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LPW SuperCycle 26.4 LIVE! From The United Center in Chicago, Illinois! RESULTS!

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  • LPW SuperCycle 26.4 LIVE! From The United Center in Chicago, Illinois! RESULTS!

    Christian G. Smitten stands in his makeshift backstage office. He looks at his watch then through the documents he has collected on his desk. A knock and a slow enter from Rose Florecer breaks his thoughts.

    Smitten: Hi Rose. You were almost late.

    Rose sighs as she walks into his office.

    Rose: You called?

    Smitten: Yes, come here. I need you to sign a few things.

    Rose: Sign a few… what?

    Smitten: Strictly job related, Rose. I don’t have time for your hesitancy.

    Rose slowly reads the documents. Her face brightens while her eyes start to well up.

    Smitten: They asked me for the one person who the talent gets along with.

    And, well, that’s you.

    I never hear a bad thing about you. You’ve been here for four years. You deserve-

    Rose quickly signs the forms and hands them to Smitten.

    Rose: Here.

    Smitten: Good. Now, about your job for this evening.

    Rose: You didn’t read the paperwork. I don’t work for you.

    Rose smirks at him and extends her hand.

    Rose: Bye Smitten. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Smitten proudly shakes her hand.

    Smitten: You’re welcome Rosemary. You’ll do a splendid job, I’m sure of it. Now… I only have these few hours. After that, my baby, LPW… she… she won’t be my baby anymore.

    Rose begins to leave. Before she does, Smitten calls for her attention…

    Smitten: Oh, Rose!

    She turns back.

    Smitten: I only say this… well.. It’s not my business anymore, but…

    Rose: What, Christian?

    Smitten: He’s not with you for you. You should know that. You’re a means to an end.

    The reporter shakes her head. She turns to leave.

    Rose: You… right down to the last moment, eh?

    She walks out.


    Rise up, gather round, rock this place to the ground

    Burn it up, let’s go for broke, watch the night go up in smoke

    Rock on! Rock on!

    Drive me crazier

    No Serenade, no fire brigade, just Pyromania!!

    and Insanity

    Come inside now, I implore.
    Do you think you can restore
    The crucial pieces missing from my brain?
    What seems to be the matter dear?
    Why do you cry and shake with fear?
    I've only had the best dub me insane.
    Please let me out
    Please let me out
    Please let me…


    LPW SuperCycle

    LIVE! From The United Center in Chicago, Illinois!

    Phoenix: Welcome to LPW! It is I Blazing Phoenix alongside Robert Lillehammer and we have a stellar card for you this evening.

    Lillehammer: A three team tag team match that will blow the roof off as teams of enemies go against one another. I cannot wait to see that chaos.

    Phoenix: That’s not all, our World Heavyweight Champion Golden will go one on one with a very game Bobino looking to gain some pivotal momentum heading into All-Stars.

    Lillehammer: Of course! Bobino’s my man. American, a fighter, and our future International Heavyweight Champion. You better get use to that.

    Phoenix: And in out main event, International Heavyweight Champion Al. Will go one on one with Western States Heavyweight Champion Mourn Despana.

    Lillehammer: Two alpha males fighting hard for the approval of the crowd. Certainly is going to be an eventful evening.

    Phoenix: We will open the evening with the fledgling DEEPNET division!

    Lillehammer: It has specific rules. No count out, no pinfall. DQ’s are possible.
    Like using a weapon.

    Phoenix: Exactly. Let’s head to the ring where Mic Announcer is waiting to kick off the evening.

    Full Of Hell/The Body’s "Abel" brings the rabid Chicago crowd to their feet.


    Announcer: The following contest is a DEEPNET rules match for the #1 contendership of the DEEPNET Championship! This match can only end via DQ, Submission, or KO. Introducing first.

    As the announcer says this, Marlon Verity walks through the curtain to a mixture of cheers and boos.

    Announcer: From Kazimierz Dolny, Poland. Weighing in at 223 lbs. MARLON VEEERITYYY!

    Phoenix: The newcomer to LPW Marlon Verity is on his way to the ring in hopes of getting a victory to face Obsidian at All-Stars.

    Lillehammer: These Chicago twerps are anti-American tonight. Rooting for the Polock.

    Phoenix: He comes out on the heels of an impressive victory against 3 other competitors.

    Red and purple lights flash as he rolls into the ring.

    Lillehammer: I’ll give him this. At least he’s got a cool entrance. But what the heck is this... music? Is it the work of Obama?

    Announcer: And his opponent!

    “You're The Best Around” by Joe Esposito brings a surprisingly high amount of cheers as Enyo follows the Crippled Crusader out.

    Announcer: Accompanied by Enyo, from Buffalo, New York. Weighing in at 215 lbs. “The Crippled Crusader” CHRIS PAAARADIIISE!

    Chris Paradise keeps his head high, cockily soaking in the cheers.

    Phoenix: You were saying?

    Lillehammer: That beastly woman is simply scaring the fans.

    Phoenix: I dare you to call her that to her face.

    Lillehammer: I tried, but she doesn’t understand English.

    Phoenix: …The last time we saw Paradise he was on the business end of a Rolling Elbow from Mourn Despana. He failed to capture the Western States Heritage Championship but the effort in the match seems to have impressed the new owners. This is his chance to get right back into contention for a title.

    Once in the ring, the ref checks both men’s equipment for foreign objects.

    Phoenix: Ref seems satisfied.


    As the bell rings, Verity and paradise charge to one another.


    Lillehammer: They aren’t playing by the second.

    Phoenix: Ref staying away as now they are acting like Hockey players.

    To the surprise of Verity, the more compact Paradise starts to drive him backwards to a corner with each strike.

    Lillehammer: Verity with a go behind.

    Phoenix: Verity rides The Crippled Crusader down. Verity, DEADLIFT GUTWRENCH SUPLEX!

    Lillehammer: Marlon showing surprising strength!

    Phoenix: Verity now stomping on the legs of Paradise. Trying to weaken his vertical base.

    Lillehammer: If it gets any weaker we can start calling him I-85.

    Phoenix: Verity yanking Paradise to his feet. Verity-

    As Verity goes for an irish whip, Paradise rakes him in the eyes.

    Lillehammer: HEY!

    Phoenix: Ref admonishing Paradise.

    While the ref is arguing, kicks back with a low blow to Verity.

    Lillehammer: That ref is pretty peeved.

    Phoenix: Ref is threatening to DQ him for-

    Verity returns the favor hitting Paradise from behind with a low blow of his own.

    Lillehammer: And now this match has slowed to a crawl.

    Phoenix: Ref not telling both men to cut it off.

    Lillehammer: Would the ref be willing to DQ them both?

    Phoenix: Verity up first.

    Lillehammer: Paradise using the ropes.


    Lillehammer: First true offensive move by Paradise!

    Phoenix: Paradise drives an elbow to the back of the skull of Verity. Paradise, SPIKE DDT!

    Lillehammer: Verity on dream street!

    Phoenix: Paradise, BOW AND ARROW!

    Lillehammer: Verity in-

    Phoenix: Verity wiggles out, NOW STOMPING ON THE FACE OF PARADISE! Verity-

    As Verity sets up fro a Russian Leg Sweep, Paradise struggles with him. As Verity wins the fight for the hold, Paradise grabs the ref’s shirt.

    Lillehammer: RUSSIAN- OH!


    Lillehammer: That was a nasty tumble!


    Lillehammer: What’s that woman doing?

    Phoenix: Enyo has Paradise’s crutch in hand and she’s getting in the ring! SHE NAILS VERITY WITH THE CRUTCH!

    Lillehammer: Loyal creature. Poor thing just pissed off Verity.

    Phoenix: Verity has released the hold and is now stalking the large woman.

    Lillehammer: She’s sorry. Look at her. Verity she’s sorry.

    Once to the ropes, Enyo “shrieks.” She tosses the the crutch into the air before bailing out of the ring.


    Outside the ring behind Verity, Enyo starts pointing madly. Seeing what she’s doing, Paradise “loses control" of his grip.

    Lillehammer: Verity has the crutch!




    Announcer: The winner of the match and the #1 contender to the DEEPNET Championship... by way of Disqualification, CHRIS PAAARADIIISE!

    Chris Paradise (w/ Enyo) - 3.74 APS + 1.2 vote = 4.94 total

    Marlon Verity - 3.57 APS + 0.4 vote = 3.97 total

    Verity lets go of the submission amongst the confusion. He sees the hampered ref pointing to the crutch. Joe Esposito’s "You're The Best Around" comes across the speakers while the crowd sends jeers towards the decision.

    Phoenix: The ref DQed the wrong man.

    Lillehammer: He only saw Paradise get hit and the ref’s decision is final. Reagan bless America!

    Phoenix: While it may be, that ref has a seething Marlon Verity in the ring.

    Verity watches Enyo carry Paradise out of the ring while the battered ref tries to explain what he saw to him.

    Phoenix: Can’t think of what’s going on in Verity’s head right now. He’s watching that large woman carry away a man he thought he had beat. Of course, Paradise once again has tricks up his sleeve.

    Lillehammer: Yep. One step-

    Verity suddenly destroys the ref with a clothesline.


    Lillehammer: Mistakes have consequences.


    Lillehammer: Someone get that ref worker’s comp.

    "Abel" by Full Of Hell/The Body plays as Verity stares angrily at the downed ref.

    Phoenix: That was Verity’s but instead Paradise abused the system and came away as the #1 contender. We will be back in a moment.

    We head backstage where the final replays of the previous match plays on Professional’s locker room. Mourn Despana sits in his suit, watching the action while Steven Thornridge and Bronx are taping their wrists.

    Mourn: The DEEPNET surely is an interesting-.

    Thornridge: I mean, not for nothing, they will get along no problems. And Ozzy's got a fire in his belly like something fierce. We can simply not allow him into the match...

    Bronx: Yeah, man. I ain't seen him this hype in a hot minute. He keeps this up and he might find his way higher and higher up the card.

    Thornridge: Hotter than a fresh hotdog off the barbecue! He'll be after me like something chronic to get his loss avenged.

    Bronx: Gotta make sure we give him something to chase then! For real though, hot or not, Ozzy goes down. We need to go out there and give him and Mav the best of what we got. As future World Tag Team Champs we must act professional!

    The monitor then switches to show the face of Golden, winking into the camera and giving a thumbs up.

    Golden:I am going to begin your massage now, Mrs. Jiménez, if you are ready. My name is Henrik and I will be your masseur today.

    Kassie: OK

    Golden: Let me pull a towel up over your lower half while I work on your back and shoulders.

    Golden stares into his camera phone as he slowly pulls a towel up Kassie's legs before gently resting it at the nape of her back.

