lillehammer: This match JUST getting started after that cowardly attack by Uzzah.

    Phoenix: If Bobino did the same thing, you would’ve called it calculated. Bane had a plan to stifle Bobino’s emotions, and it’s working so far.

    Lillehammer: Bane bringing the hockey fight to the Bostonian, a sight Calgary is very familiar with.

    Phoenix: Bobino just barely able to clear the jack from his face and as he does, Bane catches him with a huge knee to the gut!

    Lillehammer: Bane senses his advantage, he wants to end it with the Israeli Edge right here!

    Phoenix: Bobino droops back down, though. He’s not even able to stand up to get finished by Bane. What an assault by Uzzah.

    Lillehammer: Bane shakes his head, almost in disgust. He’s not letting Bobino off the hook, he’s trying to drag him back for his kill shot.

    Phoenix: Wait! Inside Cradle! Bobino pulled Bane down!

    1! 2! ..

    Kick out by Uzzah, not quite punished for getting caught off guard.

    Phoenix: Bane looks around to see when Bobino is as he’s getting up, and Bobino was there first! He charges and steps on Bane’s raised knee, Shining Wizard!

    Lillehammer: Bobino pressing his advantage now. He’s got full mount and he’s dropping forearms directly to the face of Uzzah.

    Phoenix: Bobino very much back into this and looking to deal back all the violence that he took to start this one. He’s pulling Bane to his feet here.

    Lillehammer: Bobino shoving Bane back into the corner, his forearm right under the chin, ref needs to make sure there’s no choke going on there.

    Phoenix: Clearly setting him up for the end, here. He’s muttering something to Bane as the ref separates them, and Bobino takes the break as a chance to charge out of the corner.

    Lillehammer: Bobino bounces off the opposite turnbuckle, ignoring the metal to his own back and charges full steam at Bane, he leaps and drives an elbow across Uzzah’s jaw.

    Phoenix: Bane staggering out now, and this is the set-up Bobino wanted as he snatches Bane by the neck and sits on the top turnbuckle. The leap over and Bobino drives Bane’s jaw into his shoulder with DARWINISM!

    Lillehammer: The cover is academic from here.

    1! 2!! Thre-

    Phoenix: No! What happened?!

    Lillehammer: Bob’s not done, he pulled Bane out of the cover and just flashed a wicked smirk at the crowd.

    Bobino: KID!! THIS IS YOUR FAULT!!!

    Phoenix: Bobino clearly looking to send a message, as he drags Bane to his feet. Bane on dream street as Bobino points and hits the ropes-ROLLING ELBOW!!

    Lillehammer: And that is a clear message sent.

    Phoenix: Bane has to be out after that attack, and Bobino makes the cover with rage still in his eyes. 1! 2!! 3!!!

    Announcer: The winner of this contest, BOB-EEEEEEE-NO!!!


    “This Is The New Shit” by Marylin Manson hits as Bobino gets to his feet. He offers a parting glare -- with his hand raised -- to the downed Bane before taking his leave.

    Lillehammer: Bobino wins in decisive fashion as he looks down on Bane with his arm raised.

    Phoenix: Bob sent a message, he finished that match with Mourn’s Rolling Elbow, and that couldn’t have been a coincidence.

    Lillehammer: What makes you think that? Was it him calling out Despana’s name right before doing it?

    Phoenix: Either way, a violent victory for Bobino.
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    “How great the tremors will be when the judge comes."


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      Phoenix: This next match has big consequences. This is for entry into the Western States Heritage tournament, at Altered Reality.

      Lillehammer: Bobino has already qualified, just barely coming out ahead of Osiris. Osiris will no doubt be looking for redemption tonight, on his quest for the gold.

      “Never Learn Not To Love” by The Beach Boys starts to play across the speakers, as Caesar Osiris enters the arena. Osiris has a confident grin on his face, as he strides down to the ring. He has a big fake smile on his face, as he attempts to slap hands with the fans, although many recoil away from him. Several extend their fingers toward him as well.

      Lillehammer: I have to say, this is a bit out of character for Osiris.

      Phoenix: Even in the best of moods, he’s pretty grim. Did he get hit on the head? What’s with the personality change?

      Osiris rolls into the ring, and heads to the corner.

      "The Devil Takes His Own" by Band of Skulls starts to play across the speakers. The cameras line up for Golden’s typical entrance, but after a beat it is clear that Golden isn’t coming out.

      Phoenix: Golden is nowhere to be seen. We ARE expecting the former World Heavyweight Champion’s return to action tonight.

      Golden’s music stops, as a confused murmur fills the arena. In the ring, Osiris puts his hands to his face, with a fake look of surprise on his face. He can barely contain a smile. He lifts his hands above his head in an exaggerated shrug.

      "The Devil Takes His Own" by Band of Skulls starts to play again.

      Lillehammer: If at first you don’t succeed…

      Phoenix: I’m not sure that playing the music again will make him appear.

      Again, Golden is nowhere to be seen. The camera pans back over to the ring, where Osiris has a microphone.

      Osiris: Golden? Where arrrrre you? Come on out, and get your ass kicked, boy.

      Osiris lowers the microphone again, gesturing to the entrance, but nothing happens.

      Osiris: Fine, if you won’t take your ass kicking like a man, then the rules are crystal clear. Referee, start that count!

      The referee looks at Osiris and says something to him. Osiris looks upset, and grabs him by the shirt with his other hand.

      Osiris: Start the damn count. He’s not here. He’s not coming.

      Phoenix: Osiris is correct, however he probably won’t be winning any awards for sportsmanship.

      Lillehammer: Well sportsmanship won’t get him into the Western States Heritage Tournament.

      The referee looks unsure, but begins his count.

      1 ...

      2 ...

      3 ...

      4 ...

      5 ...

      6 …

      As the count grows, Osiris preemptively raises his hands above his head in victory.

      7 …

      "The Devil Takes His Own" by Band of Skulls band starts to play. Osiris’ eyes grow wide and he turns his head slowly, to see Golden walking down the ramp.

      Phoenix: The referee wisely stopping his count, but Osiris looks like he has seen a ghost.

      Lillehammer: Forget how Osiris is looking, check out how Golden is looking.

      Golden appears to be severely battered. His head has been busted open, and the top of his head is still freshly cut. He has not yet changed out of his dress shirt, it is however ripped across the arm. Golden walks with a visible limp, although any damage to his legs is unclear, as he is wearing a pair of dress pants, and dress shoes as well.

      Lillehammer: He’s not even in his gear! How does Golden expect to compete!

      Phoenix: If you ask me, I’d guess something awfully suspicious has gone down here.

      Golden rolls into the ring, and immediately slaps Osiris across the face. Osiris goes down hard, but scrambles to the corner. Golden whips his shirt off, and removes his watch, throwing them aside, as he tackles Osiris who has started to stand. The bell rings, and this match is officially underway.

