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    Basic Information
    Name: Ozzy Crerar

    Nicknames: The Laughing Warlord (note: he's not introduced as "The Laughing Warlord, Ozzy Crerar", it's just what some people call him)

    Date of Birth: June 5th 1990

    Height: 6'0"

    Weight: 245 lbs

    Background Info
    Billed From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

    Base picture: Austin Aries

    Biography: Originally a tech billionaire, Ozzy founded The Right Boot of Justice, a pan-national militia group, to make what he saw as a positive difference in the world.

    Wrestling Info
    Entrance Theme: The Next Day - David Bowie

    Entrance: Ozzy comes out flanked by several RBOJ soldiers. He bounces down the ramp to the tune of the music while they march in procession. He stops for high-fives and maybe an autograph or two at the top of the ramp, but otherwise doesn't stop. Once he hits the ring, he spins around a la early '00s Kurt Angle, to the tune of the theme, lip-syncing the chorus, then climbs up the turnbuckle and tries to rouse the crowd.

    Wrestling Style: Brawler, with a bit of submission and the occasional flourish of high flying

    Alignment: Face (albeit a polarizing one)

    Primary Finisher: Oh Shit! (Canadian Backbreaker Submission)

    Secondary Finishers:
    Ow My Balls (Ozzy crotches his opponent on the top rope near the turnbuckle, then hits a Disaster Kick)
    The Left Boot of Justice (Ozzy whips his opponent into the ropes, runs into the ropes on the other side of the ring, and hits a running big boot when they meet in the middle)

    Spinning back elbow
    Suplexes of all types
    Thrust kick
    Roundhouse kick
    Powerbomb variations (pop-up powerbomb, catching someone in midair and reversing into a powerbomb, etc. Rarely a straightforward powerbomb)
    Traditional body slam
    Hip Toss
    Front Chancery
    Last Chancery
    Boston Crab
    Ankle Lock
    Bow and arrow hold
    Surfboard Stretch
    Cross arm breaker (rarely)
    Kimura (rarely)
    Springboard crossbody
    Springboard back elbow
    Disaster Kick
    Springboard Moonsault (rarely)
    Senton bomb (semi-rarely)
    Standard moonsault (semi-rarely)
    450 Splash (very occasionally, only in big matches)

    Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: Yes
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      Basic Information
      Name: Bobino
      Nicknames: The Master of Darwinism, The New Shit, The Evolution of Hardcore, Darwin's Last Soldier
      Date of Birth: May 12th
      Height: 6'0
      Weight: 270lbs

      Background Info
      Billed From: Boston, Massachusetts
      Base picture:


      Wrestling Info
      Entrance Theme: "This is the New Shit" by Marilyn Manson

      Wrestling Style: Brawl / technical
      Alignment: Heel / Tweener
      Primary Finisher: Darwinism - Diamond Dust
      Secondary Finishers:
      Forced Progression - Liontamer
      Un-Natural Selection - Fire Thunder Driver

      • Gut-Punch Body Slam
      • Half Boston Crab
      • Running Senton
      • Head-trap Elbow Barrage
      • Single-Arm DDT
      • Suicide Dive (through middle and bottom ropes)
      • Various Headbutts

      Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?:

      NOTE: You can quote this post and get a sheet with a list made to organize your moveset.[/QUOTE]
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        Basic Information
        Name: Phantom Lord
        Nicknames: The Harvester Of Sorrow
        Date of Birth: 11.25.80
        Height: 6'2
        Weight: 250 lbs

        Background Info
        Billed From: Paradise Valley, Arizona
        Base picture: bruiser_brody_001.jpg

        Biography: One of the founding members of the LPW going back to it's orignal inception the PWA. Phantom Lord a LPW Hall of Fame member. He won the old PWA Hardcore championship and turned it into the World Television Championship and a former United States Tag Team Champion with Woo Warrior.
        He is a master of psychology in and out of the ring and enjoys getting into the minds of his opponents. Recently came out of retirement after well over 2 years in seclusion.