    Golden: Did you enjoy our sauna and steam rooms earlier this morning, mam?

    Mourn watches in stunned silence as Golden enters the room showing his bare wife laying face down on the massage table. Thornridge and Bronx notice Mourn’s silence join him at the monitor. Thornridge covers his mouth. Bronx looks over at Mourn. The Desperado's eyes slowly grow cold.

    Bronx: Bro… I...

    The door opens and Scruffy the Janitor runs in with his mouth agape. Seeing this, Mourn stands quick and reaches into his locker for his bo staff. As he turns to head out, Thornridge and Bronx slow him down.

    Thornridge: Mourn, don’t do anything-

    Mourn uses his staff to push Thornridge out of the way. As he heads out towards catering, he sees what sent Scuffy into a panic. Every monitor in the arena has the video playing. As the whole video plays, Mourn stands fixated on one of the screens. With every image his eyes become more and more irate. Once the video ends, as the room is silent, a creak in the distance and Golden heads out of the production truck. With a camera crew in tow, he confidently strolls towards Mourn.

    Mourn’s left eye twitches as he drops the bo staff to the ground. He then, without breaking eye contact on Golden, jerks off his his tie, roughly removes his coat and takes off his dress shirt; the later of which is ripped to shreds. Mourn reaches for his staff, only for Thornridge to kick it away.

    Thornridge: Gabe, not here, not now. You don’t want to take this too-

    Mourn swiftly grabs Thornridge by the collar and shoves him out of his way. Bronx tries in vain to grab his friend. Mourn charges towards Golden only to be met by a security guard. Mourn straight up cold cocks the unsuspecting man with a punch that floors him. This brings the rest of the hired security into the area. Thornridge and Bronx catch back up to Mourn and slip between Mourn and the now mobilized security detail.

    Golden: Man, you look tense. You really should have went for that massage yourself, Gabe.

    Tears form in Mourn’s eyes. This prompts a roar of arrogant laughter from the Irishman.

    Golden: I’m glad you didn’t though, or I wouldn’t have been able to get my hands on your lovely little wife. You’re probably thinking I enjoyed touching her naked body - it was OK, I will admit that I had to get a good view of her overgrown lady garden just to make sure she wasn’t a 14 year old boy,

    Mourn responds with roars and howls which echo down the hall. He pushes past The Professionals in a fury stricken attempt at grabbing his villain’s face. This brings the guards to grab ahold of The Rōnin.

    Golden: But what I truly enjoyed most was the noises she made. That meant SHE enjoyed it. I made her moan. I made her squeal. Her nipples would have cut steel, and I’m pretty sure I made her a little...wet?

    Gabriel’s roars become guttural. Primal. The feral man starts shoving the security guards violently.

    Golden: Sure smelt like it anyway. Fuck...the more I think about it, you snarling and barking like that, the part I truly enjoyed the most? Hearing the sheer disappointment in her voice when we talked about you. And that’s what irks you the most. Not that I have my hands all over the body of your naked wife, it’s that I got behind the curtain. I seen what you don’t want the world to see. An unhappy wife. A distracted husband. A man who lives one charade in public and another behind closed doors.

    Despana shoves turn to elbows as the wronged man starts hitting everyone around him to get free. Golden, unfazed, smirks.

    Golden: Jesus, Gabe...I think I’m starting to feel sorry for you. My sympathy won’t be wasted on the pathetic, and look at you, look at you. YOU are pathetic. YOUR wife thinks you’re pathetic.

    Bronx and Thorny go to grab Mourn and get hit in the ribs. They use these strikes to keep a vice like grip to each of his arms. This, along with the rest of the standing security, gives them a semblance of control on Mourn’s movements..

    Golden Every set of eyes on you right now KNOWS you’re pathetic. Pick yourself up, man, dust yourself down. Run back into the arms of that wife of yours...and give her a little slap on the arse from me.

    Mourn throws himself towards Golden. The mass of men use the momentum to lift the thrashing wrestler off the ground and carry him back towards his locker room. After his rival is pulled around the corner, Golden smugly walks over to Mourn’s bo staff, thinks about it, and hands the weapon to Scruffy.

    Golden: Give this to Mourn. I’m not totally heartless.

    He takes an apple from the table, and whistles as he calmly walks away.

    “How great the tremors will be when the judge comes."

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    They cut to Blazing Phoenix and Robert Lillehammer who both look like they are in shock as Chicago audience revolts in boos.

    Phoenix: The Professionals, Bronx and Steven Thornridge, will be out in a moment.

    Lillehammer: We hope.

    Phoenix: I… I want to vehemently apologize for the content you all just had to witness. It has been a while since we’ve seen such a vulgar display by our World Heavyweight Champion.

    Lillehammer: Listen. I despise… dislike the Western States Heritage Champion. But, his wife didn’t ask for this. Plasting her nude image on TV isn’t something I can stand behind.

    The camera pans out to show THE David Maverick standing next to the announcers table taking notes. Maverick looks over at Lillehammer and winks.

    Lillehammer: Getting pointers I see?

    Phoenix: Robert... We both know he’s out here for his upcoming match.

    Lillehammer: And to take notes.


    Announcer: The following contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall.

    "The Next Day" by David Bowie plays as the crowd starts to slowly get back under control.

    Announcer: First, at ringside. Weighing in at 250 lbs. THE DAAAVID MAAAVERIIICK! And. Making his way to the ring, weighing in at 225 lbs. OZZY CREEERAAAR

    Ozzy Crerar makes his way out from back with disgusted look on his face.

    Phoenix: Back to the action as tag team action up next. Here are the men standing in the Professional’s way. Ozzy Crerar…

    Lillehammer: Unpatriotic American

    Phoenix: And THE David Maverick

    Lillehammer: Patriotic Un-American.

    Phoenix: Ozzy’s a little beaten up after his last contest where he fell to the United States Champion Chris Austin.

    Lillehammer: Like usual, THE David Maverick here with his notes to pull Ozzy out of the muck. He doesn’t even looked focused. The man’s acting like he just saw-

    Phoenix: I swear to-

    Lillehammer: A ghost?

    Announcer: And their opponents.

    Rage Against the Machine’s “Guerilla Radio” brings universal cheers from the audience as the #1 contender's to the tag team championship, Bronx and Steven Thornridge, walk through the curtain.

    Announcer: At a total combined weight of 438lbs, Steven Thornridge and Bronx… THE PROOOFESSIONAAALS!

    Phoenix: A little subdued, but here are The Professionals for tag team action.

    Lillehammer: Their minds are not here right now.

    Phoenix: They will face the tag team champs Justus and Damien Blaze at All-Stars for the LPW Tag Team Championships!

    Lillehammer: I’m serious. They seem a little off. This may be a tougher task that I’d-

    As Thornridge, comes through the ropes, THE David Maverick attacks. Ozzy stands dumbfounded at the tactics.


    Lillehammer: Maverick wasting no time!

    Phoenix: TDM with clubbing forearms to Bronx. A scoop, and a slam.

    Lillehammer: That scourge Ozzy wants in.

    Phoenix: Maverick waves him off, a scoop, and a running powerslam! Cover 1! Thornridge out quick.

    Lillehammer: Maverick pulling up Thornridge in quick, he senses castup in the water.

    Phoenix: Tag into Ozzy, Crerar with a punch into the floating ribs, NORTHERN LIGHTS! 1! 2! Kick-out! Bronx was on the verge of jumping into the ring!

    Lillehammer: Ozzy’s with an elbow drop, and another!

    Phoenix: Ozzy now tagging in Maverick, both men lift him, DOUBLE BODY SLAM! Cover one.. And Thornridge out quickly.

    Lillehammer: Ozzy asking back in.

    Phoenix: Sound strategy. Tag, Maverick exposing the ribs. Ozzy to the second rope, stiff elbow to Thornridge. TAC on one knee. He’s separately in need of a tag.

    Lillehammer: This fool Ozzy slipping being. Ozzy, Back Su-

    Phoenix: Thorny flips out, TAG!

    In what would normally seems like a moment to rush in, Bronx casually hops over the top rope and allows Ozzy to gain his bearings.

    Lillehammer: Are you kidding me?

    Phoenix: Nope, showing the utmost respect to Ozzy.

    Bronx and Ozzy crouch to set the distance between one another.

    Phoenix: Tie up, Ozzy with a side headlock. Irish whip, held on by Ozzy.

    Lillehammer: A little tenacity from that fool Ozzy.

    Phoenix: Bronx readies himself, An- Ozzy sent on an irish whip, Jumping shoulder block takes down Bronx!

    Lillehammer: Ozzy seems slightly proud of himself.

    Phoenix: Bronx’s back up, right hand sends him back down. Up, down again!

    Lillehammer: Bronx needs to watch for those fists.

    Phoenix: Ozzy now measuring-

    Ozzy goes for a clothesline, but Bronx is cartwheel out of the way.

    Phoenix: Bronx, Dropkick sends Ozzy down. Bronx, off the ropes.

    As Bronx bounces off the ropes, Maverick tries to grab him, when he misses, he’s quick onto the ring.

    Lillehammer: What’s Maverick-

    Phoenix: Bronx ducks a clothesline-

    Maverick and Ozzy go for a double hip-toss. Unknown to them, Thornridge has caught on and is quick behind his unsuspecting opponents.

    Phoenix: Double hip to- caught by Thornridge!

    Lillehammer: Saving his partner!

    Phoenix: Now all four men are trading punches!

    Lillehammer: Ozzy and Maverick are winning this exchange!

    Phoenix: Maverick and Ozzy talking. Both off the ropes,

    Both Thorny and Bronx duck clotheslines by Ozzy and Maverick at the same time..

    Lillehammer: Missed!

    Phoenix: Both off the ropes, DUEL CLOTHESLINES BY THE PROFESSIONALS!


    Phoenix: Both men now on Ozzy, Sends him off the ropes, DOUBLE BACK BODY DROP!

    Lillehammer: Maverick up!

    Phoenix: Maverick with clubbing forearms to Bronx. Reigning down the heavy blows!

    Lillehammer: Watch for the Aussie!

    Phoenix: Shoulder block by Steven Thornridge!

    The momentum from the block sends Maverick bouncing off the ropes.

    Lillehammer: Still standing!

    Phoenix: DOUBLE DROPKICK! TDM goes tumbling out of the ring!

    Lillehammer: Thornridge just threw a- THEY AREN’T STOPPING!


    Lillehammer: These buffoons are now clapping.

    Thornridge stands near the ropes motioning for Bronx to run at him as he stand in the ring right in front of THE David Maverick.

    Phoenix: The Aussie Crusader’s waiting, Bronx off the ropes, HE JUST BACK BODY DROPPED HIS PARTNER ONTO MAVERICK WITH A SENTON!