      Phoenix: Golden strikes with a backhand fist, that stuns Osiris quickly, then a palm thrust to the chin. Osiris is staggering! Golden hits the ropes for momentum, but Osiris ducks under, and catches Golden with a sucker punch from behind!

      Golden lays on the ground, as Osiris stands over top him, once again, his hands raised in victory. He puts his foot on top of him, as the ref starts to count. Golden kicks out immediately! Osiris shrugs, and picks Golden up off the ground.

      Phoenix: I have to question if it was wise by the referee to start this match. I’m being told that Golden was NOT seen by medical attendants before barging out here, he could have internal bleeding.

      Lillehammer: Well the good news is, it doesn’t look like this one will be very long. Osiris looks like he’s wrapping things up.

      Osiris lifts up Golden, preparing for a package piledriver. He plants The Golden One Squarely in the middle of the ring, and once again stands over top of him. Osiris leans down, looking him in the eye.Golden starts to struggle, trying to get to his feet, grasping at Osiris’ boots. Osiris lifts him to hunched over position, and drives him back down.

      Phoenix: Hail Caesar! Osiris hooks the leg!

      1! 2! 3!


      Lillehammer: Osiris advances to the Western States Heritage Tournament! He gets his chance for revenge on Bobino! You’ve gotta think The Master of Darwinism is looking on. Is he worried by this, or is this exactly what he wanted to see?

      Osiris stands above Golden, with his hand raised high, as we head backstage.

      Rose Florecer stands in front of a LPW logo with a microphone in her hand.

      Rose: So far this evening, we’ve had some scintillating action. I have for you a special treat. Agreeing to this rare interview I have with me at this time, the LPW Hardcore Champion, David Gideon Smith!

      David Gideon Smith steps into frame shaking his head.

      DGS: Hi.

      Rose: You have the night off after the bloody affair last show-

      A primal scream comes from off camera and DGS goes flying as Joe Citizen plows through him from behind. The man starts madly throwing right hands at the back of DGS’s head. DGS sprawls to his feet only to get met with more punches. This time to the face.


      Phoenix: DEAR GOODNESS!

      Lillehammer: I’ve never seen Citizen like this!

      Phoenix: DGS covering up. Security coming in and separating the men!

      Lillehammer: He busted DGS’s lip!

      DGS checks his face and orders security to take the man away. Citizen puts up a fight, but holds his cool enough and doesn’t hurt the men holding him back. DGS looks to Rose, scoffs and walks off.

      Phoenix: If you thought the beef between Citizen and DGS was through, I’d be surprised. But this was a man who had seemed disrespected at every step.

      Lillehammer: He attacked him from behind. Next time, DGS, OUR HARDCORE CHAMPION, will be ready. I’m sure of it.

      Phoenix: I can’t wait for them to clash again. We’ll be right back!

      The camera shows Citizen looking angrily towards DGS as the screen fades to black.
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      “How great the tremors will be when the judge comes."


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        The camera pans backstage to Caesar Osiris, fresh off his win over Golden. He is sitting behind a desk, resembling a late night talk show.

        Osiris: Good evening everyone, I’m Caesar Osiris, here again with my new show on the LPW Network, Reality Check, looking at the road to Altered Reality. Tonight, I’ll be looking once again at the Western States Heritage Championship tournament. Which we now know, I’ll be a part of.

        I know that there have already been some…accusations of foul play, with people saying that I attacked Golden to gain some sort of advantage, and I’m here to say that that’s simply not true. I have no idea who attacked Golden, but if I may offer some sage wisdom, this is LPW and you always have to watch your back. Tonight though, I showed the world why I’m the greatest athlete of this generation, and why I’m going to be the next -

        Before he can finish his sentence, an enraged Golden comes rushing toward Osiris, hands raised, knocking the superstar down to the ground. Golden moves toward Osiris as a swarm of security guards cautiously inch closer, but before they can separate the two men, Osiris is on his feet, moving toward Golden, but Golden pushes him into the backdrop, which goes toppling over.

        Golden picks up Osiris’ chair and hurls it toward the host, striking him, before security is finally able to get between the two men. Osiris watches, bewildered from the ground, as the guards hold Golden back. He looks around to make sure they have him secured. When he realizes they do, he smiles, and moves in closer toward his attacker.

        Osiris: I’ll see you at Altered Reality…you know, IF you win next show.

        He turns to the camera.

        Osiris: This has been Reality Check, See you next time!

        Golden struggles against the security guards, who have managed to restrain the enraged star, as Osiris walks off.

        Announcer: The following contest is a Tables Match! The only way to win the match s to drive your opponent through a table.

        The crowd is brought to their feet as "The Next Day" by David Bowie plays. Out walks Ozzy Crerar without his mercenaries. He seems extremely awnry but take the time to acknowledge the fans.

        Phoenix: The battle of David Bowie songs as this buddening feud has been brewing since All-Stars.

        Lillehammer: Mainly because Ozzy couldn’t hold up his end of the bargain as a tag partner.

        Phoenix: Please. They both tried hard. They weren’t used to teaming with one another and it is obvious that Maverick didn’t take the time to learn about his partner. The ego on that man.

        Lillehammer: It will be that “ego” that propels him to victory.

        David Bowie’s "No Control" brings a chorus of boos from the arena. THE David Maverick walks out. With replica Hardcore Title over his shoulder and his typical smug look on his face as he wrings his hands.

        Announcer: Next, from London England weighing in at 250 lbs-

        DING! DING!

        Phoenix: Ozzy out of the ring! They’re fighting in the aisle. This tables match is underway! Ozzy a house of fire! Maverick in trouble!

        Lillehammer: Maverick rakes his eyes!

        Phoenix: Maverick lift up Ozzy, and dumps him over the protective barrier! Maverick lifts him up, and rams him back first into the ring apron. Now, rolling Ozzy into the ring.

        Maverick takes a moment to play to the fans to a round of boos.

        Phoenix: Ain’t this man full of himself.

        Lillehammer: Maverick giving these drunken fools a show like this and they boo him? Must be upset he’s from England. You’d think they’d try to defend the commonwealth.

        Phoenix: Maverick reaching under the apron:for a table- OZZY WITH A SUICIDE PLANCHA WIPING OUT MAVERICK!

        Lillehammer: He’s a jumping bean…

        Phoenix: Ozzy with right hands to the face. He’s up and now he has the table and slides it into the ring. Ozzy in after and setting it up…

        Lillehammer: MAVERICK!

        Phoenix: He’s spraying the man with a fire extinguisher.

        Lillehammer: He’s not stopping either.

        Phoenix: Ozzy rolling out of the ring, and Maverick jest keeps spraying.

        The crowd gets on Maverick. He responds by spraying what’s left of the contents towards ringside.