        Wrestling Info
        Entrance Theme: Supernaut by Black Sabbath
        Entrance: A lone spotlight shines on him in a darkened arena as he coldly walks down to the ring.

        Wrestling Style: Technical Brawler
        Alignment: Heel
        Primary Finisher: The Career Killer (Sitout Tombstone Piledriver)
        Secondary Finishers: The Painkiller (Rolling Kneebar submission)

        Various Judo throws, Running Drop Kick, King Kong Brody knee drop (on the mat or from the top rope) The Larry Zybysko spinning back kick, Running elbow drop, Stalling vertical suplex, End Of The Line Samoan Drop, Chop blocks, and in times of desperation a Tennessee Chain wrapped around his right hand and throwing a fireball or powder.
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          Basic Information
          Name: Sixx King
          Nicknames: The Maniacal Monarch
          Date of Birth: I don’t remember 7/29/85 maybe?
          Height: 6’1”
          Weight: 225 lbs (He has slimmed down)

          Background Info History speaks for itself.
          Billed From: The Sunset Strip
          Base picture: Shane Douglas

          History again...

          Wrestling Info
          Entrance Theme: “Super Terrorizer” by BLS
          Entrance: He’s an arrogant bastard. Work with that.

          Wrestling Style: He’d rather cheat and lose than win clean.
          Alignment: Heel, though Tweener is probably more apt. People like the smarmy prick for some reason.
          Primary Finisher: On With the Show (Superkick)
          Secondary Finishers:
          Sixx Feet Under (Hammerlock DDT)
          Sixx Shooter (Texas Cloverleaf)
          Hit the Lights (Top Rope Brainbuster/Kill move/ultra rarely used)
          • any suplex variant
          • any heel tactic
          • the yellow rose (iron claw)
          • any basic hold

          Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: I play by my own rules


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            Name: Sebastian Flynn

            Nickname: Lú

            Date of Birth: Late 80's

            Height/Weight: 6ft 2inches/13st 5lbs

            Billed from: Dublin...Stockholm...Manchester...Oslo...that general direction.

            Base Picture: Cillian Murphy

            Biography: What would the world look like if you could see it through someone else's eyes? How would it smell if emotions gave off a scent? How would it sound if you could tune in and out of what's going on miles around you as if you were flicking through the channels on a radio?

            Let me tell you.

            Entrance Theme: The Rocky Road to Dublin - The Dubliners

            Entrance: A slew of people slowly spill out from backstage engulfing Sebastian as he heads toward the ring. Like a tidal wave they carry him to the ringside where he slips under the bottom rope onto the canvas as the crowd disappear through the arena.

            Wrestling Style: Sebastian is a reactive. He will reverse attacks, throws, kicks, submissions. He will quickly adapt to his opponents style and exploit their areas of weakness with an intuitive ability to predict how they will move.

            Alignment: We have two choices in life, view something as positive or view it as negative. You choose how you view it, not I.

            Primary Finisher: "Not now, friend." - Sleeper.

            Secondary Finishers: "Tonight we dance." - RKO...full stalk of the prey etc, etc.

            Moveset: Counter fighter. Opposite of his opponent.

            Rules: Ok.
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              Name: Alex O'Rion

              Nickname: The Pride of Nova Scotia

              Date of Birth: Oct 3rd, 1985

              220 lbs

              Billed from: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

              Base Picture: Alex Orion has been Edge for 15 years.......

              I'll settle for an older Edge with his glorious mane cut even at Chris Austin's behest.

              If not the Jensen Ackles in Supernatural, slightly older looking.

              Disclaimer: Also Edge is taken. FOREVER.

              .....this was just to hurt me wasn't it.

              Biography: You know who I am bye.

              If ya don't I'm a history lesson, schools in, who wants the teachers belt.

              Entrance Theme: Ready to Die - Andrew W.K.