    Lillehammer: That was insane, and dangerous. Mostly stupid.

    Phoenix: Thornridge now preparing for a dive? Thornridge runs-

    Just as he goes to dive through the ropes, Ozzy leaps up onto the apron.

    Phoenix: Leapfrog by Ozzy! Back heel kick by Ozzy. Ozzy, BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!


    Phoenix: Ozzy not wasting any time. He’s setting up for the Ouch! If he hits this this match is through!.

    As Ozzy goes for the double underhook, Bronx runs into frame, grabs under Ozzy’s arm and kicks off the back of Thornridge.

    Lillehammer: Bronx!


    Lillehammer: Thorny warding off Maverick!

    Phoenix: SHOULDERS DOWN! 1! 2!! 3!!!

    Lillehammer: Holy cow!

    Announcer: Winners of this match, Bronx and Steven Thornridge, THE PROFEESSSIONAAALS!

    Bronx and Steven Thornridge - 4.06 APS + 3.91 APS + 1.1 vote = 9.07 total

    THE David Maverick and Ozzy Crerar - 3.5 APS + 3.46 APS + 0.5 vote = 7.46 total

    Bronx helps Thornridge up so can raise their hands. “Guerilla Radio” by Rage Against the Machine plays as both men play to the crowd.

    Phoenix: Impressive victory by The Professionals here tonight.

    Lillehammer: They didn’t play around tonight. I’ll give them credit. It won't be enough for the tag champs, but they handled business here tonight.

    Phoenix: They certainly did.

    Ozzy is helps up by his tag team opponents. They both take turns patting him on the back. Maverick looks on like a jealous child.

    Lillehammer: Oh, they’re being nice...

    Phoenix: I am pretty sure something was said backstage before the match. A great display of sportsmanship by the competitors.

    Lillehammer: And THE David Maverick will once again have to explain to Ozzy what an opponent is.

    Phoenix: We will be back in a moment to the LPW Supercycle LIVE from Chicago. Illinois!

    “How great the tremors will be when the judge comes."


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      Phoenix: Well you won’t believe what we have in store for you next… But first, we want to talk a little bit more about the LPW network. All your favourite matches and moment-

      Suddenly a song starts to play across the speakers. The crowd is treated to the sight of Jerome Bellsworth, he waves to the crowd as he walks down the ramp, and into the ring.

      Lillehammer: What in the world is that THING doing in the ring?

      Phoenix: I think he’s going to speak.

      Lillehammer: It can TALK!?

      Bellsworth: I always say that any man with two hands has a fighting chance. Well this is my chance! I was granted a match with a champion in LPW, and that is my ticket to greatness. To having my name up in lights with the greatest that this sport has to offer. I can’t wait-

      "Warriors" by Freedom Call interrupts Jerome, as Justus and Damien Blaze step out from behind the curtain holding their titles up above their heads to the cheers of the audience.

      Justus: Jerome, I have some good news, and some bad news. The Good news is that you have a match with not ONE champion, but TWO. The bad news? It’s a handicap match. Against US.

      Announcer: The following match is scheduled for one fall, and it is a HANDICAP MATCH.
      Justus and Blaze climb into the ring. Justus heads to the corner, and Blaze turns to face Bellsworth.

      Lillehammer: I think Bellsworth is rethinking his dream at this point.

      Phoenix: Well hey, any man with two hands…

      Lillehammer: is likely to get them ripped off.

      Blaze looks over at Bellsworth, who has his hands raised, and balled into fists, ready to strike. Blaze simply jerks his head toward his opponent, and Bellsworth falls backward on top of himself. The audience laughs, as does Blaze. Blaze walks over to Bellsworth, and boots him across the back. Bellsworth goes down hard, and Blaze gets him back to his feet, before whipping him into the ropes.

      As Bellsworth rebounds off the ropes, Blaze connects with a running STO that levels him. Blaze extends his hand toward Justus, and Justus tags himself in, coming off the top rope, with a splash, right onto the chest of Bellsworth

      Lillehammer: Justus in now, bringing the pain, and continuing to dominate Jerome Bellsworth.

      Phoenix: Justus striking hard with elbow strikes, and chops. Justus brings him into the corner, and starts coming at him with European uppercuts. Justus tags Blaze back in.

      Lillehammer: Blaze heads to the opposite corner, and charges down hard on him. Double knee strikes to the chest. Blaze tags Justus back in, as Bellsworth falls down to the centre of the ring.

      Phoenix: I think the tag team champs are ready to wrap things up here

      Lillehammer: As if there was any doubt, the handicap stipulation is greatly favouring the champions here. Justus drops an elbow onto the chest of Bellsworth. Someone should check and see if it’s still alive.

      Phoenix: Justus now, whips Bellsworth off the ropes, and connects with a bicycle kick. Justus picks up Bellsworth, and Blaze hops up to the top rope! Dead to Rites! The tag champs connect! Justus makes the pin!




      Announcer: The winner of this match, Justus, and Damien Blaze!

      "Warriors" by Freedom Call plays as the moody Chicago crowd laughs at the result of the match. Justus and Blaze are quick to grab their titles and exit the ring.

      Lillehammer: A professional victory tonight for Justus and Blaze. They seem ready to face those phonies at All-Stars.

      Phoenix: I know, as much as Justus and Blaze, that Thornridge and Bronx are real threats to their tag titles. They’ll be working on all cylinders at All-Stars. They wanted a real team to face them, they’ve got exactly what they wanted.

      Lillehammer: As long as they have that tag finisher, they will win.

      Phoenix: That may be just the case. We’ll be back for singles action in a moment.

      LPW United States Champion and Mount Vesuvius Torch holder Chris Austin sits inside a cubby hole within his personal locker area, taping his fists as a TV blares loudly. Beneath the brim of his hoodie, he looks toward it; his piercing blue eyes focusing on the footage emanating from the screen: A successful title defense against current World Heavyweight Champion, Golden at Homecoming.

      Austin: You made far too many mistakes in that match, Chris. And yet you forced him to make even more.

      He shakes his head, disdain forming a scowl within his face.

      Austin: He’s a lot better now…

      ???: … But so are you.

      Austin, who was in the middle of biting the extra strip of tape off of his right fist, freezes. His head cranes to the side, where he spies Christian G. Smitten.


      Smitten: Christo-

      Austin’s gaze snaps back to Smitten, cutting LPW’s COO off mid-statement.

      Smitten: Austin. I know that PERC was not what you wanted it to be. What I promised it would be. Perhaps on some level I failed you. Nevertheless, as one of my great acquisitions to this company, I wanted to go ahead and do away with whatever animosity we have. I don’t expect us to be friends or acquaintances. The fact is, however … we have been through a lot during my time in charge here. For standing at my side through this, I offer an olive branch.

      Austin slowly stands up as Smitten tentatively stretches out his hand for a shake. Austin’s eyes dart from it to Smitten’s calm exterior as he gathers his spoils of battles past.

      Austin: You were right about one thing…I am a lot better now than I was then. As for you and I … well … we both knew what this was. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have work to do.

      Smitten’s hand drops, accepting the situation. Austin goes to leave, with Golden and Bobino’s match looming.

      Smitten: Before you go, Chris...

      Austin halts in his tracks.

      Smitten: I hope for your sake, you successfully use that torch.

      Austin stifles an incredulous chuckle, turning to face Smitten while removing his hood, returning Smitten’s collected gaze with one of his own.

      Austin: …Remember Phoenix, Christian? The firebombing?

      Smitten: Unfortunately.

      Austin: What happened after that incident?

      Smitten: You cleanly defeated the longest-reigning World Heavyweight Champion in LPW history in your first LPW match…But the champions are better now than Morpheus was then.

      Austin: When a man has been put through hell by someone he once trusted, he learns that whatever tests he faces from that point forward aren’t as daunting as they seem. I appreciate the learning experience. No harm done.

      Austin turns away and leaves.

      Announcer: The following contest is set for one fall.

      The arena goes dark, then becomes flooded with a crimson light as The Enigma TNG's “Deathstep – Deathrage” begins to play. A masked wrestler slowly makes his way down the ramp with an attractive and domineering woman close to his side. The audience is largely silent, with a few scant “boos” thrown out for good measure.

      Announcer: First, making his way to the ring with his “master” Pandora, weighing in at 238 pounds, El Portador De La Muerte!

      Phoenix: Here he is, making his LPW debut – El Portador De La Muerte! His mistress has been calling out a great deal of the LPW locker room leading up to tonight! I wonder if he'll have what it takes to be the next top star!

      Lillehammer: And I wonder if El Portador has what it takes to see Pandora's bo...

      Phoenix: Oh will you look at this! El Portador's getting down on all fours so Pandora can climb up his back to enter the ring! How sick and sadistic is this?

      Lillehammer: A sick sick person would like something like that…

      Off mic you hear the sound of Lillehammer coughing.

      Phoenix: Now the duo of them are standing tall in the ring; man can they make an entrance!

      The strobe light effect ends. The opening riff of Dinosaur Jr's “Feel The Pain” starts off with a near immediate cheer from the crowd. Despite the plethora of fans trying to touch him as he walks to the ring, Joe Citizen walks towards the ring with a certain sense of melancholy about him.

      Announcer: And his opponent, hailing from parts unknown, weighing in 240 pounds, Joe Citizen!

      Joe enters the ring and motions for the referee to keep El Portador and Pandora away from him. Joe then stands on the middle turnbuckle; holding his hand in the “I love you” sign to the audience. He then stands down and faces his opponent in preparation for the match.

      Phoenix: Can you listen to this audience! They are absolutely enamored with the Number One contender to the LPW Hardcore Championship!

      Lillehammer: Rightfully so, Phoenix! Citizen has been surprisingly dominant as of late. David Gideon Smith has been served notice that this hungry young man is coming after his title!

      The referee motions to ring the bell as Pandora takes her place outside the ring.

      Phoenix: And here we go, the match is underway. Citizen is sizing up his opponent but what's this? It appears that El Portador is on his knees, leaning across the middle rope as he's... pleading with Pandora? It looks like he's asking for permission to fight Joe Citizen!

      Lillehammer: What kind of sick liberal game is this? A man begging a woman to fight, for cryin' out loud.

      Phoenix: And Pandora is now pointing to the ring, I think she approves! And now the match is underway! El Portador swings on Citizen but it looks like Citizen counters with an armbar!

      Lillehammer: A savvy veteran move there by Citizen over the newcomer.

      Phoenix: El Portador manages to get free from the armbar, but now Citizen is landing a series of strong strikes back onto his opponent!