        Phoenix: I apologize for this-

        Lillehammer: They deserve it.

        Phoenix: I’m…. I’m not getting into this with you. Maverick out the otherside, reaching under the ring…

        Maverick chucks a chair, a Garbage can with a lid and grabs ahold of a Kendo Stick.

        Phoenix: The plunder is alive here in Calgary.

        Lillehammer: He’s gonna finish the job. I’ve never seen Maverick so aggressive.

        Phoenix: Ozzy rolling back into the ring. I think he may have found a bottle of water or something.. MAVERICK WITH A HOME RUN SWING! That Kendo Stick right to the ruibs. Ozzy reaching for the Chair

        Lillehammer: Maverick steps on it!

        Phoenix: Maverick laying the shots to him. Three, and now he’s playing to teh crowd.

        Lillehammer: Big mistake…

        Phoenix: Ozzy with a headbut to the cut of Maverick. OZZY! WACKS HIM IN THE RIBS WITH THE CHAIR!

        Lillehammer: Dang it Maverick.

        Phoenix: Another chair show! Maverick drops his weapon, trying to cover up. ANOTHER, this time to the back! Ozzy with the Garbage can and lid, nails him wit the led! Ozzy…

        Lillehammer: He’s pulling that can over Maverick’s torso!

        Phoenix: Ozzy with the Kendo Stick, and… GOING TO TOWN ON THAT CAN! OZZY.. Kendo Stick between Maverick’s legs, lifts, BACK SUPLEX! MAVERICK WRITHING IN PAIN! THAT CAN HAD TO ADD TO THE DAMAGE!

        Lillehammer: He just lifted a man by with a stick and dropped him on his can. I’ve got nothin.

        Phoenix: Ozzy over to the table. He’s setting it up in the corner! I think he’s gonna try and end this now!

        Lillehammer: Maverick’s struggling to get that mangled can off his head.

        Phoenix: Ozzy lays him against the table. Ozzy runs to the other corner. RUNS!

        Maverick, just in time, is able to get the can off and sees Ozzy running his way and darts out of the way.


        Lillehammer: MY GOODNESS! MAVERICK WINS!

        Phoenix: It doesn’t work like that. Maverick has to drive him through it.

        Lillehammer: WHAT? I WANNA SEE THE RULEBOOK! Maverick’s celebrating like he won the Super Bowl…

        Phoenix: Ref is explaining to Maverick. He shoves down the ref!

        Lillehammer: No DQ. Lucky for him…

        Phoenix: Maverick back outside grabbing another table. Ozzy still hasn’t gotten up from his wreckage.

        Lillehammer: All he has to do is set this up and finish him off.

        Phoenix: Ozzy’s in deep trouble. Maverick has it set up across the ring. Maverick over, grabs Ozzy, RIGHT HANDS FROM OZZY… rake of the yes by Maverick. Maverick, boot to the midsection. Lifts, turns, MAVERICK BO- Ozzy slides out the back door. Kicks Maverick in the back of the knee. Lifts!

        Lillehammer: Oh my!

        Phoenix: Reverse Suplex the opposite way away from the table! I don’t think he would have had the strength to put him through the table from that position. Ozzy, CORNER SPLASH TO MAVERICK!

        Lillehammer: Maverick needs to rally!

        Phoenix: Ozzy has the can’s lid! NAILS MAVERICK IN THE HEAD! AND AGAIN! REPEATEDLY!

        Lillehammer: Maverick stumbling towards the table.

        Phoenix: Ozzy throws down the lid. Measuring. Ozzy runs.

        Lillehammer: BACK BODY DRO-


        DING! DING!

        Announcer: Winner of this match, OZZYYY CREEERAAAR!


        David Bowie’s "The Next Day" plays as the crowd cheers the efforts of Ozzy. His hand is raised by the ref and a proud smile appears on his face.

        Phoenix: WHat a gitsy win by Ozzy. He took the punishment from THE David Maverick but in the end, he was resilient and had the wits to counter into his move.

        Lillehammer: I want to be mad at im winning, but he beat a stupid Limey. So, good on him.

        The sarcasm drips from Lillehammer’s lips as Ozzy slaps hands with fans at ringside.

        Phoenix: Ozzy bests Maverick in a win that has been a long time coming. I sense good things ahead for him. We’ll be back!

        “How great the tremors will be when the judge comes."


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          I got something to say, I killed a baby today
          And it doesn’t matter much to me, as long as its dead.

          “Last Caress” by The Misfits hits and upon the emergence of Steve Storme through a thick fog, the reaction is viciously spiteful. Storme, with a fork clenched between his teeth and Sixx King in tow, surveys the crowd with disdain before proceeding down.

          Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Sixx King. From Killa Cali, weighing in at 237 pounds, making his in-ring return to Lords of Pain Wrestling … THE PRODIGAL SON … STEEEEEEVE STORRRRRRRME!!

          Phoenix: And now we will witness the first match back for one of the most vile and insidious individuals to ever step into LPW history in Steve Storme. Prior to his and Sixx’s ambush of the Professionals, we hadn’t seen this man since that horrific Solitary Confinement match with Al. We still aren’t sure what all happened to Storme after the cameras cut, but whatever it was … surely it’s warped that black heart of his beyond repair.

          Lillehammer: I’d agree with that. He also looks much more imposing. He’s gained at least 15 pounds of muscle. Looks like an absolute bruiser. With Bronx likely not at 100 percent after his run-in with Austin last show … Storme may see this as a prime opportunity to further soften up the tag champions, one man at a time.

          Phoenix: I wouldn’t count Bronx out, Robert.

          Lillehammer: Of course not, but you saw that match with Austin as I did. Be honest, would YOU be 100 percent had you gone down like he did?

          “Party Up (Bronx Remix)” by DMX pumps through the speakers to cheers as Bronx emerges, still showing signs of his prior match. He looks on sternly as Steven Thornridge appears beside him, offering an encouraging pat on the shoulder. Bronx then hands his tag belt to The Aussie Crusader and proceeds to the ring with purpose, much to the delight of Storme.

          Announcer: His opponent, accompanied by Steven Thornridge. From The Bronx, weighing in at 215 pounds, he is one-half of the LPW World Tag Team Champions, this is BRON-

          The announcer is interrupted by the competitors meeting in the middle and trading blows. He makes a beeline out of the ring as the bell rings.

          Phoenix: OH my, we’re off and running here as neither man is working by the hour! Look at those fists fly!

          Lillehammer: Bronx is hoping to get this done quickly, he’s obviously nursing some sort of injury.

          Phoenix: It doesn’t look like it right now as a Sole Kick from Bronx halts an overhand right from Storme! Double Leg Takedown, and look at those shots to the face!

          Lillehammer: Look at that punk go!