              Entrance: Full of energy, slapping hands, excited to be in front of the crowd again.

              Wrestling Style: A bit Brawler, a bit Technical.

              Alignment: Face.

              Primary Finisher:
              NS Pride - Superkick

              Secondary Finishers:
              Old Black Rum - Sharp Shooter

              Assorted DDTs
              European Uppercut
              Drop Toe Hold
              Assorted Kicks
              Assorted Suplexes

              Honestly I'll leave this to writers who have watched more wrestling lately.


              Basic Information (Manager)
              Eric Ares
              Nicknames: The Unstoppable Mouth
              Date of Birth: Oct 7th, 1989
              Height: 6'1
              Weight: 220 lbs

              Background Info
              Billed From:
              Toronto, Canada
              Base picture: Tom Ellis

              A former professional wrestler in his own right, his skill on the mic always far outshone his skill in the ring. After the promotion he was headlining folded he found himself working in a variety of other jobs. Radio Host, Talk Show Host, Exotic Dancer, you get the idea. Before finally coming to work as head of the Public Relations arm of Black Mutlimedia Holdings.

              Now back on the wrestling scene as the unlikely manager of Alex O'Rion he looks to advance the interests of his employer while enjoying the finer things in life as he does.

              Alignment: Heel

              Wrestling Info
              Entrance Theme:
              Town Called Hypocrisy- The Lost Prophets
              If hes alone Ares will strut to the ring, stopping to flirt with a few of the female fans. If accompanying Alex he will pretty much do the same, while at the same time giving instructions to his "client".

              Interfere in matches regardless of his clients wishes.
              Run his mouth endlessly.
              Attempt to sleep with your hot cousin, sister, mother, etc.

              Listen if told to shut up.
              Listen to Alex unless it suits him.
              Ever be less than cocky.

              Rules: Of course, you need to have read the rules...

              And I have!
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                Basic Information
                Name: X
                Date of Birth: 10/8/83
                Height: 5'10"
                Weight: 190lbs

                Background Info
                Billed From: The Bronx
                Base picture:


                X was once the most beloved LPW Superstars of all time. But, after being loved for what he wasn’t, he decided to show everyone how he really was and began attacking LPW Superstars who he felt represented his old self: merchandise sellers, baby kissers, etc. Under the guise of X, he seeks out those who he feels is a farce to the sport. He wants to show the true colors of everyone in the LPW and not only to the fans, but to the superstars themselves. The truth is the only thing X lives for and if he has to destroy a few lives on his quest, he will. But, for anyone who believes he is a decrepit human being, he probably is but, at least he warns everyone before he does anything. CYW: Consider Yourself Warned.

                Wrestling Info
                Entrance Theme: Beast and the Harlot - Avenged Sevenfold

                Wrestling Style: Brawler / High-Risk / Dirty
                Alignment: Heel
                Primary Finisher: X-Tinction (Chokeslam to HELL!!!)
                Secondary Finishers: X-Bomb! (Swanton Bomb)

                • Swinging Neckbreaker
                  Hangman's Neckbreaker
                  Full Nelson Slam
                  Michinoku Driver
                  Cobra Clutch Bulldog
                  Cheap shots to the groin
                  Anything involving his trusty black steel chair

                Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?:



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                  Basic Information
                  Name: Storme
                  Nickname: The Prodigal Son
                  Date of Birth: Unknown
                  Height: 6'1"
                  Weight: 237 lbs

                  Background Info
                  Billed From: Killa Cali
                  Base Picture: Jay Briscoe
                  Biography: As elusive as he is dangerous, Storme has made a habit of squandering opportunities in recent years. From child soldier to PERC soldier, Most Hated to mere unfulfilled potential. You thought he had gone forever - LPW should be so lucky. That was only a respite.