      Lillehammer: I don't think this is the way El Portador expected the match to go. Do you see the look of horror on Pandora's face?

      Phoenix: Well they were foolish to think that Citizen would be a pushover. And now Citizen hits El Portador with a sitout gut buster! El Portador rolls to the outside!

      Lillehammer: This hasn't been good for the newcomer, he's hasn't mounted a single item of offense at all!

      Phoenix: Now look at this, Citizen is climbing on top of the turnbuckles! He's not...

      Lillehammer: He is!

      Both: Disassociation to the outside!

      Phoenix: The crowd is ecstatic after that sickening diving headbutt! It's pure pandemonium here in The United Center!

      Lillehammer: He hit that move dead on, Phoenix! That was as perfect of execution as I've ever seen!

      Phoenix: Now Citizen rolls El Portador into the ring. He's picking him up and it looks like he's gonna execute Feel This! Here it comes!

      Lillehammer: (in unison with the audience) Ohh! This is the beginning of the end, here.

      Phoenix: The crowd is on their feet! Citizen is sizing El Portador up for the V.R.O... But what's this?! Pandora is now standing on the apron! She's trying to get the referee's attention!

      Lillehammer: I don't think any amount of distraction from Pandora is going to get El Portador back into this match. He's dead in the water, just like Killary's political career!

      Phoenix: No, it looks like she's... throwing in the towel?

      Pandora: Stop the match! Stop the match! He's not even a trained fighter!

      Referee: What the hell? Ring the bell!


      Announcer: And your winner, by technical knockout, Joe Citizen!

      Joe Citizen – 3.9 APS + 1.6 vote = 5.5 total

      El Portador De La Muerte (w/ Pandora) – 0 APS + 0 vote = 0 total

      The crowd cheers as the referee raises Citizen's hand in victory while Dinosaur Jr’s “Feel the Pain” echos through the arena. Pandora rolls El Portador out of the ring as Citizen celebrates.

      Phoenix: I can't believe that El Portador's manager had to forfeit him. I guess “El Portador” is Spanish for “The Pretender!”

      Lillehammer: This is strange, I have to get a word from them.

      Lillehammer picks up a microphone, walking over to Pandora as she struggles to carry El Portador towards the back. The cameraman follows.

      Lillehammer: Pandora... Pandora! I have to ask: Why on earth would you have your servant get beat up so badly in the ring if he didn't know how to fight?

      Pandora: (embarrassed) … It's a sex thing, alright?!

      Pandora and El Portador continue walking toward the back while Lillehammer stands there in astonishment.

      Lillehammer: (deadpanned) We’ll be right back....

      “How great the tremors will be when the judge comes."


      • #4
        Christian G. Smitten slowly enters the room. He looks around cautiously until his eyes meet the target of his entry. He walks across the room towards a locker where a seething Mourn Despana sits.

        Smitten: I knew nothing about…

        Mourn keeps looking forward at his locker as he cracks his knuckles.

        Smitten: I came here to inform you that the match is still on.

        Despana: Will you please get out of my locker room.

        Mourn starts rubbing his hands together.

        Smitten: This is my last main event. I want you and Al to show everyone-

        Despana: Get. Out.

        Smitten: I just… This could be our last time chance to bury the hatchet. After all that we’ve been through from-

        Despana: Not interested.

        Smitten straightens his tie and extends his hand.

        Smitten: I’m trying to apolo-

        Mourn rises to his feet.

        Despana: Get! Out!

        Smitten: Gabriel. I wanted to do right-

        The Desperado shoves Smitten’s hand away. The wrestler steps forward to where the two uncomfortably close. Eye to eye.

        Despana: NOW!

        The echoing boom of his voice causes the hair on the back of Smitten’s neck to stand up. Christian briefly considers standing firm. After a small study of the seriousness in the Mourn’s eyes, Smitten thinks better of it and slowly backs away.

        Smitten: Good luck tonight, and at the Pay-Per-View. And in the rest of your career.

        Once out the door, Smitten lets out a defeated sigh.

        Lillehammer: What can you say about the dynamic of this next match? A 3 team tag team match, with big implications.

        Phoenix: Well firstly we have Obsidian and DGS, who, fresh off their massive showdown last show, have been made to team together. We’ll see who is worse for wear coming out of their draw.

        Lillehammer: That’s not all though, because we have Osiris and Kazama who have been at each other's throats for weeks now! This team started out as a powder keg, and it looks like that powder keg is ready to blow.

        Phoenix: And if that wasn’t enough there’s also Sean Jensen and Bane Uzzah. Another pair that has been at each other's throats for the last few weeks.

        Lillehammer: Just last week we saw Jensen distract Bane, costing Bane his match with Joe Citizen.

        Phoenix: It wasn’t a distraction, Bane LET himself get distracted! He was trying to show off in front of Jensen, and THAT’S what cost him the match!

        Lillehammer: Jensen had no business being here at the announce table to begin with. The blame starts and ends with Sean Jensen!

        Phoenix: What are you on about? He didn’t go down and attack him, he was just doing commentary!

        Lillehammer: We’re going to pretend the guy is a saint for not interfering in a match? Yeah, what a hero!

        “Not Gonna Die” By Skillet starts to blare across the speakers, as The arena blacks out. The house lights return, to reveal Matthew “Silver” Kazama standing centre stage, covered in Blue and white lights. He pauses at the top of the ramp, ready to shout, at the top of his lungs, when he is interrupted by…

        “Never Learn Not To Love” by The Beach Boys, which has started to play across the speakers. Kazama turns around, and watches as Caeser Osiris walks past him, down the ramp towards the ring. Kazama struggles to catch up, as both men enter the ring.

        Lillehammer: Already dissention between Osiris and Kazama.

        Phoenix: This isn’t even their first time pairing together though, remember that Osiris and Kazama nearly became number one contenders to the tag team titles. They only lost that match because Osiris walked out on Kazama though! If I were Kazama, I would have eyes in the back of my head.

        Lillehammer: Kazama? What about Osiris!? Kazama isn’t one to take a beat down lying down. He’ll be looking for revenge tonight, you can bet on that.

        “Stabbing the Drama” by Soilwork starts to play across the speakers, as Obsidian makes his way across the stage. He raises the Deepnet title above his head. He is accompanied by Lord Serpentus, who raises the Serpentus staff above his head. Lord Serpentus laughs, as he and Obsidian make their way down the ramp, and into the ring.

        Lillehammer: Lord Serpentus, and his client, Obsidian a dangerous act here in LPW. Tonight he teams with David Gideon Smith, his opponent from last week whom he wrestled to a draw.

        “Black” by The Enigma TNG starts to play from across the speakers as David Gideon Smith makes his way down the ramp, and toward the ring. Draped over his shoulder is the Hardcore championship. He moves silently, with his head down, unattentive to anything around him.

        Phoenix: The seemingly unphasable David Gideon Smith. If he has reservations about working alongside Obsidian, he’s not advertising them.

        “King of the Underdogs” by Newstead starts to play, as Sean Jensen arrives in the arena. He makes his way down the ramp, looking confident as always.

        Phoenix: The Scrappy Sacramentonian is headed down to the ring. In the past we’ve seen him get emotional, and it seems that nobody has been able to bring out that emotion more than his partner tonight, Bane Uzzah. Can Jensen keep his emotions in check tonight, or will it end up costing him again?

        Lillehammer: Whatever the wrong decision is, I’m confident Jensen will make it. He’s a filthy misfit for crying out loud! Once a loser, always a loser.

        “Sapari” by Orphaned Land starts to play as the last entrant makes his way down the ramp. Bane wears a stylish leather vest, and hat. He slides into the ring, and tries to shoo away Jensen, as well as Osiris who has entered the ring for his team. Osiris sarcastically motions for him to take the ring, although his face betrays a look of disdain. Jensen rolls his eyes. Across from Bane stands Obsidian.

        Lillehammer: Bane coming fast and furious with a chop to the chest, but Obsidian seems almost unphased. He strikes back with an elbow to the jaw, and that’s enough to send Bane back on his heels.

        Phoenix: Not so quick though! Obsidian is on him trying to capitalize, but Bane manages to sweep the leg. Obsidian is down, and Bane manages to connect with a standing leg drop right over the neck!

        Lillehammer: Obsidian grabs onto the ropes, but as he tries to stabilize himself, Bane lands a high knee to the jaw! Obsidian goes reeling back to his corner, and David Gideon Smith tags himself in.

        Cool and calm, DGS slides into the ring casually. Bane rushes him with a right hand, but DGS uses his own momentum to twist him around, and levels him with a cutter.

        Lillehammer: Bane is down, and DGS is looking to take advantage! Smith drapes his knee overtop of Banes shoulder and tries to wrench the shoulder out of it’s socket!

        Phoenix: We’ve seen him do this to opponents on a number of occasions! DGS is trying to tear his opponent apart piece by piece, and it looks like tonight he’s elected to start with the shoulder.

        Lillehammer: That’s one of the challenges of the 3 team stipulation though, he might not have time to wear down each of his four opponents here. Likewise if he does manage to weaken one person, chances are they’ll have an extended period of time to recover. It certainly doesn’t play to his strengths!

        Smith releases the hold, and hits the ropes for momentum, before dropping an elbow on Bane’s chest. As he hits the ropes though, Osiris is able to tag himself in. The referee shoos Smith out of the ring, under protest.

        Lillehammer: Osiris now, exploding out of the gate. Bane has managed to pull himself up, but Osiris charges through with a flurry of chops.

        Phoenix: Osiris backs Bane up into the neutral corner, and connects with a massive shoulder block!

        Bane grabs onto his abdomen, as Osiris stands tall. He kicks Bane in the ribs, but Bane rolls over and tags in Sean Jensen, who hops over the ropes, and comes charging toward Osiris.

        Phoenix: Before Osiris knows what’s happened, Sean Jensen is on him with a Belly to Belly Suplex!

        Lillehammer: And he drops him on his head! This is just some of the great ring awareness that we’ve seen from Sean Jensen over the years!

        Phoenix: Osiris is no slouch either, remember this is the man who just about retired Drew Michaels a matter of months ago.

        Lillehammer: Be that as it may, he’s currently the man Sean Jensen is beckoning to stand up!

        Sean Jensen is down on one knee, motioning for his opponent to stand up. Sean’s eyes have grown wide, and he’s ready to strike. Osiris makes his way to his feet, and Sean is on him with a Codebreaker. With Osiris down once again, Jensen heads to the top rope.

        Sean rises to the top, and goes for an elbow drop, but Osiris is there to meet him with a rolling elbow. Sean’s body goes limp, as Osiris crashes down under his own weight. He starts to get back up to his feet, and staggers over to the middle rope. Kazama reaches out to tag himself in, but Osiris rolls away, shaking his head. He gets back up to his feet, and extends both of his middle fingers to Kazama. Kazama reaches out again, but Osiris playfully ducks away, smiling now. He turns around as Sean has started to rise to his feet.