          Bronx gets to his feet, seething, and turns to Storme as he rises as well. Bronx bounces off the ropes and leaps for a flying forearm, but Storme ducks it. Bronx has the wherewithal to land on his feet, but he whips around right into a Spinning Backfist.

          Lillehammer: What a blow!

          Phoenix: Storme connects soundly with that, stunning Bronx. Grabs him, and Storme plants him with a ragdoll back suplex! Storme back to his feet and off the ropes, and OOF! A HEAVY Forearm drop across Bronx’s head and neck! COVER, but Bronx out just after one.

          Lillehammer: That looked ugly. Storme’s never been one to mess around much, but that there had real intent with it.

          Phoenix: Storme roughly takes Bronx to his feet, tightly-gripped headlock, and look at those knees to the solar-plexus. Storme hitting hard and hitting often.

          Lillehammer: Bronx had that early flurry but looks to be this close to being regulated. Not unlike the masterful job Trump has done with immigration.

          Phoenix: Now’s not the damned time to involve that clown…


          Phoenix: You … No. Just no. Anyway, Storme setting up for a Powerbomb now, but Bronx is trying to fight out of it. That solid boxing background coming into play with those stinging fists, and he SNAPS off a Frankensteiner!

          Sixx, who has to this point paid little mind to proceedings, choosing instead to flirt with a buxom blonde up front, sees Storme trying to sit up, but a little dazed. He motions for him to get up as Thornridge roots on Bronx. Storme gets to his feet and is right back down with a dropkick.

          Phoenix: Bronx turning it around, quickening the pace. Storme is back up and there’s a one-handed Bulldog from the Professional! HE GOES FOR THE PIN!

          1! 2-KICKOUT!

          Lillehammer: Bronx is wasting time when he should be pressing an advantage! Storme is one of the most decorated LPW competitors in history, but he is admittedly rusty, you’d think!

          Seeing his opponent shaking the cobwebs loose, Bronx retreats to the apron. He leaps to the top rope and as Storme turns around, he jumps, executing a somersault during flight.

          Phoenix: Bronx lands on his shoulders, looking for the DRAGONRANA-NO! Storme’s base stopped Bronx from flipping him, he lifts him back up and HOT-SHOTS HIM ACROSS THE TOP ROPE!!

          Lillehammer: What a show of power, and look how Bronx is thrashing about! I told you he wasn’t 100 percent!!

          Phoenix: You may be right, he’s rolled out of the ring to gain some distance as Thornridge goes to check on his partner.

          Thornridge asks Bronx if he’s OK, but judging by the stream of profanities coming from Bronx, he may not be. Storme, seeing the advantage, gives chase to Bronx, yelling at the ref to get Thornridge back. Sixx makes his way closer to the action, prepared to run interference if needed.

          Lillehammer: GET THAT FOREIGNER BACK!

          Phoenix: Storme has Bronx now, and he hiptosses him into the steel steps! He rolls him back into the ring and COVER, but only a two-count. Storme’s got Bronx by the head and look at him wrench the neck! HE DROPES THE POINT OF THE ELBOW RIGHT ON IT!

          Lillehammer: It’s a matter of time now. Bronx may want to think about shutting it down and fighting another day. The longer this goes, the more at-risk his career and the tag belts are.

          Phoenix: You know he won’t quit.

          Lillehammer: Now, if he wants to toss his career away, fine by me, but never let it be said that I don’t have my moments of compassion.

          Storme takes Bronx to his feet, grinning evilly as he does so before delivering a Hangman’s Neckbreaker. Storme covers for another two count and upon kicking out, Bronx again rolls out to the apron to gain some distance, holding his neck.

          Storme: C'mon... I don’t mind breaking your fucking neck right here, right now. FIGHT OR QUIT.

          Phoenix: Bronx needs to get something going because now, Storme is looking for repetitive high-impact. Bronx pulling himself up and Storme charges! Bronx delivers a jumping Enziguri, using the ropes for assistance! Storme’s down and Bronx follows with a Slingshot Somersault Senton but that couldn’t have been good for the neck!

          Lillehammer: Idiot. Blithering idiot.

          Phoenix: Bronx slow to capitalize, but he’s got a hold of Storme now. Delivers a haymaker to the gut and goes for a Fireman’s Carry. Might be looking for his modified Death Valley Driver but Storme wriggles free, go behind, DRAGON SUPLEX!

          Lillehammer: His neck and shoulders didn’t cooperate. At this point, if he wants to win his best bet is a flash pin to catch Storme napping.

          Phoenix: Storme covers!!

          1! 2! THR-KICKOUT!!

          Lillehammer: Should have stayed down!

          Phoenix: Storme has Bronx and whips him HARD into the turnbuckle… Bronx staggers out right into a Spinning Spinebuster! What authority! COVER!

          1! 2! THR-KICKOUT!!

          Lillehammer: Unbelievable. Storme gets up and says that’s it!

          Storme backpedals to the corner, hitting his knee twice and motioning for Bronx to get up.

          Phoenix: Storme may be looking for something big here.

          Lillehammer: This might be what he calls the StormeBreaker. It’s a new addition to the arsenal. From what I was told, it’s a devastating thrusting high knee.


          Lillehammer: How the HELL can he still do that?

          Phoenix: Bronx charges the ropes, Handspring, CORKSCREW ROUNDHOUSE ON THE BUTTON! Storme fell like a ton of bricks! Bronx cannot capitalize!

          Lillehammer: The toll of this match and his match with Austin have caught up to him!

          Thornridge pounds spiritedly on the apron to try and will Bronx to his feet. Bronx gets there as Storme gets to a knee. Bronx wastes no time getting after it. He grabs Storme about the head and backpedals to the corner, climbing up. Bronx hesitates just so as a pang of anguish runs through his neck. This gives Storme enough time to break free and yank Bronx off the ropes by an ankle. Storme then grabs Bronx to his feet for a suplex, lifting him up and draping his feet on the ropes.

          Phoenix: What’s he going for-MY GOD A SNAP SWINGING NECKBREAKER!

          Lillehammer: HOLY REAGAN!

          Phoenix: And Storme isn’t even going for the cover, he’s got Bronx to his feet, torture rack lift … INTO A DAMN PILEDRIVER!

          Lillehammer: You just saw the new and improved END OF DISCORD!

          Phoenix: It has to be academic after that! COVER!

          1! 2! 3!! DING-DING-DING!

          Announcer: Here is your winner, STEVE STORME!!

          Storme sits up, grinning wickedly as “Last Caress” by The Misfits starts to play. Rising to his feet, he stands over the fallen Bronx and Sixx King hits the ring, raising his partner’s hand. Thornridge slides in to check on Bronx, and Storme and Sixx eye Thornridge. Getting the picture, the Aussie Crusader stands up and says bring it.

          Lillehammer: That fool has a World Title Match tonight and he’s asking for another beating!

          Phoenix: Storme and Sixx are backing off, they seem happy enough with Storme’s win. A very physical display by the man.