                  Wrestling Info
                  Entrance Theme: "Thieves" - Ministry
                  Entrance: Writers discretion
                  Wrestling Style: Smashmouth brawler
                  Alignment: ?
                  Primary Finisher: End of Discord (Psycho Driver)
                  Secondary Finisher: StormeBreaker (Kinshasa)
                  • Backhand slap
                  • Dragon suplex
                  • Corner elbow smash
                  • Elbow Suicida
                  • European uppercut
                  • Facewash
                  • Hangman's neckbreaker
                  • Headbutt
                  • Leaping lariat
                  • Poison Mist
                  • Rope hung snap swinging neckbreaker
                  • Spinning spinebuster

                  Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: Y
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                    Born October 2, 19xx
                    Height 6 ft. 2 in.
                    Weight 225 lbs.
                    Billed From Flag of the United States Houston, Texas
                    Music "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" by Smashing Pumpkins
                    Affiliation Whore
                    Wrestling information
                    Alignment Face
                    Style High Flyer

                    Finishing moves
                    Savana’s Chamber of Pain (High-Angle Boston Crab) 2007-
                    SavanDuced Coma (Full Nelson Facebuster onto Knee) 2009-
                    Signature moves
                    Suicide Dive (Swanton off the Top Rope) 2007-
                    SavanEurysm (Knee Trembler) 2009-

                    Regular Moves
                    European Uppercut
                    Shoulder Block
                    Scoop Slam
                    Suplex varations
                    Northern Lights Suplex
                    Reverse Suplex
                    Belly-to-Belly Suplex
                    Monkey Toss
                    Head butt
                    Samoa Drop
                    Top Rope Leg Drop
                    Knee to the Stomach
                    Top Rope Flying Clothesline

                    Theme music

                    "Bullet With Butterfly Wings" by Smashing Pumpkins

                    Entrance Video
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                      Basic Information
                      Name: Joseph Mist
                      Date of Birth: Jan 15, 1984
                      Height: 6’0
                      Weight: 224 lbs

                      Background Info
                      Billed From: Arlington, Texas by way of Toronto, Ontario Canada
                      Base picture: Jay White

                      Biography: Suicide is a topic that isn’t exactly a positive thing to talk about, specifically for one Joseph Alexander Michaels, as he attempted it quite a few times over the past two years, starting with the death of his mother in 2017, much more trauma would take his life over as on Christmas 2018 he would lose his father. A return to LPW wasn’t exactly in Joe’s cards, but a chance to do so would show its ugly head, after the death of a close friend, his in ring work would finally show. With his family behind him, Joe resigned to LPW at a basic salary and under the pseudonym of Joseph Mist , in hopes of gaining a traction of his life.

                      Wrestling Info
                      Entrance Theme: Let It Burn by Citizen Soldier
                      Entrance: The lights dim to blue, and the words “Rise and Rise again until lambs become lions” hit the tron as Let it Burn hits the PA System, Joe’s wife Dylon walks out first with her hands out to the fans adoration, wearing a black leather body suit… Joe soon follows her out wearing a black leather coat and black pants a cross on one side, flames on the other and a necklace with the Angel Moroni on it. He raises his right hand with his pinky and thumb extended and looks to the sky in a form of prayer. As he walks to the ring he begins slapping hands with the fans, and upon getting in the ring he takes his jacket off and raises his hand in prayer again before taking the necklace off and kissing it.

                      Wrestling Style: Puroresu
                      Alignment: Face
                      Primary Finisher: End Rush - Kenta Combo Rush ending with Busaiku Knee Kick, though will impulsively use the Busaiku Knee Kick in desperation.
                      Secondary Finishers:
                      Burn Out: Sitout Lifting Doublearm Facebuster
                      Shining Wizard Kick
                      Nephi’s Storm: Curbstomp (Used ONLY in a big match, and it’s a match ender)
                      Gentle Touch: Kneeling Crosslegged STF
                      Intervention: Crossleg Fisherman Buster