        Phoenix: Jensen comes through with a drop kick, but Osiris dodges out of the way. Osiris grabs onto the leg of Sean Jensen, and grabs him in a wheelbarrow hold!

        Lillehammer: Sean Jensen goes flying toward the ropes…What the!

        Jensen lands with both feet on the middle rope. He rebounds back, landing a cross body splash on top of Osiris. As soon as he lands, Jensen rolls out onto the ring apron.

        Phoenix: Jensen going for one of his signature moves, the top rope leg drop from outside the ring.

        He looks over to Kazama, who is standing in the corner. Kazama shrugs, and puts his hands up, saying “Go for it”.

        Lillehammer: How petty can Matthew Kazama be!? Jensen connects with the leg drop, and pull Osiris now toward the middle of the ring.

        Phoenix: Cover is made..




        Osiris kicks out.

        Phoenix: Wasting no time, Jensen gets Osiris back up on his shoulders. He’s going for the Concussion Inducer!

        Lillehammer: He can’t lock in the legs though! Osiris wraps his legs around Jensen’s neck! An Inverted Hurricanrana! Sean is back in his own corner, as Bane tags himself in!

        Phoenix: Osiris is leaning against the ropes. You’ve got to imagine that he’s seriously regretting his decision not to tag in Matthew Kazama right about now.

        Osiris starts to rise to his feet, and motions for Bane to bring it, and then balls his hands into fists. Bane starts to walk toward Osiris, at which point Osiris reaches back behind him and tags in Obsidian who is standing in the corner. Osiris turns back around and flips off Bane, before rolling outside of the ring, back to his corner.

        Phoenix: Obsidian’s entering the ring again, with a look of fierce determination on his face.

        Lillehammer: I think we’re back to where we started from.

        Phoenix: What an act of cowardice from Caeser Osiris. I think it’ll turn back around on him too. You can’t win if you’re not one of the two legal men.

        Lillehammer: It’s not cowardice, you idiot. It’s mind games. Osiris has just psyched Bane out. He’s playing it smart.

        Phoenix: We’ll have to agree to disagree. Anyway, Obsidian is back in action, and on the outside we see Lord Serpentus issuing orders. He’s motioning for Obsidian to break him in two.

        Lillehammer: Obsidian is nothing, if not obedient. Obsidian lunges forward with a massive right light. Bane dodges, and grabs the big man from behind. Obsidian starts to get lifted off his feet, but I think Bane is struggling!

        Phoenix: Indeed he is. Obsidian strikes at Bane’s clasped hands, and the hold is broken. Obsidian hip tosses the Middle Eastern Nightmare to the ground, and wraps his big meaty elbows around his opponent's neck.

        Bane struggles for breath as Obsidian clenches his neck in a headlock. Bane reaches out for a rope and manages to grab it. The referee tells Obsidian to break the hold, but Obsidian refuses. Sean Jensen tags Bane by the foot and hops over the rope, kneeing Obsidian in the face as he goes.

        Lillehammer: Jensen back in now, striking quickly with knees to the chest and face. He’s really picking up the pace with them.

        Jensen squats down low and nails Obsidian with a roundhouse kick. Obsidian hits the canvas, and Jensen covers.

        Phoenix: 1



        Phoenix: Just like that, Obsidian powers out. The big man is getting back to his feet now, as is Jensen. Jensen walks over to him, ready to strike, but Obsidian levels him with a headbut.

        Jensen staggers back to the middle of the ring. Obsidian turns and looks toward DGS, standing in the corner and tags him in. A look of disdain crosses his face, but all the same he allows his partner to enter.

        Lillehammer: DGS back in the ring, and right away charges out toward Jensen! Scarpbuster suplex!

        Phoenix: Through darkened glass! DGS stands tall over Jensen. Jensen grabs a hold of him by the kneepads, and DGS kicks his hands away.

        Lillehammer: A match like this, it’s critical that you make those quick tags in and out. It’s much harder than a regular tag match, where your strategy is to cut the ring in half, and keep the match on your side. You’re almost cutting the ring into quarters, and then trying to keep things in that neutral corner, or your own.

        Phoenix: Even still, your own corner might not offer much safety. All three of these teams are made up of pairs who can’t seem to get along.

        DGS backs up, and delivers a Bicycle kick to the head of Sean Jensen. Jensen topples over, and back toward his corner. Bane sees the opportunity to tag himself in and does so.

        Phoenix: Bane is back. The Middle Eastern Nightmare is on the attack with a spinning backfist! He follows it up with a palm thrust uppercut, and a jab to the abdomen.

        Lillehammer: DGS is stunned for a moment! Bane goes deep with a snap suplex!

        Bane levels DGS, and the falls to his knees, extending both of his arms seemingly in prayer. From the side, Sean yells at him to finish the match. Bane raises an eyebrow at him, but turns his attention back toward The Blackstar.

        Lillehammer: Bane is overtop of DGS now, and starts slapping him across the face. He backs up, and grabs onto the leg of his opponent! He’s locked in the figure four leg lock! DGS is writhing in pain.

        DGS reaches out for the ropes, but from offside, Caeser Osiris pulls them away from him. Frustrated, DGS reaches up higher for the middle rope, and manages to grab it. The referee instructs Bane to break the hold, but Bane doesn’t listen. DGS uses the ropes to pull himself toward Obsidian’s outstretched hand, and tags his partner in.

        Obsidian enters the ring again quickly, laying out Bane with a running seated lariat. Obsidian picks up Bane, and Irish whips him back to his own corner. Realizing that Obsidian has started to charge, Bane pulls Jensen in to cover him. Jensen takes the hit, connecting wit Obsidian, while Bane remains protected, and manages to connect with an elbow to the jaw of his opponent.

        Lillehammer: It looks like the referee is counting that as a tag, Sean is now the legal man. He’s woozy, but both he and Bane grab onto Obsidian and launch him…RIGHT INTO KAZAMA! BOTH KAZAMA AND Obsidian go tumbling to the floor.

        Phoenix: and look at Osiris, still on the ring apron, hands up. Did you see that?

        Lillehammer: see what?

        Phoenix: Osiris pushed Kazama into Obsidian!

        A replay box comes up, and from a new angle now we see that Osiris shoves Kazama into the path of Obsidian, causing them both to tumble over.

        Lillehammer: I guess he did. We’ll see who it ultimately benefits I guess.

        Phoenix: The action has spilled out of the ring now. Bane is out on the floor, and DGS is backing Obsidian up. Sean has made his way down here now too, and it looks like all 6 men are brawling.

        Lillehammer: Yeah, everybody but Osiris. He’s staying out of it!

        While the other teams brawl, Osiris backs himself away from the action, standing on the ring steps. DGS and Obsidian fight back to back, fending off Bane, Sean and Kazama. Obsidian shoves Kazama away, and into the ring steps that Osiris is standing on. Osiris goes tumbling over, and lands badly on the ring steps, which have become dislodged.

        Lillehammer: That got him into the action now! Osiris has leveled DGS with a shot across the jaw, and takes it to Obsidian with a headbut that sends the big man reeling. Lord Serpentus makes his way over to the action, but Osiris turns and raises a finger toward him, and the referee starts yelling for him to back away.

        Phoenix: This referee better get things under control soon.

        Lillehammer: Osiris motions for Bane to move the steps toward them. He’s got DGS up on his shoulder now, and drops him down across the steps for a powerbomb.

        Phoenix: You’ve gotta think that Osiris wants to get back into the ring now. If he could pin DGS, he might have this match locked up.

        Lillehammer: He won’t be able to though, Obsidian and Sean are the legal men!

        Osiris is back on his feet, He points over toward Obsidian. Sean and Kazama grab Obsidian by an arm each, as Bane and Osiris run toward him. They both connect with a drop kick to each shoulder of the big man. Lord Serpentus is livid now, screaming at the referee.

        Lillehammer: These four men have now started to band together. DGS and Obsidian have been more or less on the same page all throughout this match. Sean and Bane have been functioning, but Osiris and Kazama have entirely fallen apart. Together maybe all four of them can even the score against DGS and Obsidian.

        Sean grabs onto Obsidian and lifts him over his shoulders. At the same time, Bane lifts up DGS over his head.

        Lillehammer: Concussion inducer! Israelis edge! At the same time! Jensen and Bane stand tall, what the…

        Osiris tackles Bane, and locks him between his legs, driving him down to the ringside area.

        Phoenix: Hail Caeser! Sean looks shocked as Osiris turns his attention toward him, but rolls into the ring. Obsidian is there to meet him though!

        Lillehammer: the legal men are back in the ring! Obsidian surprises Sean with a kick to the chest! This could be it! Obsidian Tide!

        Obsidian lifts Sean up for a triple powerbomb. He gets him up once, slams him into the canvas. He lifts him up again, but on the third lift, Sean starts flailing his fists, trying to strike at the head of the big man. As he does, Matthew “Silver” Kazama tags himself in by slapping one of Obsidians meaty shoulders. Lord Serpentus is going nuts, trying to get into the ring now. Obsidian slams Sean down onto the mat, but Kazama shoves Obsidian down to the corner of the ring, and takes his place.

        Phoenix: Sean Jensen is down, and for the first time this match Kazama is in the ring! Kazama is ready to strike…what the!

        Osiris rolls back into the ring, and drops Kazama with a kick to the gut.

        Phoenix: Referee!

        Lillehammer: He’s dealing with Serpentus!

        The referee is indeed admonishing Lord Serptentus, who is still trying to get to Obsidian in the corner. Osiris drops Kazama with Hail Caeser, and rolls out of the ring. Osiris starts to walk away, as Jensen begins to come to. He sees Kazama prone, and yells to the ref, who turns in time to see Sean cover Kamaza.




        Announcer: The winners of the match, Sean Jensen and Bane Uzzah!

        Sean Jensen and Bane Uzzah - 3.82 APS + 3.71 APS + 1.0 vote = 8.53 total

        David Gideon Smith and Obsidian – 4.08 APS + 3.88 APS + 0.5 vote = 8.46 total
        Caesar Osiris and Silver Kazama - 3.86 APS + 0 APS + 0.1 vote = 3.96 total

        "If You Want Peace...Prepare For War" by Children of Bodom a good amount of cheers, but some boos as Osiris backs up the aisle.

        Lillehammer: Well if we’ve learned one thing it’s that Osiris is a dangerous man.

        Phoenix: Sean and Bane worked together well enough to squeak out a win here tonight. DGS and Obsidian worked almost TOO well together, and in a lot of ways that made them a target.