          Lillehammer: Bronx most definitely didn’t need that run-in. After this, I remain convinced that we will have new Tag Team Champions when they clash officially.

          Sixx and Storme have moved to the outside of the ring, engaging in a self-indulgent war of words with the fans at ringside. Meanwhile, Thornridge helps Bronx to a seated position, checking on his condition.

          Phoenix: The Professionals have their work cut out for them, that’s for damn sure. But Thornridge still has the match of his life to prepare for.

          Lillehammer: A match he didn’t warrant. HE CHEATED SIXX OUT OF A WIN!

          Phoenix: I find that hard to believe, anyway we’ll be back soon with more action!

          Rose Florecer peeks her head into the door to The Kid’s office.

          Rose: Boss? That movie trailer is playing. You have a moment?

          The Kid stands from his couch and motions her inside.

          Kid: What’s cracking? Yeah. Something like 6 minutes of airtime plus commercials. But I’m telling you, this will put eyeballs on the product. Good for everyone.

          Rose: I, things around here are pretty volatile right now.

          Kid: Isn’t that what normally happens around here?

          Rose: More so. We have people attacking people from behind around me. We have people questioning your every move. I mean, like tonight's matches.

          Kid: I get it. Protecting Al. Well, Paradise is pretty talented. He helped Al win against the World Champ. It has to mean something.

          Rose: No, not that one. Some say this is placating Mourn. Others say Austin deserved that chance.

          Kid: Austin’s not an option. Not after the things he’s done. And I haven’t talked to Mourn other than before the presser where he wasted his time defending his enemy-

          Rose: Wait. You booked a match for Mourn to face one of his best friends and you never consulted the man? The man’s been through a lot. Even more on edge than normal.

          Kid: He’s paid really good money to fight. He gets no preferential treatment. Mourn needed a challenger, and Thorny was the most in need of that reward after beating Sixx. Austin is a non-issue.

          Rose shakes her head.

          Kid: Thorny. He’s been one of our most successful foreign stars. Wholesome. Kind. Always signing autographs. A guy you can build around. It is my obligation to reward those who conduct themselves as a professional.

          Rose: So as a fan.

          Kid: Yes.

          Rose takes in a deep breath.

          Rose: Who do you want to win?

          Kid: Thornridge. He’s among my fav-

          Rose clears her throat. The Kid nervously chuckles.

          Rose: Do you realize how much he’d be pissed if he found this out? That you favor someone over him in a match?

          He blinks.

          Kid: Just because I am a huge fan of the man Thorny is doesn’t mean the fight is going to be favored in any way. The company would be fine with Mourn winning tonight. He just... Mourn doesn’t do the extra stuff people like Thorny and Al does. I mean, Thorny and Al being in the main event of AR is a dream of mine. They’d do great business internationally. A true pass the torch moment. Mourn’s an honorable man. Someone the company loves as a champion. He brings a level of integrity we all should be proud of. He’s stood up to tyrants. Everyone I know thinks highly of the man.

          Rose shakes her head.

          Rose: You don’t understand the people you’re dealing with. Especially Mourn.

          Kid: Why are you being like this?

          Rose: Him and his wife, they’re not good people. I know this personally.

          Kid: You’re being ridiculous.

          Rose: Mikhail… Mourn’s a known megalomaniac who is ultimately out for himself and maybe his wife. He’s a paranoid, angry man. I’m telling you, in this or any situation with him, he will go at any length to gain leverage. He did it to Smitten... Then there’s Austin and his games...

          Kid: First off, Austin is NOT receiving a match for the title before AR. I guarantee that. He helped bring a reign of terror to this company. I have a few ideas for his role at AR. But as far as the IHC and the WHC-

          Rose: That’s not-

          Kid: As for Mourn. We’ll hash this out over a bottle of merlot. He’s a reasonable man.

          Rose: Mikhail. I’m telling you, Mourn’s no rational man.

          Kid: Rose… Listen. Thank you for your concern. Right now, this conversation’s not doing either of us any favors. I’ll talk to you after the show.

          Rose, still slightly concerned, nods and heads out the door. The Kid smiles her direction before he looks to the monitor as the extended commercial break ends.

          “How great the tremors will be when the judge comes."


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            We come back to the camera being directed to the announce table where we see Phoenix and Lillehammer joined by LPW International Heavyweight Champion Al.

            Phoenix: Welcome back and we welcome at this time the man who successfully defended the International Heavyweight Championship earlier this evening, Al. Al, a pleasure.

            Al: As always Phoenix. Lille-

            Lillehammer: Uh, look what the cat dragged-

            Camera pans to Chris Austin as he takes a seat on the other side of the desk.

            Austin: Shut up Lillehammer.

            Phoenix: Well then. Welcome to the booth Chris Austin.

            Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the LPW World Heavyweight Championship!

            “Snowblind” by Au5 (Feat. Tasha Baxter) pierces the speakers and the crowd erupts to Tag Team Champion Steven Thornridge walking out. He leads the fans into a clap before marching quick to the ring.

            Lillehammer: At least this clown seems extremely focus tonight. I mean, for him.

            Phoenix: Listen to this ovation! Thornridge has been around for 4+ years and the is his first world title opportunity. He’s been one of our more consistent competitors for over a year.

            Al: He’d make a fine opponent at Altered Reality.

            Austin: No. He wouldn’t.

            Al: Thornridge is a great competitor. He’d be a challenge in any bout we’d have.

            Austin: And he hasn’t earned this opportunity.

            Al: Like you?

            Austin: Unlike me.

            Thorny stands in the ring looking around at the crowd with a modest smile on his face. He takes a deep breath and winks to the camera. Suddenly, the light is cut in the arena. A soft purple hue grows as Ozzy Osbourne’s “Mr Crowley” builds. A camera pans the arena’s hushed crowd as the intro builds to its conclusion leading to the haunting opening lyrics..

            Mr. Crowley, what went on in your head?

            The World Heavyweight Champion Mourn Despana strolls out to the arena. He looks about as his wife Kassandra places a hand on his shoulder, After a squeeze from her hand, he walks ahead, paying no regards to the fans. His gaze aimed at his opponent, and friend, in the ring..

            Phoenix: The crowd showing their appreciation for the World Heavyweight Champion!

            Lillehammer: Nice to see Canada lacks for taste…

            Al. Mourn being a little bit of a showman again. Good to see.

            Phoenix: Mourn Despana reached the to his greatest accomplishment at All-Stars besting Golden for this championship. He walks with his lively wife Kassandra into a match that has happened once before. Thorny faced him for the Pure Championship at-

            Al: I remember show! Circus Maximus! They had a great contest. I had the show off but one man around here didn’t. Aren’t I right Christopher?

            Austin: Watch yourself.