                      An Ode to the Ace: High Fly Flow
                      Leapfrogging Bulldog
                      Spanish Fly
                      Suicide Somersault Senton
                      Several Suplex Variations
                      - Saito Suplex
                      - Snap Dragon
                      - Northern Lights Suplex (Sometimes will suplex opponent into turnbuckle)
                      - Electric Chair Suplex
                      - T-Bone Exploder
                      Cross Armbreaker
                      Running High Knee

                      Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: Yup

                      __________________________________________________ ___________

                      Basic Information
                      Name: Dylon Michaels
                      Date of Birth: 10/28/90
                      Height: 5'2
                      Weight: 120 lbs

                      Background Info
                      Billed From: Provo, Utah
                      Base picture: Katy Catanzaro

                      Biography: She's the basic Mormon who was born as Dylon Harper in Provo, Utah

                      Wrestling Info
                      Entrance Theme: Three Days Grace - Fallen Angel

                      Alignment: Face

                      - Defend her husband
                      - Interfere if called for
                      - Inspire others with words of scripture, and if that don't work... Knock them out with a loaded scripture bag

                      - Attack others without being provoked
                      Attached Files
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                        Basic Information
                        Name: Mourn Despana
                        Nicknames: Rōnin, The Desperado
                        Date of Birth: Christmas, 1987
                        Height: 6'1"
                        Weight: 254 lbs.
                        Background Info
                        Billed From: Seattle, Washington

                        Base picture: EVIL


                        “Stoop to your own level. Your nature. Trust yourself. And most importantly... You have to learn what laws are really laws and not… Oppression."


                        Japanese/Mexican-American wrestler Gabriel Jimenez is the current World Champion and owner of the Martinez Cup. He's a quiet man with a very s̶e̶c̶r̶e̶t̶i̶v̶e private personal life... normally.

                        He's reasonable, when he decides to be.
                        He's honorable, when he desires to be.
                        He's deplorable, when he needs to be.

                        That "need" is subjective. Subjective, just like his patience.

                        His paranoia drives and hinders him. A double edged sword that he wields with ultimate confidence and without fear.

                        Wrestling Info
                        Entrance Theme: Giuseppe Verdi - "Dies Irae & Tuba Mirum"

                        "Dies Irae! Dies Illa!"

                        With his harrowing song playing, and the tron showing cherry blossom petals falling from the sky (on special entrances, this will include real blossoms as well), a suit clad Mourn marches out. With Kassandra in tow, he heads to the ring without a pose (will stop to trade barbs with fans should they catch his ear). In time with the song dying down, Kassandra sits on the second rope, opening it for him to enter the ring. Once inside, he is reserved and "regal".

                        Pre-match: Kassandra will lead him on a prayer in the corner after Mourn removes his suit.

                        Note: Announcer is instructed to wait on announcing Mourn until he enters the ring.

                        Wrestling Style: Puroresu/Dirty/Powerhouse (Behind his strength and anger issues is a man who is quite possibly the greatest striker in wrestling today. If that doesn't work, any rule that has been made will be stretched to its absolute limits. Remember. If the ref can’t see it, it didn’t happen.)

                        Alignment: Heel

                        Primary Finisher: Ame-no-Ohabari (Standing Cobra Clutch (until opponent's weakened) into a Ripcord Elbow)
                        Secondary Finishers:
                        Roaring Elbow
                        Northern Lights Bomb (If hit, should end the match.)


                        Basic Information
                        Name: Kassandra
                        Nicknames: The Dark Maiden, The 1st Lady of LPW
                        Date of Birth: 7/20/1986
                        Height: 5'8"
                        Weight: 151lbs

                        Background Info
                        Billed From: Beverly Hills, California
                        Base picture: Kana/Asuka

                        Biography: The wife of LPW Superstar Mourn Despana, Kassandra Jimenez is a snarky conservative actress who has more bad than good habits (like being married to Mourn). She frequently wears sunglasses and uses this to hide where her focus lies as often as possible.