        Lillehammer: It was carnage around here and it looks like we have a situation here.

        Phoenix: Indeed. Silver Kazama’s being helped to the back. Despicable act by Osiris. He didn’t even care about this match.

        Lillehammer: As is the law of the land. Mess with Osiris, feel his wrath.

        Phoenix: A huge win for Sean Jensen and Bane Uzzah. They will face at the PPV one o one.

        Lillehammer: of course, we have DEEPNET Champion Obsidian facing off with ‘The Crippled Crusader’ Chris Paradise. Two of our more promising young superstars.

        Phoenix: And of course, we have the Hardcore title. We have yet to hear the stipulation, but I am sure Detroit Rock City will be moving when Hardcore Champion David Gideon Smith faces off with a reenergized Joe Citizen.

        Lillehammer: Tonight was an aberration. I certainly think both those champions will be ready. They don’t seem to play well with others.

        Phoenix: Indeed Robert. We will be back for the first of our two huge match-ups of the evening.

        “How great the tremors will be when the judge comes."


        • #5
          Rose is standing backstage in the United Centre. The camera pans over to reveal Caeser Osiris, as her guest.

          Rose: Caeser, tonight we saw you once again cost your team their match when you attacked your partner, Matthew Kazama. Care to explain your actions?

          Osiris: Well Rosie, it’s simple really. Kazama and I were put together as a team because they said that he and I were two of the best that LPW had to offer. That’s what they thought at least, because the past few weeks have shown that Kazama is beneath me. This was a statement. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care where you’re from. I’m better than you. It doesn’t matter if it's Kazama, O’Connor, or anybody else in this human centipede lineup of b-listers, I’m better than them all.

          Rose: There’s a rumor going around that you actually turned down an offer to face Kazama at All Stars, care to respond?

          Osiris: The rumours in this case are true, Rose. I have nothing to prove by facing Kazama, I’ve shown what will happen each and every time we’re in the ring together. Don’t think that I’m dodging him. Time and time again, the only thing I’ve been dodging are his weak ass karate kid strikes. No, I’m not interested in Kazama anymore. He’s old news, and you can’t move forward, while looking backwards. Rose, tonight I’m issuing an open challenge to anyone in the back. Anyone who wants to step into the ring with Caeser Osiris at All Stars, you know where to find me.

          Osiris confidently strides out.

          Rose: Back to you!

          Phoenix: Thank you Rose. Welcome back to ringside. Joining us on commentary is our esteemed United States Champion and Mt. V Torch bearer, Chris Austin.

          Lillehammer: Welcome!

          Austin: Hello.

          Lillehammer: We’ve had everything tonight and now we have Chris Austin. Certainly out here to scout I presume?

          Austin: Sterling analysis.

          DING! DING!

          Announcer: The following contest is scheduled for one fall.

          Marilyn Manson’s “The New Shit” brings the crowd to their feet. The snarky Chicago crowd universally cheers for the hardcore savant Bobino. As he walks through the curtain paying them no mind.

          Announcer: Making his way down the aisle, from Boston, Massachusetts, Weighing in at 270 lbs. The #1 contender for the International Heavyweight Champion, BOB-BIIIINOOOO!

          Phoenix: Hearty cheers for the man who will face Al at All-stars.

          Lillehammer: I have no clue why people would cheer this man.

          Phoenix: Bobino has been fighting hard to gain the respect of these people. Sure, he’s unconventional, uses weapons at every stretch, but he’s unabashedly himself. And compared to Golden, that’s a quality you can cheer for here tonight.

          Phoenix: You a fan of Bobino?

          Austin: No. He was gifted something I earned.

          Once Bobino gets into the ring, he smirks at the reaction before shaking his head.

          Announcer: And HIS opponent. From Galway, Ireland.

          Deafening boos drown out "The Devil Takes Care of His Own" by Band of Skulls. Out walks a cocky Golden. The LPW World Heavyweight Champion responds to the boos with a hand over his heart and a saddened face.

          Announcer: Weighing in at 214 LBS. The LPW World Heavyweight Champion, GOOOOLDEEEEN!

          Phoenix: Of all the things I’ve seen a man do sure, I’ve seen worse. But I thought those days of LPW were gone.

          Lillehammer: That? The more I think on it, we probably should give Golden the benefit of a doubt. What he was doing with the woman-

          Austin: She didn’t deserve that.


          Phoenix: That’s … wow. I never knew you had such empathy.

          The announce booth stays awkwardly silent as Golden steps through the ropes.

          Lillehammer: Come on, he’s a smart man. You have to think of some sort of compliment for him.

          Austin: He looked very good at Homecoming while I pinned his shoulders to the mat.

          The ref takes his title from Golden as he looks across the ring at a focused Bobino. Golden blows him a kiss.

          Phoenix: I see the mind games are starting early.

          Lillehammer: He’s been trying to play them all night.

          DING! DING!

          Phoenix: Match is underway.

          As the two men look to lock up, Golden uses the cautiousness from Bobino against him as he comes in with a flying front kick right to the face of Bob.

          Lillehammer: Gamengiri!

          Phoenix: Golden with the perfectly placed kick. And look at him, he surely seems proud of himself. Golden with a front chancery,

          Lillehammer: It’ll take a few moment for Bobino to-

          Phoenix: Bobino using his size to get to a vertical base, INVERTED ATOMIC DROP! Bobino, Russian leg sweep! Cover, Golden out before the count.

          Lillehammer: Both men getting back up quick..

          Phoenix: Bobino with a right hand, now a series of them.

          Lillehammer: Golden cuts him off with a knee lift!

          Phoenix: Golden with an irish whip, Bobino with a shoulder tackle.

          Lillehammer: Using his size to his advantage.

          Phoenix: Bobino off the ropes, Leapfrog by golden, drop-

          Just as Golden drops down, Bobino leaps for a senton.

          Phoenix: Senton-

          Lillehammer: Dodged!

          Phoenix: Golden back up quick, with a hold of Bobino. Irish whip, reversed by Bob, SPINNING HEEL KICK BY GOLDEN!

          Lillehammer: Our handsome World Champ has our US Champ’s attention.

          Austin: Alice wouldn’t be amused with you cock-jockeying another man on global television.

          Lillehammer: Just a damn minute, you leave my wife out of --

          Austin: Do your job.

          Phoenix: Golden with an arm wrench, SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE! Cover 1… and Bobino out quick.

          Lillehammer: Golden staying on him.

          Phoenix: A series of stomps to the rising Bobino, Boot to the midsection by Golden. Golden Cobra, Bobino with a snapmare,




          Phoenix: AND ANOTHER!

          Lillehammer: Those have got to sting.

          Phoenix: Bobino pulls him up, HALF HOUR SUPLEX-

          Just as Bobino is about to pop his hips, Golden flips out of his grasp.

          Lillehammer: The Irishman to his feet!

          Phoenix: Cobra Clutch applied again, COBRA CLUTCH BULLDOG! Cover! 1! 2! Out at two for The New Sh*t.

          Lillehammer: It is as if both men are trying to get in and out of this match as soon as possible.

          Austin: The longer they’re out here, the more I see.


          Lillehammer: Yes, but these moves have got to effect his equilibrium!

          Phoenix: Indeed! Golden staying on him. Pulling him up again with a front chancery. Golden, has him in position for the Gold Rush!

          Lillehammer: I just knew Golden was going to mop-

          As Golden lifts, Bobino uses his surprising agility to spin free.


          Austin: Not enough thrust behind it. Shoddy foundational base with his plant foot.

          Lillehammer: Bobino’s in survival mode.

          Phoenix: That move has Austin’s attention. Golden slowly to his feet, ANOTHER SUPERKICK TO THE CHAMP COVER HIM! Wait… JUMPING SENTON!

          Lillehammer: Bobino isn’t covering?

          Phoenix: Bobino off the ropes, AND ANOTHER LEAPING SENTON!

          Lillehammer: He got higher!

          Phoenix: Bobino off the ropes, and a second rope A BIGGER SENTON!

          Lillehammer: He’s spamming!

          Austin: If it is successful, why change?

          Phoenix: Bobino drags Golden into place. Bobino, to the second ropes. SENTON FROM THE SECOND ROPE! COVER! 1! 2! GOLDEN OUT AT TWO!

          Lillehammer: It is gonna take more-

          Phoenix: Bobino, a kick to the back of a raising Golden! And another to the downed champ!

          Lillehammer: Golden’s in trouble!

          Phoenix: Bobino, Single underhook- EUROPEAN UPPERCUT BY GOLDEN! AND ANOTHER!

          Golden goes to run the ropes, but Bobino grabs him by the tights.

          Phoenix: FIRE THUNDER, Out by Golden, SLING BLADE BY THE WORLD CHAMP!

          Lillehammer: Bobino went for the Un-natural Selection but Golden had it-

          Austin: Scouted.

          Phoenix: Both men slowly raising to their feet. Bobino, SUPER, dodge by Golden, ROLLING CUT- Spun out by Bobino, ROLLING BOSTON CRAB BY BOBINO!

          Golden frantically, gets to the ropes as soon as Bob tries to sit down

          Lillehammer: Golden has a hold of the bottom rope.

          Phoenix: Bobino quickly off the hold. Now raining down punched to the spine of Golden. Bobino, off-

          As Bobino hits the ropes, Golden rushes in.


          Lillehammer: That may have done the most damage to him so far. His head whipped back.

          Phoenix: Golden’s going to the corner, is he going up? Wait? HE- He’s untying that top turnbuckle!

          Lillehammer: The ref is stopping him!

          Austin: The official is watching the wrong thing …

          Lillehammer: Bobino’s up!

          As the ref ties the top turnbuckle pad, Bobino sneaks up behind Golden.

          Phoenix: Bobino, UN-NATU-

          Bobino once again goes for the Un-natural Selection, but with the ref’s back turned, Golden rakes at the eyes of his opponent.

          Lillehammer: EYES!

          Phoenix: Golden, LOW BLOW! COME ON! Golden, GOLD RUSH!

          After hitting his version of the Rock Bottom, Golden angrily to motions the ref to count the pin.

          Austin: He short-changed it just so.

          Phoenix: REF COMING OVER! 1! 2!

          Just before three, the Bobino powers out.

          Lillehammer: THAT KICK-OUT!?


          Lillehammer: Golden slowly up, this has been hard hitting!


          Lillehammer: Dear goodness!

          Running on adrenaline, Bobino pops back up.

          Phoenix: BOB’S BACK UP!

          Lillehammer: SUPER-

          Phoenix: Dodged By Golden, GOLD-, spun out by Bob, Feeds the leg to Golden but he catches it!