            As the guitar solo hits, Kassandra sits on the second rope. He nods appreciatively to her before stepping through. Mourn’s eyes dart to Thorny as he opens the ropes to return the favor. The Aussie Crusader responds to The Desperado’s surly disposition with a warm smile.

            Lillehammer: I’m pretty sure if bet on this match, I’d put everything on Mourn. And I hate Mourn.This announce table may be more combustible than this match.

            Phoenix: We are in store for an exciting contest between two long time friends. We send it to PA Announcer for the particulars.

            DING! DING!

            Announcer: The following contest is the main event of the evening. It is for the LPW World Heavyweight Championship! First, the challenger. Representing the Professionals. From Perth, Western Australia. Weighing in at 217 lbs. He is one half of the LPW World Tag Team Champions of the World. He is the AUSSIE CRUSADER! STEVEN THOOORIIIDGE!

            With a joyful look on his face, Thornridge pumps his fist to the sky to the cheers of the crowd. As a pocket of “T-A-C” chants start up his smile grows brighter.

            Lillehammer: This goof could become our world champ...

            Announcer: And his opponent. Accompanied by his wife Kassandra. He also represents The Professionals. From Seattle, Washington. Weighing in a 254 lbs. He is the LPW World Heavyweight Champion! THE DESPERADO! MOURN DESPAAANAAA!

            As the crowd cheers Mourn. he stays stone faced looking across the ring. Kassandra leans in to say something in his ear. Mourn looks to the crowd and raises the title to the sky,

            Phoenix: The crowd is hyped and the title match is just about ready to start.

            As the ref gives the title to the attendant, the camera catches Mourn kneeling in the corner as Kassie has her hand on his shoulder leading him in a prayer.

            Al: Looks like Mourn’s needing a little divine help here. Thorny’s a bigger threat than I thought.

            Austin: You all are in for a TREAT. Call it a hunch.

            DING! DING!

            Thornridge and Mourn tests the ropes as the crowd starts dueling chants of “Let’s go Thornridge/Let’s go Mourn” Mourn looks down at his wife and the two seem to share a silent conversation. Mourn adjusts his singlet and walks to the center of the ring.

            Phoenix: This match is underway. Mourn waiting for Thornridge to step forward.

            Lillehammer: That goof Thornridge playing to the crowd, soaking this up. Easy being as popular as the world champ by being his lackey.

            Al: Thorny’s always been popular.

            Austin: He’s a cancer on this company.

            Phoenix: Mourn lunges out, collar elbow tie-up, go behind by Thorny. Mourn digging his hands in, Mourn with an arm wringer. Elbow to the arm. Thornridge spins into a hammerlock-

            Mourn shoots back a sharp elbow to The Aussie Crusade that causes the challenger to back to the rops and check his mouth for blood. Thornridge nods in approval.

            Phoenix: That elbow wasn’t just to break free. An early, simple message from the champ.

            Lillehammer: He should do that more often.

            Austin: Interesting. Noted.

            Al: Austin, why are you out here? You have no stakes in this match.

            Austin: I go where I want.

            Al: Good for you. You aren’t main eventing AR. Keep your business elsewhere.

            Austin: What you fail to realize is that my business is at this table.

            Phoenix: Both gauging distance tentative lock up, Mourn with the go behind and spins into a drop toe hold. Mourn up into a riding headlock. Thorny, quick to a vertical base, snapnares Mourn to the mat. A rear chinlock applied by Thorny. Mourn fights up and backs Thornridge to the ropes. TAC sends Mourn off, Shoulder Block sends Thorny down. Mourn grabs an ankle, rolls Thorny back to his feet, Thornridge off the ropes, Shoulder Block-

            Lillehammer: Mourn stands still. Didn’t phase him!

            Phoenix: Thorny motioning Mourn.

            Al: Nice seeing Thorny act all macho. Good look on him.

            Phoenix: Mourn with a particularly surly look at the fellow Professional. Mourn, off the ropes, TAC drops down, Mourn off, Hip Toss- Mourn floats over, Thorny blocks-

            As Thorny tries again, both men end up near the ropes. Mourn awkwardly bounces off the rope both heads bonk.

            Phoenix: Both men holding their heads. I don’t see blood. Thornridge seems concerned for his friend. Thorny coming in, MOURN SWINGS WIDE, mises, runs the ropes, THORNRIDGE WITH A PICTURESQUE TILT-A-WHIRL POWERSLAM!

            Lillehammer: The champ’s caught off guard!

            Phoenix: Thornridge, right hands as Mourn stands, Mourn counters with a knee lift! Mourn backing up, DDT- THORNY WITH A SPINEBUSTER! Cover 1! 2? WHOA! That was… close. He nailed Mourn with that!

            Lillehammer: I think his head bounced off the mat.

            Austin: If you think that was enough to win the world championship...

            Phoenix: Thorny trying to capitalize. He’s moving now. Outside, heading to the top rope!.

            Lillehammer: The mutt’s rolling to his feet!

            Phoenix: Mourn… He just knocked the legs out from underneath Thorny and the challenger’s tender regions have been dropped on the top turnbuckle!

            Al: WHOA?

            Austin: Excellent.

            Lillehammer: That was a smart counter. Mourn’s clearing the cobwebs from earlier.

            Phoenix: Mourn now climbing up. Looks to be going for a Superplex!

            Lillehammer: This may be a bit too early…

            Phoenix: Mourn hooks him! Block! Mourn, blocked twice! Thorny drops through Mourn’s legs! Thorny’s going for a powerbomb but Mourn’s got ahold of the top turnbuckle pad!

            Lillehammer: Thorny isn’t going to win this tug of war-

            As Thorny pulls again the turnbuckle pad flies with Mourn.

            Phoenix: POWERBOMB! COVER HIM THORNY! DO IT! Thorny’s motioning for the Justice Cutter! He has a chance for the upset! LISTEN TO THIS CROWD!

            As Thornridge hypes up the crowd, Kassandra gets the refs attention from the outside by motioning to the turnbuckle pad. The ref takes the pad and heads to tie it back into place.

            Austin: This idiot has one chance at winning and he’s playing to the crowd...

            Phoenix: Thornridge waiting. Circling behind Mourn. Thornridge… JUSTICE-

            Lillehammer: MULE KICK! YES! MOURN WITH A LOW BLOW!

            Phoenix: Both Professionals are on the mat, but… That couldn’t have been intentional, was it?

            Lillehammer: I’ve done it a few times. Uh, he clearly went for a rolling counter.

            Al: You can’t be serious. What are you smiling at Austin?

            Austin: Something that is a long time coming.

            Thorny is the first to sit up. His face is red, anger filling his eyes. He stands and marches towards Mourn.


            Lillehammer: The second time I’ve seen him turn a match around with that.

            Phoenix: Indeed. Mourn up. Thornridge on dream street. Mourn with a scoop, MOURN JUST DUMPED THORNRIDGE OVER THE TOP ROPE AND TUMBLING TO THE OUTSIDE!