                        Alignment: Heel

                        Distract the ref at Mourn's behest
                        Think quick
                        Slap the mat to encourage Mourn (of course, backfiring)

                        Follow rules for the sake of following rules
                        Attack an opponent

                        Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: Sure.
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                        “How great the tremors will be when the judge comes."


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                          Basic Information
                          Name: Chris Austin
                          Nicknames: The Contract Killer, The Wayward Son, The Student of the Game
                          Date of Birth: May 1986
                          Height: 6’3
                          Weight: 225 lbs.
                          Background Info
                          Billed From: San Jose, California
                          Base picture: Tom Hardy

                          Biography: No explanation needed.

                          Wrestling Info
                          Entrance Theme: “Watching Movies” by Mac Miller

                          Entrance: The eerie open of the song is accompanied by the arena lights fading to nothing as darkness envelops the arena. Then, Mac’s voice cuts through:

                          People worship these idols, ‘til they come in contact with gods…

                          As Mac begins to rap, blue lights buzz rhythmically to the tempo, and the view changes to follow Austin -- clad in a sleeveless hoodie, hood on head with taped fists, combat pants, toothpick in mouth and modified amateur wrestling shoes with the Mt. V torch on his back-- through a corridor that opens into the crowd. Once the beat drops, Austin proceeds down the stairs with little fanfare or acknowledgment of the fans with a gait typically punctuated by a calculating, patient sense of purpose. Along the way, he clasps his fists together and rotates them to loosen up. Upon reaching the barrier, he leaps over it. He then slides into the ring and remains seated in the corner, head bowed eyeing the already-present opponent or waiting until he/they arrive. Wears a mouthguard in matches, always stretching beforehand.

                          Wrestling Style(s): Hybrid/Submission; typically employs an adaptive plan of attack ultimately neutralize a given opponent's strengths. Possesses “death-grip” level hand strength as well as a scary amount of suddenness, athleticism and technical acumen.

                          Alignment: Himself and his interests
                          Primary Finisher(s): Occam’s Razor; (Variants include: Flying Enzu, Short-Range, Low-Angle Blindside, Low-Angle Fury, Low-Angle Thrust, etc.)
                          Secondary Finisher:
                          • 1986; The standard version is fastest move in LPW, period; can be applied through SEVERAL situations, modifications (i.e. lifts, clutches, deliveries) and counter exchanges. There’s a couple particularly devastating versions within this move’s playbook.
                          • 1888; Can be applied from several situations quickly.


                          Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: Yep.
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                            I updated my Picture Base and Secondary Finisher.


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                              Basic Information
                              Name: Lord Serpentus
                              Status: Semi-retired wrestler and manager.
                              Nicknames: N/A
                              Date of Birth: Unrevealed, legit assumed to be in the late 1970s.
                              Height: 5'11"
                              Weight: 225 lbs

                              Background Info
                              Billed From: Unknown (legit from Detroit, Michigan)
                              Base picture: Truth Martini

                              Biography: This wrestling trainer was once on top of the world with a bright pupil. Then it all fell apart.

                              Wrestling Info
                              Entrance Theme: "Stabbing The Drama" by Soilwork.
                              Entrance: He walks out to the entrance, raises the Serpentus Staff to the sky while mouthing "This is for you, Obsidian". He then walks to the ring with a menacing air about him.

                              Wrestling Style: Traditional
                              Alignment: Heel
                              Primary Finisher: Serpentus Clutch (adopted from Obsidian) - A camel clutch that transitions into a cobra clutch (or vice versa.)
                              Secondary Finishers: Serpentus Bomb (adopted from Obsidian) - A super powerbomb from the top or middle turnbuckle.
                              Serpentus Strike (illegal) - Striking an opponent with the Serpentus staff

                              - Strikes
                              - Slams
                              - Holds
                              - Very limited aerial moves (often reserved for finishers or near end of the match.)
                              - Illegal maneuvers (eye gouge, choke, etc.)

                              Have you read and understood the LPW Rules?: Indeed.