          Austin: It’s over.

          Lillehammer: Golden quickly spins Bob around…

          Phoenix: GOLD RUSH! COVER! 1! 2!! 3!!!

          Announcer: Winner of this match, the-
          Golden - 4.3 APS + 1.4 vote = 5.7 total

          Bobino - 3.71 APS + 0.2 vote = 3.91 total

          The crowd drowns out the announcer with boos as the ref raises Golden’s hand.

          Phoenix: I know there is music playing for Golden, but I don’t hear it. Golden stooping once again to gain an advantage. This man is making a mockery of our World Title.

          Austin: And you know what a reputable champion looks like, I gather?

          Phoenix: He’d be more reputable than you.

          Austin: Reputable got a man’s naked wife groped in front of the world. I’ll pass.

          Lillehammer: Please, Phoenix. He’s doing whatever it takes to win. Isn’t that the objective all along?

          Phoenix: Bobino fought hard, and seems to be close to ready for Al at All-Stars. Yet, a win for Golden, albeit, a shifty one. We now head backstage where ‘ACE’ reporter Jonathan Crotchman is standing by. Jon?

          Jonathan Crotchman walks into the locker room where Chris Paradise and Enyo have just prepared to leave.

          Crotchman: Mr. Paradise, you have a moment?

          Paradise: No... no I don't

          Crotchman: Wanted preliminary thoughts on your bout at All-Stars against Obsidian.

          Paradise: Okay, first of all did you not just hear me? I have much better things to do than deal with you. But fine you want my thoughts? I think that Obsidian is an overhyped talentless hack that relies on parlor tricks to mask his lack of skill.

          Crotchman: Tricks? Like what you did here tonight?

          Chris scoffs in disgust as he hobbles over his locker, removing his bag and getting right into Crotchman’s face.

          Chris: Surely you're not that stupid are you? What happened out there was no trick, it's called wrestling smart.

          Chris taps a finger to the side of his temple for emphasis.

          Chris: Unlike Obsidian who relies on “dark magic” all I need is my wits and superior technical ability. It isn't my fault the oafs I stand across the ring from are so easily outwitted. It's their faults for underestimating me, and that bit of quick thinking tonight just proves that I'm the smartest man in LPW.

          Crotchman: You surely can’t be suggesting you are going to be able to do the same against a Obsidian. He has Lord Serpentis at ringside. Enyo’s involvement won’t be so easy.

          At the mention of Crotchman’s statement laughs out loud, a laugh dripping with condescension.

          Chris: Oh right right like some railway thin man in a red suit clutching a staff that got the clearance rack at the Spirit store can stop a woman who can easily bench press me.

          As if to prove a point Enyo slides behind Paradise and hefts him up over her shoulders easily, and without breaking a sweat begins to bench press him.

          Chris: See what I mean?

          Crotchman’s eyes go wide.

          Crotchman: Indeed.

          Chris smirks as Enyo gently sets him down/

          Chris: Like I said I'm not concerned, Obsidian’s little dollar store Voodoo act doesn't scare me.

          Crotchman: Anything to the rest of the locker room?

          Chris: I'm well aware that you shiftless layabouts all think I'm all bark and no bite, and I look forward to proving each of you wrong, and finally my crusade to clean up this dump starts with the DEEPNET division, so if I were you I'd start getting used to the idea of proper competition.

          Crotchman: Chris Paradise, like it or not, is the #1 contender to the DEEPNET title and will be facing Obsidian live on Pay-Per-View. Back to Robert Lillehammer and Blazing Phoenix at ringside!

          “How great the tremors will be when the judge comes."


          • #6
            Phoenix: LPW fans of all genders, ages, and belief systems…

            Austin: … Just get on with it.

            Phoenix: Anyway, Graps Fans… this next match-up… it doesn’t really get much bigger. The two combatants represent what makes LPW the pinnacle of Wrestling Federations: the best talent available operating at their peak potential. With an added bonus of this: Al has a seat on a throne that his opponent, Mourn Despana, is gunning for.

            Lillehammer: Indeed, no matter what humble story he’d profess to.

            Phoenix: With that in mind, I can’t imagine what both men are thinking going into this match, with so much else on their plate already.

            ”Calm Like a Bomb” by Rage Against the Machine hits and the capacity Chicago crowd absolutely erupts into as LPW’s biggest fan favorite, Mourn Despana slowly paces out of gorilla position, his shoulder rises and falling to the cadence of his heavy breaths. On this night, not even the adulation of the crowd can subside the seething rage that wades just beneath the surface of his steel exterior.

            Lillehammer: In only a few weeks, Mourn has the biggest match of his life against a man he can’t be too happy with after tonight’s … transgressions.

            Phoenix: But tonight, as I said, he has to focus on what is a monumental task ahead of him. Though I don’t know if he can after what that despicable Golden did.

            Despana walks straight down the middle of the aisle. The fans reach for him, but the Ronin decides with each outstretched arm not to reciprocate their admiration. Not tonight. Not this time.

            Lillehammer: See? He doesn’t give a hoot about these peoples. They’re only useful to him as long as they-

            Phoenix: You have to be kidding. You cannot use this as proof in that argument. Mourn has gone through a lot recently.

            Lillehammer: Sure, but that’s the price you pay in this vicious game. Heavy is the head who wears the crown.

            Phoenix: That’s … fair, but nobody deserves what Golden did to Despana.

            Austin: Kassandra is the victim. Stop cock-jockeying Gabriel.

            Phoenix: That’s his wife, Chris! That kind of disrespect is beyond the pale. Surely someone as petty as you would understand that! As a man… can’t you sympathize?

            Austin: Like I said … SHE did not deserve that. But it probably could have been avoided.

            The tone within the building shifts as the Despana’s music ends and the acoustics of the audience is the only ambience within the arena confines. The moments transition into seconds, each birthing more and more anticipation for the next arrival. Everyone knows what is about to happen, and each attendee wait with baited breath for their own personal reaction.

            [i]The lights in the arena pulse red as the opening base distortion of Blockbuster Night Part 2 by Run The Jewels booms throughout the building.[/b]

            bunches and bunches…
            punches is thrown until ya’ frontless

            From the back emerges Al, billows of clear white smoke lingering around his black slacked legs. A white towel hangs from his neck, his IHC strapped firm in the place we’ve all come to expect it - around his waist.

            ...proved that we was fucking brutal
            I’m talkin’ crazy, half past the clock is cuckoo

            Lillehammer: This is going to get ugly.

            Phoenix: You don’t think Mourn can hang?

            Lillehammer: Not saying that at all. Look at Al’s focus. His tenacity. These two know that this match isn’t any regular singles match. This is about placement. About the present and future. Loathe as I am to admit it, Al’s had a death grip on the throne, but with Mourn’s current state, I sense a fight.

            The International Heavyweight Champion gets into the ring. He stands upon a second rope, his arms outstretched, the crowd reigns down a mixture of boos and cheers towards him. He accepts them all in stride, indifferent to which side people are on as long as they’re making noise. And certainly… they are making noise.

            Phoenix: The Official taking the titles from both men, here.

            Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen this next match is scheduled for one fa-


            The ref calls for the bell and immediately begins his five count for Mourn to break.

            Lillehammer: He’s unhinged! Dangerous, even!

            Phoenix: Mourn’s had enough! Al might not be the one wronging him, but he’s certainly in the wrong place, wrong time. Despana releases as the ref gets to 4 and a half. He rolls Al over in a seated position. The IHC still has his ring towel around his neck, totally unprepared to fight as of now. Despana bounces off the ropes and CRACK KNEE!

            Lillehammer: Jesus! That basement running knee bouncing off the back of Al’s skull!

            Phoenix: And Despana not relenting here. He rolls Al around and lifts him to a standing position. He whips Al hard into the corner ring buckle and charges! Running elbow smash to the mush of Al!

            Lillehammer: All this after an egregious sucker punch! Unreal!

            Phoenix: Mourn grabs the towel off the neck of Al and goes between the ropes to the outside apron. Al leans against the turnbuckle. Mourn goes to the second rope and drapes himself, in a standing position, behind Al. He takes the white towel and OH, NO! He puts the towel around the neck of the International Heavyweight Champion and yanks upwards, choking the air out of Al! This is a Mourn we haven’t seen before.

            Austin, who has been watching intently this whole time, reaches into the pocket of his hoodie and starts taping up his left fist.

            Austin: I’m here for it.

            Lillehammer: Sadistic! COME ON, REF! BREAK THIS UP!

            Ref: One! Two! C’mon, Gabe!

            Phoenix: Mourn’s eyes are livid as he increases the pressure. Al’s nails dig into the towel, his face turning a dangerous purple hue as his feet are lifted off the ground.

            Ref: Three! Four!

            Despana releases the towel and Al falls right to his knees. Mourn hops off and gets right back into the ring to go back to work.

            Phoenix: Mourn lifting Al, screaming right in his face.

            Mourn: I AM GOING TO DESTR-

            Phoenix: OH! THROAT THRUST BY AL! An act of pure desperation! Mourn staggers back and Al uprights himself. Despana composes himself, charges, and Al ducks out of the way, sending Mourn over the top rope and to the outside apron!

            Austin: Unparalleled survival instinct. Have to admit that.

            Phoenix: Mourn standing on the apron! Al charges! Mourn evades! He goes to knee Al, but he ducks his head back in the ring! Despana stumbles and Al sends a forearm shiver to the back of his head! Despana is thrown to the outside! Lands on his feet! Al bounces off the ropes and ELBOW SUICIDA!!!!!

            The crowd finds themselves cheering hard for the comeback Al has made, to the surprise of Al, the announcers, and even the crowd themselves.

            Lillehammer: You don’t hold the International Heavyweight Championship longer than anyone else ever has without resiliency. I hate Al’s guts, and still be bitter about our TV Title battles, but that man doesn’t quit.

            Phoenix: He doesn’t quit, but he is currently taking a break. Al grabs his ring towel and wipes the sweat off his face. He tosses it out, towards us, as Despana rolls back in the ring.

            Lillehammer: Look at Al! Hands on his waist, waiting for Mourn to get to his feet, even after that beating.

            Austin: Stupid.

            Al: Calm, now? Ready to right fa-

            Phoenix: And Mourn isn’t having any of it! He charges Al! Who ducks to the side, Mourn bounces off the ropes chest first and Al catches him - Belly to back su-MOURN LANDS ON HIS FEET! He rushes Al, pushing him towards the rope! Al grips both arms under, Despana rolls back, gets to his feet, Al turns and dropkick from the Ronin!

            Lillehammer: And down goes Al! Mourn show casing a little bit of agility.