            Lillehammer: I’ve never seen Mourn do anything close to that…

            Al: That was a nasty spill.

            Phoenix: Mourn past the ref and to the outside-

            Mourn motions to Kassandra.

            Al: What is that minx doing on the apron?

            Once on the apron (conveniently on a different side of the ring) Kassandra starts arguing with the ref.

            Phoenix: Mourn’s eyes seeing red? The world champ hip tosses Thorny right into the barricade! Thorny folded up, Mourn fires a kicks right into the exposed ribs of the challenger!

            Lillehammer: This is.. Odd…

            Phoenix: Mourn, laying the boots into him. Listen to that impact! Mourn grabs and biels him right in front of us! That sickening thud! That mat gives little forgiveness.

            Mourn muscles his stablemate up and drapes Thorny’s head onto the announce table without acknowledging Austin or Al.

            Phoenix: He... Thorny’s arm trapped… ELBOW TO THE HEAD! A SERIES OF THEM!

            Austin: This… All of this... is beautiful.

            Al: MOURN! WHAT THE HELL?

            Mourn looks up to Al which gives Thorny the distraction needed to distance himself. Mourn takes a second to flash a middle finger at Al.

            Phoenix: Thorny scrambles away! Kassandra finally off the apron. What is going on?

            Lillehammer: The public beating of a fool.

            Al: Or a public showing of Gabriel Jimenez.

            Austin: You really should watch the shows. When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.

            Al: No need for pointlessly cryptic drivel, Chris. There’s no need for you out here, either, but you go where you please, so I guess you can keep that particular perk.

            Austin shoots Al a ill-intentioned look as Al pays him no mind.

            Phoenix: If Kassandra hadn’t been there, that would have been a 20 count! Thornridge rolling in the ring. Mourn following. Thorny pulling himself, A SWIPING BACK ELBOW TO THE BACK OF THORNRIDGES HEAD!

            Al: There’s more to this…

            Lillehammer: Mourn being saronated with boos.

            Phoenix: He has Thorny by the wrist. Kicks him in the face with his boot Snapping the head to the side. Again. Third time. Thorny up. Mourn, Roundhouse kick to the chest sends Thorny back down. Mourn just taunting him with more kicks to his face. Drags Thorny up. Mourn, Irish whip to the turnbuckle, following, THORNY DODGES A RUNNING ELBOW SMASH! Mourn went chest first into the corner!

            Austin: That missed elbow... that had some malice behind it.

            Phoenix: Thorny, wobbly, Runs in, Closeline! Setting up. For a bulldog, Thorny- SAITO SUPLEX BY MOURN! Mourn with a punishing counter stopping Thorny in his tracks!

            Lillehammer: Mourn’s an American teaching a foreigner a lesson!

            Al: We’re in Canada…

            Lillehammer: MORE the reason! Teach these stupid Canucks how you handle inferior people. The American way you-

            Al: Shut-up Bobby.

            Lillehammer: DON’T CALL ME-

            Austin: Shut. Up. Bobby.

            Lillehammer grumbles as Mourn grabs Thorny by the hair.

            Phoenix: Mourn with Thorny. Mourn, FLATLINER! Mourn up quick, Mourn stomps down on Thorny’s neck. Leaps, ELBOW DROP! That was right to the back of the head! Now digging his elbow into Thorny’s neck... Mourn now choking the man! Ref in. Mourn off... Now he’s backing up the ref!?

            Ref: What gives? That’s illegal!

            Mourn: DQ me! Do it! I DARE YOU! DO IT!

            Mourn backs the small man to the corner causing the ref to be visibly shaken. Once satisfied with the ref’s demeanor he returns to his assault.

            Lillehammer: I like Mourn when he’s like this.

            Phoenix. That’s... I don’t know this man.

            Al: I wouldn’t want to know this man.

            Phoenix: That ref looks terrified. What has gotten into- Mourn with a hard kick to Thornridge’s ribs.

            Mourn: Get in my way now! Come on Thorny! STOP ME NOW!

            Phoenix: Mourn’s repeatedly kicking the man like he’s kicking a field goal.

            The crowd grows in boos. Pockets of “Let’s go Thornridge” grow as Mourn continues to kick him. This causes the World Champ to turn and look around. With rage in his eyes, he walks to the ropes.


            Below Mourn, Kassandra is waving her arms trying to get Mourn’s attention.

            Kassandra: MOURN! BE-


            Right after hitting the move, Thornridge fals to the mat near Mourn. Seeing this, Kassandra climbs up on the apron, grabs Mourn by the ankle and yanks with all her might dragging her husband out of the ring.

            Phoenix: I… Why?

            Al: She’s a snake.

            Lillehammer: Okay. Now I know why he married that woman. Smart, smart man.

            The camera pans to Austin who is failing at hiding a smile.

            Phoenix: THORNRIDGE HAD THE MATCH WON!

            Lillehammer: Untrue.The ref never counted.

            Thornridge looks around. The confused battered man looks to ringside where he is met with Kassandra smiling back at him.

            Phoenix: That was his shot Lillehammer! And that “dark maiden” just stopped his chance at immortality. I don’t think Thorny’s in his right mind.Thornys eyes see red and... If this is Novacane, he’s eyeing Kassandra!

            Al: Good.

            The smile quickly fades as she’s starts apologizing. She keeps backing up until she gets cornered against the barricade.

            Lillehammer: That madman's out of the ring and this crowd is telling him to hit a defenseless woman. What would their mothers think? She’s apologizing! You can forgive her!

            With his hand raised to strike Thornridge shakes his out the cobwebs.

            Thornridge: I… I’m sorry.

            Kassandra: So am I.


            Lillehammer: His head bounced off that barricade wall like a pinball!

            Phoenix: I’VE NEVER SEEN MOURN AIM AT A HEAD LIKE THAT.That was a colossal misstep by Thorny. If he had just rolled Mourn back into the ring…

            Lillehammer: Fair game. Thorny attacked Mourn from behind as well...

            Al: I’m sorry you have to deal with this asshat every show.

            Phoenix: Mourn pushes Thornridge’s body back into the ring.

            Austin: Thorny brought all of this on himself.

            Phoenix: Mourn kicks the man in the mouth. Thorny sprawling to his feet.

            Mourn: Hit me!

            Phoenix: Mourn with a palm strike to the wobbly man!

            Mourn: HIT ME!

            Phoenix: Thorny misses a wide swing and Mourn with a left hook that almost floors the challenger! Now palm strikes! Dear goodness what shots!

            Al: This isn’t right.

            Lillehammer: YES! THE RAGE!

            Phoenix: Thorny’s still trying to fight but can’t get a shot to land! Mourn to the ribs, to the face. HE’S JUST TEEING OFF WITH PALM STRIKES! Thorny stumbling to the corner, he can’t stand much longer!