            Phoenix: But Al rolls over and gets back up immediately. He charges Mourn and LARIE-NO! Mourn ducks under. Al turns and OPEN PALM SLAP REVERBERATES THROUGHOUT THE BUILDING.

            Lillehammer: Five star!

            Phoenix: Al clutches his chest, bending over and sucking in air. Mourn goes to lift him up straight and OPEN PALM SLAP TO THE CHEST OF MOURN! Despana clutches his chest!

            Lillehammer: These two going slap for disrespectful slap.

            Phoenix: Al keeps on Mourn, who’s stumbles backwards into a corner! Running shoulder block! Al gets out of the way and Mourn staggers forward, clutching his gut. Al runs over, grabs the hacking Despana and #1 STUNNA!!!! Al drapes Mourn against the Top Rope with a Stungun! And Mourn still stays on his feet!

            Austin: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Believe me, I know.

            Phoenix: Are you insinuating that -

            Austin: Yep. Hell of a fighter, though.

            Phoenix: HOW DARE YO - Al bounces off the opposite side rope and FAREWELL TO ARMS! DISCUS LARIAT LAYS MOURN OUT! THE PIN!




            Lillehammer: HE’S A COCKROACH!

            Phoenix: He’s a Champion! Mourn kicks out and Al can’t believe it. Despana is pumping a fist, the crowd is at a full frenzy, Al sends an elbow to the back of his head to quill his adrenaline but Mourn only pumps that fist harder!

            Al locks in a headlock, wrenching at Mourn to stop the momentum.

            Lillehammer: Smart, smart move here by Al-OH MY GOD!

            Phoenix: Back body drop! Mourn just lifted Al clear off the mat! But the Champion is up! Al charges and JUMPING HIGH KNEE! But it doesn’t keep Al down! He gets up, charges Mourn who uses his own momentum to send him off the ropes and SPINNING URANAGE!...

            Phoenix: A pin!



            Al kicks out!

            Despana rolls off and right onto his feet. He grabs the head of a dazed Al and signals for it! This raucous and divided crowd reaction with a discordant and mighty yelp. Mourn lifts Al and NORTHERN LIGHTS BOMMMMMB!!!!

            Austin: New champion.

            With that, Austin snaps to his feet and reaches behind him, revealing the Mount Vesuvius Torch.

            Lillehammer: JUST GOT INTERESTING!

            Phoenix: Mourn gets the pin! One! Two! IS THAT?

            Lillehammer: YES! YES!

            Just as Austin takes a step toward the ring, Golden rushes past him in a flash, rolls into the ring and punts the head of the referee into the third row without any mercy. The crowd rains boos and disapproval upon the WHC. The ref never got to three. Austin stares on, watching an apparent cash-in opportunity fall by the wayside.

            Phoenix: I can’t believe it! Golden STOLE that moment from Mourn. Despana realizes what happened now! He gets up and GOLD RUSH! GOLD RUSH! GOLD RUSH!

            Lillehammer: What gifts you have blessed us wi-IT’S BOBINO!!!

            Phoenix: Oh, no… the #1 Contender for the International Heavyweight Championship runs down the ramp and into the ring. A helpless Al lies face first on the mat, holding the back of his neck. Bobino looks at the ropes, runs towards them, springs off and FORCED PROGRESSION TO THE AILING NECK AND BACK OF AL!

            Lillehammer: Where’ the hell is security?

            Austin: Been there, done that.

            Phoenix: Oh, what do you care? I thought you were loving this? Go ahead and pick the bones of Al. We already know you’re going to.

            Austin: You don’t know shit, cunt.

            Lillehammer: Golden looks down at the fallen Mourn and… NO! DAMNIT, NO! He locks in the GOLDEN CROSS and Mourn lets out a beastly, agonizing scream. Bobino, not to be out done, lifts Al to his knees.


            With that, Bobino superkicks Al, who rolls to the outside apron. Bobino follows him out there.

            Phoenix: My God. My God.

            Lillehammer: Golden breaks the hold and is coming this way!

            Oscar rips the top off the Announcer Table. He turns his attention back to Mourn when…

            Phoenix: Seriously, where is secur-

            ???: Mourn…. Al… Hey! Wait!

            Lillehammer: Who the he-

            Phoenix: A voice over the loud speaker he-

            ???: You guys. Over here! Hey!

            Phoenix: That’s… that the voice of…

            Kross: It’s me… Damien Kross. Your boss! Well… not for much longer hawhawhaw haw.

            Phoenix: I don’t see him?

            Lillehammer: He’s… he’s in a luxury suite??

            The camera finally finds Damien Kross. He’s surrounded by two massive security guards. He sits in a box, enveloped in darkness besides the single spotlight that shines brightly on his sweating face. In his hand is a bottle of Hennessy. Austin, seeing the fiasco unfolding before him, calmly places his headset on the table and leaves through the crowd, backpedaling the whole way to keep an eye on proceedings.

            Kross: You two thought I put you in the Main Event as some kind of fackin’ showcase? HAWHAW HAW HAW HAW.

            Phoenix: He’s sick…

            Kross: This wasn’t a showcase.

            You two…

            You two sons of fucking bitches.

            You two have been the biggest thorns in my mutha’fuckkin sides.

            This wasn’t a facckin showcase.

            Just then, two officials run out from the back to break up the fighting. As they get halfway down the ramp, a fan in the front row hops the guard rail, unleashing from his waist a combat nightstick, intercepting the referees and crushing their shins with the hard stick. The two “fans” unzip their hoodies to reveal PERC Tactical Armor.

            Kross: It was a mutha fuckkin’ ambush, bitch.

            The camera cuts to Golden, who stands atop a kneeling Mourn. Both on top of Phoenix and Lillehammer’s announce table.

            Phoenix: Oh My God. Oh My God!

            Phoenix: Golden is going to… no!

            Golden: Don’t worry, Gabe. I’ll take care of her while you’re under!

            [b]Phoeinx:ANOTHER GOLD RUSH! THIS ONE THROUGH A TABLE!!!!!!!

            Lillehammer: Mourn’s gonna need a good massage after that one!

            Phoenix: And Bobino stands over Al, both of them on the side apron!

            Bobino: See you at All Stars, cunt.

            Phoenix and Lillehammer: FIRE THUNDER DRIVER!!!!!

            The lights in the arena cut to black. A murmur of fear, not excitement, settles upon everyone in the building like that of ash billowing from a high mountain volcano. The moments breath, pregnant and full and terrible, terrorizing, the Pain-o-Tron glimmers to life, a black background, slowly glowing letters of a latin phrase associated with murder, treason, and brutal endings.

            Sic Semper Tyrannis

            The picture cuts to lab. White everything. Sanitized. Polyurethane coveralls. Gas masks. A tech takes a vial from a dry-ice medicinal refrigerator, carefully pinching the green liquid with long pronged-tongs.

            VOICEOVER: Cicero Pharmaceuticals. The Doctors, all bound by Non-Disclosures, think they’re making a rejuvenating potion that grants miracle. Gives the dexterity, strength, a second chance at life to those born with degenerative diseases.

            A child is shown walking for the first time. A war vet rashy-red legs rubs something green on them. Pulling up from a run, a man takes a swig for a neon green power drink.

            VOICEOVER: Lies.

            It’s all lies.

            Steve Storme is shown cracking Al over the head with a chair.

            Don’t Forget The Fallen

            cYnical holds the flame in his hands.

            Don’t Forget The Fallen

            Krimson Mask throws a random jobber into the third row and bellows.

            Don’t Forget The Fallen

            The camera stops on his face.

            VOICEOVER: The WASP. A Pharmaceutical program that broke through the regenerative healing glass ceiling. Apocrypha. The result of the program. The result of the twisted minds jammed in the skull of the money men.


            Injected into every LPW Wrestler who ever stayed in the LPW Room Blocks.

            Injected into every LPW Wrestler during their scheduled routine physicals.

            Injected into every LPW catered meal.



            From the rafters drop hotel manifests with PEM on them. Receipts from PEM paid out to the WASP for needles, alcohol swabs, Apocrypha code name DEMOSG526. The papers, thousands and thousands, flood the arena.

            Voiceover: The results.

            The camera cuts to a newscaster announcing the death of former LPW Wrestler Nigel Vanderbilt, suicide. The death of cYnical, suicide. The in-ring paralyzation of D. Hammond Samuels at the hands of Drew Michaels.

            Voiceover: Public Enemy Multimedia…

            Sic Semper Tyrannis

            Phoenix: Oh My God. My… I don’t…

            Lillehammer: I’m… I’m disgusted. Sick to my *BLEEPING* stomach.

            Kross: Cut the… cut to the progr-

            As the CEO of Public Enemy Multimedia makes his final demand, the doors to his private suite are busted open. Shrill shrieks fill the arena as tac-gear sporting FBI/CIA/DEA agents file in and surround the executive.


            A smile graces the face of Damien Kross. He sits in his chair. Reaches for his bottle. And takes a final swig before his face is slammed against the guardrail and his hands are shackled. His henchmen… put up no battle. Their hands raised. He looks at them, disgusted. He’s stood up. He gets one last look at his empire. The rabid fans of his company, his fans, scream and hoot and holler and cheer at his unfolding downfall.


            An ambulance and a cop car stand side by side. Kross is led out, towards the cop car. Al is loaded into the ambulance. They cross paths.

            Kross: I know it was you, you son of a bitch! YOU HAVEN’T HEARD THE LAST OF DAMIEN KR-

            Kross’ head is bonked against the car door. He’s tossed in and the door is slammed behind him.

            DEA Agent: Watch your head…

            The door is slammed and the agent turns. Smitten stands, watching, chaos unfolding all around him. Chaos that he’s, in multiple ways, is responsible for.

            DEA Agent: You ready to go?

            Smitten: Go… I… One second...

            The camera shoddily turns to Al. In a neckbrace. On a spineboard. He’s loaded into the ambulance, Rose Florecer in toe. Before the doors are closed, a hand reaches in.

            Smitten: Al!

            The Boss places a USB stick on Al’s chest.

            Smitten: Thank you. I… well. I wouldn’t have this second chance without you.

            Smitten steps off the bumper of the Ambulance. The door closes. A DEA agent steps up to Smitten.

            Agent: Mr Smitten, need a ride to the airport.

            Smitten: No thank you. I’m going to forge my own path.

            The agent nods. They shake each other's hand and soon, the blaring sirens all flare on as they pull in unison away from the arena.

            Smitten takes a deep breath. He pulls out his Bluetooth and turns on his phone. He smiles as "Friend Like Me" by Wayne Bergeron enters his ear. The man looks back one last time. Smiles in satisfaction and hums the entrance theme he once used as he walks alone into the night.

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            “How great the tremors will be when the judge comes."