            Ref: 1! 2! 3! 4!

            Mourn stops swinging to shoot a glare at the ref. This gives Thorny just enough room to nail Mourn with a surprise roundhouse right.

            Phoenix: That was vicious! Mourn… He’s unfazed? Thorny keeps swinging!

            Al: Thorny not backing down… Bless his soul.

            Phoenix: Mourn dodges… that… THAT’S A COBRA CLUTCH! Thorny’s fading quick! This match is... Mourn spins him. BULLHAMMER ELBOW!

            Lillehammer: I… I just saw blood fly from Thornridge’s face. Okay, he can pin him now.

            Phoenix: Mourn on top, MOURN RABID! HE’S NOW JUST… HE’S ELBOWING THE MAN IN THE CUT! Swiping elbows to the forehead! IT’S GETTING BIGGER! THIS CROWD IS STUNNED!


            Lillehammer: DO NOT USE THE LORD’S NAME IN-

            Phoenix: SHUT IT ROBERT! THIS MATCH IS THROUGH! PIN HIM MOURN! PLEASE! FINALLY! Mourn with the cover! 1! 2!... MOURN! GOD... He pulled his head up… Mourn’s anger... Mourn with a slap across his face! And another! Three.. He’s paint brushing the man!

            Austin: This will shut him up for a while.

            Al: I… damn it! This is a straight up mugging!

            Austin:: You can’t do a thing Alejandro.

            Mourn flips him over and watches the blood drips down from The Aussie Crusader’s forehead onto the mat beneath him. The Ronin rises and steps onto the man’s neck while he looks about at the crowd. A reserved smirk appears on the World Champ’s face. The crowd responds with curses and screams. The boos grow louder the longer he looks out. This causes the Ronin’s smirk to grow.

            Phoenix: He’s enjoying himself... Mourn with a guillotine choke! Pulling the lifeless man up! Mourn looking to his wife

            Lillehammer: Even Kassandra’s smiling! I know what’s next!

            Phoenix: Slight nod from her... MOURN! NORTHERN LIGHTS BOMB!

            Lillehammer: Good night people!

            Phoenix: Hooks the leg. One. Two... Three.

            DING! DING!

            Announcer: The winner of the match and STILL LPW World Heavyweight Champion, MOURN DESPAAANAAA!


            “Mr. Crowley” by Ozzy Osbourne kicks up to a raucous amount of boos. Mourn rises up from Thornridge’s body, a sense of peace washing over his shoulders. Kassandra retrieves the World Heavyweight Championship and hands it to her husband as he slowly rises. They exchange glances as the official cautiously darts his glance between Thornridge and Mourn. Mourn extends his wrist, taking care to assure that his hand will be raised in front of the announce booth where Al and Austin are seated. The official obliges as Mourn stares a hole toward Al.

            Phoenix: Mourn’s sick, disgusting message at the expense of his friend has to be heard loud and clear…

            Lillehammer: There’s no way those two are friends after that. We just saw the end of the Professionals, most certainly. But Mourn is clearly demonstrating the lengths he’ll go to claim the Martinez Cup.

            Al: He has no idea what it takes to lift an accolade of that prestige. I do. I’ll show him that at Altered Reality.

            Phoenix: Austin, any comments?

            Al: He has none, with all due respect. At this moment he isn’t even booked at Altered Reality, let alone in the match he thinks he deserves.

            Austin’s eyes flutter closed as he feels the sting of that jab. Mourn looks to Kassandra and points to Thornridge, who is just now coming to. She gets a devilish gleam in her eye.

            Lillehammer: Doesn’t appear they’re done.


            Mourn stands over Thornridge, who is currently receiving the attention of extra officials as well as EMTs. Mourn bellows out to the help that they disperse.

            Al: Enough, is enough.

            With that, Al rises from his chair and gets into the ring to cheers. Kassie quickly gets Mourn’s attention and the couple come face to face with the International Heavyweight Champion.

            Al: You’ve done enough. Time for you to go.

            Mourn: I’ll decide when I’ve done enough.

            Al: We don’t have to wait until Altered Reality.

            Mourn: I suppose we don’t.

            Phoenix: This one is going to blow right now!

            As Thornridge is helped from the ring and assisted to the back, the two world champions stare each other down intensely. Mourn hands his championship to Kassandra, apparently ready to throw blows. Al drops his title and motions for him to advance. Mourn starts to, and Kassie places a firm yet gentle hand on Mourn’s chest. The Ronin smirks.

            Mourn: But I think it’s best that we do. No excuses, no one to save you.

            Al: I don’t see anyone being saved but you, sir.

            Mourn backpedals away from the ring, stepping on the bottom rope and pulling on the middle rope to let Kassandra out. When she’s on the apron, he rolls out beneath the bottom and offers his hand, helping her down. Al then retrieves his title and eyes Mourn as he backpedals up the ramps to a cacophony of boos. Al steps out to the apron and raises his title high. At this point, we hear the sound of a microphone being dropped and the boos turn to shrieks of warning.

            Phoenix: AL LOOK OUT!

            Lillehammer: HE’S GOT HIM!

            Suddenly, Austin has snuck up behind Al and seized the International Heavyweight Champion about the head and neck in his patented 1888 Dragon Sleeper! In a surprising show of brute force and aggression -- one that even raises the eye of Mourn and Kassandra -- Austin manages to drag Al back into the ring by his neck and arm over the top rope, dropping down and locking his legs into the bodyscissors portion of the hold in a fluid motion. Al thrashes about trying to free himself, but the hold is cinched in so none of his efforts are fruitful.

            Phoenix: AUSTIN HAS THE 1888! AL NEVER SAW HIM COMING!

            Lillehammer: Did you see him drag him over the top rope? It was straight out of Stranger Things! And look! LOOK HOW QUICKLY AL IS FADING!

            Phoenix: We need to get some help out here!

            Al’s violent contorting quickly slows to a halt as Austin, crazed look in his eye, begins yelling at the increasingly lifeless form of the International Heavyweight Champion. Al’s body goes limp as road agents and officials breeze by Mourn and Kassandra and into the ring, trying to pry Austin off Al.



            Lillehammer: Now this … is a great night in America.

            Austin continues to squeeze and crank, ignoring the pleas and pulls of the LPW officials. After a couple more seconds -- and a particularly strong arch on the final torquing of the sleeper -- Austin lets go as Al rolls onto his face, which has now turned a eerie shade of red and purple in some spots. Austin gets to his feet and rolls out of the ring, where Al dropped the IHC belt upon Austin ambushing him. Austin looks at the belt longingly and his eyes go back to Mourn and Kassandra, who give him an appreciative nod. Austin then callously drops the belt onto Al’s faintly rising and falling back, staring at him as the show fades out.

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